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Gazetteer and Business Directory

Of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875

Compiled and published by Hamilton Child

typed by Vivian Karen Bush

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanations to Directory:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post office address in parenthesis.
  3. The road on which the party is located, except residents of villages.
  4. Business or occupation

Explanation -- The letter r following the P.O. address, signifies road, and the figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the fore part of the book. (not included on this website)  Usually where no road number is given, the party resides in the Villages.


ABBOTT, OSCAR O., (Rushford,) r 38, farmer 175.

Acker, Samuel, (Rushford,) r 5, blacksmith and farmer 380.

Adams, Archibald L., (Rushford,)  painter, Main.
Adams, Leonard, (Rushford,)  r 6, farmer 50.
ADAMS, RUFUS A., (Rushford,) r 5, farmer 136.

AGETT, THOMAS W., (Rushford,) r 32, farmer 136.

AKERLY, ANDREW J., (Rushford,) r 31, (Akerly & Sill,) (with Wm. and Hosea B.,) farmer 356.
AKERLY, HOSEA B., (Rushford,) r 31, (Akerly & Sill,) (with Andrew J. and Wm.,) farmer 356.
AKERLY & SILL, (Rushford,)  (Andrew J. and Hosea B. Akerly and Daniel B. Sill,) dealers in
 cheese for C. S. Brown & Co., New York.
AKERLY, WM., (Rushford,) r 31, (with Andrew J. and Hosea B.) farmer 356.

ALDERMAN, A. H., (Rushford,) prop. of saw and planing mill, shingle manuf. and farmer 5 1/2,
 East Allegany.
ALDERMAN, CHAUNCEY L., (Fairview, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 2 1/2, farmer 60.

Ames, Nathan, (Rushford,) r 18, retired farmer.
Ames, R. A. Mrs., (Rushford,) millinery and fancy goods, Main.

ANDREWS, LOUISA M., (Rushford,) r 31, farmer 2.

Armison, James, (Rushford,) r 8, farmer 50.

Ault, Wm., (East Rushford,) r 29, physician and farmer 33.

BABBITT & HALL, (Rushford,)  (Horace Babbitt and Geo. W. Hall,) props of Babbitt cheese factory.
Babbitt, Horace, (Rushford,) r 8, (Babbitt & Hall,) farmer 255.

Bailey, Barzilla, (East Rushford,) r 29, shoemaker and farmer 3.

BAKER, ISAAC N., (New Hudson,) r 46, carpenter.)
Baker, Thomas N., (New Hudson,) r 44, farmer 90.

BALCOM, COLUMBUS, (East Rushford,) r 29, prop. of saw, planing and shingle mill, carpenter and
 farmer 100.

Baldwin, Benjamin, (Rushford,) r 31, farmer 198.

BANISTER, RODERICK, (Rushford,) resident, East Allegany.

Barber, John M., (New Hudson,) r 48, farmer 65.
Barber, Lyman, (New Hudson,) r 44, farmer 62.
BARBER, ORRIN, (New Hudson,) r 46, [farmer, 250.
Barber, Orrin Jr., (New Hudson,) r 44, farmer 125.
Barber, William, (Rushford,) r 44, farmer occupies 220 owned by Orrin Barber.

Barras, Chas. H., (Rushford,) shoemaker and farmer 16, Main.

Bean, J. W., (Centerville,) r 5, farmer 183.

Beaumont, John, (Rushford,) mason and farmer 5, East Allegany.

BELKNAP, ERASSUTUS, (Rushford,) r 31, blacksmith and farmer 60.

Bell, Wm., (Rushford,) prop. of Rushford tannery, Buffalo.

Bellis, Samuel W., (East Rushford,) r 29, carpenter.

BENJMAIN, BIRNEY G., (Rushford,) manuf. of lemon extract and music teacher, East Allegany.
Benjamin, Chas. E., (Rushford,) r 5, farmer 371.
Benjamin, Jas. G., (Rushford,) carpenter and farmer 38, West Allegany.
Benjamin, Romane W., (Rushford,) r 5, farmer occupies 136, owned by Chas. E. Benjamin.

Bennett, Ursin G., (East Rushford,) r 29, wood turner.

