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Friendship Civil War - Roll of Honor

According to the best authority obtainable, The town of Friendship contributed for The service an aggregate of eighty-one men.  These were scattered through the several regiments in the county, while a number enlisted in commands raised elsewhere in the state and other states.  Through the thoughtful care of interested persons there has been prepared a reasonably reliable roster of Friendship soldiery a ROLL of HONOR, as appropriately designated, to which the writer (L. C. Aldrich) has been given free access, and from which the following list is taken.  [Source:  Minard, John S., Allegany County and Its People, p. 705-706]

NameUnitRankEnlistedDischargedDeathPlace of DeathBuriedNotes
Hatch, Jeremiah130th 1st NY DragoonsCaptain10 July 1862 21 Dec 1862 Friendship, NYProf. Hatch;
commissioned captain at
Portage, NY Aug. 18, 1862;
joined Regt. Suffolk, Va.
Sept. 12, 1862.
Marvin, William M.Co. C, 85th NY Sep 1861  Goldsborough, N.C.Union Cemetery, Raleigh, NCCaptured Plymouth, NC
April 20, 1864;
prisoner 11 mo.
Sortore, Samuel5th NY Cav.Lieut.1861  nr Centerfield, Va.on battlefieldre-inlisted 1864;
killed while leading
his company in battle.
Sortore, John D.5th NY Cav.    Elmira re-inlisted 1862 in 136th NY;
d. from amputation of limb.
Sortore, Charles W.1st NY Dragoons 1863  hospitalPhiladelphiainjured at Wilderness
Miner, Charles A.5th NY Cav. Sep 1861 1864Winchester, Va.Friendship, NY 
Voorhees, George85th NY 1863 24 Aug 1864Andersonville captured at Plymouth, Apr 20, 1864
Voorhees, Edwin R.85th NY 1861 25 Oct 1864Andersonville captured at Plymouth, Apr 20, 1864
Voorhees, Evart136th NY 1862  Reseca, Georgiaon battlefield 
Church, William O.136th NY 1862  Reseca, Georgiaon battlefield 
Breadon, JamesCo. K, 136th NY 1862 1864nr Atlanta, Georgiaon battlefieldBrave Comrade Braedon
well knew the cruel
treatment of Union prisoners
by the enemy, and told
his companions he would never
surrender and when called upon by the
confederates to do so,
emphatically refused, and was
ruthlessly shot down.
Howell, AddisonCo. K, 136th NY 1862 1863Chancellorsville  
Smith, Perry23d Inf. Apr 1861 1862nr Arlington Heights, Arlington Heights, Va. 
Matthews, AlickCo. K, 136th NY Aug 1862 1864Reseca, GeorgiaChattanoogamortally wounded
Eldridge, John23d NY Apr 1861 11 Jun 1864Travillian Station, Va. veteran;

re-enlisted Jan. 1864
1st NY Dragoons
Scott, JeffersonCo. B, 23d NY 21 Apr 1861 18 Jun 1864 Friendship, NYre-inlisted Jan. 1864
Co. F 1st NY Dragoons;
wounded right knee
Cold Harbor May 31, 1864
Rew, Newtwon5th NY Cav. 1861 Mar 1864Andersonville captured 1863
Mandeville, William85th NY 1861 21 Aug 1864Andersonville captured Plymouth Apr. 20, 1864
Tyler, Jerome85th NY Sep 1861 19 July 1864Andersonville (colored); captured Plymouth
Strong, Marshall5th NY H.A. 1861  nr Harper's Ferry, Va. killed by cars
Osborn, Frederick23d NY 1861 June 5, 1864Piedmont, Va.on battlefieldveteran; re-enlisted 1863 5th NY Cav.;

He was ten rods in advance of his company
waving his sword.
Phillips, Leander85th NY 1861 1862Meridian HillNile, NY 
Lanphear, Ocellas85th NY 1861  Andersonville captured Plymouth Apr. 20, 1864
Stebbins, Chauncey85th NY 1861 9 May 1864Andersonville captured Plymouth Apr. 20, 1864
Clapp, Wallace85th NY 1861 1864Friendship  
Henry, Francis5th NY Art. 1861 Feb 1864hospital at Elmira, NY  
Tanner, George B.85th NY 1861 7 June 1864Andersonville captured Plymouth
Phelps, GeorgeCo. C, 85th NY 1861 28 July 1864Andersonville  
Clark, Silas85th NY 1862  Andersonville captured Plymouth
Sisson, Perry V.     Andersonville volunteer substitute for
Orrin Sisson home on sick leave;

