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Gazetteer and Business Directory

Of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875

Compiled and published by Hamilton Child

typed by Vivian Karen Bush

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanations to Directory:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post office address in parenthesis.
  3. The road on which the party is located, except residents of villages.
  4. Business or occupation

Explanation -- The letter r following the P.O. address, signifies road, and the figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the fore part of the book. (not included on this website)  Usually where no road number is given, the party resides in the Villages.


*ABBOTT, E. H., (Friendship,) barber and dealer in gents' furnishing goods, tobacco, cigars, toilet articles &c.

ADAMS, N., (Friendship,) prop. of shingle mill and (with A. P. Lord,) manuf. of improved pipe wrench.

ALDRICH, A. W., (Friendship,) carpenter and house painter.

ALLEN, H. P., (Friendship,)carpenter and joiner, residence Main.

ALVORD, F. M., Rev., (Friendship,) r 21, Universalist minister and farmer 90.

AMERICAN HOTEL, (Friendship,) E. Fairbanks, prop.

Applebee, L. A., (Friendship,) gunsmigh and locksmith, Water.

Aulls, E. J., (Friendship,) makes castings for agricultural implements and iron fence.

Axtell, Daniel, (Nile,) r 26, farmer 40.

Ayers, Ezekiel, (Friendship,) r 10, farmer 49.

Babcock, brayton, (Friendship,) physician and surgeon and farmer 65.  Main.
Babcock, Henry D., (Friendship,) farmer 670.
Babcock, Simeon, (Friendship,) r 21, farmer 150.

Ballard, Chas. A., (Friendship,) (Ballard & Co.,)
Ballard & Co., (Friendship,) (J. B., Chas. A. and Frank A.. Ballard,) butchers and stock dealers, Depot.
Ballrd, Frank W., (Friendship,) (Ballard & Co.)
Ballard, J. B., (Friendship,) (Ballard & Co.,) r 27, farmer 94.

Bard, E. F. & Co., (Friendship,) drugs, groceries and notions.

Bassett, E., (Friendship,) retired farmer.

BAXTER, JAMES, (Friendship,) prs. Baxter University.
Baxter, J. L., (Friendship,) prop. of flouing and custom mill.
BAXTER UNIVERISTY OF MUSIC	, (Friendship,) James Baxter, pres.

Benjamin, Geroge W., (Friendship,) r 11, farmer 890.

Blossom, C. W., (Friendship,) r 22, farmer works 101 1/2, owned by Josiah Utter.
BLOSSOM, N. S., (Friendship,) r 15, cheese maker and farmer 40.
Bloubet, D., (Friendship,) r 27, farmer leases of W. McKee 65.

BRACY, ALVADOR, (Nile,) r 33, carpenter, stump puller and thresher.

Braden, Robert, (Friendship,) r 1, farmer leases 215.

Bradley, A. B., (Friendship,) (Price & Bradley, (J. D. Kellogg & Co.)
Bradley, Deloss, (Friendship,) r 13, owns 1/ 1/2.
Bradley, S. J., (Friendship,) jour. shoemaker for G. C. Champlin.

Breadon, Christopher, (Friendship,) r 33, farmer 180.

Britton, William H., (Friendship,) r 3, farmer 180.

Brooks, William A., (Nile,) farmer.

Brown, D. J., (Nile,) dry goods, groceries, hats, caps, drugs, patent medicines &c., and farmer 7.

Brundage, C. L., (Friendship,) (Gilbert & Brundage.)

Burdick, E. E., (Friendship,) photographer, Main.
Burdick, James T., (Friendship,) carriage, ornamental and portrait painter, Main.
Burdick, Norton W., (Friendship,) r 14, caprenter and owns 4 acres.
Burdick, S. T., (Nile) r 26, farmer 50.

Butts, Henry, (Friendship,) r 2, farmer 50 and (with Wm. McClumpha,) 564.

CANNON, E. J., (Friendship,) (Thurston & Cannon.)

Carnahan, Myron W., (Friendship,) r 28, carpenter and farmer 76.

CARRYER, B. H., Mrs., (Friendship,) agent for Wheeler & Wilson sewing machine and operator.
CARRYER, B. H., Rev., (Friendship,) r 28, Baptist minsiter.

CHAFFE, HARRISON, (Friendship,) farmer 100 and leases of Simeon Babcock 150.

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