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West Almond

Gazetteer and Business Directory

Of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875

Compiled and published by Hamilton Child

typed by Francie Dean Kunaniec

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanations to Directory:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post office address in parenthesis.
  3. The road on which the party is located, except residents of villages.
  4. Business or occupation

Explanation -- The letter r following the P.O. address, signifies road, and the figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the fore part of the book. (not included on this website)  Usually where no road number is given, the party resides in the Villages.

West Almond

Ackerman, F. P. H. Mrs., (Phillips Creek,) owns farms 52.
Ackerman, Fred. P. H., (Phillips Creek,) harness maker.

Adams, Mora Jr., (Angelica,) r 12, farmer 175.
Adams, Mora, (West Almond,) r 21, farmer 135.

Allen, Andrew, (West Almond,) r 40, farmer 55.

Andrews, George, (Belmont,) r 32, farmer 36.

Arnold, Manning. (Angelica,) r 4, carpenter and farmer 178.

Austin, George, (Phillips Creek,) r 46, farmer works 150, owned by George McGibney.

Baker, Abel, (Angelica,) r 33, farmer 260.
Baker, Abel, (Angelica,) (Baker & Watson.)
Baker, David L., (West Almond,) r 25, farmer 166 and leases 185.
Baker, Dewitt, (Belmont,) r 32, farmer 261.
Baker, Edwin C., (West Almond,) r 37, farmer 237.
Baker, Louis, (West Almond,) r 15, farmer 122.
Baker, Owen, (Phillips Creek,) r 33, stock dealer and farmer 278.
Baker & Watson, (Angelica.) (Abel Baker and Joseph Watson,) r 33, props. of cheese factory.

Barber, Charles H., (Phillips Creek,) r 44, farmer 65.

Baxter, H. B., (West Almond,) r 34, farmer works 230, owned by heirs of Theodore F. Dean.

Bennett Andrew J., (Angelica,) r 2, farmer 170.

BLINN, JOHN, (Angelica,) r 33, farmer works 234, owned by Abel Baker.
Blinn, Nancy, (Angelica,) r 14, farmer 76. 

Blowers, Fleming, (West Almond,) r 39, farmer 45.

Boorn, Calvin C., (West Almond,) r 29, carpenter and farmer 75.

BOWER, RICHARD, (Phillips Creek,) r44, farmer 125.

Boyd, Margaret, (West Almond,) r 21, farmer 50.

Brown, Lorin, (West Almond,) teamster.
Brown, Simeon Jr., (Phillips Creek,) r 35, stock dealer and farmer 233.
Brown, Wm. H., (Phillips Creek.) r 35, farmer works 238, owned by Simeon Brown Jr.

Brundage, Wm., (Angelica,) r 2, farmer 101.

BURDICK, B. P., (Angelica,) r 13, farmer leases of George Morton 142.

Carpenter, Henry, (West Almond,) r 10, farmer leases of Chauncey Totton 145.

Clark, Lemuel, (Angelica,) r 14, farmer 3.

Common, Charles, (Angelica,) r 2, carpenter and farmer.
Common, Thomas, (Angelica,) r 2, farmer 214.

Coot, Daniel, (Angelica,) r 14, farmer 73. 
Coot, Robert, (West Almond,) r 15, farmer 100.
Coot, Robert J., (Angelica,) r 12, farmer

Cornwall, N. G., (West Almond,) farmer. 

Crandall, Christopher. (Phillips Creek,) r 39, carpenter and farmer 60. 
Crandall, Edward, (Phillips Creek,) r 38, carpenter and farmer 100.
CRANDALL, FRANCIS, (Phillips Creek,) r 43, farmer 67.
CRANDALL, MILO H., (Phillips Creek,) r 46, farmer 100.
Crandall, Ransom, (Phillips Creek,) r 33, farmer 214.

CRYSLER, LEONARD, (West Almond.) r 23, fruit tree dealer and farmer works 53.

Daly, Andrew, (Angelica,) r 1, farmer 48.
Daly, Catharine, (Angelica,) r 1, farmer 80.

Davison, Wm. H., r 9, farmer 378.

Dean, Charles, (Angelica,) r 14, farmer.
Dean, Henry, (West Almond,) r 10, farmer 120.
Dean, Marshall, (Angelica,) r 14, farmer
Dean, Oliver, (West Almond,) r 23, farmer 172.
Dean, T. M., (West Almond,) r 25, farmer 63.

Depew, Riley, (West Almond,) r 15, farmer works 50.

Dey, John H., (Almond,) r 7, farmer 101.

Dodson, John, (Angelica,) r 2, farmer 97.

Dunning, Joshua, (West Almond,) r 23, farmer 95.

Dyke, George, (Angelica,) r 28, farmer 75. 

Easterbrooks, Henry,(West Almond,) r 40, farmer 191-1/2.

