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United Brethren in Christ Church - Clarksville, New York

At Obi, a smaller village in the southern part of the town, is located the “United Brethren in Christ” church.  This society was organized by Rev. S. H. Smith in 1861.  There were at first but seven members.  The church was built during 1868 at a cost of $1,700.  The building is similar in style of architecture to the one at Clarksville village.  The first pastor was N.R. Luce.  The present one is Rev. Kincaid.  There are now about 40 members of the society.  The valuation of the church property is about $3,000.

[Source: John S. Minard, _Allegany County and its People. A Centennial Memorial History of Allegany County, New York_, W. A. Fergusson & Co., Alfred, N.Y., 1896, p.933

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