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Map of Wirt

Gazetteer and Business Directory

Of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875

Compiled and published by Hamilton Child

typed by Francie Dean Kunaniec

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanations to Directory:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post office address in parenthesis.
  3. The road on which the party is located, except residents of villages.
  4. Business or occupation

Explanation -- The letter r following the P.O. address, signifies road, and the figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the fore part of the book. (not included on this website)  Usually where no road number is given, the party resides in the Villages.



ALLEN, A. S., (Richburg,) prop. of tannery.
Allen, Francis D., (Richburg,) engineer of stationary engine.
Allen, Joseph, (Wirt Center,) r 19, farmer 163.
Allen, M. M., (Wirt Center,) r 19, farmer works 163, owned by Joseph Allen.
Allen, R., (Wirt Center,) r 31, farmer 25.
Allen, Samuel, (Wirt Center,) r 31, pump log layer.

Alma, David, (Richburg,) mason.

Almy, Henry C., (Nile,) r 28, farmer 141.
Almy, Samuel, (Nile,) r 28, farmer 294.

APPLEBEE, J. M., (Nile,) r 28, farmer 100.
Applebee, Thomas. (Nile,) r 28, farmer 40.
Applebee, T. J., (Nile,) r 29, farmer 130.

Axtell, George, (Friendship,) r 6, farmer 44.

Babcock, D. E., (Wirt Center,) r 18, farmer 62.
Babcock, G. E., (Nile,) r 44, farmer 40.
Babcock, Ira, (Richburg,) cooper and carpenter.

Ballard, Charles, (Richburg,) farmer leases of Hannah Ballard, 105.
Ballard, George, (Richburg,) r 38, farmer leases of T. B. Stephenson 110.
Ballard, John T., (Richburg,) r 38, farmer 119.
Ballard, Warren, (Richburg,) r 38, farmer 135 and leases of heirs of Enoch Ballard 110.

Barnes, Chas. W., (Nile,) house and ornamental painter and farmer 95.
Barnes, Potter, (Richburg,) r 53, carpenter and farmer 175.

Beebe, Prentice W., (Wirt Center,) r 33, veterinary surgeon and farmer 100.

Beers, Hiram, (Nile,) r 4, farmer 21.

Belcher, Wm., (Richburg,) sawyer.

Bessey, John, (Nile,) r 28, farmer 50.

Billings, Delos, (Nile.) r 43, farmer 71.

Bliss, D. E., (Richburg,) (E. S. Bliss & Co.)
Bliss, E. S., (Richburg,) (E. S. Bliss & Co..) patentee and manuf. of the Triumph Washer,
 manuf. of sash, doors and blinds and job printer.
Bliss, E. S. & Co., (Richburg,) (D. E. Bliss,) props, of saw mill.

Brainard, Albert, (Nile,) r 25, farmer 157. 
Brainard, A. S.. (Nile,) r 25, farmer 157.

Brink, Jacob. (Richburg,) r 48, farmer 50. 

Brokaw, Charles W., (Richburg,) r 51, blacksmith.

Brown, David, (Richburg,) r 48, farmer 43. 
Brown, David S., (Richburg,) r 41, farmer 10.
Brown, Demster, (Richburg,) r 49, farmer works 90, owned by Eliza Brown.
Brown, Francis, (Richburg,) r 41, farmer works 236, owned by Eliza Brown.
Brown, Hiram, (Richburg,) r 48, farmer 70.
Brown, Joseph G., (Richburg,) r 41, shoemaker and farmer 60.

Browning, E. L., (Friendship,) r 25, farmer

Burdick, Alpheus, (Nile,) r 17, farmer 103. 
Burdick, John H., (Wirt Center,) r 34, farmer 77.
Burdick, Prentice, (Wirt Center,) r 19, farmer 56 and works 223, owned by L. L. Wilcox.
Burdick, Rowland, (Richburg,) r 52, farmer 98.
Burdick, Willet F., (Wirt Center,) r 34, farmer works 149, owned by Wm. Burdick.
Burdick, Wm., (Wirt Center,) r 34, farmer 149.

Burleson, Wm. M., (Richburg,) r 49, cooper and farmer 125.