Elliott, T. H., (Angelica,) r 28, thresher and farmer 80.

Engle, J. W., (Angelica,) r 21, farmer 160.
Engle, T. M., (Angelica,) r 1, farmer 190.

Evans, Daniel, (Angelica.) r 13, farmer 40.
Evans, J. W., (Angelica.) r 13, farmer 113.

Farnham, Elizabeth, (Angelica,) r 1, farmer 75.
Farnham, Heman,. (Angelica,) r 1, blacksmith.

Fuller, Marcus, (West Almond,) r 25, farmer 150.

Galpin, Calvin, (West Almond, r 24, farmer 120.

Gregory, T. J., (Angelica,) r .12, farmer 98.

Hadsell, Daniel, (Angelica,) r 3, farmer leases 80.
Hadsell, Ira, (Angelica,) r 12, farmer 13. 
Hadsell, Marcus D.,(Angelica,) r 3, farmer 185.

Halsey, Jeremiah, (West Almond,) r 41, farmer 370.
Halsey, J. L., (West Almond,) r 41, bookkeeper.

Harman, Amass, (Almond,) r 7, farmer 106.

HILLS, LYMAN, (West Almond,) hotel keeper, dealer in groceries and farmer 300.

Himan, Abijah, (Angelica,) r 14, farmer 125.

Hinds, Eliza, (Phillips Creek,) r 33, farmer 29.

Hurd, Harry, (West Almond,) r 23, farmer 126.
Hurd, S. G., (West Almond,) r 23, farmer 175.

Ives, John A., (West Almond,) r 18, farmer 280.

Jacobs, Joel, (West Almond,) r 42, farmer 25.

JOHNBON, JAMES M., (West Almond,) r 25, prop. of West Almond cheese factory and cheese maker.

Jones, Watterman, (Angelica,) r 14, farmer 106.

Karr, Hiram, (Almond.) r 6, farmer 615. 

Kilmer, Elias, (West Almond,) r 40, farmer 174.

Kinney, Peter, (Almond.) r 10, farmer 115. 

Knight, W. C., (West Almond,) dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes &c., and owns 10 acres.

Lee, Schuyler, (West Almond,) r 39, farmer 122.

Lord, Martin, (West Almond,) r 18, school teacher and farmer works 121.
Lord, Sherman H., (Angelica,) r 1, farmer 540.

LOUNSBERRY, WM., (Philips Creek,) r 33, farmer 91.
Lowe, Sylvester, (Angelica,) r 1, farmer 62.

Lyon, Mary A., (West Almond,) r 27, farmer 148.
LYON, WM. H., (West Almond,) r 27, farmer works 148, owned by Mary A. Lyon.

Lytle, John A., (Angelica,) r 31, farmer 50 and (with William Y.,) farmer 210.
Lytle, William Y., (Angelica,) r 31, (with John A.,) farmer 210.

Major, Stephen, (Almond,) r 6. farmer 90. 

Makeley, Peter W., (Almond,) r 7, farmer 101.

Margeson, D. W., (West Almond,) r 26, thresher and farmer 160.
Margeson, Eliot, (West Almond,) r 23, farmer works 20.
Margeson, Heman, (West Almond,) r 37, farmer.

Martin, Calvin, (Angelica,) r 8, farmer 70. 

Marvin, George, (Angelica,) r 3, farmer

McElroy, Thomas, (West Almond,) r 10, farmer 108.

McGibney, Thomas, (Phillips Creek,) r 46, farmer 169 and occupies 110, owned by Catherine McGibney.
McGibney, John, (West Almond,) r 25, blacksmith and farmer 50.
McGibney, Sylvester H., (West Almond,) r 25, wagon maker and blacksmith.
McGibney, Wilber F., (West Almond,) r 25, dealer in pianos, organs &c.

McGraw, John, (West Almond,) r 15, (with Patrick H.,) farmer 175.
McGRAW, JOHN Jr., (West Almond,) r 15, farmer.
McGraw, Patrick H., (West Almond,) r 15, (with John,) farmer 175.

McHenry, Henry, (Almond,) (with Mathew.) r 8, thresher and farmer 100.
McHenry, Mathew, (Almond,) (with Henry,) r 8, thresher and farmer 100.

McIlroy, James, (Phillips Creek,) r 33, farmer 14.

Miller, Harry H., (Almond,) r 5, farmer 100.
Miller, Melvin,( West Almond,) r 10, mason and farmer 93.

MORTON, GEORGE A., (Angelica,) r 28, farmer 310.

Myers, Joseph P, (Angelica,) r 13, carpenter and farmer 12.

NORTON, OSCAR M., (Almond,) r 12, dealer in live stock and farmer 175 and works 155, owned by John Kinney.
Norton, Richard, (West Almond,) r 11, farmer 113.

Page, James, (Phillips Creek,) r 45, farmer works 205, owned by Ebenezer Page of Hornellsville.

