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The “Soldier Dead”

Hume, Allegany, New York

“List read on Decoration Day”

Abbey, Henry L.Co. C, 104th NYDec 26, 1861missing after battle of Gettysburg
supposed killed
Barnard, OliverCo. F, 1st NY DragoonsAug 9, 1862killed Cold Harbor, Va. May 31, 1864
supposed buried on field
Barrows, ByronCo. F, 4th NY H.A.Dec. 17, 1863died Rochester, NY, March 3, 1882
buried Pine Grove cemetery
Barrows, DarwinCo. F, NY H.A.Aug 29, 1864killed on picket, Petersburg, Va., Oct 3, 1864
Beardsley, WillisCo. D, 4th NY H.A.Jan 4, 1864died Hume, Jan 5, 1876
buried Pine Grove cemetery
Boardman, AndrewCo. B, 44th NYAug 20, 1861burial place unknown
Bradshaw, James6th NY CavOct 22, 1861Feb 14, 1863, Falmouth, Va.
Browne, WarrenCo. A, 1st NY DragoonsAug 7, 1862
disch. June 18, 1865
died and buried St. Joseph, Mo.
Butler, John M.Co. D, 4th H.A. died Jun 9, 1885;
buried Pine Grove cemetery
Caldwell, Addison H.Co. F, 1st NY DragoonsAug 9, 1862died Suffolk, VA., Nov 4, 1862
buried Pine Grove cemetery
Camp, Alonzo   
Chase, Augustus A.Co. D, 4th NY H.A.Dec. 28, 1863died Salisbury prison, NC
Claus, JohnCo. F, 5th NY CavSept. 19, 1861Killed 2d Bull Run, Aug 30, 1862
buried on battlefield
Cooley, AndrewCo. C, 104th NYOct 30, 1861died from disease
buried Elmer cemetery
Davidson, Thomas Augustus4th NY H.A.disch. June 1865died Wiscoy Feb 13, 1875
buried there
Drew, HiramCo. F, 4th NY H.A.Dec 23, 1863Taken prisoner North Anna River
not heard from
Drew, JohnCo. C, 104th NYDec 31, 1861killed Bull Run, Aug 30, 1862
buried on battlefield
Ellenwood, LaselleCo. F, 100th NYNov 1861in hospital at Rochester
Elmer, AlonzoCo. F, NY DragoonsAug 17, 1862died May 14, 1865
from wounds received Point of Rocks
buried Pine Grove cemetery
Finch, DanielCo. F, 4th NY H.A.Dec 19, 1863died Willetts Point Hopsital, NY Harbor
Flenagin, Ichabod PerkinsLieut.
Co. F, 4th NY H.A.
Aug 29, 1862killed Ream's Station Aug 25, 1864
buried on field
Fish, John C.Co. F, 4th H.A.Aug 29, 1862
disch. June 1865
died Wiscoy, May 26, 1883
buried there
Fox, RudolphCo. F, 4th H.A.Jan 10, 1863died Salisbury prison, NC, Dec 1, 1864
Gillett, FrederickCo. D, 4th NY H.A.Aug 13, 1862died and buried Alexandria, Va.
Feb 1863
Granger, Peter V.Lieut.
Co. D, 3d Mich.
 died Wiscoy, Oct 13, 1867
buried there
Haley, PatrickCo. C, 104th NYOct 1861died 1880
Hamlin, AlvahCo. F, 1st NY DragoonsAug 10, 1862died near Washington, Feb 4, 1864
buried there
Hammond, John MadisonCo. B, 44th NYAug. 20, 1861killed Malvern Hill, Va., July 1, 1862
Henrietta, Frank24th NY Cav.Dec. 18, 1863died Pike, NY, 1879
buried Portageville
Hoadley, Henry104th NY1861
captured Aug 18, 1864
confined Salisbury prison
died on his way home
Kerns, James K.94th NY1862killed 1863
Lee, CharlesCo. D, 4th H.A. Oct 4, 1884
buried Mt. Morris
Lee, ReubenCo. H, 1st NY DragoonsSept 1864died Jan 16, 1888
buried Pine grove cemetery
Lockwood, RobertCo. F, 4th NY H.A.Aug 29, 1862died Fort Ethan Allen, near Washington
buried Short Tract
McCall, Patrick drafted Aug 1863
taken POW 1863
