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There is No Death

Awarded Medal After 32 Years.  Almond, Sept. 13-- Thirty-two years ago Robert C. Mason was engaged in fighting for his life in the Philippines.  He was assisting in trying to rescue a number of companions who had been surrounded by insurrectors.

Yesterday, thirty-two years afterward, he was notified from Washington that he had performed an act of bravery and had been awarded the Purple Heart Medal.  Mr. Mason is now a sedate business man, operator of the Almond Typewriter Company.  He is the father of Bruce (Buddy) Mason, known as a stunt man of the movies.

Musicians will be interested to learn that Mr. Mason's commander in the Philippines was the author who penned “There is No Death.”  The commander was Lieut. Joseph Sweeney.  He wrote the dirge under the pen of Gordon Johnstone.

Mr. Mason was a member of a relief party of the 43rd New York Volunteers.  There were thirty-one soldiers penned up, a number of whom were slain before they could be rescued.

-- Times Evening Herald, Olean, New York, September 13, 1932, p. 4

There is No Death

I tell you they have not died,
They live and breath with you,
They walk now -- here at your side,
They tell you things are true.

Why dream of poppied sod
When you can feel their breath;
When flowers and soul and God
Know there is no death?

I tell you they have not died,
Their hands clasp yours and mine,
They are now but glorified,
They have become divine.
They live, they know, they see,
They shout with every breath,
“All is Eternal Life,
There is no death.”

~Gordon Johnstone

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