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Christ Church, Cuba, NY Index Vol. 2


Indexed by Vivian Karen Bush

This is an index / abstract of the parish record book (2) of Christ Episcopal Church in Cuba, Allegany County, New York. Use this index to check the original microfilmed record, Family History Library Film #1420093, Item 5. The film can be viewed at the LDS Family History Library or a local Family History Center.

Family List
Family List
Family List

AdamsJ. (Swift)47removed; returned166
AdsitJosephine A.70 170
AdsitDaisy F.71 170
AdsitDaisy59removed to Pennsylvania174
AgateEmma A.49removed; returned166
AgateEmma A.36removed168
AgateMatilda40 168
AgateHortense Ellen66 170
AgateMarshall67 170
AgateRalph68 170
AgateEmma A. 24removed. to Rocht.172
AgateMatilda25died April 8, 1889172
AgateMaude M.84removed to Rocht.176
ArmstrongArabella (Mrs.)37 160
ArmstrongMaria55Mrs. Cross160
ArmstrongHarriet57 160
ArmstrongArabella14 164
ArmstrongHarriet W.19 164
ArmstrongArabella (Mrs.)14 166
ArmstrongHarriet W. (Mrs.)19 168
ArmstrongArabella (Mrs.)15 172
ArmstrongRobert18 172
ArnoldFlorence   176
AshleyDr. (Mrs.)85 162
AshleyJ. J. (Mrs.)29 164
AshleyJ J. (Mrs.)26removed 1883; returned 1884168
BadgerMrs.35 158
Barker(Mrs.)92Crandall; removed162
Barker(Mrs.)35Crandall; rem. to Salamanca164
BarkerHelen M. 48removed; returned166
Baxter(Miss)70 160
BerthomewLeona72removed; transferred Ch. Acension Bradford, Pa. Jan 6, 1900174
BishopMary Josephine21 158
BishopGabriel (Mrs.)9removed to Phil Oct 1885; rem to Rochester 1889166
BlossomElizabeth23 158
BlossomOrson8 164
BlossomCharlotte -.9removed164
BlossomOrson7died Sept. 12, 1888166
BlossomOrson (Mrs.)8removed to Oregon 1889166
BlossomEdward L.54Removed to Oregon (Eugene City)170
BlossomOrson8 172
BlossomOrson (Mrs.)9Oregon172
BlossomEdward L.10 Millgate172
BlossomElisabeth (Mrs.)44died May 1885, aged 96 yrs.174
BondE. W. (Mrs.)45removed166
BondE. W. (Mrs.)34removed to Buffalo 1884168
BradleyC. Van V. (Mrs.)72rem. to Hornellsville162
BradleyCarrie A.73rem. to Hornellsville; Farnham162
BradleyV. (Miss)49 168
BradleyV. (Mrs.)33 172
BronsonWm. R. (Mrs.)90(Lucy Douglas)162
BronsonAlice 39removed166
BronsonAlice37removed to Ohio 1884; removed to Chicago168
Brooks 62 170
Brooks 63 170
BrooksGeorge H. 51 174
BrooksG. H. (Mrs.)52 174
BrownAda Augusta 82(Norton); Hinsdale162
BurnettLouisa33 158
Burns(Miss)28 164
Calkins(Mrs.)71 174
Calkins(Mrs.)83 176
CarmanH. C. (Mrs.)68R.160
ChamberlainCalvin Tibbetts1dead158
ChamberlainSarah Russell2 158
ChamberlainJosie48 160
Chamberlain(Mrs.)27 164
Chamberlain(Mrs.)25Knapps Creek168
Chamberlain(Mrs.)45(Knapps Creek); rem.174
ChamberlayneEanestine S. E.89 162
ChamberlayneC. T.1 164
ChamberlayneS. R. W.2 164
ChamberlayneEarnestine S. P.33 164
ChamberlayneC. T. (Mrs.)1removed to Phil Oct 1885; rem to Rochester 1889166
ChamberlayneErnestine S. E.29died Feb. 1885168
ChamberlayneSarah R. (Mrs.)5Abroad172
CharlesMaggie42 160
Charles(Mrs.)43104 yrs160
Charles(Mrs.)4458y; removed160
Charles(Mrs.)15 164
CharlesIsabella (Mrs.)15died 1884166
Coe(Miss)44removed; deceased166
CoffinPauline rem.176
CrossMaria (Armstrong)18 164
CrossMaria (Armstrong)18 168
CrossMaria (Mrs.)17 172
CrossC---- A.61 174
DagbyLester85removed to Angelica176
DagbyLube?86removed to Angelica176
DavisF. (Mrs.)90removed to Rochester176
DavisSophie 91removed to Rochester; trasferred Trinity Ch, Elmira May 23, 1933; Mrs. Sophia Crandall176
DurhamElla M. 69removed160
