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Gazetteer and Business Directory

Of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875

Compiled and published by Hamilton Child

typed by Francie Dean Kunaniec

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanations to Directory:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post office address in parenthesis.
  3. The road on which the party is located, except residents of villages.
  4. Business or occupation

Explanation -- The letter r following the P.O. address, signifies road, and the figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the fore part of the book. (not included on this website)  Usually where no road number is given, the party resides in the Villages.


Agen, Michael, (Scio,) r 16, farmer. 

Allen, David, (Scio,) blacksmith. Gazetteer and Business Directory

Allen, Joan, (Scio,) r 24, farmer 20.

APPLEBEE, A. J. & CO., (Scio,) (H. Fitzsimmons,) general merchant and produce dealer.
APPLEBEE, A. J., (Scio,) (A.J. Appleton & Co.,) prop, of cheese factory and farmer 10 and in Wirt 50.

Austin, Seward, (Scio,) r 11, farmer.

Babcock, W. S., (Scio,) r 3, farmer 173.
Babcock, Wm. W., (Scio,) r 27, carpenter and farmer 66.

Barnes, Oscar, (Scio,) r 33-1/2, building mover, carpenter and farmer 58.0

BAXTER, DAVID, (Scio,) r 25, farmer 68. 

Beebe, John, (Scio,) farmer. 

Benjamin, Wm., (Scio,) gardener 1-1/2.

BINGHAM, J. S. Mrs., (Wellsville,) principal of Riverside Collegiate Institute.
BINGHAM. J. S. Rev., (Wellsville,) principal of Riverside Collegiate Institute.

BISSELL, FREDERICK H., (Scio,) engineer of stationery engine.

Black, Charles, (Scio,) r 17, blacksmith and farmer 20.
BLACK, K. S., (Scio,) r ii, saw mill and farmer 461-1/2.
Black, Peter, (Scio,) r 10, farmer 2. 
Black, Wm. A., (Scio,) r 11, farmer 5 and works 200.

Blackman, George, (Scio,) r 32, farmer 130.

Bliven. James N., (Scio,) r 13, farmer 158. 
BLIVEN, JOHN B., (Scio,) r 16, farmer. 

Booth, R. D., (Wellsville,) r 29, farmer 5. 

Bosenbark, Charles, (Scio,) retired farmer.

BRADY, WM., (Scio,) r 18, farmer works 108.

Brewster, Joseph, (Scio,) works in Clarks saw mill.

Brockway, George. (Scio,) shoemaker.

Brown, Aaron, (Scio,) gunsmith.
BROWN, J. L. (Scio,) r 33, farmer 30.

BROWNING, L.D., (Scio,) r 16. farmer 208.
BROWNING, L. D. & CO., (Scio,) (W. H. Browning,) props. of grist mill and wholesale dealers 
 in flour and feed.
Browning, W. H.. (Scio,) (L. D. Browning & Co.,) r 16, farmer 153.
BROWNING, W. Q., (Scio,) r 16, farmer 472.

Budd & Lindsay, (Wellsville.) (Nelson Budd & E. E. Lindsay,) lumbermen and props of saw and
 shingle mill.
Budd, Nelson, (Wellsville,)(Budd & Lindsay,) r 39, farmer 44.

Burns, John C., (Scio,) r 11. farmer 15.

Cady, Alonzo, (Scio,) r 19, farmer 50.

Caldecott, John, (Scio,) r 3, farmer 17.

Call, Herbert, (Scio,) engineer of stationary engine.
CALL, THOMAS P., (Scio,) r 8, farmer 40. 

Cartwright, C. B., (Scio,) r 10, carpenter. 

Carpenter, Chas. B., (Scio,) r 16, farmer 68.

Carr, John, (Scio.) owns 2 acres.

Cartwright, Emerson D., (Scio,) r 3, farmer works 96, owned by Geo. B. Stanton, Wellsville.
Cartwright, Nelson, (Scio,) r 10, farmer 62-1/2.
Cartwright, R. A., (Scio,) r 3. farmer 70.

Chadwick, Charles, (Scio,) dry goods, groceries, crockery &c., and farmer 35.

Cheeney, L. C. Mrs.. (Scio,) r 17, farmer 208.

Clancy, Wm., (Scio,) r 16, farmer 100.

