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New Hudson

Gazetteer and Business Directory

Of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875

Compiled and published by Hamilton Child

typed by Francie Dean Kunaniec

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanations to Directory:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post office address in parenthesis.
  3. The road on which the party is located, except residents of villages.
  4. Business or occupation

Explanation -- The letter r following the P.O. address, signifies road, and the figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the fore part of the book. (not included on this website)  Usually where no road number is given, the party resides in the Villages.

New Hudson

ALEXANDER, JOEL (Black Creek) r 25, resident.
Alexander, John (Black Creek) r 26, wagon maker and farmer 50.
Alexander, Nelson (Black Creek) r 45, farmer 140.

ANGEL, FLOYD (Oramel) r 9, farmer 101 and leases 79.

Ault, Samuel K. (Seymour) r 30, farmer 263.
AULT, SIMON P. (Cuba) r 30, farmer 256.

Baker, John (Rushford) r 4, farmer 129.

BARTLETT, URIAH L. (Black Creek) r 45, carpenter and farmer.

Baxter, Samuel (New Hudson) r 10, farmer 52.

Beadon, Wm. (Cuba) r 19, farmer 76.

BECKWITH, AMBROSE (Cuba) r 34, farmer 70.

BELL, CHARLES N. (Cuba) r 19, small fruit raiser and farmer 50.
Bell, Frederick D. (Cuba) r 19, small fruits and farmer 70.
BELL, NATHANIEL D. (New Hudson) postmaster and farmer 250.

Bennett, Milton J. (New Hudson) r 2, farmer 119.
Bennett, Oliver (New Hudson) r 2, farmer 172.

Bosard, Charles (New Hudson) r 4, farmer 130.

Bosworth, Abraham (New Hudson) r 14, farmer 50.

Briggs, Abraham (New Hudson) r 7, farmer 96.
Briggs, Elias D. (Black Creek) r 43, farmer 70.
Briggs, Lewis C. (Seymour) r 17, farmer 60.

Brown Charles (Black Creek) r 41, farmer 50.
Brown, George (Black Creek ) r 27, farmer 25.

Burger, James (New Hudson) r 19, farmer 102.

Burlingame, Francis (Black Creek) r 42, farmer 46.
BURLINGAME, LINUS (Black Creek) r 42, farmer 40.

Butterfield, Ernest, (Seymour) r 30, farmer 11.

Campbell, Andrew J. (Black Creek) r 28, farmer 65.
Campbell, Conley (Seymour) r 34, assessor and farmer 60.

CARNES, SPENCER (Rawson, Cattaraugus Co., ) r 1, farmer 173.
Carnes, Stephen, (Rawson, Cattaraugus, Co., ) r 1, farmer 50.

Carpeneter, Willard B. (Cuba) r 2, farmer 119.
Carpenter, Willis L. (Black Creek) r 28, highway commissioner and farmer 150.

Case, Charles C. (Black Creek) r 40, farmer 111.

Chase, Henry C. (Seymour) r 30, farmer leases of Milo Baldwin 205.

Clapp, Frederick O. (Cuba) r 28, farmer 97.

Clark, C.S. (Black Creek) r 40, merchant at Scio, prop. of saw mill and farmer 143.
Clark, George Mrs. (New Hudson) r 6, farmer

Clayson, George (Seymour) r 34, farmer 62.
Clayson, Hiram (Rawson, Cattaraugus Co.) r 16, farmer 80.
CLAYSON, STEPHEN (Seymour) r 33, farmer 63.

Comfort, Daniel (Black Creek) r 43, farmer 60 and 100 in Cuba.

Conderman, John W. (Black Creek ) r 42, farmer 79.

COOLEY, DANIEL (Rawson, Cattaraugus Co.) r 1, farmer 133.

Cooper, Aaron (Black Creek) r 27, farmer leases of A.C. Taylor 136.
Cooper, Harvey L. (New Hudson) (with Jeremiah) r 19, farmer 126.
Cooper, Jeremaih B. (New Hudson) r 19, farmer 88 and (with Harvey L.) 126.

Crabb, Melvin (Black Creek) r 26, farmer 60.
Crabb, Willard (Cuba) r 29, farmer 100.

Crone, James (Cuba) r 29, farmer 98.

