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Gazetteer and Business Directory

Of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875

Compiled and published by Hamilton Child

typed by Francie Dean Kunaniec

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanations to Directory:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post office address in parenthesis.
  3. The road on which the party is located, except residents of villages.
  4. Business or occupation

Explanation -- The letter r following the P.O. address, signifies road, and the figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the fore part of the book. (not included on this website)  Usually where no road number is given, the party resides in the Villages.


AMES, P.R. (Scio) r 30, farmer 107-1/2

Austin, David, (Phillips Creek) r 23, farmer 22
Austin, Nathan, (Phillips Creek) r12 farmer 200
Austin, Reuben, (Phillips Creek) r12, farmer leases of Nathan Austin, 200

BABBITT, DAVID H., (Scio) r20, carpenter, cheese maker and farmer 50 and (with Merrick P.) prop. Babbit’s cheese factory
Babbitt, J.L., (Scio) r 15 farmer 50 and works 170 owned by Alexander Black
BABBITT, MERRICK P., (Scio) (with David H.,) prop. Of Babbitt's cheese factory
BABBITT, MERRICK P., (Scio) r 20, carpenter and farmer 35.
Babbitt, Wm. E., (Scio) r 30, farmer 40 and works 50, owned by heirs of Oliver H. Babbitt.

Baker, Andrew, (Phillips Creek,) prop. of Hemlock cheese factory. 
Baker, Patrick, (Scio), r 28, farmer 242.

Beebe, Arthur, (Alfred Center) r 28, farmer 96.
BEEBE, HENRY C., (Alfred Center) r 28, farmer 96.

Benjamin, David, (Scio) r 33, farmer 50.

Bennett, Lorin, (Phillips Creeek) r 7, cooper.
BENNETT, LORIN S. (Phillips Creek) r 7, cooper and farmer 15.

Bentley, Asa, (Phillips Creek) r 16, farmer 227 and leases 20.
Bentley, Charles (Scio) r 31, farmer 50.

Black, Aaron O., (Scio) r 20, lumberman and farmer 116.
BLACK, ALEXANDER, (Scio) r 19, farmer 37.
Black, Alexander (Scio) r 29, farmer 53 and leases of Thomas & Bliven 150. 
Black, Geo. A., (Scio,) r 29, farmer 200. 

Bliven, Charles, (Scio.) r 22, farmer 150. 
Bliven, Charles H. (Scio,) r22, farmer 154. 
BLIVEN, GILBERT, (Scio,) (Thomas & Bliven.) cheese maker. 

Brandt, Thomas T., (Phillips Creek,) r 15, farmer 216. 

BRODIE, FRANCIS, (Scio.) r 25, farmer leases of Wm. Tucker 325. 
BRODIE, FRANCIS, (Scio,) (with Joseph,) r 30, farmer 98. 
BRODIE, JOSEPH, (Scio,) (with Francis,) r 30, farmer 98. 

Brown, Charles, (Scio,) r 19, blacksmith. 
Brown, John, (Phillips Creek,) r 19, blacksmith. 
BROWN, J. R., (Phillips Creek,) dry goods ,groceries, hardware, boots, shoes &c. 
Brown Samuel, (Belmont,) r 3, farmer 245.
Brown, Simeon, (Scio,) r 19, blacksmith and farmer 50. 

BUNNELL, G. A., (Phillips Creek,) r 7, carpenter, wagon maker and farmer 125.

Burdick, A. B., (Alfred Center,) r 9, carpenter and farmer 95 and works on shares 250. 

Button, H. W., (Phillips Creek,) carpenter and  owns 7 acres, and (with Wm, P.,)  prop. of grist mill. 
Button, Wm. P., (Phillips Creek) carpenter and joiner and (with H.W., ) prop. of grist mill.

CANFIELD, CHARLES S. (Phillips Creek) r 31, carpenter.
Canfield, George (Alfred Center) r20, farmer 130.

Caple, E. P., (Alfred Center,) r 12, farmer, leases of Lydia Woolworth 140. 

CARTWRIGHT & FARWELL (Phillips Creek,) (Silas W. Cartwright and Jas. Farwell, Jr.,).dry goods, groceries, patent medicines, boots, shoes, notions &c., also dealers in hides. 
CARTWFTIGHT, G. W., (Scio,) r 34, lumberman and farmer 85. 
CARTWRIGHT, JAY, (Phillips Creek,) (Cartwright & Ockerman,) town clerk. 
CARTWRIGHT & OCKERMAN, (Phillips Creek,) (Jay Cartwright and Wm. Ockerman) props of Phillips Creek cheese factory.
Cartwright, R.L., (Scio) r 29, farmer leases of Stephen Thomas 240.
CARTWRIGHT, SILAS W., (Phillips Creek) (Cartwright & Farwell) postmaster and farmer 35.