Clare, Joseph, (Scio,) r 34, lumberman and farmer 96.

CLARK, C. S., (Scio,) (C. S. Clark  & Son,) farmer 800.
CLARK, C. S. & SON, (Scio,) dry goods, groceries, crockery, hardware &c., lumbermen, props.
 of saw, shingle, planing and stave mills and farmers 1500.
CLARK. J. H., (Scio,) (C. S. Clark & Son,) prop. of Genesee Valley Stock Farm, devoted 
exclusively to horses, 225 acres.
CLARK, MARTIN, (Wellsville,) r 16, leases saw and shingle mill of E. C. Elwell of Wellsville.

Clark, Nehemiah, (Scio,) r 9, farmer 30.

Clemens. Jonathan, (Scio,) r 19, farmer 130.

Cleveland, L. J., (Scio.) r 27, farmer 20.

CLOSSER,WM., (Scio,);prop. of Exchange Hotel.

Comfort James, (Scio,) r 31, farmer 90.

Cooper, Charles A., (Scio,) r 33, (with Chas. H.. Early.) farmer 47.

Cortrite, Christopher, (Scio.) cooper.

COYLE, BERNARD, (Scio,) watches, clocks and jewelry, groceries, notions &c., agent for
 railroad and steamship tickets and drafts on Europe.
Coyle, Peter, (Scio,) r 19, farmer 321.
Coyle, Thomas, (Scio,) r 18, farmer 63.

Crane. Ezra, (Scio,) painter and horse trainer.
Crane, E. Mrs., (Scio,) millinery.

Culbert, James. (Scio,) r 19, farmer 200.

DAVIS. M. S., (Scio,) dry goods. groceries, hats, caps &c., justice of the peace and farmer

Deck, W. M., (Scio,) r 11, farmer 152.

Dibble, Betsey, (Scio,) r 32, farmer works 75, owned by heirs of Samuel Elster.

Doremus, Simeon, (Scio,) horse trainer. 

DUKE, THOMAS, (Scio,) r 30, farmer 161.
DUKE, WM.. (Scio,) dealer in lumber, staves, shingles, flour and feed.

Early. Chas. H., (Scio.) r 33, mason and (with Charles A. Cooper,) farmer 47.
Earley, J. S., (Scio,) r 4, farmer 160.
Earley, Stout, (Scio,) r 24, farmer 77.

Eastman, Joseph, (Scio,) retired farmer.

Eaton, Wm., (Scio,) r 21, farmer works 54.

Elster, S. M., (Scio,) r 32, sawyer and farmer 22.

Elsworth. Jonathan T., (Scio,) r 24, farmer48.

Elwell, Edward C., (Wellsville,) r 16, prop. of sawmill and farmer 440.

Emerson, Barton, (Scio,) r 36, farmer 69.
Emerson. Thomas. (Scio,)r 34, farmer 150.

EXCHANGE HOTEL, (Scio,) Wm. Closer, prop.

Fish, George S., (Scio,) r 26, farmer 101.

FITZSIMMONS, H., (Scio,) (A. J. Applebee & Co.)

Fletcher, George, (Scio,) sawyer.

Flint, J.S. (Scio.) r 9, farmer 150.

Flynn, Patrick. (Scio,) r 18, farmer 8.

Gault, Chas., (Scio,) carpenter.
GAULT, HARVEY, (Scio,) carpenter and millwright.

Gigee, George D.. (Scio,) r 32, farmer leases of Wm. Middaugh 52.

Gillett, Jason, (Scio,) r 11, farmer 300.
Gillett, Rufus. (Scio,) r 11, farmer works 500, owned by Jason Gillett.

Goodell, James, (Scio,) r 31, farmer occupies 50.

Goodspeed, Abner, (Scio,) r 32, farmer 82.

Gowdy. Otis, (Wellsville,) r 29, farmer 27.

Grastorn, Frederick W., (Scio,) r 31, farmer 75.

Griffin, John. (Scio,) r 10, farmer leases of Andrew White 133.

HALL, ARVIN, (Scio,) prop. of Union Hotel.
Hall, Charles, (Scio,) farmer.
Hall, Nelson, (Scio,) r 11, farmer 150.
Hall, Reuben, (Scio,) clerk for A. J. Applebee & Co.

Hamilton, Wm. H., (Scio,) r 12, prop. of saw mill and farmer 350.

