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Christ Church, Cuba, NY Index Vol. 2

Family List - 1878

Indexed by Vivian Karen Bush

This is an index / abstract of the parish record book (2) of Christ Episcopal Church in Cuba, Allegany County, New York. Use this index to check the original microfilmed record, Family History Library Film #1420093, Item 5. The film can be viewed at the LDS Family History Library or a local Family History Center.

Family List
Family List
Family List

Given Names
Note (added later)
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ICalvin T. ChamberlaynedeadSouth St.24
 Sarah R. (Waters)Chamberlayne? 24
 Ernestine S. E.Chamberlaynedead 24
IIEdward D.Loveridge:South St.24
 Frances E. (Bartlett)Loveridge: 24
 Gertrude S.Loveridgemd Rev. J. W. Greenwood 24
 Grace C.Loveridgemd Chas. S. Davis 24
 Frances B.Loveridge: 24
IIIGabrielBishopdeadSouth St.24
 Grace H. (Chamberlayne)Bishop: 24
 Aileen? ChamberlayneBishop: 24
 GabrielBishop: 24
IVF. M. (Mrs.) (Tustollen)Hazen:Maple St.24
 MaryHazen: 24
VOrsonBlossom:Loveridge St.24
 Charlotte (Loveridge)Blossom: 24
 Edward L.Loveridge: 24
VIWm. A. Kirkpatrick:South St.24
 Louisa (Blossom)Kirkpatrick: 24
VIIJoseph Edwardsdeadnear Canel25
 Mrs.Edwards: 25
 Sarah AnneEdwardslook her up 25
VIIEdward H.JohnsondeadSouth St.25
 HarrietJohnson: 25
IXEdgar G. Wasson:South road25
 Helen (Johnson)Wasson: 25
 Hattie LouiseWasson: 25
XJames A. Story:South St.25
 AmeliaStorymarried new family 25
 ArchieStory: 25
 Grace WinifredStory: 25
XIWilliamStory:Spring St.25
 Libbie (Hamer)Storyremoved to Salamanca NYSpring St.25
 Claude HamerStory:Spring St.25
XIIWm. F.Sharpe:South St.25
 Annie E. (Smith)Sharpe:South St.25
 MartinaSharpeHornellsvilleSouth St.25
XIIIGeorgeOldhamdeadSouth road26
 ElizaOldham:South road26
 DellaOldham:South road26
XIVMrs. ArabellaArmstrong:Main St.26
 JohnArmstrong:Main St.26
 Mrs. Eliza CharlesArmstrong:Main St.26
XVCasper K.Cross:Main St.26
 Maria (Armstrong)Cross:Main St.26
 Cornelia ArmstrongCross:Main St.26
XVIRobert S.Armstrong:Main St.26
 Harriett (Wilson)Armstrong:Main St.26
XVIIWm. P.Stevens:Maple St.26
 Minerva P.Stevens:Maple St.26
 Helen W.Stevens:Maple St.26
XVIIIAlvah G.Renwick:East end26
 Mary A.Renwick:East end26
 Mary RuthMorgananother familyEast end26
 Franklin G.Renwick:East end26
 AlvahRenwick:East end26
 EddieRenwickdeadEast end26
XIXWilliamArmstrongdeadMain St.27
 Ida (Root)ArmstrongMrs. OrmistonMain St.27
 Mary AlicaArmstrongdeadMain St.27
 Grace ArabellaArmstrongdeadMain St.27
 MaudArmstrong:Main St.27
XXOrrisMerrill:Canal St.27
 Emeline (Hoyt)Merrill:Canal St.27
XXIEdwardAgate:Spring St.27
 :Agate:Spring St.27
 EmmaAgate:Spring St.27
