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Gazetteer and Business Directory

Of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875

Compiled and published by Hamilton Child

typed by Vivian Karen Bush

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanations to Directory:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post office address in parenthesis.
  3. The road on which the party is located, except residents of villages.
  4. Business or occupation

Explanation -- The letter r following the P.O. address, signifies road, and the figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the fore part of the book. (not included on this website)  Usually where no road number is given, the party resides in the Villages.


Adams, Bradley, (Wellsville,) r 3, farmer 37.
Adams, E. Mrs., (Wellsville,) r 5, farmer 37.
Aheren, John, (Wellsville,) r 17, farmer 100.
Ahrens, John, (Wellsville,) r 27, farmer 6.
Alexander, S. F., (Wellsville,) (H. L. Jones & Co.)
Alger, Harvey, (Wellsville,) boots and shoes, Main.
*ALLEGANY COUNTY DEMOCRAT, (Wellsville,) Wm. W. Nichols editor.
*AMERICAN HOTEL, (Wellsville,) Mrs. S. S. Stiles, prop., Main.
ANDERSON, CHAS. G., (Wellsville,) physician and surgeon, Main.
Anderson, L. S., (Wellsville,) (Anderson, Otis & Co.)
Anderson, Otis & Co., (Wellsville,) (L. S. Anderson, T. P. Otis and J. M. Chamberlain,)
 Hardware, agricultural implements &c., Main.
Arnold, J. &, C., (Wellsville,) blacksmiths, Main.
Babcock, Emery, (Wellsville,) bakery and restaurant, Main.
Babcock, Orlow, (Wellsville,) r 12, farmer, 1. 

Bailey, George, (Wellsville,) r 11, farmer, 120

Baker, T. J., (Wellsville,) groceries and provisions, Main.

Baldwin, Almarian, (Wellsville,) r 5, farmer, 50.
Baldwin, Sumner, (Wellsville,) Cashier, Bank of Wellsville.
Baldwin, W. A., (Wellsville,) president Bank of Wellsville.

BALTHASAR, A. D., (Wellsville,) restaurant Pearl.

Bank of Wellsville, (Wellsville,) W. A. Baldwin, president; Sumner Baldwin, cashier, Fassett's
 Block, Main.

Bannister, Henry, (Wellsville,) boots and shoes, Main.

Bass, Lewis, (Wellsville,) r 19, farmer, 25.

Beecher, Frederick Rev., (Wellsville,) pastor of Congregational Church, Fassett House.

Beever, William, (Wellsville,) meat market; Pearl.

Bellamy, Wm., (Wellsville,) r 21, farmer, 40.

Benton, Daniel L., (Wellsville,) attorney, Main.

Bethe, Augustus (Wellsville,) r 19, farmer, 25

Bingham, J. S. Rev., (Wellsville,) principal of Riverside Academy

Blackman, Geo. H., (Wellsville,) (Rude & Blackman.)

Blahr, Mary Mrs., (Wellsville,) saloon keeper, Plank Road.

Blodget, William A., (Wellsville,) drayman, Chamberlain.

Gloom, Wm., (Wellsville,) 5 28, farmer, 50.

Bony, Henry, (Wellsville,) r 29, farmer, 100

Bradfield, Thomas, (Wellsville,) r 11, farmer leases of Richard Bradfield 90.

Brandes, Henry, (Wellsville,) r 27 1/2, farmer 90.

Brown, A. L., (Wellsville,) groceries and provisions, Main.
Brown, Mary Mrs., Wellsville, r 17, farmer, 50
Brown, Samuel H., (Wellsville,) r 11, farmer, 45.
Brown & Scoville, (Wellsville,) (W. M. & J. Brown and L. H. Scoville,) wholesale and retail
 grocers, Main.
Brown, W. M., (Wellsville,) (Brown & Scoville.)
BROWN, W. M. & J. & CO., (Wellsville,) (L. H. Scoville,) wholesale and retail dealers in
 groceries and provisions, stoneware, 
	wooden and willow ware, seeds &c., Main.

Browning Bros., (Wellsville,) (J. H. and O. D.,) general merchants, Main.
Browning, J. H., (Wellsville,) (Browning Bros.)
Browning, O. D., (Wellsville,) Browning Bros.)

Burdick, Prentice, (Wellsville,) r 1, farmer 100

Burdin, R., (Wellsville,) Harness maker, Main.

Burns, Charles, (Wellsville,) r 11, farmer 50.
Burns, James, (Wellsville,) 5 11, farmer 150.
Burns, James, (Wellsville,) r 11, farmer 100.
Burns, Patrick, (Wellsville,) r 25 farmer 80.

Bush & Howard, (Wellsville,) (M. P. Bush and Geo. Howard, of Buffalo,) propa. of tannery, G.
 H. Humason, supt., Main.

