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Christ Episcopal Church - Cuba, New York

Parish Records Index, Volume 1

Indexed by Vivian Karen Bush

Christ Episcopal Church of Cuba, was organized in 1852.  This index is for Volume 1 of the parish records.  There is no page numbering after the first few pages, so references must be looked up by date.  Although dates and names are included in this index, there is additional information in the original record.  Refer to the LDS Family History Library, microfilm #1420093, item 4.



pg #
Beardlsey, Chas . E. (Rev.)1855Rector until 1859; biographical note5, 6, 7
Bowman, John A. (Rev.)1859-1860Missionary to Wellsville and Cuba parishes7
Bruce, (Rev. )abt 1839First service; held in Presbyterian ch.1
Chamberlain, Calvin T.1 Nov 1852Warden4
Chamberlain, Mrs. Sarah R.1846First Communicate in Cuba; came in 1846; biographical note1
Champlain, Ann (Mrs.) Obituary clipping8
Champlain, Gilbert B. (M.D.) husband of Mrs. Ann Chamlain8
Champlin, Marshall B.1 Nov 1852Vestryman4
Church, Phillip (Judge)1844Visits Cuba with Reverends Delancey and Bruce1
Colwell, Rufus S.1 Nov 1852Vestryman4
Davidson, Stephen L.1 Nov 1852Vestryman4
Delancey, Wm. H. (Bishop1844Visits Cuba and holds service1
Jones, Ch. Floyd1843Sponsor to first baptism, Mrs. Wealthy Ann Maxson1
Kirkpatrick, Wm. A.1 Nov 1852Vestryman4
Loveridge, N. P.1852First male communicate; biographical note2, 4
Loveridge, N. P.1 Nov 1852Vestryman4
Maxson, Stephen Dr.1 Nov 1852Vestryman4
Maxson, Wealthy Ann (Mrs.)1843First baptism in Cuba Village1
Morris, Thos. (Rev.)abt 1840From Ellicottville, came occasionally to hold service in Cuba1
Palmer, Jos.abt 1853Services were held in his home3
Russell, Saml. M.1 Nov 1852Vestryman4
Smith, Robt.abt 1853Late; services were held in his home; not Episcopalian3
Stewart, Anson1 Nov 1852Warden4
Wilson, (Rev.)1852Of Ellicottville; visited Cuba and held service2, 3, 4
Wilson, Moses E. (Rev.)1855Resigned Rectorship of Olean & Cuba; biographical note5
Wilson, Moses Eaton (Rev.)1 Nov 1852Rector; organized parish under name of "Christ Church, Cuba"4