Benson, Amos F., (Rushford,) Blacksmith, East Allegany.

BERRY, ASA, (East Rushford,) r 28, farmer 95.
Berry, Royal R., (Rushford,) r 31, farmer leases of Daniel Sill 160.

Bixby, Edgar F., (Rushford,) painter, West Main.
BIXBY, JESSE B., (Fairview, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 1, farmer 23.
BIXBY, JESSE P., (Rushford,) allo. physician and surgeon dentist, Main.
BIXBY, JOSEPH E., (Rushford,) wagon and carriage maker, painter, blacksmith and inspector of
BIXBY, WM. A., (Rushford,) photographic artist, over Holden's grocery, Main.

BLANCHARD, BARNES, (Rushford,) (White  Blanchard.)
Blanchard, Rosina, (Rushford,) r 31, farmer 5.

Board, Oscar F., (Rushford,) r 24, farmer 1.

BOARDMAN, R. O., (Rushford,) commercial traveler, East Allegany.

Bresler, George, (Rushford,) r 35, farmer 145.

Brooks, Chapman, (Rushford,) farmer 10, Main.
Brooks, David H., (Rushford,) clerk, Main.
BROOKS, EDWARD C., (Rushford,)shoemaker and dealer in hides, West Main.
BROOKS, HOMER, (Rushford,)salesman, West Main.

Brown, James, (New Hudson,) r 43, farmer 60.

Burr, Amasa W., (EAst Rushford,) r 27, farmer 61.

Bush, Watson W., (Rushford,) ready made clothing, hats, caps, gents' furnishing goods, boots
 and shoes, Main.

Butter, Patrick, (Caneadea,) r 27, farmer 85.

CADY, ANDREW C., (Rushford,) prop. of livery and stage and mail messenger from Cuba to Rushford and Arcade, West Main.

CADY, GEORGE W., (Rushford,) r 31, farmer 100.

Catton, Thomas B. Rev., (Rushford,) pastor of Free Methodist Church.

CHARLES, ROBERT Y., (Rushford,) allo. physician and surgeon, East Allegany.

Chase, Horace T., (Rushford,) r 40, East Allegany.

Clark, Darius C., (New Hudson,) r 48, farmer 50.
CLARK, MONROE, (New Hudson,) r 48, farmer.
CLARK, SIDNEY C., (Rushford,) r 44, farmer 173.

Claus, Abner H., (Rushford,) r 18, farmer 126 1/2.
Claus, Byron, (Rushford,) (Claus & Ely.)
Claus & Eli, (Rushford,) (Byron Claus and Lewis S. Ely.) harness, blankets, carriage trimming
 &c., Main.
Claus, Lorenzo, (Rushford,) r 30 engineer in saw mill and mason.

COLBURN, GEORGE C., (East Rushford,) r 46, farmer 160, has 1/3 interest in lumber yard at
 Albion, Orleans Co., and owns 160 acres in Michigan.
Colburn, G. M. & Mira A., (Rushford,) r 24, own farm 100.
Colburn, Henry B., (Rushford,) r 24, farmer 114.

Conners, Wm. O., (East Rushford,) r 12, farmer 84.

Cook, James S., (Rushford,) painter, East Allegany.

Cooper, Wm. G., Rev., (East Rushford,) r 29, pastor of Wesleyan Church.

COURSE, PERRY, (Rushford,) r 5, farmer 170.

CROCKER, DANIEL E., (East Rushford, r 45, farmer 275.
CROCKER, HARVEY, (East Rushford, 5 35, retired farmer.
Crocker, Oramal G., (East Rushford,) r 45, farmer leases of Daniel E. Crocker 275.

DAMON, DESALVO, (Rushford,) r 31, farmer 199.
DAMON, RILEY A., (Rushford,) r 2, farmer 200.
DAMON, RILON D., (Rushford,) r 32, farmer leases of John T. Moore 160.
DAMON, THOMAS, (Rushford,) r 2, farmer 100.

Demcey, James, (East Rushford,) r 27, farmer occupies 300, owned by Wilson Gordon.