Davis, Nathan (New Hudson) r 5, farmer 132.

DeKAY, SAMUEL Mrs. (Black Creek) r 42, farmer 56.
Dickey, J. B. (New Hudson) r 4, farmer 88.

Dolph, G., (New Hudson) r 13, farmer 111. 
Dolph, Robert B., (Black Creek,) r 41, farmer 50. 

EASTWOOD, EDGAR D., (Black Creek,) r 43, farmer 81. 
EASTWOOD, REUBEN W.,(Black Creek,) cooper and overseer of the poor. 

EDSON, OREN, (Black Creek,) cheese maker. 

Elmer, Isaac C., (Black Creek,) r 25, farmer 50. 

Evans, Thomas J (New Hudson,) r 11, shoemaker and Farmer 10. 

Fargo, Albert (Rawson, Cattaraugus Co.) r 1, farmer works 148.
Fargo, Joshua C., (Rawson, Cattaraugus Co.) farmer works 105.

Finn, Davis Mrs. (New Hudson) r 10, farmer 55.

FOLSOM. STEPHEN, (Black Creek,) r 43, farmer 45. 

Fox, Lorinda, (Seymour,) r 31, farmer 21-1/2.

FREEBORN, SOLOMON, (Cuba,) r 39, justice of the peace and farmer 105. 

Freeman, Earl B. Mrs., (Black Creek,) r 28, farmer 87. 

Frost, Norman, (New Hudson,) r 4, blacksmith and farmer leases 70. 
Frost, Pluma A. Mrs., (New Hudson,) r 5, farmer 2. 

FULLER, ANDREW J., (Black Creek,) r 43, farmer 140. 
Fuller, Charles, (Seymour,) r 2, farmer 90. 
Fuller, Henry, (New Hudson,) r 4, farmer 58. 
Fuller, Jay W., (Black. Creek,) r 43, farmer 54. 

Gage, George, (Black Creek,) r 25, farmer 3. 
Gage, Wilber, (Black Creek,) r 25, farmer 3.

Gardner, Benjamin H., (New Hudson,) r 19, assessor and farmer 100. 

GAY, STEPHEN, (Black Creek,) r 39, farmer 140. 

Gee, Aaron L., (Black Creek,) carpenter. 
Gee, Lute S., (Black Creek,) r26, farmer 29-1/2.
Gee, Moses, (Black Creek,) r 27, carpenter and farmer 90. 

GERE, ELMER A., (Rawson, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 1, farmer. 
GERE, L. H (Black Creek) r 24, farmer.
Gere, Marshall (Black Creek,) r 24, farmer 242.

Gleason, Alfred, (Black Creek,) r 21, farmer 160. 
GLEASON, HENRY B., (Oramel,) r 10, farmer 60. 
Gleason, Starkey, (Black Creek,) r 21, farmer 64. 

Gould, Downing, (Rushford,) r 2, farmer 136. 

GRAY. SYLVESTER,(Seymour,) r 30, farmer 145. 

GREENE, JOEL H., (Black Creek,) allo. physician and surgeon 

Habgood, Charles, (Black Creek,) r 26, carpenter and farmer 44. 

Haines Edward W., (New Hudson,) (Simpson. & Haines) justice of the peace.

Halsey Charles N (Black Creek,) r 45, building mover and farmer 10. 

Hanaway, Michael, (Cuba,) r 35, farmer 50. 

Harbeck, Eliza S., (Black Creek,) r 21, farmer leases of Gilbert Curtis 100. 
Harbeck, John, (Black Creek,) r 40., leases saw mill of C. S. Clark. 
Harbeck, Joseph R., (Black Creek,) r 89, carpenter and farmer 10-1/2.

HARMES, JACOB A., (Black Creek,) r 28, farmer 2. 

HARRINGTON, DENNIS, (Black Creek,) r 29, farmer 104. 

Harris, Stephen, (New Hudson,) r 8, farmer 50. 

Harvey, Lyman L., (Black Creek,) r 39, farmer 5. 

Hathaway. Frank, (Black Creek,) r 42, farmer works his fathers farm. 
Hathaway, John, (Black Creek,) r 42, farmer 10. 
HATHAWAY, JOHN M., (Black Creek,) r 42, farmer 122. 