EdwardsAmanda A.74(Brown)162
EdwardsJos.79 162
EdwardsJoseph24 164
FayMary A. (Mrs.)46removed to Rochester 155 Fitzhugh St.; returned Feb 1883168
FayFrances47removed to Rochester 155 Fitzhugh St.; returned Feb 1883168
FayMary A. (Mrs.)40 174
FayFrances41 174
FayMinnie (Mrs.) Ralph; from St. Johns, Wellsville178
FlannaganLouise F.64removed to Washington D.C.174
FlannaganMary65removed to Washington D.C.174
FosdickKate54 160
Garvin(Mrs.)78 162
GilletteHerbert F.64 170
Gillette 65 170
GilletteH. -. (Dr.)53 174
GoodhueJ. E. (Rev.)41removed to Newark, N.Y.168
GoodhueJ. E. (Mrs.)42removed to Newark, N.Y.168
GoodhueHelen M.43removed to Newark, N.Y.168
GoodhueWillis E.44removed to Newark, N.Y.168
GoodhueJ. E. 26Pastor; removed to Newark, S. Mark's Ch 1885172
GoodhueJ. E. (Mrs.)27removed to Newark 1885172
GoodhueHelen M.28removed to Newark 1885172
GoodhueWillis E.29removed to Newark 1885172
Graves 69 170
GuilfordAnna Maria65removed160
HabgoodLouise M.93 176
HawleyOlive (Mrs.)51from Trinity Ch. Newtown, Ct.168
HawleyOlive (Mrs.)30 172
HazenLevi H.12dead158
HazenFrances M.13 158
HazenFrances M. T.7removed164
HazenFrances M. (Mrs.)6removed to Friendship 1888166
HazenMary C. 39removed to Friendship168
HazenFrances M. (Mrs.)6Removed to Friendship, NY172
HazenMary C.7Removed to Friendship, NY172
Hebenstrut?Lily 42Mrs. Dan W. Wilson; removed; returned166
Hebenstrut?Chas.43 166
Hongford?Grace 47(Whipple); transfered to Hasbanbury Conn., 4 - 3 - 1916174
JenningsJames (Mrs.)89rem. to Belfast176
JenningsSusan92rem. to Belfast176
JohnsonEdward H.25 158
JohnsonHarriet26 158
JohnsonEwdard H.10 164
JohnsonHarriett (Mrs.)11 164
JohnsonHarriet (Mrs.)10removed to Buffalo166
JohnsonHarriet (Mrs.)11 Millgate172
KirkpatrickJoanna (Mrs.)56 160
KirkpatrickLouisa B.6 164
KirkpatrickLouisa (Mrs.)3 166
KlynesEllen100Marlborogh Parish Ireland; removed162
Lampman(Mrs.)69removed to Rocht.174
LeeThomas10 158
LeeSarah11 158
LeggettGenevieve72conf. June 21, 1910, married name Mrs. Nonald Grey Beachler170
LenetzEdward74removed to Belfast, NY176
LenetzGeorgine75removed to Belfast, NY176
LewisL. Seymour (Rev)46not member; crossed out160
LewisL. Seymour (Mrs.)47R.160
LittleEmma 80 176
LoveridgeNoah P.3removed158
LoveridgeMarietta K.4removed158
LoveridgeEdward D.5deceased158
LoveridgeFrances E.6 158
LoveridgeRuth Ann8dead158
LoveridgeGertrude E.87Greenwood; removed162
LoveridgeGrace Chamberlayne88Davis162
LoveridgeEdward D.3 164
LoveridgeFrances C. B.4 164
LoveridgeErastus5 164
LoveridgeGertrude E.31Greenwood; removed164
LoveridgeGrace E.32Davis164
LoveridgeErastus2died 1883166
LoveridgeE. D.4deceased 1896166
LoveridgeE. D. (Mrs.)5 166
LoveridgeGrace C. 28Mrs. Davis168
LoveridgeFrances B.38Mrs. Utter; removed to Rochester168
LoveridgeE. D.1 172
LoveridgeE. D. (Mrs.)2 172
LoveridgeGrace3Mrs. Davis172
LoveridgeFannie4Mrs. Utter; removed to Rochester (Married)172
MartinClarissa50from Olean; removed168
MartinClarissa34 172
Masan?Ruth Ann24 158
MaxonWelthie Ann34 158
McDonaldJohn 14removed158
McDonaldHannah M.15removed158
McDonaldSarah30 158
McKeeElmira J.29 158
McKibbenJas. (Mrs.)84(Chamberlain); Knapps Creek162
MeadR. (Mrs.)39removed160
MedburyElla C.55(Mrs. Teasdale); removed170
MedburyEva L. 56(Mrs. W. B. Wilson)170
MedburyElla E.37rem.174
MedburyEva L.38now Mrs. Will Wilson174
MerrilOrris 23 168
MerrilOrris (Mrs.)24 168
MerrillOrris83 162
MerrillOrris25 164
MerrillOrris (Mrs.)26 164
Merritt-orrie? L.79Mrs. Learned; Rem. Fla.176