Campbell, Cyrus, (Wellsville,) (Whitlock & Campbell)
Campbell, John, (Wellsville,) r 21, farmer leases 200

Carpenter, J. & S., (Wellsville,) general merchants, Main.

CARR, E. D., (Wellsville,) wagon maker, Main.

Carroll, Patrick, (Wellsville,) r 11, farmer, 100.

Cary, Wm., (Wellsville,) r 26, farmer, 25.

Chalker, George, (Stanard's Corners,) r 20, farmer leases 90.

Chamberlain, Calvin T., (Wellsville,) (York & Chamberlain.)
Chabmerlain, J. M., (Wellsville,) (Anderson, Otis & Co.)

CLARK, C. A., (Wellsville,) carpenter and joiner, Broad.
CLARK, D., (Wellsville,) (Clark & Easton.)
*CLARK & EASTON, (Wellsville,) (D. Clark and J. C. Easton,) sash, doors, blinds, scroll work,
 moldings &c., Stevens.
CLARK, J. B., (Wellsville,) groceries, provisions, boots, shoes, woolen ware, &c., also dealer
 in pelts and furs, Main.

Clements, C., (Wellsville,) r 9, farmer 100.

CLINTON HOUSE, (Wellsville,) Sam. S. Truex, prop., corner Loder and Market.

Coats, Barton, (Wellsville,) (with David,) r 10, brick maker and farmer 5-.
Coats, David, (Wellsville,) (with Barton,) r 10, brick maker and farmer 50.
Coats, Wm., (Wellsville,) r 23, farmer 87.
Coats, W. B., (Wellsville,) (W. H. Coats & Son.)
Coats, W. H. & Son. (Wellsville,) (W. B.,) furniture manufa., Main.

Cogshall, Jay, (Wellsville,) r 19, carpenter.

Colt, A. Rev., (Wellsville,) pastor of Baptist Church.

Cole, Asel N., (Wellsville,) r 12, farmer 100.
Cole, Ashel P., (Wellsville,) r 12 farmer 15.
*COLE, S. L., (Wellsville,) pump dealer.

Colman, Chester, (Wellsville,) (with John S. and Mallory B.,) r 18, farmer 80.
Colman, John, (Wellsville,) r 25, farmer 40.
Colman, John S., (Wellsville,) (with Mallory B. and Chester,) r 18, farmer 80.
Colman, Mallory B., (Wellsville,) (with John S. and Chester,) r 18, farmer 80.

Combs & Dutcher.  (Wellsville,) (Miss L. Combs and Mrs. E. A. Dutcher,) millinery and fancy
 goods, Main.
Combs, L. Miss, (Wellsville,) (Combs & Dutcher.)

Conners, Morris (Wellsville,) r 27, farmer 60.

Cooper, James, (Wellsville,) r 1, farmer, 50.

Cornelius, David, (Wellsville,) r 8, farmer leases 60.

CORNWELL, C. G., (Wellsville,) prop. of First National Hotel, corner Pearl and Loder.

Crandall, Henry, (Wellsville,) r 29, (with Ira S.,) farmer 100.
Crandall, Ira S., (Wellsville,) r 29 (with Henry,) farmer 100.

CRITTENDEN, B. A., (Wellsville,) (Woodcock & Crittenden,) farmer 102.

Crowner, Alonzo, (Wellsville,) r 11, farmer 95.
Crowner, Alson, (Wellsville,)  r 5, farmer 157.
Crowner, John, (Wellsville,) r 12, dairy, 20 cows and farmer 200.

CURTIS, E. B., (Wellsville,) hardware stoves and tinware Main.

Cyrusfield, Hugh, (Wellsville,) r 24, farmer 100.

Dailey, Michael, (Wellsville,) r 27, farmer 30.
Dailey, Michael, (Wellsville,) r 16, farmer 25.

Davis, Lorenzo D., (Wellsville,) postmaster.

Dawson, C. E., (Wellsville,) clerk American Hotel.

Dayton, John, (Stanards Corners,) r 28, retired lumberman.
DAYTON, JOHN J., (Stanards Corners,) agent for the Howe and Victor Sewing machines and dealer
 in eggs.
Dayton, John M., (Wellsville,) r 5, farmer 175.

Decker, W. P., (Wellsville,) wines, liquors and cigars, Main.

Delaney, John, (Wellsville,) wholesale agent for Moffat's ales and saloon keeper, Plank Road.

Dempsey, Kate Miss, (Wellsville,) hair dressing rooms, Keystone Block, Main.

DICKINSON, GEO. W., (Wellsville,) publisher of the Allegany County Reporter, Main.

Dobbins, D. (Wellsville,) constable and prop. of livery stable, Main.

DODGE, HARTLEY B., (Wellsville,) (Jones & Dodge.)

Donevan, M., (Wellsville,) r 27, farmer 100.