Birth Date
BishopEdwin Fay25 Jul 18586 May 1858Alonzo C. / Mary Josephine BishopCalvin T. and Mrs. Sarah R. Chamberlain
BlossomEdward Loveridge16 June 18611860Orson / Charlotte BlossomMrs. Loisa Kirkpatrick; Edward D. Loveridge; Orson Blossom
BowmanMary Worrell2 Aug 1859Mar 1859Rev. John A. / Melissa W. BowmanCalvin T. Chamberlain; Mrs. Sarah R. Chamberlain, & Mrs. M. A. Loveridge
BrownRebecca Jane2 Aug 185713 Feb 1857James C. / Mary C. BrownMrs. Mary Edwards
BrownEllen17 Jul 185916 Dec 1858J. C. / Mary BrownMrs. Ch. Blossom
BrownBetty Maria 15 Jun 18623 May 1861James C. / Mary C. BrownJoseph Edwards; Mrs. M. C. Brown; Mrs. H. M. McDonald
ChamberlainGrace Hastings16 Jul 185425 May 1854Calvin T. / Sarah R. ChamberlinNoah P. Loveridge; Mrs. Louisa Kirkpatrick
ChamberlainCalvin Tibbetts30 Sep 1855adult Noah P. Loveridge; Mrs. Sarah R. Chamberlain
ChamberlainErnestine Sarah Elizabeth20 Feb 185910 Dec 1858Calvin T. / Sarah R. ChamberlinAlonzo C. Bishop; Miss Helen M. Peabody; Mrs. Frances M. Hazen
ChamplinAnn (Mrs.)31 Jul 1853  R. S. Colwell; Mrs. W. A. Maxson
DavidsonJoseph R.25 Mar 185523 Jul 1848Steven S. / Susan R. DavidsonErastus Loveridge; Ruth Ann Loveridge
DavidsonJames Oakly25 Mar 18554 Mar 1850Steven S. / Susan R. DavidsonErastus Loveridge; Ruth Ann Loveridge
DavidsonAlice25 Mar 185528 Oct 1853Steven S. / Susan R. DavidsonErastus Loveridge; Ruth Ann Loveridge
DavidsonCharles Locke1 May 186122 Nov 1859Stephen L. / Susan DavidsonMrs. Sarah R. Chamberlain; N. P. Loveridge; Erastus Loveridge
EdwardsAmanda Amaretty4 Oct 185713 Nov 1853Joseph / Mary EdwardsMrs. Hannah McDonald
EdwardsSarah Ann17 Jul 185925 Apr 1859Joseph / Mary EdwardsMrs. N. P. Loveridge
FinkMary Amelia3 May 18577 Jun 1856Edmund A. / Mary Jane FinkAlonzo C. Bishop; Mary Josephine Bishop
FinkTheodore Spencer2 Aug 1857:Edmund A. / Mary Jane FinkN. P. Loveridge, Levi H. Hazen, Mrs. Charlotte Blossom
FinkEdmund Burke2 Aug 18575 Oct 1850Edmund A. / Mary Jane FinkN. P. Loveridge, Levi H. Hazen, Mrs. Charlotte Blossom
FinkBenj. Brooks Jocelyn 8 Jun 186230 Aug 1860Edward A. / Mary Jane FinkMrs. S. R. Chamberlain; Levi H. Hazen
HazenCharles Cook12 Jul 185728 Apr 1857Levi H. / Frances M. HazenN. P. Loveridge; Calvin T. Chamberlain; Sarah R. Chamberlain
HazenKate (adopted dau.)31 Jul 1859infantLevi H. / Frances M. HazenN. P. Loveridge; Mrs. M. K. Loveridge; Mrs. Sarah R. Chamberlain
HazenFredinand Waters16 Jun 18611 Oct 1860Levi H. / Frances M. HazenMrs. Mary E. Smith; C. T. Chamberlain; N. P. Loveridge
