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Democratic County Ticket

At the Democratic County Convention held at Angelica, yesterday, the following nominations were made: For District Attorney, Wm. C. Bingham; for Member of Assembly, Charles S. Clark; for Justice of Sessions, Mr. Dake; for Coroners, G. S. Boss, John Renwick.


An Exceedingly Satisfactory Gathering

Friendship Chronicle, Vol. 1, No. 10, April 14, 1880

There was a good attendance of delegates from all parts of the county at the Democratic County Convention held here in Academy Hall yesterday afternoon.

The meeting was called in order by Mr. J. J. Upson of Almond, Chairman of the Democratic County Committee at whose suggestion Rev. J. W. Broeffle of Independence was unanimously elected chairman. W. W. Nichols of the Wellsville DEMOCRAT and R. C. Hill of the Friendship CHRONICLE were chosen Secretaries. The roll of the towns being called the following delegates handed in their credentials:

S. H. Tracy
Chas. Merkt
H. A. Burdick
John J. Upson
J. B. Gibbs
Geo. Youngs
E. W. Chamberlain
Isaac Willets
Jos. Demmer
Nelson Clair
E. M. Stillman
A. C. Frisbee
G. D. Miller
S. P. Hart
Ben. Burns
G. W. Tibbets
Ed. Wilson
Michael Garvin
J. D. Carpenter
Jos. Newton
Daniel Newton
J. M. Curtis
E. W. Cowles
Dorr Cutler
Henry Hurlburt
F. B. Knowlton
Jas. Avery
J. L. Jackson
Geo. L. Easterbrook
W. L. Willis
E. D. Loveridge
G. Bishop
R. A. Scott
C. M. Davis
C. Reed
H. P. Allen
Chas. Smith
D. A. Daniels
S. N. Bennett
Geo. S. Hopper
Dr. C. M. Stewart
Wm. H. Guild
J. W. Broeffle
P. Connell
J. Bartlett
W. H. Benson
L. E. Hardy
E. C. Hardy
J. M. Thomas
W. W. Wright
A. E. Ackley
Jas. Farewell Jr.
R. C. Hill
M. L. Engle
W. W. Nichols
Thos. Connor
R. H. Lee
Ira E. Austin
John Kenned
Clarence A. Farnum
H. B. Rogers
P. R. Hazard
P. H. Conner

The towns of Allen, Alma, Centerville, Clarksville, Genesee, Granger, New Hudson, West Almond and Willing were not represented.

At the outset of the proceedings of an attempt was made by C. Davis, one of the Friendship delegates, to introduce some resolutions, but the feeling of the Convention was evidently not in favor of such a course.

Hon. E. D. Loveridge of Cuba in a short but effective speech said in substance that an unpledged delegation should be sent to Syracuse.  The main object of the Convention was here stated, viz: to select three delegates to represent this Assembly District at the Democratic State Convention to be held at Syracuse on the 20th inst.

The names of S. N. Bennett of Burns, Dickinson Clark of Wellsville and Charles H. Merkt of Alfred were then brought before the Convention as such delegates.

After a short discussion as to the method by which delegates should express their preference, the choice of the three above named gentleman was made by each delegate rising from his seat and stating his choice.  Messrs. Bennett, Merkt and Clark received all the voices save three who mentioned the name of J. M. Curtis of Bolivar.

A discussion then followed in regard to the provision of alternate delegates or the power of individual substitution.  Mr. S. H. Tracy made some remarks in favor of the former course, but the latter idea prevailed giving the delegates power of substitution.

The Convention then adjourned “sine die.”

The following is a copy of the resolution which Mr. Davis attempted to introduce:

RESOLVED, That the success of the Democratic party is paramount to the interest or personal ambition of any one man and that a sense of justice and broad statesmanship require that the divisions that now exist in the party in the State should be healed; that with union success is certain; with divided counsel defeat awaits us.

Therefore, RESOLVED. - That it is the sense of the Convention that the democratic party cannot be united by the nomination of Samuel J. Tilden and the delegates to the State Convention are instructed to use their best endeavors to promote the union and success of the Democratic party.

The County Convention

The bright and genial weather which was reflected in the kindly feeling which prevailed among the delegates yesterday was a pleasant augury for the harmonious nature of the County Convention and an omen for better times in the ranks of the Democratic party.  The calibre of the delegates was above the average and although some familiar faces were missing there was a very strong representation of the more solid and stalwart men and earnest adherents to Democratic principle.  The utmost good will prevailed and the dominant sentiment was to take such a course as would be in the truest and best interests of the party as a party and not as an organization for selfish ends and personal aggrandizement.  The name of Tilden was of course prominent in the conversation of all, some few displayed a strong partiality for the sage of Grammercy Park and a still smaller number were stern in their denunciation of that able politician.

But the overwhelmingly predominant element was unmistakably pronounced, not for or against Tilden, but in favor of some more available candidate who could carry the full strength of the democratic vote at the polls in November next.  The unmistakable majority-spoke in no terms of disparagement of the claims and ability of Mr. Tilden, all desired his hearty co-operation, but on the ground of availability his name as a Presidential candidate met with small favor.

A yearning desire for harmony prevails and a spirit of confidence in the ultimate success of democratic sentiments is taking the place of the dogged indifference which has resulted from a long series of wrangles, fiascos and defeats.  Men who have held back in disgust are now stepping forward with hope.  The divisions in the Republican ranks are opening the eyes of the democratic sleepers and a most satisfactory wide awakeness is happily making itself manifest.

[Friendship Chronicle, Vol. 1, No. 10, April 14, 1880]

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