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Court News

transcribed by Vivian Karen Bush

The Cuba True Patriot, Vol IV, No 34, February [23], 1866
Court Proceedings

Circuit Court and Court of Oyer and Terminer held at Angelica last week and this....

The great feature of the Court was the trial of Jerome Curtiss, charged with murdering his wife, by poison.  There was a host of people in attendance during the trial which occupied three days.  Some are anxious that the prisoner should be condemned regardless of evidence; others equally anxious for an opposite result, whether innocent of guilty; while the more considerate and unprejudiced awaited calmly the result of the trial.  All the evidence was received that could possibly have a bearing either for or against the prisoner, counsel argued the case fully, and Judge Marvin charged the jury with his usual clearness and impartiality.  The jury composed of intelligent and candid men, retired and considered the evidence for about an hour and a half, when they returned into court with a verdict of “not guilty”.  On taking the first vote, after retiring the jury were unanimous.  The Cuba True Patriot, Vol IV, No 34, February [23], 1866

Summons for Relief.  Supreme Court County of Allegany.  Oliver L. Mather, Pl'ff agst. Dorothy Shives, Jordan Shives, George Shives, Jacob Shives, Charles Shives, Joel E. Shives, Caroline Garrison and E. B. Garrison, her husband, Amelia Doty and James Doty her husband, Albert A. Shives, Helen S. Shives, & L. B. Shives, deft.
[CTP, Vol. V, No. 5, August 3, 1866]

May 5, 1880 from the Friendship Chronicle, Vol. 1, No. 1

The Hoodwinked Goddess

How the County Scales of Justice are Related

The County Court and Court of Sessions met at Belmont last Monday, Hon. James S. Green, County Judge, presiding.  Lawyers were more plentiful than criminals and but slow progress was made.

In the County Court no case of special interest was on the docket except the test case of Wisner vs. Brainard of this place in which the plaintiff was beaten, thanks to the superior bulldozing powers of Hon. Horace Bemis who assisted A. L. Elliot, for the defendant.  The following is a resume of the cases tried by the Court of Session.

The Scales of Justice
Friendship Chronicle, Vol. 1, No., 20, June 26, 1880

Judge Barker presided at the Circuit and Special term of Supreme Court opened on Monday, 7th inst:  There were 137 cases of the calendar.  Five cases were settled without coming before the Court, 17 were refered and 40 put over.

In the Court of Oyer and Terminer:

Court History

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