JohnsonHelen Patience1 May 186111 Sep 1852Edward H. / Harriet JohnsonC. T. Chamberlain; Mrs. Marietta K. Loveridge; Mrs. Sarah R. Chamberlain
JohnsonEdward Henry11 Apr 1862age 63 Gen. C. T. & Mrs. Chamberlain
JohnsonHarriet11 Apr 1862age 46wf of E. H. JohnsonGen. C. T. Chamberlain; Mrs. Chamberlain; Mrs. Louisa Kirkpatrick
KirkpatrickMary Josephine30 Sep 1855adult N. P. Loveridge; Mrs. Sarah R. Chamberlain; Mrs. Louisa Kirkpatrick
LeeGeorge Thomas12 Oct 185629 Nov 1853Thomas / Sarah LeeJohn McDonald, Hannah M. McDonald
LeeCharles Richard12 Oct 185631 Sep 1856Thomas / Sarah LeeJohn McDonald, Hannah M. McDonald
LeeMary Jane17 Jul 185926 Apr 1859Thomas / Sarah LeeMrs. S. H. Hazen
LoveridgeLivingston Leport18 May 1856:N. P. Loveridge / Marrietta LoveridgeOrson Blossom, Caroline C. Homan
LoveridgeEllen Frances2 Nov 18562 Nov 1856Edward D. Loveridge / Frances E. LoveridgeErastus Loveridge; Ruth Ann Loveridge
LoveridgeHenry Clarence23 Nov 185612 Aug 1856Noah P. / Marietta K. LoveridgeEd. D. Loveridge; Thos. H. Vance; Mrs. Caroline C. Homan
LoveridgeWalter Hays17 Nov 185826 Jul 1858Noah P. / Marietta K. LoveridgeEd. D. & Ruth Ann Loveridge
LoveridgeGertrude Elizabeth13 Mar 18596 Sep 1858Ed. D. / Freances E. LoveridgeErastus Loveridge; Mrs. Ruth Ann Loveridge; Mrs. Mary Smith
LoveridgeGrace Chamberlain13 Feb 186114 Feb 1861Edward D. / Frances LoveridgeE. D. Loveridge, Mrs. Sarah R. Chamberlain; Mrs. Marietta K. Loveridge
LoveridgeAda Louisa18 Aug 1861infantOrrin / Louisa LoveridgeMrs. Frances Loveridge; Mrs. Louisa loveridge; Edward D. Loveridge
McKeeJosephine LauraJune 186127 Feb 1854James / Elmira P. McKeeN. P. Loveridge; Mrs. Sarah R. Chamberlain; Mrs. Marietta K. Loveridge
MullenderCatharine Ann20 Jul 1856:John / Jennette MullenderErastus Loveridge; Ruth Ann Loveridge
MullenderClara Maria5 Sep 18586 Jun 1857John / Jennette MullenderErastus, and Ruth Ann Loveridge
MullenderCharlotte Loveridge28 Aug 185913 May 1859John N. / Jennette MullenderE. D. Loveridge; Charlotte Blossom
NortonGeo. Chauncey8 Jun 186215 Nov 1861George NortonMrs. S. R. Chamberlain; Jno. McDonald; Levi H. Hazen
SmithMary (Mrs.)12 Oct 1856adult Erastus Loveridge; Ruth Ann Loveridge
SmithLizzie Windsor15 Aug 1858:Robert Smith (late) / Mary SmithN. P. Loveridge, Mrs. Chas. E. Beardsley, Mrs. Sarah R. Chamberlain
SpencerEliza Hawley (Miss)23 Jul 1857: Levi H. Hazen, Mrs. L. C. Beardsley; Mrs. Jacob Mead