Harris, Alanson, (Scio.) millwright and foreman of Harris shook factory.
HARRIS, ELIAS, (Scio.) r 10, prop. of saw mill, stave and shook manuf. and farmer 186.

Hathaway. E. H., (Scio,) shoemaker for A. Huntley.

Hazard, Jonathan, (Scio,) r 21, blacksmith and farmer.
Hazard, Wm., (Scio,) r 22. farmer 193.

Henderson. G. D.,( Scio,) boots and shoes, hides, skins and furs.

Herrington, John,(Scio,) r 28, lumberman and farmer96.

Hinkley, P. D.. (Scio,) r 16, farmer 100 and occupies 50, owned by Justin Carpenter.

Holtom, John, (Scio.) r 34, mason and farmer 187.

Hooker, Ruell, (Scio,) retired farmer.

Hotchkiss, Edward, (Wellsville,) r 38, farmer 65.
Hotchkiss, H. C., (Scio,) r 8, millwright and farmer

Howard, Henry B., (Scio,) r 32, farmer 121.

Howe, E. C., (Scio,) farmer 3.
Howe, Horace, (Scio,) carriage maker for R. McQueen.

Hughes, J. C., (Scio,) drugs, groceries and millinery goods.

Humphrey, E. D. (Scio,) r 28, farmer 200.

HUNTLEY, ABNER, (Scio,) harness, boots and shoes
HUNTLEY, CHARLES, (Scio,) prop. of livery and farmer 100 and works 63, owned by Henry Huntley.
Huntley, Henry, (Scio,) farmer 63.

Hyde, Cullen, (Scio,) r 32, farmer works
Hyde; Henry, (Scio,) r 33, farmer 281/2.

JACKSON, MORRIS D., Rev., (Scio,) pastor of M. E. Church.

Jacobs, Sherman, (Scio,) retired farmer, 

JADWIN, G. L., (Scio.)

Johnson, Benjamin, (Scio,) r 19, teamster. 
Johnson, Henry, (Scio,) station and express agent.
Johnson, N. 0., (Scio,) stone quarry and farmer 67.

Jones, Charles, (Scio,) r 30, farmer 2-1/2.

Kellison, Charles, (Scio,) physician and surgeon.

Knight, Bradley, (Scio,) r 17, farmer 95.
Knight, Wm.. (Scio,) r 17, farmer 65.

LATHAM, SMITH,(Scio,) r 11, tanner and currier, resides in Angelica.

Lewis. Chauncey, (Scio,) r 32, farmer leases of E. J. Norton 215.

Lindsay, E. E., (Wellsville,) (Budd & Lindsay,) r 29, farmer 163.

Loomis, Freeburn, (Scio,) r 7, farmer 5.
Loomis, W. A., (Scio,) carriage maker and painter.

Madden, Walter, (Scio,) r 18, farmer 97-1/2.

Maybee, George D.,(Scio,) r 1l, farmer 25.
Maybee, L. D., (Scio,) r 14, farmer 50.

McGraw, Michael, (Scio,) r 24, farmer 40.

McQUEEN, ROSWELL, (Scio.) carriage and wagon making and blacksmithing.

Meek, John, (Scio,) r 19, farmer 130.
Meek, Lloyd, (Scio,) r 19, farmer 40.

MIDDAUGH, ALVIN, (Friendship,) r 1, prop. of cheese factory and creamery and farmer 186.
Middaugh, John E., (Scio.) r 2, farmer works 258 owned by Louisa N. Middaugh.
MIDDAUGH, LOUISA N. MRS, (Scio,) r 2, owns farm 258.
Middaugh, Mary Mrs., (Friendship,) r 1, cheese maker.
Middaugh, V. A., (Scio,) r 3, farmer.
Middaugh, Wm.. (Scio,) r 32, lumberman and farmer 40.

Miles, I. M., (Scio,) r 17, farmer.
Miles. Isaac, (Scio,) r 11, tanner and farmer 100.

Milks, Benjamin. (Scio,) retired farmer.

Miller, Christopher, (Scio,) r 11, farmer 5.

Miles, Leroy, (Scio.) fireman.

MORGAN, JUSTUS. (Scio,) r 29, farmer 50 and leases of M. S. Davis 50.