Carryer, F. C.,(Richburg,) r 29, farmer 77. 
Case, A. J., (Nile,) r 42, carpenter, millwright and farmer 130.

Champlin, Henry, (Richburg,) r 29, farmer 115.

Chandler, Wm., (Nile,) r 17, farmer 4.

Church. C. E., (Nile,) r 3, farmer 86.

Cleveland, L. J. Rev., (Friendship,) r 25, M. E. clergyman and farmer 49.

Coats, Amos M., (Richburg,) r 29, house painter.
Coats, A. R., (Nile,) r 29, farmer 33, and occupies 89, owned by Wallace W. Coats.
Coats, M. H., (Richburg,) r 29, house painter and farmer 55.
Coats, Wallace W., (Nile,) r 29, house builder, painter and owns farm 89.

Conor, P. H., (Nile,) r 25, cheese maker. 

Coon, Peter J., (Nile.) r 19, tailor and farmer works 96, owned by heirs of Geo. Perkins.

Cornwell, .Amanda. (Friendship,) r 6, farmer 6.

Cottrell, A. B., (Richburg,) book-keeper for E. S. Bliss, school teacher and farmer 140.
Cottrell, I. L., (Richburg,) school teacher.

Crandall, Delos. (Nile,) r 2, farmer 67.
Crandall, G. J. Rev., (Richburg,) Seventh Day Baptist clergyman
Crandall, George H., (Richburg,) sawyer. 

Crofoot, M.H., (Richburg.) cheese maker, leases Richburg cheese factory.

Culver, Daniel W., (Friendship,) r 24, far mer 100.

Dana, Daniel D., (Friendship,) r 7, farmer leases 55.

Daniels, Edwin, (Richburg,) mason and farmer 64.
Daniels, Wm. H., (Richburg,) furniture dealer and undertaker.

Davidson, George L., (Wirt Center,) r 34, stone mason and farmer 35.
DAVIDSON, T. B., (Richburg,) physician and surgeon and farmer 215.

Davis, F. L, (Wirt Center,) r 30, farmer 82-1/3.
Davis, S. P., (Nile,) r 42, farmer 74.

Deyoe, Jackson E., (Nile,) (with James,) r 36, farmer 184.
Deyoe, James, (Nile,) r 36, (with Jackson E.,) farmer 184.

Dimick, E. H., (Richburg,) r 49. carpenter and farmer 50.
Dimick, Hiram, (Richburg,) r 28, farmer 212.

Dodson, David,(Richburg,) r 28, farmer 81. 

Drumb, Michael, (Richburg,) r 50, farmer 81-1/2.

Dunning, Lewis, Rev., (Richburg,) Free Will Baptist clergyman and retired farmer.

Dye, J. Mrs., (Richburg,) dressmaker.
Dye, J. P., (Richburg,) carpenter and cabinet maker.

Earley, John N., (Friendship,) r 9, stock horses and farmer 123-1/2.
EARLEY, ROBERT B., (Friendship,) r 25, farmer works 100, owned by Henry W. Earley, Williamsport.
EARLEY, Z. B., (Friendship,) r 25, farmer 131.

Eastman, H. P., (Richburg,) r 53, farmer 68.

Finch, Charles, (Richburg,) r 38, farmer 121.

Foster, Harvey, (Wirt Center,) r 33, farmer 100.
Foster, Joseph, (Richburg,) blacksmith.
Foster, J. W., (Wirt Center,) r 33, farmer 75 and works 50 owned by Mrs. E. Gillett.

Fountain, Enos. (Richburg,) r 49, farmer. 

FRENCH, EDWIN P., (Friendship,) r 24, farmer 60 and leases of Caroline Smith 70,

Fuller, E. S., (Richburg,) r 29, farmer 195.
FULLER, JOHN S., (Nile,)
Fuller, R. Mrs., (Richburg,) r 51, farmer 107.

Furnald, Cyrus, (Richburg,) r 47, farmer 60.
Furnald, M. A., (Richburg,) r 49, photographer and farmer leases of C. W. Furnald,
 Scio, 120.

GARDINER, W. W., (Nile,) r 2, carpenter and farmer 45.