ChamplinMrs. AnnOlean1854 May 21
ChamberlainCalvin Tibbits:1855 Oct 16
LoveridgeMarrietta (Mrs.):1855 Oct 16
KirkpatrickLouisa (Mrs.):1855 Oct 16
McDonaldHannah M. (Mrs.):1855 Oct 16
KirkpatrickMary Josephine:1855 Oct 16
WeberMary Ellen:1855 Oct 16
BlossomOrson:1857 July 23
BishopAlonzo C. :1857 July 23
MullenderJohn:1857 July 23
BlossomElizabeth (Mrs.):1857 July 23
FinkMary Jane (Mrs.):1857 July 23
SpencerEliza H.:1857 July 23
LoveridgeRuth Ann:1857 July 23
SmithMary (Mrs.):1860 May 28
LoveridgeFrances E. (Mrs.):1860 May 28
RichieCecilia:1860 May 28
JohnsonEdward H.:1862 May 17
NortonGeorge:1862 May 17
JohnsonHarriet (Mrs.):1862 May 17
NortonSarah (Mrs.):1862 May 17
McKeeElmira P. (Mrs.):1862 May 17
McDonaldSarah:1862 May 17


BishopMary Josephine (Mrs.)191857 Jul 25 
BishopMary Josephine (Mrs.)211860 Jul 24 
BlossomCharlotte (Mrs.)131856 Nov 2 
BlossomElizabeth (Mrs.)171856 Nov 2old lady
BlossomOrson261858 Jul 21 
BlossomOrson161860 Jul 24 
BlossomCharlotte (Mrs.)171860 Jul 24 
BlossomElizabeth (Mrs.)231860 Jul 24 
ChamberlainCalvin T.11856 Nov 2 
ChamberlainSarah R. (Mrs.)21856 Nov 2 
ChamberlainCalvin T.11860 Jul 24 
ChamberlainSarah R. (Mrs.)21860 Jul 24 
CharlesMaggie281858 Jul 21removed
Charles(Mrs.)291859 Feb 20age 104y, invalid; deceased
Charles(Mrs.)301858 Jul 21age 58y, invalid; removed
DavidsonSusan D. (Mrs.)161856 Nov 2 
FinkMary Jane231857 Nov 15 
FinkMary (Mrs.)181860 Jul 24 
HazenLevi H.61856 Nov 2 
HazenFrances M.71856 Nov 2 
HazenLevi H.121860 Jul 24 
HazenFrances M. (Mrs.)131860 Jul 24 
JohnsonEdwin H.251860 Jul 24 
JohnsonHarriet (Mrs.)271860 Jul 24 
KirkpatrickLouisa (Mrs.)51856 Nov 2 
KirkpatrickLouisa (Mrs.)91860 Jul 24 
LeeThomas201857 Jul 25 
LeeSarah (Mrs.)211857 Jul 25 
LeeThomas101860 Jul 24 
LeeSarah (Mrs.)111860 Jul 24 
LoveridgeNoah P.31856 Nov 2 
LoveridgeMarietta R. (Mrs.)41856 Nov 2 
LoveridgeEd. D.101856 Nov 2 
LoveridgeErastus111856 Nov 2 
LoveridgeRuth Ann (Mrs.)121856 Nov 2 
LoveridgeRuth Ann251858 Jul 21 
LoveridgeNoah P.31860 Jul 24 
LoveridgeMarietta K.41860 Jul 24 
LoveridgeEd. D.51860 Jul 24 
LoveridgeFrances E. (Mrs.)61860 Jul 24 
LoveridgeErastus71860 Jul 24 
LoveridgeRuth Ann (Mrs.)81860 Jul 24 
LoveridgeFrances E. (Mrs.)321860 Jul 24 
McDonaldJohn81856 Nov 2 
McDonaldHanna M. (Mrs.)91856 Nov 2 
McDonaldJohn141860 Jul 24 
McDonaldHanna M. (Mrs.)151860 Jul 24 
McDonaldSarah301860 Jul 24 
McKeeElmira T.291860 Jul 24 
MeadR. (Mrs.)181857 Jul 25removed
MorganRuth Ann (Mrs.)241860 Jul 24 
MullenderJennette (Mrs.)141856 Nov 2 
MullenderJohn 221857 Jul 29 
MullenderJohn191860 Jul 24 
MullenderJennette (Mrs.)201860 Jul 24 
NortonGeorge261860 Jul 24 
NortonSarah (Mrs.)281860 Jul 24 
PeabodyHelen271858 Jul 21removed
RichieCecelia311860 Jul 24 
SmithMary (Mrs.)151856 Nov 2 
SmithMary (Mrs.)221860 Jul 24 
SpencerEliza H.241857 Nov 15removed


Bishop, Alonzo Cushman:Kirkpatrick, Mary Josephine:1856 Mar 11
Blakeslee, William PopeIthica, NYMarshall, Eliza CraneAuburn, NY1854 Jun 21
Blossom, Orson:Loveridge, Charlotte:1855 Apr 17
Buskirk, Charles:Courtney, Fanny:1859 Oct 25
Loveridge, Edward D.:Bartlett, Frances Emily (Mrs.):1854 Oct 19


Given Name
Death Date
Death Place
Burial Date
ChamberlainVirginia Dickinson10m 18d7 Dec 1863::1863 Dec 9
DavidsonJosephus12y 1m 2d25 Aug 1860New HudsonS. Locke Davisdon / Susan R. Davidson1860 Aug 27
HazenEllen Mary4y 5m 18d21 Aug 1856::1856 Aug 24
HazenCharles Cook13m 13d10 Jun 1858::1858 Jun 12
LoveridgeEllen Frances1y 3m 9d11 Sep 1857Waterloo, NYE.D. / Frances E. Loveridge1857 Sep 13
WeberWm. M. (Rev.)50y:res. Friendship:1853 Nov 17