discharged; re-enlisted;
captured Plymouth
Bradley, William D.    Mar 1865Fortress Monroe non-enlisted volunteer;
captured Plymouth Apr. 20, 1864;
prisoner 11 mo. Andersonville, Milan,
Charleston and Forence
Bassett, Ira13th H.A. 1862 9 Oct 1862Norfolk, Va.  
Dallas, George31st NY 1864 1864Virginia (colored)
Morgan, Henry5th Cav. 1861     
Coon, GeorgeCo. K, 136th NY 1862 Dec 1872   
Stickney, John  21 Oct 1861 23 Mar 1870  veteran; re-enlisted Sep. 1864, 189th NY
Merritt, NathanCo. K, 136th NY 28 Sep 186415 Jun 1865 Friendship, NY  
Voorhees, DeWitt       drowned in Shenandoah at Snicker's Gap.
McCarthy, James    12 Jun 1864Travillian Station, Va. ran away from home
and enlisted at 16 years;
last words “Tell father I did not
die a coward.”
Pollard, Thomas L.Co. B, 189th NY      record unknown
Vars, Alpheas       record unknown
Strong, Isaac N.Co. K, 136th NY      record unknown
Pardy, ErastusCo. K, 136th NY 1861 14 July 1864Andersonville captured Plymouth
Sortore, DanielCo. F, 104th NY   14 Feb 1864Salisbury  
Hazzard, Almeron109th NY 14 Aug 1862 1 Nov 1864   
Pierce, James B.  1861 1862Nashville, Tenn.  
Piper, H. L.  1861 20 Apr 1862Roanoke Island  
White, Robert H.Co. E, 3d Wis. Cav.Private23 Oct 1863 20 Jan 1874   
Steenrod, Chas. C.Co. F, 1st Ny Dragoons Jan 1864 7 May 1864  killed in battle of

Wilderness at Todd's Town
McOmber, CharlesCo. F, 23d NY 21 Apr 1861 1862Fredricksburg, Va.on battlefield 
Cotton, Talcott B.  Apr 1861  Friendship, NY served during war.
Cotton, Charles R. CaptainApr 1861 9 Apr 1864Pleasant Hll, La.on battlefieldveteran; served 3 mo.;
re-inlisted Aug. 1861 in 69th NY;
com. captain Co. G., 160th NY
Rogers, LeRoyCo. B, 189th NY 16 Sep 1864 5 Nov 1873Hinsdale  
Snyder, GeorgeCo. K, 136th NY 13 Aug 1862   Louisville, Ky.died of wounds received
Rocky-Faced Ridge, Ga.
Barber, Zachariah  Aug 1862  Washington, D.C. wounded Gettysburg July 1863
Howard, William S.1st L.I. at Scio Jan 1863   
Maden, Patsey1st NY Dragoons    in prison  
Witter, Charles H.85th NY 1861  Andersonville captured Plymouth
Crandall, Julius127th NY 21 May 1862  Tuscaloosa, Ala. prisoner
Eastman, Alvordo136th Inf   Nov 17, 1862Fairfax C. H.  
Carmer, William P.160th Penn. Vol. Inf. 29 Aug 1862 1 Jan 1864rebel prison  
Dana, OscarBattery L, 4th U.S. Art. 14 Jan 1863 12 May 1880Friendship, NY  
France, Spencer19th NY   2 Mar 1883   
Van Arsdale, Frank141st NY 28 Dec 1863 14 May 1882   
Smith, Joseph  1861  Friendship, NY  
Hatch, Clarence1st NY Dragoons    at home  
Osborn, Samuel K.52d Penn.    Friendship, NY  
Coats, Elias23d NY    Friendship, NY  
McHenry, Lymanunknown    Nile, NY  
Allen, Andrew I.unknown    Nile, NY  
Cornwall, Andrew J.Co. B, 136th NY Aug 1862 5 Feb 1888Port Allegany, Pa. wounded Gettysburg July 3, 1863
Main, Luther B.23d NY 1861  at home  
Stout, George W.Co. C, 76th NY   2 Mar 1864   
Pearce, Milton  1863  at homeFriendship, NYenlisted in Indiana
Ridgon, E. R. M.  1862  at home  
Rice, W. Ward121st NY 22 July 1862 14 Aug 1891   
Evans, Shedrick A.76th NY 16 Sept 1861 30 Apr 1892   
Wellman, Abijah85th NYCol.Sep 1861  Friendship, NY entered service as a major
Crandall, A. A.53d Penn. 25 Feb 186320 Mar 1865   wounded Chancellorsville
and Spottsylvania;
prisoner Andersonville 9 mo.;
Wellman, Jonas G.Co. I, 27th NY 30 Apr 186115 Dec 1862   son of Dr. Jonas,
b. Aug 31, 1838;
shot through leg
21 July 1861 at Bull Run,
captured and prisoner
at Libby until 5 Oct. 1861,
paroled, reached Friendship
Oct. 15, 1861,
leg amputated Nov 5, 1861.

Addition to Friendship's Civil War Roll of Honor

NameUnitRankEnlistedDischargedDeathPlace of DeathBuriedNotes
Benjamin, Charles D.2nd & 6th NY Calvery 1861; 18631863; 1865Oct 26 1906 Mt. Hope Cem., Friendshipsubmitted by Kim Tait


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