DENISON, D. A., (Rushford,)

Donahue, Wm., (Rushford,) blacksmith, East Allegany.

Dowe, Paul, (Rushford,) r 44, farmer 100.

DuBELL, M. Mrs., (Rushford,) r 13, resident.

Dunlap, Emeline F., (Rushford,) r 41, farmer 30.

Eastwood, Josiah K., (New Hudson,) r 48, farmer leases of H. K. Stebbings 200.

Eaton, Aaron, (Rushford,) retired from business, Lewellen.
Eaton, Aaron C., (Rushford,) cheese maker.

Eddy, Asa V. Rev., (Rushford,) pastor of Baptist Church Main.

Elmer, Chas J., (Rushford,) (White & Elmer,) banker, owns Rushford cheese factory, cheese
 dealer, notary public and farmer 13, Lewellen.

Ely, Christopher C., (Rushford,) r 31, farmer 7.
Ely, Lewis S., (Rushford,) (Claus & Ely.)

ENGLISH, CHARLES, (Rushford,) r 31, path master and farmer 174.
English, Robert, (Rushford,) r 31, retired farmer.

Farmer, George E., (Rushford,) life and fire insurance agent.

FARWELL, ALONZO, (Rushford,) r 17, farmer 197 1/2.
Farwell, Chas. L., (Rushford,) r 4, farmer 100.
FARWELL, GEO. O., (Rushford,) r 7, farmer 70.
Farwell, Lemuel, (Rushford,) r 7, farmer 100.

FRASER, ALEX., (Rushford,) tanner and currier, Buffalo.

Frost, Lucas, (Rushford,) r 46, farmer 50.
FROST, SHELDON, (Rushford,) r 46, farmer 30.

FULLER, SHELDON, (Rushford,) r 46, farmer 30.

FULLER, ROSWELL, (Rushford,) retired farmer 5 1/4, East Allegany.

Galpen, Wm. T., (Rushford,) furniture manuf. and undertaker, Buffalo.

George, Gardner, (Rushford,) farmer 18, West Allegany.

GILBERT, CHLOE, (Rushford,) resident, West Allegany.
GILBERT, HIRAM B., (Rushford,) r 21, farmer 150.

Goodell, Wm., (Rushford,) principal of Rushford Academy.

Gordon, Albert L., (Rushford,) (Gordon & co.)
Gordon, Charles, East Rushford,) r 27, farmer, 110.
Gordon & Co., (Rushford,) (Jedediah B., John W. and Albert L. Gordon,) props. of grist mill
 and farmers 15.
Gordon, Cyrus, (Rushford,) r 23, farmer 125.
GORDON, ELIZABETH A., (East Rushford,) r 27, farmer 10.
GORDON, FRANKLIN W., (Rushford,) r 3, farmer occupies 75, owned by heirs of F. D. Gordon.

Gordon, Isaac B., (Rushford,) r 3, (McDonald & Gordon,) farmer 141.
GORDON, JAMES, (Rushford,) farmer 95, East Allegany.
GORDON, JEDEDIAH B., (Rushford,) (Gordon & Co.,) (Hovey, Gordon & Co.) farmer 60 and owns
 3,000 acres western land.
Gordon, John W., (Rushford,) (Gordon & Co.,) (Hovey, Gordon & Co.)
Gordon, Stambury J., (Rushford,) carpenter and farmer 195, West Allegany.
Gordon, Wilson, (East Rushford,) r 28, farmer 300.
GORDON, WM., (Rushford,) retired farmer.

GORTON, DENSLOW, (Rushford,) r 8, farmer 55.

Grattan, P. C., (Rushford,) carpenter, West Allegany.

Green, James H., (Rushford,) shoemaker and farmer 81 1/2, Buffalo.

Griffith, Wm. L., (Rushford,) r 31, farmer 95.

Guild, Alonzo, (Rushford,) confectionery, Main.

Hall, Geo. W., (Rushford,) r 7, (Babbitt & Hall,) farmer 196.
HALL, MICAH, (Rushford,) farmer 467 3/4.
Hall, O. C., Mrs., (Rushford,) dress and cloak maker, West Allegany.