Morrison, Julia A., (Scio,) r 33, farmer 12.

Neff, Frank, (Scio,) r 34, farmer.
Neff, Lorenzo, (Scio.) r32, farmer 31.
Neff, Nathan, (Scio,) r 34, farmer 190.

NICKERSON, WM. H., (Scio,) r 8, farmer 100.

NORTON, AARON D., (Scio,) r 32, farmer 50, and leases of Oliver Norton 130.
NORTON, E. J.,(Scio,) r 32, civil engineer, justice of the peace and farmer 209.
Norton, Lucius E., (Scio,) r 32, (with W.. L.,) prop. of saw mill, lumberman and farmer 360.
Norton, Wm. H., (Scio,) (.Norton & York,) r 30, civil engineer and farmer 167.
Norton, W. L., (Scio,) r82, farmer 130, and (with Lucius E.,)prop. of saw mill, lumberman and 
farmer 360.
Norton & York,(Scio,) (Wm. H. .Norton and A. B. York,) props. of cheese factory.

O’Brien, Francis. (Scio,) r 18, farmer 87.

O’Reilly, Peter, (Scio,) r 11, farmer 134.

Ost, Jacob, (Scio,) r 33, farmer 122.

Palmer, Benjamin, (Scio.) hardware, stoves, tinware and agricultural implements.
Palmer, James, (Scio,) r 4, farmer 78.

Pangburn, Abram, (Wellsville,) r 38, farmer leases of Alonzo Blye 61.

PARKER, PLINY, (Scio,) overseer in Wm. Duke’s grist and lumber mills and farmer 25 In Belfast.

PELT, CHARLES, (Scio,) r 28, lumberman and farmer 134.

Perkins, B. F., (Scio,) r 4, farmer.

Peterson, Charles, (Scio,) r 19,. farmer 95.
Peterson, Edward, (Scio,) farmer.
Peterson, Henry, (Scio,) r 19, farmer 120.
Peterson, John, (Scio,) r 19, farmer 95.
Peterson, M. J., (Scio,) r 29, farmer 105.
Peterson, Wm., (Scio,) r 29, farmer 68.

Pettys, Daniel, (Scio.) r 8, farmer 1-1/2.

Philips. Jacob, (Scio,) r 29, farmer leases of Jeffrey Thomas 210.

Potter Bros.,(Scio,) (J. E., G. R., N. A. and C. L.,) r 18, props. of saw and shingle mills, lumbermen and farmers 170.
POTTER, CLARK L., (Scio,) (Potter Bros.)
Potter, G. R., (Scio,) (Potter Bros.,) blacksmith
Potter, J. E., (Scio,) (Potter Bros.)
Potter, N. A., (Scio,) (Potter Bros.)

RANDALL, JOHN, (Scio,) r 19, farmer 55.

Reddy. John. (Scio,) r 18, farmer 337.
REDDY, PHILIP, (Scio,) boatman on Erie Canal.

Reese, James, (Scio,) r 10, lumberman and farmer 81.

REYNOLDS, JOSEPH L., (Scio.) r 11, farmer 50.
Reynolds, Martin, (Scio,) r 11, farmer 184.
Reynolds. Nelson (Scio,) r 11. farmer 130.

Rhodes, J. H.. (Scio,) sawyer.

RIVERSIDE COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE, (Wellsville,) Rev. J. S. and Mrs. J. S. Bingham, principals.

Riverside Hotel, (Wellsville,) J. C. Stannard, prop.

Roberts, John, (Scio,) r 32, farmer leases 41.

Robinson, C. B., (Scio,) r 27, carpenter and farmer.
ROBINSON, DAVID S., (Scio,) r 27, blacksmith and farmer 236.
Robinson, Wm., (Scio,) r 33, farmer 30.

Roby, O. W.,(Scio,) r 18, prop. of flouring, grist, saw and cidor mills, millwright and farmer 50.

Roff. Robert C., (Scio,) cooper and farmer 49.

ROSSMAN, GEORGE, (Scio,) r 29, farmer works 118.
Rossman, Palmer, (Scio,) r 34, prop. of custom saw mill.

Sackett, Merrill,(Wellsville,) r 16, carpenter and farmer.

Sheldon, Joseph N., (Scio,) postmaster, dealer in groceries, provisions, hardware and wooden ware.