MillerFrancis Hendria from St. Clements, Brooklyn, NY, Oct 2, 1914178
MillerLillian Herbert from St. Clements, Brooklyn, NY, Oct 2, 1914178
MillerMuriel Herbert from St. Clements, Brooklyn, NY, Oct 2, 1914178
MillgateSusan R. (Mrs.)38removed160
MorganMary (Renwick)27Presbyterian168
MorganMae (Mrs.)21Presby.172
MosesReuben H.63removed160
MosesMary Lucinda64removed160
MullenderJohn 19removed158
MullenderJennette20 158
NortenAda A. B. (Mrs.)45Hinsdale168
NortonGeorge27 158
NortonSarah28 158
NortonAda A. B. (Mrs.)31(Hinsdale); removed172
Norton)Ada A. (Mrs.)46(Hinsdale); entered twice174
NorvilEmeline (Mrs.)81 162
NottinghamCalvin William59 160
OldhamEliza (Mrs.)62 160
OldhamGeorge67 160
OldhamEliza21 164
OldhamGeorge22 164
OldhamEliza (Mrs.)21died 1886168
PalmerJasper (Mrs.)37 166
PalmerJasper (Mrs.)32 168
PalmerEmma (Mrs.)43 174
Park(Mrs.)91 162
ParkE. W. (Mrs.)34 164
ParkerHelen Genevive57(Mrs. Leggett)170
ParkerSophinie (Mrs.)81died Sep. 17, 1889176
ParkerAlice C.82Mrs. Benson; removed to Debuque176
ParksE. W. (Mrs.)30 168
ParksE. W. 42 174
PendletonJ. H. (Mrs.)39 174
Pettit L.67removed to Bolivar174
PettitMarcia68removed to Bolivar174
PettitL--gie78rem. Fla.176
PhelpsHelen53 160
Pitts(Miss)96removed to Washington D.C.176
PreshoWanetta77(Campbell); Rem.176
RafterMary Adele62removed to Dunkirk174
RafterW. W. (Rev.)98rec. a call to Dunkirk, NY Feb 18; accepted same Mar. 18, 1890176
RafterAnnetta B.99removed to Dunkirk176
RenwickMae 86Mrs. H. Morgan; Presbyterian162
ReynoldsE. P. (Mrs.)93removed162
ReynoldsE. P. (Mrs.)36removed166
ReynoldsE. P. (Mrs.)31removed168
RitchieCecilia31 158
RusselSamuel Mills53 170
RusselSamuel Millis36 174
SaundersMary (Mrs.)13Belfast; returned166
SaundersMary (Mrs.)14(Belfast); returned172
SaundersLida 87Mrs. Grady; rem. Elmira176
SaundersAnnie88Mrs. C. A. Akerly176
Sayer(Miss)80 162
SharpW. F.77 162
SharpWm. F.12 Millgate172
SharpWm. F. (Mrs.)13 172
SharpeTrane? F.36 160
SharpeWm. F.12 164
SharpeAnnie E. (Smith)13 164
SharpeWm. F.11 166
SharpeWm. F. (Mrs.)12 166
SheldonElis. W. (Mrs.)48 168
SheldonElisabeth W. (Mrs.)32Lizzie172
SmithMary (Sannoler)22 158
SpaffordFanny32 158
SpencerEliza H.40removed160
StanleyNorton75 162
StanleyMaria (Mrs.)76 162
StevensMinerva Palmer60 160
StevensMinerva P. (Mrs.)20 168
StevensMinerva P. (Mrs.)19 172
StewartM---- P. (Miss)20 164
StoryJames A. (Mrs.)50 160
StoryMary (Mrs.)51 160
StoryJames A. (Mrs.)16 164
StoryJames A. (Mrs.)16 166
StoryLena33removed to Buffalo, NY168
StoryGrace Winifred58 170
StoryJames A. (Mrs.)16 172
StoryLena22removed to Buffalo172
SwiftRoxa (Mrs.)49 160
SwiftMary Ann (Mrs.)66 160
SwiftGeo. H. (Mrs.)46 166
SwiftGeo. H. 35removed to Olean 1889; returned168
SwiftDealton (Mrs.)52from Trinity Ch., Fredonia; returned168
SwiftGeo. H. (Mrs.)23removed to Olean; returned172
SwiftDealton (Mrs.)35 172
ThompsonLola M.73 176
ThompsonD. (Mrs.)94 176
ThompsonLillian95 176
ThompsonJohn (Mrs.)  176
WassonHelen J.17 164
WassonHelen J. 17 166
WassonEdwin70 174
WaterburyJane Rebecca (Mrs.)45R.160
WatrousMary H.60 174
WayMargaret A. (Mrs.)71in Cuba Summers162
WayMargaret A. (Mrs.)23here summers164
WayMargaret A. (Mrs.)22here summers168
WayCecil61 170
WayMargaret A. (Mrs.)20here summers172
WebsterHart (Mrs.)97rem. to Bfo.176
WhaleyEmma61 160
WhippleGeorge Dallas59 170
WhippleEliza J.60 170
WhippleGeorge D.48 174
WhippleMi-- B. 49 174
WhippleGrace Story (Mrs.) April 3, 1916 [entry crossed out]178
WrightWm. Davis58 160

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