Hardy, Asa W., (Rushford,) r 17, farmer 80.
Hardy, Sampson, (Rushford,) farmer 8, Buffalo.
Hardy, Samuel A., (Rushford,) cider manuf. and farmer 80, Buffalo.
Hardy, Webster, (Rushford,) r 17, farmer 95 1/2.

Harts, James S., (Rushford,) cheese maker, cooper and farmer 50, Lewellen.

HEALD, JOHN R., (East Rushford,) r 12, farmer 60.
HEALD, RANDOLPH H., (East Rushford) r 29, cooper, manuf. of cheese hoops, carpenter and 
farmer 13.

Herrick, Marshall D., (Rushford,) r 24, farmer occupies 100, owned by G. M. & M. A. Colburn.

HIGGINS, ORRIN T., (Rushford,) banker, general merchant and extensive land owner, corner of
 West Allegany and Main.

Hill, Daniel W., (Rushford,) r 8, carpenter and farmer 30.
Hill, Edward, (Rushford,) r 8, path master and farmer 100.
Hill, John W., (Rushford,) r 2, assessor, carpenter and farmer 216.
HILL, SAMUEL B., (Fairview, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 2, farmer 164.

HIMES, CHARLES C., (Rushford,) r 35, farmer 236.

Hitchcock, James K., (EAst Rushford,) r 29, postmaster, dealer in groceries, hardware, boots,
 shoes, clothing &c., and farmer 20.

Hitchings, Orville, (Rushford,) r 27, retired farmer.

HOLDEN, HENRY A., (Rushford,) groceries, Main.
Holden, Joseph N., (Rushford,) butcher, Main.

HOLMES, JOHN, (Rushford,) produce dealer and director of Allegany Co. Agricultural Society,

Hosmer, Elizabeth R., (Rushford,) r 2, farmer 75.

Houghton, Russel H., (Rushford,) r 8, farmer 76.

Hovey, A. K., (Rushford,) (Hovey, Gordon & Co.)
Hovey, Gordon & Co., (Rushford,) (A. K. Hovey, Jedediah B. and John W. Gordon,) r 31, props.
 of saw mill.

HOWARD, ELEAZER, (Rushford,) r 35, carpenter, agent for the Sweepstake horse fork, farmer 126
 1/2 and in Cattaraugus Co. 117.

Howe, Charles, (Rushford,) harness maker, Main.
Howe, Harry, (Rushford,) harness, trunks, whips &c., Main.

HOWSER, ALPHEUS, (Rushford,) blacksmith and wagon maker, Main.

HUME, A. FRANK, (New Hudson,) r 44, farmer 112.

HURD, ZENAS Rev., (Rushford,) pastor of M. E. Church, Main.

Jackson, Bennett, (Rushford,) barber, Main.

James, Evan T., (Rushford,) r 31, farmer leases of E. P. Richard 58.
James, John, (Rushford,)r 32, carpenter and farmer leases of James Tapp 100.

Jencks, James, (East Rushfrod,) r 29, shingle maker.

Jenison, H., (Rushford,) r 7, farmer 60.

Kellogg, Aaron D., (East Rushford,) (Kellogg & Son.)
Kellogg, Calvin, (East Rushford,) (Kellogg & Son.)
Kellogg, Hiram, (East Rushford,) r 28, farmer 51.
Kellogg & Son, (East Rushfrod,) (Calvin and Aaron D.,) r 28, props of saw and shingle mill
 and farmers 55.

Kendall, Charles B., (Rushford,) r 21, farmer 20 and occupies 143, owned by E. Kendall.
Kendall, Emerson, (Rushford,) r 21, retired farmer 308.
Kendall, Hartwell, (Rushford,) r 21, farmer 10.

KILMER, SUMNER E., (Rushford,) r 21 1/2, school teacher and farmer 94.

KIMBALL, ANDREW, (Rushford,) r 18, farmer 205.
KIMBALL, HENRY A., (Rushford,) farmer 10 1/4, Lewellen.
Kimball, Lucius C., (Rushford,) town clerk, West Main.

