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Who are Annie & Ernest?

[The following charming poems, by the Poet Geo. W. Bengay, Esq. of New York were written while a guest at the house of one of our citizens, during a brief stay in our village upon the occasion of delivering his lecture “Words of Cheer”


Clasped in the blue arras of the air
    Which sighs as fond as lovers do,
The Sunbeams tangled in her hair,
I saw a maiden sweet and fair
    Whose eyes were touched with heavenly blue.

Her voice was low, and soft and sweet,
    A halo round her features shine--
The flowers she pressed beneath her feet
Sprang up as though their pulse did beat,
    And kissed the soft winds o'er her blown.

Oh then I knew a treasure rare,
    Some lover to his heart would press,
And prise the soft sunlighted hair,
And face symetrical and fair--
    Whose lips would tempt the fond caress.

But sweeter than the face so fair,
    And lovelier than the eyes so blue,
And richer than the golden hair,
I see the pure heart pulsing there,
Which throbs with love when love is true.

April, 25, 1866


Bright and beautiful boy!
Fountain of hope and joy!
O may the future be
Golden and fair for thee.

Brave and beautiful child!
On whom the graces smiled,
O may the clouds of care,
Never drop snow on thy hair.

Pure and beautiful one!
O be a dutiful son:
The pride of a mother find,
In this life and beyond.

April 25, 1866

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