 MatildaAgate:Spring St.27
 MarshalAgate:Spring St.27
 RalphAgate:Spring St.27
 MaudeAgate:Spring St.27
 EllenAgate:Spring St.27
 PercyAgate:Spring St.27
XIIH. J.SwiftBuffaloChapel St.27
 Martha A. (Higgins)Swift:Chapel St.27
 LathamSwiftdeadChapel St.27
 HubertSwiftdeadChapel St.27
 Simon P.SwiftBuffaloChapel St.27
XXIIMrs. Catharine E.Barker:Spring St.27
 Henry V. B.Barker:Spring St.27
 WillisBarker:Spring St.27
 Helen M.Barker:Spring St.27
 John R.Barker:Spring St.27
 Edward M.Barker:Spring St.27
 CharlesBarkerSalamancaSpring St.27
XXIVJames J.Ashley:Main St.27
 Sarah J.Ashley:Main St.27
 Edward J. J.Ashley:Main St.27
 FredAshley:Main St.27
XXVElmer M.BondBuffaloSpring St.28
 Sohpia (Smith)BondBuffaloSpring St.28
 James L. [or I]BondBuffaloSpring St.28
 Charles S.BondBuffaloSpring St.28
 Laurence MonroeBonddeadSpring St.28
XXVIWilliam R.Bensonmoved OhioSouth St.28
 GrantBenson:South St.28
 AliceBenson:South St.28
XXVIIMrs. Maggie (Roberts)Way:___St.28
 Cecil [?]Way:___St.28
XXVIIIMrs.Fay:Canal St.28
 FrankieFay:Canal St.28
XXIXRayStoneremoved to NY City Fall 1878Smith St.28
 Lucy (Marker)Stone Smith St.28
 RamaineStone Smith St.28
 RichmondStone Smith St.28
xxxMary (Halleck)KinneAuburn___St.28
XXXISamuel M.Russell:Orchard; Main St.29
 Angeline (Champlain)Russelldead 29
 GeorgeRussell: 29
 Miss ClarissaMartin  29
 Ed.Adams  29
 Joanna (Swift)Adams  29
 Duston EmeryAdams  29
XXIIGeo. H.Swift:Maple St.29
 Lucy (Eaton)Swift: 29
 HarrySwift: 29
 DouglussSwift: 29
XXXIIIWm. A. Park4 other children [not named]Chapel St.29
xxxiiiKatie (Hazen)Park:Chapel St.29
xxxiiiFerdinand HazenPark:Chapel St.29
:ErastusLoveridgedeadLoveridge St.29
:Edwin FayBishopBuffaloSouth St.29
:EllaDaytonRochesterMain St.29
:Lucen?Storyat Mrs. Fay'sMain St.29
:DarwinWilsonRochester the Hill29
:WillisWilson put as a family the Hill29
:Emma (Park) (Mrs.)Blossom?:Main St.29
:Mrs.Park:Maple St.29
:Calvin N.OtisdeadMaple St.29
:FannieRootmarried at CarroltonSpring St.29
:Mrs.Chamberlain:Main St.29
:MissBurns:Main St.29
XXXIVEd (Mrs.)Reynolds:South St.29
 HarryReynolds: 29
:Mrs.CharlesdeadSouth road29
:Mrs.Lockwood:___ Hill29
:LilyHelmelrick?RochesterMain St.29
:CharlesHelmelrick?removedMain St.29
:MissCoeremovedSmith St.29
:R. B.TullerCheiup?:29
XXXVGeo. H.Hastingsat Hinsdale [Family crossed out]Main St.30
 Mary (Colligan)Hastings  30
 William P.Hastings  30
 Grace A.Hastings  30
 May L.Hastings  30
XXXVICalvin J.Reynoldsremoved HinsdaleSouth St.30
 Susan (Colligan)Reynolds  30
 Elizabeth C.Reynolds  30
:E. J. F.KingsburyBelfast:30
:EdwardAdamsMarch 1879:30
:Joanna (Swift)Adams::30
:Duston EmeryAdams?:30

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