Kingsbury, Geo. H., (Rushford,) r 31, carpenter.
Kingsbury, John U., (Rushford,) wagon maker, carpenter and farmer 4 1/2, East Allegany.
Kingsbury, Wm. O., (Rushford,) r 24, farmer 8, owns in Farmersville, Catt. Co., 175
KINGSBURY, WM. W., (Rushford,) r 31, carpenter and farmer 275.

Kintz, John, (Rushford,) r 30, mason and farmer 10.

Kyes, Wm. E., (Rushford,) dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, hats, caps, crockery &c., Main.

Lafferty, Charles W., (Rushford,) r 36, farmer 40.
LAFFERTY, EBER, (New Hudson,) r 51, carpenter, prop. of saw mill and farmer 95.
LAFGERTY, JOHN P., (East Rushford,) r 38, farmer occupies 60, owned by heirs of Wm. G. Lafferty.

LANE, JOHN W., REv., (Rushford,) pastor of Presbyterian Church, Main.

LAPHAM, CHAS. P., (Rushford,) r 8, carpenter and farmer 19 1/2.

Lasell, Walter R., (Rushford,) dealer in stock and farmer 112 1/2. Buffalo.

Lathrop, Isaiah, (Rushford,) hardware, stoves and tinware, Maine.

LEAVENS, LYFORD, (Rushford,) r 12, farmer 117.

Lewis, Lucian L., (Rushford,) carpenter, West Allegany.
LEWIS, NETTIE L., (Rushford,) school teacher.
LEWIS, SAMUEL D., (Rushford,) r 31, carpenter.

Lichard, Alex. L., (Caneadea,) r 27, farmer 90 and leases of E. A. Gordon 10.

Litchard, Alex. L., (East Rushford,) r 29, (with John B. and Almanzo.) prop. of flouring mill.
Litchard, Almanzo, (EAst Rushford,) r 29, (with John B. and Alex. L.,) prop. of flouring mill.
Litchard, John B., EAst Rushford.) (with Almanzo and Alex. L.,) prop. of flouring mill.

LUNDRIGAN, JOHN, (Rushford,) wagon maker, Lewellen.

Lyman, Alonzo H., (Rushford,) r 2, (with  Geo. W. D.,) farmer 162.
LYMAN, GIDEON S., (Rushford,) r 31, farmer leases of Akerly & Co. 356.
LYMAN, GEO. W. D., (Rushford,) r 2, (with Alonzo H.,) farmer 162.

LYON, ABRAHAM J., (Rushford,) r 31, farmer occupies 120, owned by Ebenezer P. Lyon.
Lyon, Ebenezer P., (Rushford,) r 31, manuf. of ax handles and farmer 120.
Lyon, Martin, (Rushford,) r 24, farmer 111.

Mason, Corydon, (Rushford,) (Mason & Mason,) allo. physician and farmer, office West Allegany.
Mason, Cyrenus, (Rushford,) (Mason & Mason.)
Mason & Mason, (Rushford,) (Corydon and Cyrenus,) flour, feed, salt lath, shingles, cement
 &c., Main.

McCALL, ELBERT F., (Rushford,) dry goods, boots, shoes, hats, caps, crockery &c., Main.

McDonald, Chauncey, (Rushford,) blacksmith, Main.
McDONALD, DeWITT C., (Rushford,) blacksmith, patentee and manuf. of horse hay fork, Main.

McElheney, Harvey, (Rushford,) r 38, farmer.
McELHENEY, WM., (Rushford,) r 38, farmer 150.

McFARLAN, JOHN B., (Rushford,) r 2 1/2, farmer 120.

McMullen, Charles, (Rushford,) wagon maker and prop. of billiard saloon, East Allegany.

MEAD, LEANDER, (Rushford,) agent for Howe and other sewing machines and Rawson mowing machine,

Metcalf, Elijah, (Rushford,) r 23, farmer occupies of James Gordon 85.
METCALF, LEVI, Rev., (Rushford,) r 3, Free Methodist minister and farmer 197.
METCALF, LYMAN B., (Rushford,) r 2 1/2, farmer 165.

MILLER, NATHAN B., (Rushford,) r 2, farmer 150.

Moore, John T., (Rushford,) r 31, farmer 180.