Gilbert, A. J., (Friendship,) (with Henry,) farmer 195.
GILBERT, HENRY I., (Wirt Center,) r 38, (with A. J,) farmer 195.
Gilbert, Ira, (Richburg.) farmer 97.
Gilbert, Sally, (West Center,) r 30, owns farm 101.

Gleason, Saunders, (Nile,) r 25, stump puller and farmer.

Goodrel, Martin, (Nile,) r 16, farmer 50.

Green, David C., (Richburg,) r 51, farmer 15 and in Genesee 164.
Green, Henry D., (Nile,) r 14, carpenter and farmer 81-1/2.

Griffin, Chauncey, (Richburg,) farmer 145. 

Hamilton, Jessie O., (Wirt Center,) r 19, farmer 86.

Hand, Abraham W., (Nile,) r 22, farmer works 109, owned by heirs of Oren Hand.
HAND, REUBEN, (Friendship,) r 25. shoemaker, thresher and farmer.

Hannum, G. P., (Friendship,) r 5, farmer 60.

Hasard, D. R., (Richburg,) r 41, farmer 125.

Hatch, E. R., (Richburg,) dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes &c., and harness maker.

Hayden, James H., (Friendship,) r 5, farmer 110.

Hazard, Pearley R., (Friendship,) r 28, farmer 94.

Hicks, S. R., (Nile,) r 4, farmer 37.
HICKS, WM. D., (Nile,) r 2, farmer 125.

Hood, Benjamin, (Richburg,) r 40, carpenter and farmer 127.

Hopkins, Horace P., (Richburg,) tanner and currier for A. S. Allen.

Hough, Amos, (Nile,) r 16, farmer 70.
Hough, Ezekiel, (Nile,) r 17, farmer 48.

Howard, David L., (Nile,) r 2, farmer 49-1/2.
Howell, I. L., (Richburg,) r 50, farmer 150.

Hyde, Elisha, (Nile,) r 15, farmer 135.

Johnson, C. L., (Nile,) r 4, farmer 100.
Johnson, Dennis M., (Nile,) r 3, farmer 62.

JORDAN, A. J., (Richburg,) r 34, farmer 286.
Jordan, Alva. (Richburg,) r 35, farmer 150. 
Jordan, Isaiah, (Richburg,) r .34, farmer 225.
Jordan, Jacob, (Richburg,) r 35, farmer 200.
Jordan, James W., (Nile,) r 35, farmer 143. 
Jordan, James W., (Nile,) r 3, carpenter and farmer 28.
JORDAN, JOHN W., (Nile,) r 18, farmer 156.
Jordan, Jonas, (Richburg,) carpenter, dealer in stock and farmer 41 and (with
 Archibald Moore,) farmer 213.
Jordan, Wm. H., (Richburg,) r 40, farmer 163.

Kenyon, Alanson, (Nile,) r 29, farmer 125.
Kenyon, Joel, (Nile,) r 29, farmer 217.
Kenyon, Louis H., (Nile,) r 29, farmer 50.

Ketchum, Justin, (Richburg,) r 29, farmer 178.

King, J. T., (Richburg,) carpenter.

Knapp, Israel Rev., (Richburg.) r 41, local N. E. preacher and farmer 50.

Natham, W., (Nile,) r 17 farmer 2.

Latta, S. E. (Friendship,) r 7, farmer 130. 

Lawrence, A. D., (Richburg,) r 41, farmer 65.

Lebar, Conrad, (Richburg,) r 37, farmer 114.
Lebar, Horace, (Richburg,) r 40, farmer leases of Wm. H. Jordan, 163.

Lester, Crandall. (Richburg,) shoemaker and farmer 90.
Lester, N. W., (Richburg,) r 38, farmer leases of Crandall Lester 90.

Lord, Abram, (Friendship,) r 25, farmer 100.
Lord, Daniel, (Nile,) r 27, farmer. 
Lord, James. (Nile,) r 27, carpenter and farmer 35.

Maby, Stephen, (Richburg,) r 42, farmer. 

Main, Jonas C., (Richburg,) r 49, harness and shoemaker. 

Major, Dewitt C., (Nile.) r 3, farmer. 

Maxson, B. D., (Richburg,) carpenter. 
Maxson, David. (Richburg,) r 48, shoemaker and farmer 50.
Maxson. Moses, (Richburg,) shoemaker and farmer 32.