HENDRYX, ALBERT B., (Seymour,) r 29, farmer 90. 

Hibbard, Henry, (Black Creek,) r 48, farmer 185. 

HILDORN, EUGENE, (Cuba,) r 30, farmer 82. 

HILL, J. O., (Black Creek,) r 42, boatman. 

Hilyer, John, (Black Creek,) r 41, farmer leases of Mrs. M. Brown 70. 

Hitchcock, Carlo E., (Black Creek,) r 28, farmer 28. 

HOAG, PERRY, (Seymour,) r 15, farmer 50. 

HOLDEN, JOHN L., (Oramel,) r9, farmer 90. 
Holden, Thomas C., (Oramel) r 9, farmer 149. 

HURD, JARED C., (New Hudson,) r 14, farmer 100. 

Hutchings, John, (Black Creek,) r 28, carpenter and farmer 52. 

Hutchins, Orrin, (Black Creek,) r 21, farmer 80. 

Hyde, James, (Black Creek,) r 45, farmer 124. 

Ives, Justin P. (Cuba,) r 28, farmer 226. 

Jacobs, Clark, (Cuba,) r 34, farmer 27. 

JEWELL, NATHANIEL, (Rawson, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 1, farmer 135 and in Farmersville, Catt. Co., 211. 

Johnson, Benjamin F., (New Hudson,) r 7, farmer 10-1/2.

King, Henry B.,(Black Creek,) r 43, farmer 25.

Kingsbury, Daniel (Black Creek) r 25, carpenter and farmer 130.
KINGSBURY, ORLANDO P. (Black Creek) r 26, farmer 75.

Lacy, Oscar J. (Black Creek) farmer.
LACY, WILLARD R. (Black Creek) r 42, farmer 52.

Lafever, Samuel, (Cuba,) r 80, farmer 67. 

LANE, GEORGE, (Black Creek,) r 25, cooper
Lane, Wm M. (New Hudson) r 11, farmer 73-1/2.

Lawton, Solomon (Cuba) r 28, farmer 40.

Lewis, Ezra (Cuba) r 2, farmer 110.
Lewis, Mary Jane (Oramel) r 8, farmer 15.
Lewis, Truman B., (Black Creek,) (Wiley & Lewis)

LINDSAY, JOHN, (Black Creek,) r 24, farmer 50. 

LOFTIS, ANTHONY, (Black Creek,) r 27, farmer 40. 

LOOMIS, GILBERT B., (Cuba,) r 19, town clerk and farmer 151. 

Lounsbury, Andrew, (Black Creek,) hotel keeper. 

LUCE, ELEAZER E., (Black Creek,) r 43, farmer 150. 
Luce Elias. (Black Creek,) r 41, farmer 160 

LYON, LUCIUS B., (Black Creek,) farmer 12. 
Lyon, Spencer G., (Cuba,) r 39, farmer 159. 
LYON, WALTER S., (Black Creek,) r 89, farmer 127 and 67 in Cuba.- 

Madison, Harrison, (New Hudson,) r 10, farmer 83. 

Mahoney, John, (Rushford,) r 21, farmer 126. 

Manning, Thomas, (Cuba,) r 36, farmer 60. 

Marsh, Charles P., (Oramel,) r 9, farmer. 
Marsh, Dexter, (Oramel,) r 21, farmer 90. 
Marsh, Nelson,(Oramel,) r 21, farmer 51-1/2.
Marsh, Royal, (Oramel,) r 20, farmer 200. 
MARSH, RUFUS, (Oramel,) r 20, farmer 90. 

Marshall, Amos, (Black Creek,) farmer. 

Martin. Samuel B., (Black Creek,) r 40, farmer 2. 

McELHENEY, JACOB B., (Black Creek,) farmer.
McElheney, James,(Black Creek,) r 26, farmer 120. 
McElheney, James M., (Black Creek,) r 25, farmer 120. 
McELHENEY, JOHN J.,(Black Creek.) r 26, farmer 130. 
McElheney, Wm., (Black Creek,) r 27, farrner 55. 

McMillan, Donald J., (New Hudson,) r 10, farmer 50.

McNAIR, JOHN J., (Oramel,) r 21, Owns 125 acres of wood land and leases 182. 