Morgan, Myron, (Rushford,) r 41, farmer leases of S. Gordon 180.

Morrison, Henderson, (Rushford,) r 21, farmer leases of Israel Thompson 131.
MORRISON, HENDERSON, (Rushford,) tanner and farmer 250.
MORRISON, SULLIVAN B., (Rushford,) r 21 1/2, farmer 175.

Morse, C. A. (Rushford,) r 4, farmer leases of Samuel Aker 152 1/2.

Mountain, Edmund, (Rushford,) r 27, farmer 103.

MULLIKEN, EDWIN E., (Rushford,) farmer 8, West Allegany.

Nevans, Jenkens, (Rushford,) r 7, farmer leases of F. P. Bishop 50.

Noble, Casper, (Rushford,) retired farmer, leases 3 acres, West Allegany.
Noble, Francis C., (Rushford,) r 30, farmer 50.
NOBLE, MINNIE, (Rushford,) r 30, teacher.

Nye, Marshall B., (Rushford,) carpenter, West Main.

O'Connor, John A., (Rushford,) farmer 2, East Allegany.
O'CONNER, WM. O., (East Rushford,) r 16, farmer 84.

OGILVIE, WM., (Rushford,) butcher and meat market, Main.

Olbey, M. M., (East Rushford,) r 28, blacksmith.

OLTHOF, DELILAH Mrs., (Rushford,) seamstress, West Allegany.

OSBORN, JOHN G., (Rushford,) retired merchant, East Allegany.

Osmun, William H., (Rushford,) retired school teacher, EAst Allegany.

Packard, Spencer, (Rushford,) r 21, farmer 29  3/4.

Peck, Igel, (Rushford,) r 31, farmer 73.

PEET, THOMAS R., (Rushford,) 5 6, farmer 75.

Pelton, Henry C.(Rushford,) tailor and clothier, over W. E. Keye's store, Main.

Perrish, J., (East Rushford,) r 28, farmer 62.

Perry, Elbridge R., (Rushford,) r 42, farmer 12.

Persons, Alonzo, (Rushford,) r 7, farmer 92.
Persons, Hosea B., (Rushford,) r 21, farmer 150.
Persons, John W., (Rushford,) carpenter, West Allegany.

PETERS, HENRY, (Rushford,) r 30, farmer occupies 190, owned by Henry White.

Pettit, Albert M., (Rushford,) r 34, farmer 61.
PETTIT, CHARLES E., (Rushford,) r 13, prop. of cheese factory and cheese maker.

PETTY, CAROLINE, (New Hudson,) r 47, farmer 15.

POTTER, REUBEN W., (Rushford,) R 6, FARMER 100.

Powers, John, (Rushford,) r 11, farmer 100.

Pratt, George, (Rushford,) farmer 14, West Allegany.
PRATT, GROVER M., (Rushford,) (Stacy & Pratt.)
Pratt, Morton, (Rushford,) mason and farmer 40.
Proctor, Calvin C., (Rushford,) r 18, farmer 111.

QUINTON, JOHN, (Rushford,) shoemaker and constable, Buffalo.

Rice, Aaron, (Rushford,) r 12, retired farmer.
RICE, CLARK, Rushford,) r 12, farmer 154.

Richards, Edward P., (Rushford,) r 31, farmer 100.
RICHARDS, JAMES M., (Rushford,) r 31, farmer 30.

ROBINSON, ABRAM A., (Rushford,) cheese maker, East Allegany.

ROOT, SELAH, (Rushford,) furniture dealer, undertaker, coroner and overseer of the poor, Main.

Rose, Nelson, (Rushford,) r 46, farmer 35.
ROSE, WM., (Rushford,) r 44, carpenter and farmer leases of Frank S., Jennings 59.

ROTCH, HIRAM C., (Rushford,) r 27, shoemaker and farmer 83.

Rugg, Edgar F., (Rushford,) r 44, farmer 100.

Russell, Jumes F. (sic), r 39, farmer occupies 184, owned by Ancel M. Taylor.

Sabin, Boville, (Rushford,) farmer, East Allegany.
Sabin, Cyrenus W., (East Rushford,) r 29, miller.