Donohue, Cornelius, (Wellsville,) r 2, farmer 148.
Donohue, John, (Wellsville,)  r 23, farmer 73.
Donohue, Simon, (Wellsville,) 5 23, farmer 111.

Dornow, Lewis, (Wellsville,) barber, Pearl.

Dotys, R. and J., (Wellsville,) carriage and wagon makers and general blacksmiths, Furnace.

Dowdney House, (Wellsville,) H. W. Dowdney, prop., opposite Depot.
Dowdney, H. W., (Wellsville,) prop. of Dowdney House, opposite Depot.

Duffey, Varna, (Wellsville,) r 1, farmer 200.

DUKE, CHARLES & CO., (Wellsville,) (Wm. Duke,) manufs. of lumber, lath and shingles and dealer
 in groceries, flour and feed and farmer 150.
DUKE WM., (Wellsville,) (Chas. Duke & Co.)

Dutcher, E. A. Mrs., (Wellsville,) (Combs & Dutcher.)

Dyke, Lester, (Wellsville,) r 25, farmer 50.

EASTON, J. C., (Wellsville,) (Clark & Easton.)

Elflein, Peter, (Wellsville,) Lager beer saloon.

Elliott Brothers, (Wellsville,) (Simeon A. and Frank L.) groceries and provision, Main.
Elliott, David, (Wellsville,) r 30, farmer 50.
Elliott, Frank L., (Wellsville,) (Elliott Brothers,) town clerk.
Elliott, Simeon A., (Wellsville,) (Elliott Brothers.)

Ewell, Columbus, (Wellsville,) watches, clocks and jewelry, Main.

Farnum, Phoebe Mrs., (Wellsville,) r 20, farmer 200.
*FARNUM, C. L., (Wellsville,) fire, life and accident insurance agent, Masonic Hall Block, Main.
Farnum, E. J. (Wellsville,) real estate dealer and farmer.
FARNUM HOUSE, (Wellsville,) I. W. Fassett, prop., Main corner Mill.

FASSETT, I. W., (Wellsville,) (Palmer, Richard & Fassett,) prop. of Fassett House, and dealer
 in lumber, shingles and land, and owns 2,000 acres.

FEATHERSTONHAUGH, GEORGE W., (Wellsville,) attorney and counselor at law, Main.

Feller, John, (Wellsville,) r 26, farmer, 40.

Ferrine, A., (Wellsville,) r 21, farmer, 30.
Ferrine, C., (Wellsville,) r 21, farmer 40.

Ferris, Myron R., (Wellsville,) manuf. of shingles and lumber.

Finton, Patrick, (Wellsville,) r 16, farmer, 47.
Finton, Timothy, (Wellsville,) r 16, farmer 2.

FIRST NATIONAL HOTEL, (Wellsville,) C. G. Cornwell, prop. corner Pearl and Loder.

Fisher, C. H., (Wellsville,) fruits and confectionery, tobacco and cigars, Main.

Fisher, T. F., (Wellsville,) (White & Fisher.)

Fitzgerald, Edmond, (Wellsville,) r 16, farmer 105.
Fitzgerald, Martin, (Wellsville,) r 18, farmer 100.

FOLAND, JOHN, (Wellsville,) wagons, agricultural implements, shingles and lath, Main.

Fossler, Christ, (Wellsville,) r 26, farmer, 50.

Foster, Asa, (Stanards Corners,) r 20, farmer 130.

Foster, E., (Wellsville,) r 20, farmer 90.
FOSTER, ELBERT C., (Standards Corners,) r 20, farmer 40.
Foster, John, (Stanards Corners,) r 20, farmer 70.
Foster, Lewis, (Wellsville,) justice of the peace and U. S. claim agent, Main.
Foster, Lewis, (Wellsville,) r 5, justice of the peace and farmer 130.
Foster, Wm., (Wellsville,) r 20, blacksmith.

Frank, George, (Wellsville,) hotel keeper, Martin.

Frederick, C. H., (Wellsville,) groceries and provisions, Main.

Freeman, Peter, (Wellsville,) r 27, farmer 50.

French, William C., (Wellsville,) cabinet ware, Main corner State.

FREY, CHRISTIAN, (Wellsville,) groceries and provisions, Main.

Frisbey, L. H., (Wellsville,) dry goods and groceries, Main.
Frisbey, Sidney Jr., (Wellsville,) dry goods, groceries, provisions &c., Main.

Furman, Josiah, (Wellsville,) r 11, farmer leases 20.

Gale, Thomas, (Wellsville,) lunch room and light groceries, Main.

Ganoung, Jason, (Wellsville,) r 22, farmer 52.

GARDNER, JACOB, (Wellsville,) laborer, Dutch Hill.

Garey, Morris, (Wellsville,) r 29, farmer, 50.

Garrigan, James. (Wellsville,) r 11, farmer leases 40.