McVey, Joseph Mrs., (Black Creek,) r 24, farmer 77. 

Metcalf, Frank, (Rawson, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 1, farmer 120. 
Metcalf. Nelson, (Rawson, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 1, farmer 5. 

MINOR, HENRY, (Black Creek,) r 21, farmer 100. 

Minor, James, (Black Creek,) r 22, farmer 33. 

Moses, Frank, (New Hudson,) r 8, farmer 149. 

Nichols, Ella, (Rawson, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 1, farmer 161. 

NOLAN, JOHN, (New Hudson,) r 10, farmer 50. 

NORMAN, WILLIAM, (Black Creek,) r 25, farmer 280. 

OGILVIE, GEORGE, (Rawson, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 1. farmer 195-1/2.
OGILVIE, JOHN, (Rawson, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 1, (with George,) farmer 195-1/2.

Pasco, John H.,(Black Creek,) r 26, farmer 22.
Pasco, Wm., (Black Creek,) r 26, farmer 70. 

PATTYSON, JOHN, (Black Creek,) laborer. 

Perrington, Watson, (Seymour,) r 33, farmer 59-1/2.

Perry, Austin, (Rushford,) (with Chester and Foster,) r 2, farmer 230. 
Perry, Chester, (Rushford,) (with Austin and.Foster,) r 2, farmer 230. 
Perry, Foster, (Rushford,) (with Austin and Chester) r 2, farmer 230. 
Perry, Jeremiah, (Cuba,) r 36, farmer 106. 

PETTIT FRANK. (Cuba,) r 29, cheese maker and owns cheese factory. 

Petty Wm. H., (New Hudson,) r 10, farmer 50. 

Potter, Alpha, (Oramel,) r 8, farmer 60. 

Pratt, Egbert O., (Rawson, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 1, farmer 10. 

Quinton, Ambert F., (Black Creek,) boots and shoes. 

Race, Wm., (Oramel,) r 20, farmer 15. 

Read, Elias, (Rawson, Cattaraugue Co.,) r 1, farmer 60. 

Reynolds, Orson J.,(Black Creek,) r 28, farmer 73. 

Ricker, Henry P., (Black Creek,) postmaster, supervisor, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes. 

Riley,. Mary A., (Black Creek,) r 42, farmer 

Rogers, Levi A., (Black Creek,) r 40, farmer 24-1/2.

Roice, Alice J., (Black Creek,) r 40, farmer 42. 

Rose, Walter, (New Hudson,) r 19, farmer 45. 

Sayres, Charles H., (Black Creek,) r 23, farmer 142. 
SAYRES, CHARLES W., (Black Creek,) r 23, farmer 60. 
Sayres, Isase, (Black Creek,) r 23, farmer 130. 
Sayres, John B., (Black Creek,) r 23, farmer 93 and works his fathers farm. 

Scott, Dewitt, (Rushford,) r 2, farmer leases of Charles Himes 120. 

Simons, James, (Cuba,) r 18, farmer 123.
Simons, Thomas, (Cuba) r 17, farmer 90.

Simpson & Haines, (New Hudson,) r 7, (Wm. Simpson Jr. and Edward W. Haines) groceries, dry goods and hardware. 
Simpson, Wm. Jr., (New Hudson,) (Simpson & Haines.) 
Simpson, Wm. Jr., (New Hudson,) r 7, farmer 981 find in Rushford 92. 

SISSON, GIDEON,(Black Creek,) r 40, justice of the peace, office to commence Jan. l 75, and farmer 190. 
Sisson, Nelson A., (Black Creek,) harness maker. 

SKIVER, JAMES, (Seymour,) r 30, farmer 22. 

Slocum, Charles, (Rawson, Cattaraugus Co.) r 1, farmer 50.

Smith, James (Black Creek) wagon maker.
Smith, John D. (Black Creek) blacksmith.

Snyder, James H. (Cuba) r 30, justice of the peace and farmer 237-1/2.

Sowersby, Wm. (New Hudson) r 10, farmer 50.

Steward, John T., (Black Creek,) r 25, farmer 88. 

Strahan, Samuel, (Cuba,) r 19, (with Thomas) farmer 225.
Strahan, Thomas, (Cuba,) r 19, (with Samuel,) farmer 225.