Scott, Calvin, (Rushford,) prop. of Globe Hotel, East Allegany.
Scott, George, (Rushford,) r 42, farmer 50.
Scott, George H., (Rushford,) r 35, farmer 160.
Scott, John, (East Rushford,) r 45, farmer 247.
SCOTT, MILAN, (East Rushford,) r 46, farmer.

Searle, Daniel H., (Rushford,) farmer 2, Main.

Sexton, Morris, (Rushford,) r 31, farmer 3.

Shaffer, George H., (New Hudson,) r 46, farmer 8 and leases of Ephraim Huff 93.

Sheehan, Bartholomew, (Caneadea,) r 27, stone mason and farmer 60.

Sill, David, (Rushford,) watches, clocks, jewelry &c., Main.
SILL, HOSEA B., (Rushford,) (Akerly & Sill.)

Simons, James A., (Rushford,) r 31, farmer.

Smith, Cornelius K. B., (Rushford,) r 32, farmer 333.
SMITH, HENRY A., (Rushford,) r 18, farmer 100.
SMITH, POLLY, (Rushford,) r 32, farmer 131.

STACY, ORRIN T., (Rushford,) (Stacy & Pratt,) member of assembly, allo. physician and 
farmer 8.
STACY 7 PRATT, (Orrin T. Stacy and Grocer M. Pratt,) druggists, books, stationery &c., Main.

STEWART, WM. A., (Rushford,) lawyer, Main.

STONE, WILLARD A., (Rushford,) r 21, justice of the peace and farmer 140.

Sutton, Myron L, (New Hudson,) r 51, farmer leases of Orrin Barber 4.

Swetland, Ezra, (New Hudson,) r 48, farmer 50.

SWIFT, WM., (Rushford,) retired farmer, East Allegany.

TABELL, LOUIS E., (Rushford,) groceries, provisions, feed, crockery &c., Main.
TARBELL, MILES M., (Rushford,) r 21, farmer 225.
TARBELL, NELSON, (Rushford,) r 30 1/2, farmer 288.

TAYLOR, ANCEL M., (Rushford,) r 39, farmer 184.
Taylor, Edwin H., (Rushford,) r 36, farmer 91.
Taylor, P. A. (Rushford,) r 39, (with Roland L.,) farmer 169 1/2.
Taylor, Roland L., (Rushford,) r 39, (with P.A.,) farmer 169 1/2.
Taylor, Zebina, (Rushford,) r 36, farmer 103.

Thomas, David Jr., (Rushford,) r 18, farmer 98.
THOMAS, GEO. P., (Rushford,) r 4, farmer 151.
Thomas, John J., (Rushford,) r 5, (with Wm. G.,) farmer 100.
THOMAS, JONAH G., (Rushford,) r 2, farmer.
Thomas, Thomas L., (Rushford,) r 2, farmer leases of James Hillery, 187.
Thomas Wm. G., (Rushford,) r 5, (with John J.,) farmer 100.

Thompson, Israel, (Rushford,) blacksmith and farmer 146, Main.

Tilton, John, (New Hudson,) r 48, farmer 5.

Towel, John, (Rushford,) r 12, farmer leases of Albert H. Bishop 100.

Tuller, Darwin, (Rushford,) tailor.

Uptegrove, Wm. J., (East Rushford,) carpenter and farmer 2.

Vandusen, Jacob S., (Rushford,) r 12, farmer 95 1/2.

Vaughan, Charles, (Rushford,) r 35, farmer 200.

Walker, John B., (Rushford,) r 30, farmer 67.

Wallace, Richard H., (East Rushford,) r 26, manuf. of sash, doors and blinds.

WARREN, ALBERT L., (Rushford,) r 31, farmer 194 1/2.

WEaver, Edwin R., (Rushford,) r 7, salesman for Babbitt's cheese factory and farmer 140.
Weaver, Lorenzo D., (Rushford,) r 7, farmer 90.
Weaver, Wm., (Rushford,) r 7, farmer 20.

Wescott, Charles H., (Rushford,) r 38, cooper and farmer 35.

Westcott, Cyrus, (Rushford,) r 1, carpenter.
WESTCOTT, URIAN D., (Rushford,) r 1, farmer 117.