Palmer, Henry, (Phillips Creek,) r 42, mason, shoemaker and farmer 25.
Palmer, Josiah, (West Almond.) r 26, farmer 50 and leases 420.
Palmer, Lorin, (West Almond,) notary public and farmer 10.

PATRIDGE, JAMES, (West Almond,) blacksmith.

Perkins, P. J., (West Almond,) shoemaker.

Potter, V. A., (West Almond,) r 15, farmer 100.

Preston, Salmon, (West Almond,) r 20, farmer 135.

Rathbun, Judson, (Almond,) r 9, farmer 164.
Rathbun, Mary, (Almond,) r 9, farmer 103.

Renwick, John, (Angelica,) r 2, farmer 144.
Renwick, Justin M., (Angelica,) r 2, farmer 94.

Reynolds, G. E., (Phillips Creek,) r 45, wagon maker and farmer 215.
Reynolds, James, (Phillips Creek,) r 42, farmer 197.

Royce, James M., (Phillips Creek,) r 45, farmer 155.
Royce, Orrin, (Phillips Creek,) r 39, mason and farmer 80.

Sabin, Orange, (West Almond,) postmaster, physician and surgeon and farmer 140.

Sackett, N. G., (Phillips Creek,) r 42, mason and farmer 108.

Sausman, William, (West Almond,) r 24, farmer 326.

Schols, Robert, (Angelica,) r 1, farmer 40.

Scholes, Wm., (Angelica,) r 2, farmer 460.

SHOFF, JOHN G., (Angelica,) r 28, farmer 76-1/4.
Shoff, Wm., (Angelica,) r 13, farmer 84.

Silsby, James B., (Angelica,) r 13, farmer 15.

Smith, Ernest A., (West Almond,) r 15, farmer 145.

Stewart, Alvin, (West Almond,) r 43, farmer 146.
Stewart, Alvin J., (West Almond,) r 40, farmer 50.
Stewart, Hiram, (West Almond,) r 40, farmer 80.

Stillman, E. M., (West Almond,) r 24, carpenter and farmer 103.

Sylvester, Wm. D., (Angelica,) r 28, (with Henry Sawyer,) farmer 139.

Taylor, George, (Belmont,) r 32, farmer 100.

Thomas, C. L., (West Almond,) r 25, town clerk, stock dealer and farmer 77.
Thomas, Lafayette, (Phillips Creek,) r 37, farmer 67.

Tucker, Wm., (Angelica.) farmer 50.
Tucker, Wm. E., (Angelica,) r 12, farmer 50.

VAN GORDER, J. E., (Angelica,) r 1, farmer works 75, owned by Elizabeth Farnham.

Vernoy, Catherine, (West Almond,) r 18, farmer 100.

Wardner, Armenius, (Phillips Creek,) 37. cooper and (with V. B.,) farmer 152.

Wardner, V. B., (Phillips Creek,) r 37, (with Armenius,) farmer 152.

Watson, Adelia, (Angelica,) r 14, farmer 63-1/2.
Watson, Elijah, (West Almond,) r 28, farmer 380.
Watson, Gardner, (Phillips Creek,) r 33, wagon maker.
Watson, George W., (West Almond.) r 28, prop. of saw mill, justice of the peace and farmer 100.
Watson, H. H., (West Almond,) r 28, farmer 225.
Watson, Joseph, (Angelica,) (Baker & Watson.)
Watson, Joseph B., (Phillips Creek,) r 33, farmer 465.

Weaver, Nancy, (Angelica.) r 4, 5 acres.
Weaver, Walter J., (Angelica,) r 4, farmer 45.
Weaver, Walter K., (Angelica,) r 4, farmer 216.

Weir, Daniel, (Angelica,) r 1, farmer 40.

WELCH, W. B., (West Almond,) r 24, stock dealer and farmer 45.

West, A. T. Rev., (West Almond,) pastor of M. E. Church.
West, Frank, (Alfred Center,) r 43, farmer 250.
West, S. F., (West Almond,) r 24, carpenter, wagon maker and farmer 96.
White, Darius, (Almond,) r 6, justice of the peace and farmer 326.
Wilcox, Samuel, (Almond,) r 8-1/2, farmer 36.

Williams, Amos, (West Almond,) r 39, farmer 111.
Williams, Amos Jr., (Phillips Creek,) r 36, farmer leases of J. Palmer 50.

WILSON, JAMES W., (Angelica,) r 13, carpenter and farmer 14.

Withey, Judson, (Phillips Creek,) r 35, thresher and farmer leases 53.

Wyre, James, (West Almond,) r 17, carpenter and farmer 95.

Wyse, Charles. (West Almond,) r 17, farmer 144.
Wyse, Wm. W., (West Almond,) r 18, farmer 108.

Young, John, (Almond,) r 8-1/2, farmer 36.

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West Almond

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