Straight Elisha, (New Hudson,) r 11, farmer 104. 

Swift, Aaron S., (Seymour,) r 31, 83-3/4.
Swift, George W., (Seymour,) r 38, farmer 130.
Swift, Hiram A., (Seymour,) r 83, farmer 83-3/4.
Swift, Jerome, (Cuba,) r 29, farmer 47. 
Swift, Thomas, (Seymour,) r 30, farmer 40. 

TARKINTON, RICHARD, (Black Creek,) boatman, owns boat and farmer 10. 

TAYLOR, MARTIN, (Oramel,) r 20, cheese maker. 
TAYLOR, PHILO B., (Black Creek,) r 17. farmer 100. 
Taylor. Spencer, (Seymour ) r 31, farmer leases of Dr. Maxson.

THOMPSON, ADDISON S., (Rawson, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 1, cheese maker, owns factory.

Thrall, Olive Miss, (Black Creek,) r 25, farmer 2. 

Upham, Joseph, (Black Creek,) farmer 7. 

VanFleet, Benjamin, (Oramel,) r21, farmer 176. 
VanFleet. Henry, (Black Creek,) r 21, farmer 200. 

VANHORN, JOHN C., (Black Creek,) blacksmith. 

Vannoy, George, (Black Creek,) r 23, farmer 170. 

VanSchaick, John (Black Creek) runs threshing machine and farmer.
VanSchaick, John L. W. (Black Creek) r 42, farmer 100.

VanSlyck, Hiram (Black Creek) agent for Howe Sewing Machine.

VanSlyke, Egbert H. (Black Creek) r 39, peddler of cigars and notions.
VanSlyke, Ezra T. (Rawson, Cattaraugus Co.) r 2 (with Lysander) farmer 150.
VanSlyke, Lysander (Rawson, Cattaraugus Co.) r 2 (with Ezra T.) farmer 150.

Van Vleet, James (Black Creek) r 23, farmer 117.

Vaughan, Daniel, (Rawson, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 17, farmer 257. 
Vaughan, David (Rawson, Cattaraugus Co.,) r2, farmer 150.
Vaughan, Squire V. (Rawson, Cattaraugus Co., ) r 17, collector and farmer.

Wakeley, Hiram H. (Black Creek) assistant doorkeeper N.Y. State Senate.
Wakeley, Nathan (Black Creek) r 40, farmer 14.

Waldron, James, (Cuba,) r 19, farmer leases of Walter Loomis 225. 

WALES, HIRAM S (Black Creek,), r 40, farmer leases of Mrs. I. Andrews 6. 

Watson, Charles, (Black Creek,) r 42, farmer 24. 
WATSON, JOHN, (Cuba,) r 34, carpenter and farmer 60. 

WEBSTER, IRA H., (Oramel,) r 10, farmer 20. 
WEBSTER, ISRAEL S., (Black Creek,) r 39, farmer 71. 
Webster, Wm., (Black Creek,) Cooper. 

WESTFALL, GEO., (Black Creek,) r 23, farmer 75. 

Wesfall, Marcus, (Black Creek,) r 26, farmer 75. 

Wheeler, Daniel, (New Hudson,) r 4, farmer 10. 
WHEELER, FRANK, (Cuba,) r 31, farmer 100. 
WHEELER, JOHN, (Cuba,) r 31, farmer 190. 

Wherry, Wm., (New Hudson,) r 11, farmer 1. 

WHIPPLE, BENJAMIN, (Oramal,) r 10, farmer 147. 
Whipple, Royal, (Oramel,) r 10, farmer works 147 owned by Benjainin. 

WILEY, DAVID, (Black Creek,) (Wiley & Lewis.) 
WILEY & LEWIS, (Black Creek,.)  (David Wiley and Truman E. Lewis,) groceries, flour and feed. 

Williams, Chauncey, (Black Creek,) r 41, farmer 45. 
Williams, Leonard, (Now Hudson,) r 11, farmer 121. 
Williams, Philander, (New Hudson,) r 5, farmer l-1/2.

Wilmarth Orson, (Now Hudson,) r 6, farmer 56. 

Woughter, Cordell, (Cuba,) r 39, farmer. 

WRAY, GEORGE, (New Hudson,) r 4, farmer 106.

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