WESTFALL, AUSTIN, (New Hudson,) r 48, farmer leases of Maria Tisdale 45.

Wheeler, Gilbert, (New Hudson,) r 46, farmer 75.
Wheeler, Henry H., (New Hudson,) r 46, farmer 75 and leases of Gilbert Wheeler 75.

WHITE, A. E., (Rushford,) r 31, weaver and farmer 7.
White & Blanchard, (Rushford,) (Quincy A. White and Barnes Blanchard,) iron founders and
 manufs. of agricultural implements &c., Main.
WHITE & ELMER, (Rushford,) (Marcellus C. White and Chas. J. Elmer,) drugs, medicines,
 groceries, hardware and 
cheese factory furnishing goods, Main.
White, Henry K., (Rushford,)constable, collector and farmer 145, EAst Allegany.
White, Luther K., (Rushford,) blacksmith, EAst Allegany.
White, Marcellus C., (Rushford,) (White & Elmer.)
White, Otis, (East Rushford,) r 12, justice of the peace, surveyor and farmer 38.
White, Otis A., (East Rushford,) r 26, justice of the peace, surveyor and farmer 40.
White, Quincy A., (Rushford,) (White & Blanchard.)
WHITE, SAMUEL, (Rushford,) carpenter and farmer 70, East Allegany.
White, Washington, (Rushford,) retired merchant and farmer 10.

Wier, Alfred C., (Rushford,) carpenter and cabinet maker, West Main.

Williams, Chauncey, (Rushford,) farmer.

WILLIAMS, JAMES, (Fairview, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 2 1/2, farmer 40.
Williams, John, EAst Rushford,) r 27, cheese maker and farmer 87.
Williams, Thomas, (Rushford,) r 24, farmer 128.
Williams, Wm., (Rushford,) r 30, farmer 168.

WILMARTH, ROSWELL, (Rushford,) r 35, farmer 157 1/2.

WILMOTT, WM. K., (Fairview, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 2, farmer 244.

Wilson, Miles, (New Hudson,) r 44, farmer 115.

Winchester, Warren, (EAst Rushford,) r 29, retired from business.

WOODRUFF, MYRON S., (East Rushford,) r 27, farmer 200.

Woods, Albert, (Rushford,) poor master and farmer 8 1/2, West Allegany.
Woods, Daniel C., (Rushford,) r 21, town assessor and farmer 125.
WOODS, DANIEL H., (Rushford,) salesman for Pettit cheese factory, and farmer 104 1/2.
Woods, Ely, (Rushford,) r 13, farmer 122.
WOODS, LEVERETTE E., (East Rushford,) r 12, farmer 100.
WOODS, MILTON M., (Rushford,) r 24, music teacher and farmer 167.
Woods, Oliver E., (Rushford,) r 12, farmer 133.
Woods, Wilber, (Rushford,) r 13, agent for agricultural implements and farmer 50.
Woods, Wilbur F. R., (Rushford,) agent for agricultural implements.
WOODS, WM. R., (Rushford,) r 5, farmer 212.

WOODWORTH, CHARLES W., (Rushford,) postmaster, attorney at law, supervisor and justice of the
 peace. Main.
Woodworth, C. W. Mrs., (Rushford,) millinery and variety store, Main.
Woodworth, Luther L, (Rushford,) r 30, farmer 11.

Worden, Alton M., (East Rushford,) r 29, tanner and currier.
Worden, Asa E., (EAst Rushford,) r 29, prop. of tannery and farmer 8.
WORDEN, EDWIN H., (Rushford,) harness maker and farmer 97.

Wray, Chauncey, (New Hudson,) r 44, farmer 28.
Wray, Lester, (Rushford,) r 36, farmer 54.

Wright, Lewis, (EAst Rushford,) r 29, blacksmith.
Wright, Lowell, (EAst Rushford, r 30, farmer 1 1/2.

Young, M. M., (Rushford,) r 6, cheese maker.
Young, Winthrop G., (Rushford,) r 31, farmer 32.
YOUNG WM. P., (Rushford,) r 6, farmer 49.

Allegany County Directories


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