Middaugh, Lester F., (Friendship,) r 28, farmer 50.

Mix, C. M.. (Nile.) r 29, farmer 160. 

Moore, Archibald, (Richburg,) (with Jonas Jordan,) farmer 213.
Moore, John. (Richburg,) r 41, farmer 30. 

Morgan, Salmon, (Nile,) r 42, farmer leases of Henry Wightman 109.

MULKIN, J. N,, (Nile,) r 3, farmer 115. 
Mulkin, R. H., (Wirt Center,) r 36, farmer 226.
Mulkin, Thomas, (Nile,) r 13, farmer 160.

Nelson, C. B., (Richburg,) r 53, farmer 173.

Newton, Clark E., (Nile,) r 12, farmer 100.
Newton, L. C., (Nile,) r 12, farmer 49.

Palmer, Daniel, (Richburg,) r 48, farmer 65.

Peterson, Bradford, (Nile,) r 17, farmer 30.
Peterson, Ezekiel, (Nile,) r 17, farmer 52.
Peterson, John, (Nile,) r 43, farmer 75.
Peterson, Miles, (Nile,) r 42, farmer 150.

Phillips, Warren, (Richburg,) r 49, farmer works 100, owned by Wilson Philips.
Philips, Wilson, (Richburg,) r 49, farmer.

Phinney, J. M., (Friendship,) r 7, justice of the peace and farmer 120.

Pierce, Daniel, (Nile,) r 28. farmer 76 and occupies 22 owned by George Fish.
Pierce, Henry, (Nile,) r 28, farmer 72. 
Pierce, Lyman, (Richburg,) r 48, carpenter and farmer 50.
Pierce, Samuel, (Richburg,) r 48, farmer
Pierce, Truman, (Richburg,) r 29, farmer 93.
Pierce, Uriah, (Richburg,) r 28. farmer 82.

Pitts, James. (Richburg.) physician and surgeon and farmer 110.

Pond, George M., (Nile,) r 19, farmer 37. 

Putman, Ira Mrs., (Richburg,) r 48, farmer 15.
Putnam, Ira, (Richburg,) r 48, tin peddler.
Putnam, John. (Richburg,) r 18. farmer 24.
Putnam, N. W., (Richburg,) r 38, farmer leases of Henry Lebar 4.

Randolph, John H., (Wirt Center,) r 30, farmer 70.

Ray, Moses, (Nile,) r 16 farmer 38. 

REED, JEROME B., (Richburg.) carpenter, basket maker and stone mason.

Reynolds, Edwin J., (Richburg,) r 29, farmer 60.

Richardson, A. & J. W. (Richburg,) agricultural implements, wagons, carriages and
Richardson, Alvin, (Richburg,) farmer 338.
Richardson, George, (Richburg,) butcher.
Richardson, J. W., (Richburg,) farmer 50.
RICHARDSON, WM. J., (Richburg,) r 29, farmer 95.

Rogers, Benton, (Nile,) r 12, prop. of saw, shingle and cider mill and farmer 46.
Rogers, E. P., (Richburg,) r 18, farmer 75. 

Rowley, John S., (Richburg,) postmaster, notary public, dealer in dry goods,
 groceries, boots, shoes, notions &c. 

RYNO, JOHN, (Richburg,) r 40, carpenter and farmer 14-1/2.
Ryno, M. S. Mrs., (Nile,) r 29, farmer 49. 
Ryno, Randolph, (Nile,) r 29, carpenter and mason.

Satterlee, Charles, (Richburg,) r 29, farmer 53.

Saunders, Charles, (Richburg.) blacksmith and farmer works 192.
Saunders, Charles R., (Richburg,) r 29, farmer 58.

Severance, Samuel, (Friendship,) r 6, farmer.

Shaw, Alonzo, (Richburg,) r 29, farmer 30. 
Shaw, Charles, (Richburg,) r 49, farmer works 50, owned by M. D. Shaw.
Shaw, Martin D., (Richburg,) r 49, farmer 50.

Sheldon, Samuel, (Nile,) r 21, farmer 198. 

SHERMAN, M. H., (Nile,) r 21, farmer, works 196, owned by Samuel Sherman. 

Sisson, Charles, (Nile,) r 4, farmer leases 135.