died and buried soon after, Richmond, Va.
McDermott, James4th NY H.A. died Minnesota Nov 19, 1867
buried there
McDermott, Michael136th NYSept 1862died and buried Cottownwood, SC
June 1863
Meach, George E.Co. I, 6th NY Cav.Nov 9, 1861
disch. Aug 16, 1865
died Meriden, Miss., March 21, 1873
buried Pine Grove cemetery
Mearns, Andrew   
Merchant, William WhitneyCo. F, 1st NY DragoonsAug 8, 1862
disch. June 30, 1865
died 1870, at Merrillan, Wis.
Minard, Ansil L.Lieut.
Co. F, 4th NY H.A.
aUG 29, 1862
disch. Sept 26, 1865
d. Sep 1, 1870
buried Pine Grove cemetery
Morse, Isaac L.Co. F, 4th NY H.A.Dec 23, 1863died City Point, Va., July 11, 1864
Moultrop, Gilbert A.Co. F, 4th NY H.A.Aug 1862killed Petersburg
buried Annapolis, MD May 18, 1865
Myers, DelosCo. F, 1st NY DragoonsAug 9, 1862
disch. Aug 1865
Nov 2, 1871
buried Alger cemtery
Myers, Noah L. drafted Aug 1863died when and place of burial unknown
Parker, Ralph  died April 28, 1865
buried Pine Grove cemetery
Peck, Orin   
Pendergast, ThomasCo. F, 1st NY DragoonsAug 9, 1862killed Centerville, Va. Oct 17, 1863
buried on field
Petty, Edwin J.Co. F, 4th H.A.Dec. 23, 1863
disch. Sep 26, 1865
died in Michigan
Pierson, Egbert B.Co. F, 4th NY H.A.Aug 29, 1862died and buried City Point, Va.
Sept 20, 1864
Poole, George M.Co. F, 33d NYJuly 4, 1861
re-enlisted Jan 1864
2d NY Mounted Rifles
disch. Aug 23, 1865
died Angelica, Jan 1, 1881
Robinson, Duane8th NY Cav. died Feb 26, 1880
buried Pine Grove cemetery
Shoots, JohnCo. F, 1st NY DragoonsAug 9, 1862died near Hampton, Va., April 18, 1863
buried there
Skiff, John M.Co. E, 3d Iowa Inf.May 29, 1861killed Pittsburgh Landing, Tenn.
April 6, 1862; buried on field
Skiff, Stephen M.Co. A, 1st NY DragoonsAug 7, 1862shot on picket near Franklin, Va.
June 7, 1863
buried Suffolk, Va.
Smith, Horatio A.Co. B, 44th NYAug 20, 1861killed 2d Bull Run, Aug 30, 1862
Smith, ManningCo. F, 4th NY H.A. died Aug 9, 1885
buried Wiscoy
Spencer, Anson H.Co. F, 1st NY DragoonsAug. 17, 1862died Suffolk, Va., Jan 5, 1863
Standish, MiramCo. D, 64th Reg. NYOct 5, 1862died from wounds June 3, 1863
Stickle, John M.Co. F, 1st NY Dragoons died and buried Gordonsville, Va.
July 4, 184, of wounds received
Trevillian, June 12, 1864
Stone, Silas W.Co. D, 4th NY H.A.May 13, 1862death and burial North East, Pa.
Trowbridge, John S.Co. E, 5th NY CavAug 1861died Hanover, Pa, July 5, 1863
buried Pine Grove cemetery
Warn, Chandler W.Co. D, 4th NY H.A.Aug 13, 1862drowned Potomac river, Sep 6, 1862
body not recovered
Washborn, TheodoreCo. A, 1st NY DragoonsJan 1, 1864died Caneadea Feb 23, 1873
buried Pine Grove cemetery
Wilday, SylvesterCo. D, 130th NYSep 9, 1864died and buried Baltimore, Md.
May 10, 1865
Willard, Frederick  died Oct 1864
buried Pine Grove cemetery
Wells, William H.Co. F, 5th NY Cavenl Oct. 28, 1861
POW Jan 22, 1864
buried Andersonville
Whitney, EdwinCo. D, 4th NY H.A.Aug 13, 1862
disch. June 10, 1865
died Feb 2, 1875, Wiscoy
buried there
Young, David104th NYOct 9, 1861in hospital
buried near Washington, April 8, 1862


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