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Christmas in Allegany County, NY

News Articles Compiled by Vivian Karen Bush

Christmas Dance.  Perry Hibbard, “mine host” of the Boston House, Black Creek, on Tuesday evening, the 24th inst. gave his usual Christmas party.  The best of music has been engaged for the occasion, and those who delight to revel in the mazes of the dance may expect a gay time.  - The Cuba True Patriot, VOL VI, NO 26, December 20, 1867

Thanks.  We are indebted to our friend S. B. Bostwick, Esq., for our Christmas fowl this year.  “Sely ”always remembers the printers on Holiday occasions.  -The Cuba True Patriot, VOL VI, NO 27, December, 27, 1867

We are under obligations to Victor L. Abbott for our Christmas fowls this year.  -The Cuba True Patriot, VOL IX, NO 27, December 30, 1870

Holiday Regm.

The Friendship Chronicle, Vol. 1, No. 45, December 15, 1880

Now that the political boom is ended and the tariff question settled, we propose opening a righteous holiday boom, and will for the next 30 days sell more goods and for less money than any other house in Allegany or Cattaraugus counties.  Remember the great Boston Clothing House lately opened at No. 6 Palmers block, Cuba, N.Y., is busy receiving fine goods adapted to the holiday season, consisting of a line of the latest style overcoats, business and dress suits.  We are also supplied with an elegant line of gents' furnishing goods, rich silk handkerchiefs of an endless variety, and a full line of the latest style hats and caps, also very fine scotch caps for winter wear.  Come one, come all, and save all you can.  Bear in mind that you can save from 25 to 30 per cent on every dollar invested at the Boston Clothing House lately opened at No. 6, Palmer's Block, opposite the Cuba National Bank, Cuba, N.Y.

Christmas at Baxter University

The Friendship Chronicle, Vol. 1, No. 47, December 29, 1880

It was long a custom among the students and teachers of Baxter University to celebrate Christmas day with a reunion dinner.  In later years this banquet has been omitted; but this year, as a fit indication of the returning prosperity of the school it was decided to revive the custom.

The substantial part of the feast was furnished by Friendship's prize caterer Mr. S. T. Roberts; and musically speaking the dinner was his masterpiece.  No description of the dinner would be in taste were it not couched in musical terms; which relieves us from any charge of pedantry when we say, that Dr. Baxter sat at the head of the long table, his face somewhat saddened by recent sorrows, but still with enough of his old time smile to be marked gaiement; that the formalities of a grand dinner were not observed precisione, but all went in for a jolly good time a capriccio; that the movements of the eaters at least of the hungry representatives of the press could hardly be marked as adagio; that from the overture of soup to the grand finaly (sic) of desert the dinner was delicato; and that Mr. and Mrs. Ruse, to whom credit must be given for conceiving and carrying out the project, played their part con grazia.

The dinner over, a pleasant scene was witnessed when the unsuspecting Doctor was presented with a costly and elegant album.  He seemed specially pleased that at this time the young students had “remembered the old man.”  The residence of President Baxter was now thrown open to the guests and Christmas was made merry to a late hour with social chat.

May the good Doctor live to preside over many Christmas dinners, and behold at each succeeding occasion the table greatly lengthened.

Gossip (from Friendship)

The Friendship Chronicle, Vol. 1, No. 47, December 29, 1880

Major Church is recovering finely.

Congressman Richardson is home during the holidays.

Prof. W. H. Pitt of Buffalo spent the holidays in town.

Mrs. E. A. Fuller, how has been quite sick, we are glad to hear is nearly well.

Chas. G. Miller, of Killbuck, N.Y., called at the Chronicle office last week.

Ira Briggs returned to Friendship to say “merry Christmas” and “happy New Year.”

Wm. H. Bradley of Gloversville, N.Y., was in town last week; he was the guest of Mrs. A. King.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Stevens have returned from Buffalo where they spent the holidays visiting friends.

Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Latta who have been visiting in Pennsylvania returning to Friendship yesterday.

The ministers should be well pleased with the abundant harvest of marriage fees during the holidays.

Professor Wasson, of Portville, N.Y., passed the holidays with his people in town.  He returned to his school last Friday.

Rev. Mr. Summerbell of Richburg occupied the Baptist pulpit last Sunday morning.  There were no services in the evening.

Runyun Compton of Elk Point, Dakota, has been visiting at his father's Mr. Jesse Compton, after an absence of fifteen years.

R. C. Hill is doing the locals for the Olean Democrat this week, during the sickness of editor Parsons.  He expects to be in town the latter part of the week.

The social of the Baptist society appointed for New Year's Eve at Mrs. A. W. Miner's was omitted on account of the death of Rev. Mr. Barker's daughter.

The family of A. J. Hughes of the Port Allegany Reporter helped make the holidays merry in Friendship.  The editor himself was in town Christmas and New Years.

B. M. Austin who has been in the employ of T. F. Rude for a short time past, has accepted a position in C. S. Lane's jewelry store at friendship. Cuba Daily News.

The Ladies' Society of the Congregational church will meet at the residence of Mrs. Welcome Cole, on Saturday evening of this week.  All are cordially invited to attend.

Rev. James Dean of Phoenix, Oswego Co., preached at the Congregational church last Sunday.  He will remain in town this week and occupy the same pulpit next Sunday.

The L. Y. C. will hold their last social at the residence of Mrs. F. A. Dayton, Friday evening January 7th, 1881.  All are most cordially invited to attend and bring their sleds.  It is a co(a)sting social.  By order of the Com.

A donation visit for the benefit of Rev. F. M. Alvord, will be held at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Brown, on Wednesday evening, Jan. 12th, 1881. A cordial invitation is extended to all.  By Order of Com.

Mr. Edgar L. Vincent, a former local of the Olean Daily Times, but now in the Pension Office at Washington, was in town Sunday.  He has accepted a partner for life.  We wish them a bright and happy future.

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