Chafee James (Scio ) r 20, farmer 120. 

Champlin, Wm. F., (Phillips Creek,) r 7, farmer 130.

Clark, Daniel, (Scio,) r 31, farmer 60. 
CLARK, HENRY, (Belmont,) r 19, farmer, works 35 owned by Betsey Clark. 

Cline. Mary Mrs., (Belmont,) r 18, farmer 60. 
Cline, Patrick, (Belmont,) r 18, farmer 200. 

Collins, Lorenzo W.,(Alfred Center,) (with Lorin W.,) r 10, farmer 134.
Collins, Lorin W., (Alfred Center,) (with Lorenzo W.,) r 10, farmer 134. 
Collins. Nelson W., (Scio,) r 31, farmer 54. 

Cornelius, Augustus, (Alfred Center,) r 26, farmer 55
CORNELIUS, GABRIEL, (Alfred Center,) r 26, farmer 280.
Cornelius John (Scio) r25, farmer 60 and works 200, owned by Wm. Tucker
CORNELIUS, MILO (Alfred Center,) r 22, farmer leases of  Lewis Canfield, 153. 

Crandall, A. J., (Phillips Creek,) r 14, farmer 116. 
Crandall, C. S., (Phillips Creek,) r 9, carpenter and farmer 100. 
Crandall, Warren P., (Belmont,) r 18, cooper and farmer 95. 

Cusick, Thomas, (Scio,) r 33, farmer 75. 

DAVIS, SYLVANUS, (Scio,) r 25, farmer 200. 

Doner, Hugh (Belmont) r 17, farmer.
Doner, James (Belmont) r 17, farmer.
Doner, Patrick (Belmont) r 17, farmer.
Doner, Peter (Belmont) r 17, farmer.
Doner, Thomas (Belmont) r 17, farmer (with Patrick, James, Peter and Hugh) r 17, farmer 440.

Easton, Burton, (Phillips Creek,) r 3, farmer works 151, owned by Stephen Easton. 
Easton, Isaac N., (Phillips Creek,) r 7, farmer. 
Easton, Stephen, (Phillips Creek,) r 3, farmer 151. 
Easton, Stewart S., (Phillips Creek,) r 8, farmer 65. 

Ellison, James, (Phillips Creek,) boatman. 

Farnham, J. D., (Alfred Center,) r 24, farmer works 163, owned by Calvin Sprague of Scio. 

FARNUM, CALVIN C. (Scio,) r 20, farmer 72. 
Farnum, Franklin, (Scio,) r 32, farmer 184.

Farwell, James, (Phillips Creek,) r 7, farmer 180. 
FARWELL, JAMES Jr., (Phillips Creek.) (Cartwright & Farwell ) agent for the Wiard plow, justice of the peace and farmer.
Farwell, Minor, (Phillips Creek,) r 3, farmer, leases of Wm. Fuller 220. 
Farwell, R. M., (Phillips Creek,) r 7, farmer works 180, owned by James Farwell. 

FULLER, ANDREW J., (Phillips Creek,) r 7, farmer 114.
FULLER, DANIEL C., (Phillips Creek,) r 7, farmer 240.
Fuller, Wm., (Phillips Creek,) r 14, farmer 500. 

Gavit, Nelson, (Scio,) r 31, farmer 37. 

GILLETT, LYMAN, (Phillips Creek,) blacksmith and wagon maker.

Green, George (Scio) r 19, farmer 123. 
Green, James T. (Phillips Creek,) r 17, agent for the Crawford Improved Mower and farmer 248.

Gregory, John, (Belmont,) r 1, farmer 230. 
Gregory, Ralph, (Phillips Creek,) r 1, farmer 30.

Gridley, Giles, (Alfred Center,) r 11, farmer 27 and works 354, owned by L. D. Collins. 

Halbert, L. L., (Phillips Creek,) r 14, farmer 25. 

Hall, James, (Phillips Creek,) r 1, farmer works 260, owned by A. C. Hall. 

HAMILTON, WM. C., (Andover,) r 28, farmer 407. 

Hayes, George C., (Scio,) r 84, farmer 100 

Hemphill, James, (Alfred Center,) r 25, farmer. 

HOFFMAN, JAMES (Phillips Creek,) r 9, farmer leases 170. 

HOGAN, JOHN, (Scio,) r 35, farmer 125. 
Hogan, Michael, (Belmont,) r 18, farmer 110. 
Hogan, Patrick, (Phillips Creek,) r 18, farmer 80. 