Given Name
ArmstrongArabella (Mrs.)::79
ArmstrongRobt. S.::81
BishopAlonzo C.Mary J.:53
BishopMary J. (Mrs.)Alonzo C. Bishop:54
BishopEdwin F.:Alonzo C. & Mary J. Bishop55
BlossomCharlotte (Mrs.)Orson Blossom:23
BlossomElizabeth (Mrs.)::56
ChamberlainCalvin T. (Genl.)Sarah R.:1
ChamberlainSarah R. (Mrs.)Genl Calvin T. Chamberlain:2
ChamberlainBenjm. Waters:Calvin T. & Sarah R. Chamberlain3
ChamberlainJosephine A. I.:Calvin T. & Sarah R. Chamberlain4
ChamberlainGrace H.:Calvin T. & Sarah R. Chamberlain5
ChamberlainEarnestine S. E.:Calvin T. & Sarah R. Chamberlain6
DaytonO. W. (Mrs.)::77
EdwardsMary (Mrs.)Joseph Edwards:60
EdwardsWilliam:Joseph & Mary Edwards61
EdwardsAmanda A.:Joseph & Mary Edwards62
EdwardsSarah Ann:Joseph & Mary Edwards63
FinkEd.Mary J.:37
FinkMary J.Ed. Fink:38
FinkHelen:Ed. & Mary J. Fink39
FinkLizzie:Ed. & Mary J. Fink41
FinkSpencer:Ed. & Mary J. Fink42
FinkBurke:Ed. & Mary J. Fink43
FinkMary A.:Ed. & Mary J. Fink44
FosterSarah (Mrs.)::74
HaightWm. Robt.::82
HazenLevi H.Frances M.:15
HazenFrances M. (Mrs.)Levi H. Hazen:16
HazenKaty:Levi H. & Frances M. Hazen (adopted)17
HurtyMary (Mrs.)70
HurtyFranklin B. (Mrs.)::83
JohnsonEdward HenryHarriet:64
JohnsonHarriet (Mrs.)Edward Johnson:65
KirkpatrickWm. A.Louiza:24
KirkpatrickLouiza (Mrs.)Wm. A. Kirkpatrick:25
KirkpatrickEliza:Wm. A. & Louiza Kirkpatrick26
Kirkpatrick??? Ann (crossed out)::78
LeeSarah (Mrs.)Thomas Lee:28
LeeGeo. T.:Thomas & Sarah Lee29
LeeChas. R.:Thomas & Sarah Lee30
LeeMary J.:Thomas & Sarah Lee31
LoveridgeNoah P.Marrietta K.:7
LoveridgeMarrietta K. (Mrs.)Noah P. Loveridge:8
LoveridgeLivingston L.:Noah P. & Marrietta K. Loveridge9
LoveridgeHenry C.:Noah P. & Marrietta K. Loveridge10
LoveridgeWalter C.:Noah P. & Marrietta K. Loveridge11
LoveridgeEdward D.Frances E.:12
LoveridgeFrances E. (Mrs.)Edward D. Loveridge:13
LoveridgeGertrude E.:Edward D. & Frances E. Loveridge14
LoveridgeErastusRuth Ann:18
LoveridgeRuth Ann (Mrs.)Erastus Loveridge:19
LoveridgeCarlos:Erastus & Ruth Ann Loveridge20
LoveridgeCharles:Erastus & Ruth Ann Loveridge21
MaxonMrs. Dr.::75
McDonaldHannah M. (Mrs.)John McDonald:33
McDonaldSarah:John & Sarah McDonald34
McDonaldAnna:John & Sarah McDonald35
McDonaldJohn:John & Sarah McDonald36
McKeeE. (Mrs.)James McKee:67
McKeeLaura Josephine:James & E. McKee68
MorganCarltonRuth Ann:57
MorganRuth Ann (Mrs.)Carlton Morgan:58
MullenderJennette (Mrs.)John Mullender:49
MullenderCatharine A.:John & Jennette Mullender50
MullenderClara Maria:John & Jennette Mullender51
MullenderCharlotte L.:John & Jennette Mullender52
NortonS. (Mrs.)::87
RowleyJoel W.Rebecca (Mrs.):71
RowleyRebecca (Mrs.)Joel W. Rowley:72
SmithMary (Mrs.)::45
SmithLizzie W.:Mrs. Mary Smith46
SmithMary E.:Mrs. Mary Smith47

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