Geanounge, Abram, (Wellsville,) r 25, farmer 58.

Gendar, John, (Wellsville,) r 26, farmer 971/2.

Genter, Mathew, (Wellsville,) r 23, farmer 44.

GILLIES HOUSE, Stanards Corners) Jones & Dodge, props.

Gillis, Adam, (Wellsville,) r 27, farmer 6.

*GODFREY, V. D., (Wellsville,) house, sign and fresco painter, Main.

Gooliff, A. A., (Wellsville,) foreman in M. H. Ferris shingle factory.

Gorman, John, (Wellsville,) r 2, farmer 200.

Gottschall, Lewis A., (Wellsville,) hair dressing and billiard room, basement of Fassett
 House, Main corner Mill.

GRAMES, N. B., (Wellsville,) carpenter and joiner, Andover Road.
Grames, R. C., (Wellsville,) sign and ornamental painter, Main.

Grastorf, Charles, (Wellsville,) r 28, farmer leases 88.
Grastorf, Christopher, (Wellsville,) r 19, farmer 50.
Grastorf, Henry, (Wellsville,) r 28, farmer 50.

Green, Pardon, (Wellsville,) r 19, farmer 50.

Gunzberg, S., (Wellsville,) ready-made clothing, Main.

Hakes, Hills & Co., (Wellsville,) (Wheeler Hakes and Chauncey B. Hills,) r 18, props of cheese
HAKES, WHEELER, (Wellsville,) (Hakes & Williams,) (Hakes, Hills & Co.,) r 5, farmer 240 and in
 Andover 200.
HAKES & WILLIAMS, (Wellsville,) Wheeler Hakes and Joseph L., Williams.) r 5, manufs. of lumber
 lath and shingles and farmers 25.

Hall, E. B., (Wellsville,) druggist, Main.

Hamilton, Frances F., (Wellsville,) physician and surgeon office at residence of Wm. A. Baldwin.

Hanks, B. & Son, (Wellsville,) (S. F.,) general insurance agent, 2d floor Simmons Opera House
 Block, Main corner State.
Hanks, S. F., (Wellsville,) (B. Hanks & Son.)

Hanrahan & Bro., (Wellsville,) (E. and P.) general blacksmiths, Main.
Hanrahan, E., (Wellsville,) (Hanrahan & Bro.)
Hanrahan, P., (Wellsville,) (Hanrahan & Bro.)

Hastings, Wm., (Wellsville,) 5 16, farmer 25.

Hayes, Willing, (Stanards Corners,) r 28, farmer, 114.

Heers, Christopher, (Wellsville,) 5 27 1/2, farmer 47.
Heers, Henry, (Wellsville,) r 27 1/2, farmer 92.

Heimhold, Wm., (Wellsville,) r 26, farmer, 44.

Higgins, Patrick, (Wellsville,) r 29, farmer, 50.

Hill, A. R., (Wellsville,) prop. of Genesee tannery, Main.
Hill, Norman, (Wellsville,) r 5, farmer leases 36.

Hills, Chauncey B, (Wellsville,) (Hakes, Hills & Co.)
Hills, Mandeville, (Wellsville,) (with Norman,) r 18, farmer 194.
Hills, Norman, (Wellsville,) (with Manderville,) r 18, farmer 194.

Hoaglan, John, (Wellsville,) chief of police.

Hoagland, John, (Wellsville,) r 20, farmer leases of John B. Clark, 100.

Horn, Charles C., (Wellsville,) r 19, farmer 50.
Horn, Henry, (Wellsville,) r 19, farmer 42.

Howard, A., (Wellsville,) supt. Blush & Howard's tannery, corner State and Pearl.

HOWE, GEORGE, (Wellsville,) editor of the Allegany County Reporter, Main.
HOWE, HEZEKIAH, (Wellsville,) agent for Weed Sewing Machine, over Palmer & Fassett's store,

HOYT, JULIUS, (Wellsville,) (Hoyt & Lewis)
HOYT & LEWIS, (Wellsville,) (Juilus Hoyt and Henry N. Lewis,) general merchants, bankers and
 agents for National Line of steamers, Main.

Hubbard, J. W., (Wellsville,) monuments, tombstones, sills, flagging &c., Main.

Hubbell, Shedrach, (Wellsville,) r 20, farmer 100.

Hueder, Henry, (Wellsville,) r 28, farmer, 287.

Humason, G. H., (Wellsville,) supt. Bush & Howard's tannery.  Main.

Hurd, Lorenzo D., (Wellsville,) r 7, farmer 50.

Hurley, Bridget, (Wellsville,) r 16, farmer 75.

Hwold, Wm., (Wellsville,) r 26, farmer 45.

Jackson, G., (Wellsville,) washing, baling and shipping hair.

JANSEN, F. M., (Wellsville,) cabinet maker, Main.

