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Christ Church, Cuba, NY Index Vol. 2

Family List - 1885

Indexed by Vivian Karen Bush

This is an index / abstract of the parish record book (2) of Christ Episcopal Church in Cuba, Allegany County, New York. Use this index to check the original microfilmed record, Family History Library Film #1420093, Item 5. The film can be viewed at the LDS Family History Library or a local Family History Center.

Family List
Family List
Family List

Pg #
1Edward D.Loveridge:South St.31
1Frances E. (Bartlett)Loveridge:South St.31
1Frances B.Loveridge:South St.31
1Chas. E.Davis South St.31
1Grace C. (Loveridge)Davis South St.31
2F. M. (Mrs.)Hazenremoved to Friendship:31
2MaryHazenremoved to Friendship:31
3OrsonBlossomdied Sept 12/89Loveridge St.31
3Charlotte (Loveridge)Blossomremoved to OregonLoveridge St.31
3Edward LoveridgeBlossomremoved to OregonLoveridge St.31
4William A.Kirkpatrickdied 23 March 1890South St.31
4Louisa (Blossom)Kirkpatrick:South St.31
5Edgar G.Wasson: Millgate31
5Helen (Johnson)Wasson: Millgate31
5Hattie LouisaWasson: Millgate31
5Henry K.Wasson: Millgate31
6James A.Story:South Street31
6AmeliaStory:South Street31
6Grace WinifredStory:South Street31
7ArchieStoryRemoved to DetroitBoards Mrs Fay's South St.32
7Inard?StoryRemoved to DetroitBoards Mrs Fay's South St.32
8Wm. F.Sharp:South St.32
8Annie E.Sharp:South St.32
10Arabella (Mrs.)Armstong:Main Street32
10JohnArmstong:Main Street32
10Eliza Charles (Mrs.)Armstong1887Main Street32
11Robert S.Armstong:Main Street32
11HarrietArmstongdied 1918Main Street32
12W. S.Stevens:Maple Street32
12Minerva P.Stevens:Maple Street32
12Helen W.Stevens:Maple Street32
13Alvah G.Renwickdied Millgate33
13Mary A.Renwick: Millgate33
13AlvahRenwick: Millgate33
14Mary Ruth (Renwick)Morgan::33
15OrrisMerrill:Canal St.33
15Emeline Hoyt?Merrill:Canal St.33
16EdwardAgate:Spring St.33
16:Agate:Spring St.33
16EmmaAgate:Spring St.33
16MatildaAgate:Spring St.33
16MarshalAgate:Spring St.33
16RalphAgate:Spring St.33
16MaudeAgate:Spring St.33
16EllenAgate:Spring St.33
16LucyAgate:Spring St.33
17Jonas J.Ashley:Main Street33
17Sarah J.Ashley:Main Street33
17FredAshley:Main Street33
18Mrs.Fay:South St.33
18FrancesFay:South St.33
19Maggie (Roberts) Mrs.Way:Canal St.34
19CecilWay:Canal St.34
20Samuel M.Russell:Main Street34
20GeorgeRussell:Main Street34
20ClarisaMartin Main Street34
21EdwardAdams:Orchard St.34
21Hanna (Swift)Adams:Orchard St.34
21Dusten EmoryAdams:Orchard St.34
22George H.Swift:Maple St.34
22Lucy (Eaton)Swift:Maple St.34
22MarySwift:Maple St.34
22DouglassSwift:Maple St.34
23Wm.Park:Chapel St.34
23Kate (Hazen)Parkdied 1919Chapel St.34
23FerdParkdied 1919Chapel St.34
23CharlesPark[added] 1887Chapel St.34
23EmmaPark[added] 1887Chapel St.34
24Edward (Mrs.)Reynolds:South St.34
24HarryReynolds:South St.34
25Isaac N.Shelden:Main St.35
25LizzieShelden:Main St.35
26Chas. A.Wheeler::35
27Geo.Medbury:North Cuba35
27Mrs.Medbury North Cuba35
27RuthScott North Cuba35
28Chas. H.Morgan:North Cuba35
28LousaMorgan:North Cuba35
29W. J.Penny:Orchard St.35
29Mrs.Penny:Orchard St.35
29Florence A.Penny:Orchard St.35
30DavidKirkpatrick:Main St.35
30JoannaKirkpatrick:Main St.35
31:Leggett:Back Presbyterian Ch36
31Mrs.Leggett:Back Presbyterian Ch36
32W. H. Bartholomew:Orchard St.36
32Mrs.Bartholomew:Orchard St.36
33Andrew M.Adsit::36
34Dallas B.Whippledied 1919Main St.36
34Mrs.Whipple:Main St.36
34George D.Whipple:Main St.36
34MaudeWhipple:Main St.36
35H.Plummer:Bradford Pa.36