Shepard, H. D., (Scio,) r 29, farmer 50.

Simerson, Ezra, (Scio,) r 10, farmer 20.
Simerson, Samuel S., (Scio,) r 10, farmer 60.

Simons, Chas. A., (Scio,) farmer 2.
Simons, John, (Scio,) retired farmer.
Simons, Sarah Mrs., (Scio,) r 9, farmer 200.

Sinan, John, (Scio,) r 28, lumberman and farmer 50.

Smith, David, (Scio,) teamster.
SMITH, GEORGE. (Scio,) r 29, farmer works 139, owned by Jeffrey Thomas.
Smith, Isaac, (Scio,) r 19, farmer 223.
Smith, John, (Scio,) r 11, farmer 1.
Smith. M. & Bro., (Scio,) dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, hats &c.
Smith, Sidney, (Scio,) lumber dealer and farmer 50.
Smith, Wm. H., (Scio,) r 9, farmer 40.

Spencer, Hezekiah, (Scio,) r 3, farmer 47.

Stannard, J. C., (Wellsville,) prop. of Riverside Hotel.
Stannard, John B., (Scio,) r 11, owns stock horses and farmer 125.

STEPHENSON, J. A., (Scio,) physician and druggist.

Stryker, Henry, (Scio,) r 17, blacksmith, carriage ironing and farmer 25.

Taylor, Geo. E., (Scio,) sawyer.
Taylor, H. C., (Scio,) engineer of stationary engine.
TAYLOR, MILTON W., (Scio,) r 31, house painter and farmer 61.
TAYLOR, S. E., (Scio,) shingle sawyer.

Thomas, Franklin, (Scio,) r 17, farmer.
THOMAS, HARLAN, (Scio,) r 16, farmer 31.
Thomas, John, (Scio,) farmer.
THOMAS, J. M., (Scio,) r 29, notary public, stock broker, produce dealer and farmer 341.
Thomas, Ralph, (Scio,) farmer 150,
Thomas, Walter, (Scio,) r 16, farmer.
Thomas, Willard, (Scio,) farmer.

Tibbs, Oscar, (Scio,) r 28, farmer 70.

UNION HOTEL, (Scio,) Arvin Hall, prop., livery attached.

Vars, P. B., (Scio,) r 18, farmer 28.

Vincent, Benjamin, (Scio,) r 35, farmer 164.

Vreeland James, (Scio,) r 11, farmer 45 and leases of Daniel Deck 50.

Wade, Archibald, (Scio,) r 3, carpenter and farmer 18.

WALLACE, EDWARD, (Scio,) r 18, farmer 50

Way, Clark. (Scio,) carpenter.
Way, Russell, (Scio,) r 11, farmer 15.

WEAVER, WM. H., (Scio,) architect and builder and farmer 10.

Wedge, John, (Scio,) r 29, farmer leases 100.

WELCH, ROBERT, (Scio,) r 28, vocal and instrumental music teacher and farmer 14.

Wells, Charles,(Wellsville,) r 16, farmer 5.

Whitcomb, Cyrus, (Scio,) r 32, farmer 50.

White, Andrew, (Scio,) r 10, farmer 133.
White, Byron, (Scio,) wagon maker and painter.

WILBER, H. C., (Scio,) (with J. W. Wilber,) farmer 45.
WILBER. J. W., (Scio,) carpenter and (with H.C. Wilber,) farmer 45.
Wilber, T. L., (Scio,) carpenter.

Wilkins, James E., (Scio,) r 18, tanner 3-1/2. 

Williams. Benj. F., (Scio,) r 33, carpenter and farmer 27.

Witter, Ira, (Wellsville,) r 29, farmer 147.

WOODARD, THOMAS S., (Scio,) r 31,millwright, carpenter and farmer 100.

WRIGHT, JOHN, (Scio,) r 28, lumberman and farmer 390.
WRIGHT, ROBERT, (Scio,) r 28, lumberman and farmer 90.
Wright, Wm. W., (Scio,) r 28, farmer 120.

YORK. ALVA B., (Scio,) (Norton & York,) r 31, carpenter and farmer 81.

Young, Charles H., (Scio,) r 3, farmer 130.
YOUNG, JOHN A., (Scio,) constable and farmer.
Young, Lewis B., (Scio,) r 16, house painter

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