Jhwaskop, Frederick S., (Wellsville,) r 26, farmer, 20.

JOHNSON, WM. G., (Wellsville,) r 11, manuf. of lumber and lath and farmer 50.

Johnston & Co., (Wellsville,) (John & Johnston and E. P. Pooler,) Lumber, lath and shingles,
 corner Pearl and Loder.

Jones, David (Wellsville,) r 11, farmer 65.

JONES & DODGE, (Stanards Corners) (Horace C. Jones and Hartley B. Dodge,) props of Gillies
Jones, D. S., (Wellsville,) agent for Singer sewing machine, Main.
Jones, Henry L., (Wellsville,) attorney, real estate agent and farmer 600, Main.
Jones, H. L. & Co., (Wellsville,) (S. F. Alexander.) dealers in dry goods, boots, shoes, 
groceries and provisions, Main.
JONES, HORACE C., (Wellsville,) (James & Dodge.)
Jones, Lewis, (Wellsville,) deputy sheriff, Main.
Jones & Spargur, (Wellsville,) (Zenas H. Jones and Wm. Spargur,) attorneys at law, Main.

JONES, WILLIAM, (Wellsville,) wagon maker, rear of Post Office.
*JONES, WILLIAM L., (Wellsville,) house, sign and window shade painter and paper hanger,
Jones, Zenas H., (Wellsville,) (Jones & Spargur).

Judd, D. C., (Wellsville,) manuf. of lumber and shingles.
Judd, E. B., (Wellsville,) (Judd & Lee.)
Judd & Lee, (Wellsville,) (E. B. Judd and C. S. Lee,) architects, builders and contractors,

Jump, James, (Wellsville,) livery, Main.

June, David, (Wellsville,) r 14, farmer, leases 50.

Kemp, D. H., (Wellsville,) drayman, Chamberlain.

Kendall Brothers, (Wellsville,) (W. C. and C. F.,) clocks, watches, jewelry, silver and plated
 ware &c., Main.
Kendall, C. F., (Wellsville,) (Kendall Brothers)
Kendall, W. C., (Wellsville,) (Kendall Brothers)

Inslier, --- Rev., (Wellsville,) pastor of Catholic Church.

Klock, Lewis, (Wellsville,) r 14, farmer leases 94.

Knapp, S. A., (Wellsville,) tailor, Main.

Labar, Aaron, (Wellsville,) meat market, State.

Lake, E. F., (Wellsville,) (Lake & Rightmire.)
Lake & Rightmire, (Wellsville,) (E. F. Lake and Nathan Rightmire,) meat market Main.

Larey, F. O., (Wellsville,) r 27, farmer 35.

Lee, C. S., (Wellsville,) (Judd & Lee.)

Lee, J. S., (Wellsville,) justice of the peace, surveyor, lumber dealer and real estate agent,

Lehen, Michael, (Wellsville,) 5 27, farmer 50.

Leonard, Erastus, (Wellsville,) r 5, farmer 6.
Leonard, Levi, (Wellsville,) r 7, farmer 2.
Leonard, Lorin, (Wellsville,) r 5, farmer 190.

LEWIS, HENRY N., (Wellsville,) (Hoyt & Lewis.)
LEWIS, HIRAM P.,(Stanards Corners,) r 20, manuf. of lumber and lath.

Lisher, Charles (Wellsville,) r 18, farmer leases 25.

LUTHER, LUCIUS L., (Wellsville,) r 7, dealer in lumber and shingles and farmer 257.

Lynch, James, (Stanards Corners,) r 27 1/2, farmer 45.

Macken, C. B., (Wellsville,) (Macken & Son.)
Macken, James (Wellsville,) president of village of Wellsville.
Macken, J. B., (Wellsville,) (Macken & Son.)
Macken, M. H., (Wellsville,) physician and surgeon, Main.
Macken & Son, (Wellsville,) (J. B. and C. B.,) druggists, Main corner Mill.

MADISON, C. L., (Wellsville,) blacksmith, Main.

Malone, John, (Wellsville,) r 11, farmer, 70.
Manlon, James, (Wellsville,) r 26, farmer 40.

Maratta, Wm., (Wellsville,) r 16, farmer, 50.

Marion, H. B., (Wellsville,) boots and shores, Main.

Marsh, James, (Wellsville,) r 8, farmer, 25.

Marshall, Franklin, (Wellsville,) r 29, farmer 50.

Mason, Levi H., (Stanards Corners, r 20, peddler.

Matthew, O. L., (Wellsville,) station agent.

Mayner, John, (Wellsville,) r 46, farmer 61.

McCarty, Jerry, (Wellsville,) r 18, farmer, 94.

McCollister, James, (Wellsville,) r 30, farmer 125.

McCormick, John, (Wellsville,) r 11, farmer, 48.
McCormick, Orrin, (Wellsville,) r 11, farmer, 8-.

McEwen Bros., (Wellsville,) (William R. and John,) founders and machinists, Main.
McEwen, John, (Wellsville,) (McEwen Bros.)
McEwen, William R., (Wellsville,) (McEwen Bros.)

McQuirk, John, (Wellsville,) r 25, farmer 56.

Mead, Israel, (Wellsville,) r 18, manuf. of lumber and farmer 200.

Melody, Patrick, (Wellsville,) r 11, farmer, 50.

Merker, Charles, (Wellsville,) tailor, Market.

Millard, Wm. C., (Wellsville,) r 5, farmer 225.

Miller, Henry, (Wellsville,) r 27 1/2, farmer, 47.
Miller, Moses Mrs., (Wellsville,) Miller & Worthington.)
Miller, Wm. H., (Wellsville,) (Tremain & Miller)
Miller & Worthington, (Wellsville,) (Mrs. Moses MIller and Mrs. Henry Worthington,) millinery
 and fancy goods, Main.

Moore, V. W. (Wellsville,) physician and veterinary surgeon, Broad.

Muhihan, Chas., (Wellsville,) r 26, farmer 5.

Murph, John, (Wellsville,) r 16, farmer 100.

Murphy, Michael, (Wellsville,) r 46, farmer 25.

NICHOLS, WILLIAM W., (Wellsville,) editor of Allegany County Democrat.

Niles, C. E. (Wellsville,) druggist, dealer in fancy goods, wall paper &c., Main.

Noble, J. O(?)., (Wellsville,) wholesale and retail dealer in flour, feed, meal, teas &c.,
 general groceries, lumber and shingles, Keystone Block, Main.

Nobles, John, (Wellsville,) r 18, farmer, 53.

Nutten, David Rev., (Wellsville,) pastor of M. E. Church.

Nye, H. H., (Wellsville,) physician and surgeon, Main.

O'Brien, Michael, (Wellsville,) r 18, farmer 100.
O'BRIEN, PATRICK (Wellsville,) prop. of saloon, Plank Road.

Offerman, E. F., (Wellsville,) saloon, Main.

Opp, H. E., (Wellsville,) clothing, hats, caps and gents' furnishing goods, Main.

Osborn, Frederick S., (Wellsville,) r 5, farmer 118?.
Osborn, George, (Wellsville,) r 5, farmer 210.

Otis, T. P., (Wellsville,) (Anderson, Otis & Co.)

Palmer, E. C., (Wellsville,) drugs, medicine and news dealer, Main.
Palmer, Myron D., (Wellsville,) Palmer & Richards,) (Palmer, Richards & Fassett.)
Palmer & Richards, (Wellsville,) (Myron D. Palmer and Frank K. Richards,) 
dealers in flour, feed, meal, groceries, grain, coal and produce.
Palmer, Richards & Fassett, (Wellsville,) (Myron D. Palmer, Frank K. Richards and J. W.
 Fassett,) dealers in flour, feed, meal and groceries, Main.

Palomen, Christian, (Wellsville,) r 19, farmer 37.

Parish, Hiram, (Wellsville,) jour, shoemaker, State.

Peacock, Daniel, (Stanards Corners,) r 20?, farmer, 49.

Penny, Dr., (Wellsville,) cancer doctor, Howell House.

Perrit, Wm., (Wellsville,) r 23, farmer 72.

Phillips, D. C. Mrs., (Wellsville,) dressmaker, Main.

Pierce, Nancy, (Wellsville,) millinery and fancy goods, Main.

Pittenger, J. S., (Wellsville,) prop. of People's meat market, Main.

Proctor, Ephraim, (Wellsville,) r 14, farmer 40.
Proctor, Ephraim R., (Wellsville,) r 14, farmer, 100.

Rathbon, J. D., (Wellsville,) boots and shoes, Main.

RATHBUN, J. M., (Wellsville,) (Wilson & Ruthbun)

Ream, John, (Wellsville,) r 25, farmer, 30.

Reems, Charles, (Wellsville,) r 28, farmer, 40.

Rohr, Henry, (Wellsville,) r 10, farmer, 77.

Richards, Frank K., (Wellsville,) (Palmer & Richards,) (Palmer, Richards & Fassett.)

Rickard, J., (Wellsville,) china, crockery and glassware, Johnson Block, Main.

Rider, J. A., (Wellsville,) photographer, Main.

Rightmire, Nathan, (Wellsville,) (Lake & Rightmire.)

RILEY, JOHN, (Wellsville,) bakery, and restaurant under Rider's photograph gallery and
 Thornton's harness shop, Main.

Riverside Academy, (Wellsville,) Prof. Bingham, principal.

Beach, James, (Wellsville,) r 16, farmer 135.

Rober, Jacob, (Wellsville,) r 19, farmer, 128.