35Mrs.Plummer:Bradford Pa.36
35FrankPlummer:Bradford Pa.36
36Mrs.Lockhart:Prospect St.36
37Wm.WilsondiedProspect St.37
37Eva (Medbury)Wilson:Prospect St.37
37JessieMedbury[added] 1887; diedProspect St.37
37ElizabethMedburymarried S. Lot RogersProspect St.37
38J. MedburydiedC--- St.37
38Mrs. J.MedburydiedC--- St.37
38EllaMedbury:C--- St.37
38Flora (Mrs.)Pendleton C--- St.37
38FanniePendleton C--- St.37
38FrankPendleton C--- St.37
39HenryMorganDeparted; 4 children [not named]Maple St.37
39Mary (Mrs.)Morgan:Maple St.37
40Mrs.HazendeadC--- St.37
40Mary C.Hazen:C--- St.37
41JohnArmstong:Main St.37
41A. (Mrs.)Armstongmother of Jo.Main St.37
41Eliza (Mrs.)Armstong(wife) [of John Armstrong]Main St.37
42Casper K.Crossdied 1919Main St.37
42Maria A.Cross:Main St.37
42Cornelia A.Cross:Main St.37
43Ansel M.Adsit::38
43Mary MariaAdsit::38
43Charles AlbertessAdsitage 15:38
43Josephene AugustaAdsitage 14:38
43Daisy FrancinaAdsitage 11:38
:Wm.Penny[added] 1887; dead:38
:Amira WilsonPenny::38
:Florence AdalinePennyremoved (married) to James Turner?:38
:Mary AmabellaThompson :38
:Geroge MurrayThompson :38
:FlorenceThompson :38
:LillianThompson :38
:LolaThompson :38
:ClarenceThompson :38
:ArthurThompson :38
:HarryThompson :38
:LolaThompson :38
:HattieGlover :38
:Roy HarryGloverrem.:38
:LuluGlover :38
:WarrenGlover :38
:Joseph Jr.Palmer :38
:Geroge CloydPalmer :38
:HenriettaO'Malley :39
:Harry EdwardO'Malley :39
:Ross BurkeO'Malley :39
:LucyWhipple :39
:Mary LucyWhipple :39
:HarryWhipple :39
:MaryBartholomew removed39
:LeonaBartholomew removed39
:JudsonBartholomew removed39
:Charles Richmon Briggs::39
:Mrs.Boone :39
:C. V.Calkinsdied:39
:Mrs.Calkins :39
:Bertha HelenMerrittremoved:40
:John RandolphLentzremoved:40
:Henry ClayPettitremoved:40
:KeziaPettitremoved; w/ Hery Clay Pettit:40
:Fred HenryPettit :40
:Ella LouisaPettit :40
:Mrs.Arnold :40
:FlorenceRomayne :40
:FannieLittle :40
:William HenrySmithrem.:40
:Dr.Gilletteremoved to Port Washington, LI Oct 1914:41
:Mrs.Gillette :41
:ArthurGillette :41
:IdaChamberlain :41
:MaudeChamberlain :41
:Wm. W. (Rev.)Rafterrem to Dunkirk Easter Break 1890:41
:Annette K.Rafter :41
:William B.Ackerly::41
:Mrs. William B.Ackerly :41
:W. B. Jr.Ackerlydied 1912?:41
:HelenAckerly :41
:LouisaAckerly :41
:Charles A.Ackerlydefected to Presbyterian:41
:Annie S.Ackerlydied:41
:FrancesAckerly :41
:EdwinAckerly :41
:F. L.Charles::41
:Christina HowellCharlesdied 1927:41
:G. H.Brooks::42
:Cornelia A. (Congll)Brooksdead:42
:E. M.Johnson::42
:KatieJohnson :42
:RaymondJohnson :42
:EthelJohnson :42
:W. S.Pratt::42
:Grace E.Pratt :42
:LeonardPratt :42
:MedoraPratt :42
:AlmiraBradley :42
:MargaretBradley :42
:CarrieBradley :42
:F. M.Todd::42
:EllaTodd :42
:LenaTodd :42
:GraceTodd :42
:C. A.Wheeler::42
:Mary A.Wheeler :42
:RalphWheeler :42
:LeilaWheeler :42
:Bernice MayWheeler :42
:Arthur L.Coffinremoved to Revenna O 1921:43
:Arthur L. (Mrs.)Coffin :43
:PaulineCoffin :43
:Darwin W.Willson::43
:Lillie H.Willson :43
:RomayneWillson :43
:John H.Willson :43
:RuthLeggett :43
:GenevieveLeggettmd 1921; rem. to Ra---:43
:D. P.Arnoldrem. to Bath NY 1921:44
:Lucilla (Mrs.)Arnold :44
:Frances HendridMillerage 56 (Oct 2 1914):45
:Lillian Herbert (Ward)Millerage 51 (Oct 2 1914):45
:Muriel HerbertMillerage 16 (Oct 2 1914):45
:Robert G.Howardtransferred from The Holy Nativity Parish, Baltimore Md:45
:Margaret S. (Mrs. R. C.)Howard :45
:Helen MargaretHoward :45
:ElizabethHoward :45

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