Smalley, Charles W., (Nile,) r 1, dealer in stock and farmer 152.

Smith, Caroline, (Friendship,) r 25, farmer 70,
SMITH, JAMES, (Friendship.) r 7, farmer 85.
Smith, Moses T., (Friendship,) r 7, dealer in pictures, frames and notions.
Smith, Simeon, (Richburg,) r 51, farmer 100.
Smith, Simeon B., (Richburg,) lumberman and farmer 104.

Sortore, Merrit, (Friendship,) r 6, farmer 50.

Spencer, Henry, (Nile,) r 4, farmer 88. 

STANTON, BENJAMIN F., (Nile,) (with Sheldon P.,) r 21, farmer 375.
STANTON, SHELDON P., (Nile,) (with Benjamin F.,) r 21, farmer 375.

Stebbins, S. L., (Richburg,) carpenter.

Steenrod, W. M., (Nile,) r 3, farmer 15.

Stickney, Lewis, (Nile,) r 4, farmer 6.
Stickney, Lewis, (Nile,) r 42, farmer 90.

STILLMAN, D. B., (Wirt Center,) r 30, farmer 177.

Taylor, Daniel Z., (Richburg,) miller, leases grist mill of J G. Fuller, Nile.

Torrey, Levi, (Friendship,) r 7, farmer 71.

VANHORN. E. W., (Nile,) r 28, farmer.

VAN VELZOR, O. B., (Wirt Center,) r 18, house painter and farmer 110.

Voorhies, C. V., (Nile,) r 3, farmer 1.
Voorhies, John, (Nile,) r 12, farmer 55.
Voorhies, John D, (Nile,) r 13, farmer 102. 

Wells, George H., (Nile,) r 29, farmer 360. 

Wetherbee, A. P., (Richburg,) groceries, hardware, notions, boots and shoes. 

Wheeler, Calvin, (Wirt Center,) r 20, farmer 340 and in Friendship, 45.

White, James, (Richburg,) miller and farmer 300 in Pennsylvania.

Whitney, Reuben, (Friendship,) r 6, farmer 75.

Whitwood, David P., (Nile,) r 21, farmer 272-1/2.

Wightman, E. H., (Richburg,) r 28, farmer 344.
Wightman, Henry, (Richburg,) r 28, farmer 109.
Wightman, Lathrop, (Richburg,) r 28, farmer 214.
Wightman. Morton, (Richburg,) r 24, farmer 55-1/2.
Wightman, Simon, (Wirt Center,) r 30, farmer 50 and occupies 101, owned
 by Sally Gilbert.

Wilcox, Caleb, (Wirt Center,) r 33, farmer 79.
Wilcox. Lyman L., (Wirt Center,) postmaster. prop. of cheese factory and farmer 223.
Wilcox, W. G., (West Center,) r 36, farmer 94.

WILLARD, DeWITT C., (Nile,) r 21, farmer 435.
Willard, D. S., (Nile.) r 21, farmer 267.

Williams, C. L., (Richburg,) r40, farmer 58.
Williams, Elias, (Nile.) r 21, farmer 133.
Williams, H. H., (Friendship,) r 21, carpenter.
Williams, Leonard, (Richburg,) r 28, shoemaker and farmer 4.

Withey, C. A. & Co., (Richburg,) (C. S. Withey,) carriage and sleigh manufs.
Withey, C. S., (Richburg,) (C. A. Withey & Co.)
Withey, George (Nile,) r 28, farmer 115. 

Witter, Orson M., (Nile,) r 14, farmer 113-1/2.

WIXSON, CLARK S., (Nile,) r 21, farmer.

Woodard, D. B., (Richburg,) r 48, farmer. 
Woodard, Eunice, (Richburg,) r 49, farmer 82-1/2.
Woodard, Martin, (Richburg,) r 47, carpenter and farmer 91.
Woodard, Milton, (Richburg,) r 41, carpenter and farmer 50.

WORTH, B. M., (Wirt Center,) r 30, farmer 66.

Wright, E. L., (Richburg,) r 49, farmer 50.
Wright, Wm., (Nile,) r 12, farmer 54.

ZIMMER, EZRA G., (Richburg,) r 42, farmer 362.

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