Robinson, N., (Wellsville,) r 30, farmer leases 25.

Rolph, B. H., (Wellsville,) grocery and restaurant, Main.

Root, John, (Wellsville,) r 27, farmer, 29.

Rowley, Geo., (Wellsville,) r 14, wagonmaker.

Rude, Benton C., (Wellsville,) (Rude & Blackman,) attorney and counselor in State and U.S.
 courts, Main.
Rude & Blackman, (Wellsville,) (Benton C. Rude and Geo. H. Blackman,) attorneys and counselors
 at law, Main.

Rumpff, E. C., (Wellsville,) village clerk, Main.

Russell, Geo. C., (Wellsville,) groceries, confectionery, fruits, tobacco, cigars &c., Main.

Scarsfield, Maurice, merchant tailor, Main.

SCHLICK, HENRY N., (Wellsville,) hair dresser, Main.

Schubmehl, Nicholas, (Wellsville,) cigar manuf., Furnace.

Scoville, L. H., (Wellsville,) (Brown & Scoville.)
SCOVILLE, L. H., (Wellsville,) (W. M. * J. Brown & Co.)

Seaver, Chas. L., (Stanards Corners,) r 20, blacksmiths.

SEGUR, ALBERT, (Wellsville,) eating saloon, Main opposite Simmons Opera House.

Sheans, Jerry, (Wellsville,) r 20, farmer, 90.

Sheerar, H. M., (Wellsville,) dentist, Pearl.

Simmons, C. H., (Wellsville,) general jobber of all sorts of merchandise and shipper of
 shingles, Main.

Shehan, E. M., (Wellsville,) r 8, farmer 58.

Shepard, E. M., (Wellsville,) r 8, farmer 58.
Shepard, J. A., (Wellsville,) shoemaker, Main corner State.

Sherwood, Wm., (Wellsville,) r 29\0, farmer, 125.

Skinner, Wm., (Stanards Corners,) r 28, farmer leases 40.

Slough, A. M., (Wellsville,) dress maker, up stairs, Main.

SMITH, ALEXANDER, (Wellsville,) groceries and provisions, Main.
Smith, Allen, (Wellsville,) r 7, farmer 75.
Smith, Benjamin, (Wellsville,) r 11, farmer leases 40.
Smith, E. Miss, (Wellsville,) milliner, Main.

Spargur, Wm., (Wellsville,) (Jones & Spargur.)

Spicer, S. D., (Wellsville,) contractor and builder and prop. of hotel, corner State and
Spicer, S. D., (Wellsville,) prop. of Washington meat market, Main.

Speirs, ---, (Wellsville,) prop. of Young American clothing store, Main.

Stadel, Christian, (Wellsville,) lager beer brewery, Pearl.

Stafford, Owen, (Wellsville,) r 11, farmer 49.

STANLEY, ROBERT, (Wellsville,) grocery and liquor store, Pearl.
Stanley, Thomas, (Wellsville,) r 7, farmer, 55.

Stearns, Rufus, (Stanards Corners,) r 29, farmer leases 75.

Stein, Michael, (Wellsville,) lager beer saloon, Plank Road.

STEPHENS, ISAAC, (Wellsville,) carpenter, Chamberlain.

Sterling, C. Mrs., (Wellsville,) dress maker, Main.

Sterritt, McBride Rev., (Wellsville,) pastor of Episcopal Church.

STILES, S. S. Mrs., (Wellsville,) prop. American Hotel, Main.

Stillman, A. S., (Wellsville,) (Stillman & Very.)
Stillman & Very, (Wellsville,) (A. S. Stillman and A. O. Very,) agents for sewing machines,
 pianos and organs, sheet music and fancy goods, Main.

Stout, Isaac, (Wellsville,) r 30, farmer, 150.

Suisler, John, (Wellsville,) r 23, farmer 60.

Sutfin, Dan., (Wellsville,) china, crockery, glassware, plated ware, cutlery, &c., Main.

Sutton, A. D., (Wellsville,) architect, Farnham.

Sweeney, Misses, (Wellsville,) dress makers, Fassett Block.

Sweet, L., (Wellsville,) founder and machinist Furnace.

Swift, James (Wellsville,) prop. of Genesee flouring mills, Plank Road.

Taylor, O. P., (Wellsville,) manuf. of tobacco and cigars, Main.

*THE ALLEGANY COUNTY REPORTER, (Wellsville,) Geo. W. Dickinson and George Howe, publishers,

Theobolt, W., (Wellsville,) r 20, farmer, 43.

Thornton, James, (Wellsville,) harness maker, Main.

THURSTON, W. W., (Wellsville,) manuf. of bread, cakes, crackers &c., dealer in groceries,
 confectionery &c., Main.

TIDD, ELSOM, (Wellsville,) cooper, Andover.
Tidd, Elson, (Wellsville,) r 14, cooper.

