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Revolutionary War Soldiers

who resided in

Allegany Co., New York

William Carroll, born 1755, Ireland; Private, 1782, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania Militia; married Phoebe Wortman; died 1824, Allegany co., New York

Enoch Chapman, born 1755, Southeast, New Jersey; Private, Dutchess County, New York Militia; married Chloe Gage; died 1837, Friendship, New York; buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Friendship, Allegany, New York.

James Davis, born 1741, Conway, Massachusetts; Lieutenant; Massachusetts Militia; married Irene Ticknor; died 1812, Belmont, New York.

John Dorn, born 1740, near Allegany county, New York; Private, 1777, 2nd Albany County Militia; 3 Co., 1st Reg., New York Line; married Mary Sullivan (1747-1825); died 1815, Schenectady co., New York.

Jonathan Farrar, born 1731, Concord, Massachusetts; served in the Corncord fight at the North Bridge, 1775; married 1760, Hannah Fletcher; after war lived in Whitesville, New York.

Tolcott Gold, born 1759, Fairfield, Connecticut; Navy, ship "Alliance"; pensioner of 1818; married Anny Barolow; died 1836, Friendship, New York.

Bela Graves, born 1750 in Connecticut; Capt. Alexander Waugh's company of horse, which marched on the burning of Fairfield and was in the service at Horse Neck; married Sarah Griswold; died 1852, Willing, New York.

Edward Green, born 20 Mar. 1760, Westerly, Rhode Island; Capt. Reuben Whitman (Whitewell), Lt. Benjamin Gordon (Gorton), Col. Cook and Lt. Col., Morey, Sept. 26, 1776 for 3 months; re-enlisted May 26, 1778, Lt. Clark Parker, Capt. Philip Traffin, Col. John Toppen (Topham), General Cornwell's Brigarde; officer in war of 1812.

Edward J. Green, born 1758, Charlestown, Rhode Island; Private, Rhode Island Militia; pensioner of 1832; married Susannah Crandell (1759-1836); died 1836, Alfred, New York.

William Grout, born 1758, Westboro, Massachusetts; Private, 1776-1780, Massachusetts troops; penionser of 1832; married Rebecca Woodbury; died 1836, Rushford, New York.

Caleb Hopkins, born 1759; Lieutenant, Sussex County New Jersey Militia; died 1824, Angelica, New York.

Hugh McKeen, born 1755, Amherst, New Hamphshire; Private, 1776, New Hampshire Regiment; pensioner of 1832; married (2) Mary Gregg.

Jonathan Olmsted, born 1744, East Haddam, Connecticut; Sergeant, 17th New York Regiment; married 1766 Thankful Crosby (1745-1784); died 1797, Canaan, New York.

Jonathan Palmiter, born 1758, Westerly, Rhode Island; Private, Connecticut and Rhode Island troops; pensioner; married Eunice (d. 1815); died 1846, