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From The Democrat (Olean, New York), Tuesday, September 4, 1883, p. 1



They Treated Their Guests Well and Gave Them Lots of Good Thngs to Eat and Drink.

Last Thursday the second annual parade of the Friendship Fire Department and invited companies occurred and we regret that we haven't space to give a detailed account of the great event, but it will suffice to say that the day was all that could be wished, although a trifle muddy, owing to rain on the previous day. The town was profusely decorated, with banners, mottoes, evergreens and arches and the citizens and firemen fairly outdid themselves in that line, and the streets were thronged with people till they were almost impassable.

At three o'clock the line formed in the order given below, and marched through the principal streets.

Marshals and Police, J. T. Burdick, Captain.
Gorton's New Orleans Gold Band.
A. B. Bradley, Chief Engineer.
Visiting Chiefs and Assistants.
Salamanca Hose Co. 1.
Elwell's Band, Wellsville.
Almy Hose Co. 1, Wellsville.
Luther Hose Co. 4, Olean.
Ainsley Land, Salamanca.
A. L. Elliott, Hose Co. 1
H.M. Lane, 1st Asst. Chief Engineer.
Salamanca Band.
Salamanca Steamer Co. 1.
Osceola Band.
Canisteo Steamer Co. 1.
Friendship Steamer Co. 1.
Diamond Suppply Co. Friendship.
E. G. Latta, 2nd Asst. Chief Engineer Ulysses Band
J. B. Bradley, Hose Co. 1, Bolivar.
H. O. Wait, PLrotective Co., Salamanca.
J. Raymond Wellman, H. L. Co. 3, Friendship.
Board of Trustees in Carriages.

After the ranks were broken the visiting firemen repaired to the headquarters of teh home companies where refreshements solid and liquid were served in a bountiful manner. The elliotts, the Steamer Co., the Wellman Hooks and the little Diamonds all did themselves proud in their line. Chief Bradley also furnished a collation that astonished the visiting chiefs and assistants who partook thereof. It was a hugh day for Friendship and the firemen and citizens there can boast of having had the largest and finest parade that has been held in western New York for many a day.

From The Democrat (Olean, New York), Tuesday, June 19, 1883, p. 1

His Feelings Assuaged

Frank Harding, of Friendship, was a year ago forcibly ejected from a train on the Erie road between Belmont and Wellsville. Last week an Angelica jury awarded him $500 damages.

From The Democrat (Olean, New York), Thursday, September 4, 1890, p. 4

Held for the Grand Jury.

On Saturday, July nth, Mr. H. B. Coleman of Belmont, and Miss Baud Wheaton of Olean, were married at the residence of S. K. Cutter in this village, by Rev. Mr. Scott. Last week Coleman was arrested at Olean, charged with bigamy. He was taken to Friendship and had a hearing before Esquire Hewitt last Thursday, and was held in $500 bail for appearance before the grand jury. His mother became surety for his appearance. The complainant in the case is his first wife, Mrs. Florence Coleman, who lives in Belmont. Coleman is in possession of a divorce from his wife, procured in Ohio on the ground of desertion, and several fine legal points are said to be involved in the action just begun. -- Cuba Patriot.

From The Democrat (Olean, New York), Thursday, November 12, 1885, p. 5

A large company of ladies and gentlemen from Friendship enjoyed the hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Wilkinson and Mr. and Mrs. Norton, at their home on 1st street [Olean], Friday eve. Dancing was indulged in till the wee small hours. The ladies and gentlemen returned home this a.m. on train 8.

From The Democrat (Olean, New York), Thursday, May 12, 1892, p. 16

Friendship had a small breeze of excitement recently. On the corner of a public street there was hung an effigy with a card attached thereto which read "L.D. Scott, wife beater." The person referred to is a prominent business man, the proprietor of a livery stable.

From The Democrat (Olean, New York), Thursday, May 8, 1883, p. 1

Burned to Death

A dispatch to the Elmira Advertiser from Friendship, says that "Clara, a little five-year-old daughter of John Fisher, while at play and alone Monday, fell backwards into a fire she had kindled, and was burned to a crisp before her body could be taken from teh pitiless flames. The neighbors first discovered teh state of the affairs by the scent of her burning flesh."

The Olean Evening Herald, Olean, New York, Thursday, July 9, 1925, p. 2

Friendship to Have C. of C. in Future

Daniel A. Reed Delivers Principal Address At Citizens Meeting--Immediate Steps To Be Taken.

Friendship, July 9. -- On Tuesday evening, sixty citizens of Friendship, representing the business and professional men held a banquet at the Friendship Inn to consider the possibility of organizing a Chamber of Commerce.

Lorenzo H. Utter, acting as chairman of the meeting, opened the ceremony with a short talk in regard to the issue and then introduced the main speakers of the evening. Hon. Daniel A. Reed, of Dunkirk, Congressman and well acquainted with the Chamber of Commerce work was the first to speak. Mr. Reed explained its general organization and also cited organizations in this and other states. Mr. Reed is highly in favor of organizing a Chamber of Commerce in Friendship, stating that since Friendship was located on main highways, and the beautiful surrounding hills and valleys all would be contributing features for its success.

Edward Fitzgerald, secretary of the Olean Chamber of Commerce, was the other speaker of the evening and his speech discussed the benefit of the Chamber of Commerce to his own city, and pointed out how such an organization would benefit to Friendship.

The two addresses met the approval of all the local men and immediate steps will be taken for the organization of a Chamber of Commerce in Friendship. An executive committee will be appointed and plans laid for work in the near future. The local representatives included Mayor H. B. Drake, Supervisor, F. C. Mulkin, B. J. Rice, State Tax Department, Albany; F. C. Breed; Secretary of Liberty Highway Association; heads of the industrial works, Drake Manufacturing Co.; Drake Electric Hoist Co.; American Crane Co.; Friendship Furniture Co.; nearly all the local merchants and professional men of the village.

The Friendship Chronicle, Vol. 1, No. 3, May 19, 1880

The Friendship, New York Cornet Band

Blow Brothers, Blow!

It is with much satisfaction that we announce the fact that a cornet band has been organized and the musicians are diligently practicing. “Will” Kingsbury is the leader and “Ed” Hamilton is to assist him in his arduous duties.  The instruments have been apportioned as follows:

With such excellent musical material and a little practice we do not doubt that the friendship Cornet Band will in short time prove the equal of any in the county.  It will be strengthened by the addition of a few more instruments as soon as practicable.  We certainly wish the boys plenty of harmony, a continual “good time.”  Let their “be natural,” not too “sharp” and their efforts will not fall flat or out of tune in the good wishes of the public.

Friendship Chronicle, Vol. 1, No. 13, May 5, 1880

Wiry Whisperings

The already near and dear domestic and commercial relations between the home and the places of business of several of our mercantile men have been rendered still more prompt and intimate by the means of one of the latest triumphs of science.  We allude to the telephone.  When anything of practical utility is brought into public notice either from the studios of art or the workshops of science the businessmen of Friendship are prompt to avail themselves of its advantages.  The availability of the telephone having been made manifest it was immediately pressed into service. The first of these interesting and valuable instruments was put up by John Horner between his residence on Main St. and the Erie depot.  It extends a distance of 2000 feet and is the longest line in town.  The next line put up was that of Fred Oliver between the store of Wingate & Oliver next door to the American House and Fred's residence on depot Street.  It has been in successful operation for some time. On Monday several new lines were put up.  They were respectively:

All these lines are proved with telephones supplied by J. R. Holcomb & Co., Mallett Creek, Ohio.  They work on the acoustic principle and are exceedingly satisfactory.

Several new lines will be put up forthwith, including

The telephone progress of Friendship is exceedingly gratifying.

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