Tompkins, Thomas, (Wellsville,) r 26, farmer, 36.
Tompkins, W., (Wellsville,) r 28, farmer, 150.

TORREY, H. J., (Wellsville,) agent for Victor sewing machine, Main.

Townsend, Anna Mrs., (Wellsville,) r 18, farmer, 42.

Trask, T., (Wellsville,) r 30, farmer, 25.

Trehy, James, (Wellsville,) r 25, farmer, 64.

Tremain & Miller, (Wellsville,) (Russell Tremain and Wm. H. Miller,) props. of Wellsville
flouring mills, lumber and coal dealers, Mill and State.
Tremain, Russell, (Wellsville,) (Tremain & Miller.)

TRUEX, SAM S., (Wellsville,) prop. of Clinton House and farmer 105, corner Loder and Market.

Tuller, E. B., (Wellsville,) hardware, stoves, iron, belting, paints, glass &c., Main.
Tuller, P. M. Mrs., (Wellsville,) millinery and fancy goods, Main.

Van Buren, Livingston, (Wellsville,) r 26, farmer 50.

VANKUREN, G. W., (Wellsville,) civil engineer and speculator, Main.

Vaughn, D. L., (Wellsville,) carriage maker, Main.

Vaughn, S. D., (Wellsville,) r 8, farmer, 75.

Very, A. O., (Wellsville,) (Stillman & Very.)

Voorhees, Charles, (Wellsville,) r 29, farmer leases 100.
Voorhees, Jeremiah, (Wellsville,) gunsmith, Main.
Voorhess, Robert, (Wellsville,) r 29, farmer 100.

Waffle, George, (Wellsville,) r 3, farmer 108.

Wagoner, George, (Wellsville,) r 27, farmer 100.

Wallace, E. E. Miss, (Wellsville,) millinery and dressmaking, Main.

Ward, Collins, (Wellsville,) r 14, carpenter.

Ward, Edmund, (Wellsville,) furniture, coffins, shrouds, trimmings &c., Main opposite Post
Ward, Collins, (Wellsville,) r 14, carpenter.
(Wellsville,) Edmund, (Wellsville,) furniture, coffins, shrouds, trimmings &c., Main opposite
 Post Office.
Ward, Peter, (Wellsville,) r 2, farmer, 179

Welch, Richard, (Wellsville,) r 1, farmer 50.

Wellsville Silver Cornet Band, (Wellsville,) E. B. Curtis leader.

West, Daniel S., (Wellsville,) carpenter and builder, Pine.
West E. S., (Wellsville,) carpenter, Main.
West, Martin V., (Wellsville,) r 8, farmer 60.

Wheeler, A. J., (Wellsville,) planing mill, Main.
WHEELER, G. W., (Wellsville,) general blacksmith, Main.
Wheeler, John A., (Wellsville,) carriage and wagon manuf., Main.

White & Fisher, (Wellsville,) H. G. White and T. F. Fisher,)general merchants, Main.

White, H. G., (Wellsville,) (White & Fisher.)

Whilock & Campbell, (Wellsville,) (Silas D. Whitlock and Cyrus Campbell.) wines, liquors and
 cigars, Main.
Whitlock, Silas D., (Wellsville,) (Whitlock & Campbell.)

Wight, O. S., (Wellsville,) photographer, Main.

Wilcox, Henry, (Wellsville,) general railroad and steamship agent, also wholesale and retail
 dealer in wines and liquors, tobacco, cigars and smokers goods.

WILLEY, ETHLIN, (Stanards Corners,) r 20, postmaster and dealer in groceries.

WILLIAMS, JOSEPH L., (Wellsville,) (Hakes & Williams,) farmer 500.

Williamson & Charles, (Wellsville,) r 29, farmer 85.
Williamson, Nelson, (Wellsville,) r 29, farmer 100.

Wilson, Geo. A., (Wellsville,) r 29, farmer, leases 50.
WILSON, J. G., (Wellsville,) Wilson & Rathbun.)
*WILSON & RATHBUN, (Wellsville,) (J. G. Wilson and J. M. Rathbun,) dentists, over Wellsville
 Bank, Main

Witters, Edward, (Wellsville,) r 18, milk dealer and farmer 140.

Woodard, G. B., (Wellsville,) peddler of notions and patent medicines, Fassett Block.

WOODCOCK & CRITTENDEN, (Wellsville,) (E. T. Woodcock and R. A. Crittenden,) dealers in country
 produce, Main.
WOODCOCK, E. T., (Wellsville,) (Woodcock & Crittenden.)

Worthington, Henry Mrs., (Wellsville,) (Miller & Worthington.)

York & Chamberlain, (Wellsville,) (Hiram York and Calvin T. Chamberlain,) bankers, Main.
York, Hiram, (Wellsville,) (York & Chamberlain.)

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