Hurd, S. E. (Scio) r 20, farmer 100. 

Jacox, J. S.  (Alfred Center,) r 26, shoemaker

JOHNSON, E. A., (Scio,) r 33, farmer 100.

Keenan, Patrick, (Belmont,) r 18, farmer 117-1/2.

LANPHEA.R, DANIEL B., (Alfred Center,) r 11, supervisor, justice, fire insurance agent and farmer leases 150 of W. 0. Burdick. 

LEWIS, JOHN, (Phillips Creek,) r 27, farmer 244.

Margeson,. W. M. & F. F., (Scio) r 33, farmer 106. 

Marsh, M. P, (Scio) r 31, farmer 81. 
McGifeny, Mont, (Phillips Creek) r 1, farmer leases of J. B. Watson 168-1/2.

McGirl, James, (Scio,) r 19, farmer 100.
McGirl, John, (Scio,) r 31, farmer 75.

McGovren, John, (Belmont,) r 18, farmer works 250, owned by heirs of Patrick McGovren. 

MoOmber, H.R., (Scio,) r 32, farmer 114. 
McOmber, Orson P., (Scio,) r 32, farmer 130. 

MERRIAM, HALSEY R., (Scio,) r 34, farmer 200.

Milligan, Susan, (Phillips Creek,) r 16, farmer 75. 

Ockerman, Eugene, (Alfred Center,) r 25, farmer leases of Calvin Hall 220.
OCKERMAN, WM., (Phillips Creek,) (Cartwright & Ockerman,) town clerk. 

Pierce, Leonard, (Belmont,) r 1, shoemaker. 

Reynolds,. Barnard, (Belmont,) r 18, farmer 
Reynolds, H. A., (Scio,) r 30, farmer 128.
REYNOLDS, H. EDSON, (Phillips Creek,) (West & Reynolds,) r 7, farmer 86 and works 179, owned by Wm. H. Reynolds.
Reynolds, Hugh, (Belmont,) r 18, farmer 100.
Reynolds, James (Belmont) r 18, farmer 111.
Reynolds, Wm. H., (Phillips Creek,) r7, Prop. of cider mill and farmer 282.

Satterlee, J, C., (Alfred Center,) r 24, engineer and farmer. 

Schuyler, Sarah A. Mrs., (Phillips Creek,) r 17, farmer 121. 

Scott, John, (Alfred Center,) r 26, farmer leases of Gardner Tucker 125.

SHELDON, HENRY, (Alfred center,) r 12, farmer 140. 
SHELDON, JOHN, (Alfred Center.) r 12, farmer works 80, owned by Henry Sheldon. 

Slavin Thomas, (Belmont,) r 18, farmer 75.

Smith, Ralph P., (Alfred Center,) r 26, farmer 14l. 

Stuck, Jeremiah, (Phillips Creek,) farmer 173. 
Stuck, Llewellyn, (Phillips Creek,) r 13, farmer works 173, owned by Jeremiah Stuck. 

TEFFT, THOMAS S., (Phillips Creek,) . r 7, carpenter. 

THOMAS & BLIVEN,. (Scio,) (Stephen Thomas and Gilbert Bliven,) r 25, props of Vandemark cheese factory. 
THOMAS, STEPHEN, (Scio,) (Thomas & Bliven,) r 29, farmer 240.

Thompson, Calvin, (Phillips Creek,) r 7, note discounter.

Travis, Reuben (Scio) r 31, farmer 44.

TROWBRIDGE, ERASTUS B. (Alfred Center) r 26, carpenter and joiner and farmer leases of T.P. Patterson 110.

Tucker, Gardner, (Alfred Center,) r 24, farmer 645. 
TUCKER, N. B., (Alfred Center,) r 25, farmer works 75 acres owned by Gardner Tucker.
TUCKER, WM (Alfred Center,) r 25, farmer 1,216. 

Utter, R. N., (Scio,) r 29, farmer leases of Wm. Tucker 227. 

Ward, Patrick, (Belmont,) r 18, farmer 250.
Ward, S. L., (Scio,) r 32, farmer 96. 

WEST, GEORGE, (Phillips Creek,) (West & Reynolds.) 
WEST & REYOLDS, (Phillips Creek,) (George West and Edson Reynolds,) dry goods, groceries hardware, boots, shoes, notions &c 

WHITE, ISAAC, (Phillips Creek,) r 13, farmer 200. 
White, James P., (Phillips Creek) r 14, farmer 108. 

Witter, Albert A., (Scio,) r 82, farmer leases of H. R. McOmber 114 

Wyckoff, John, (Phillips Creek,) r 16, farmer 120. 

Yeoman, Wm., (Phillips Creek,) blacksmith.

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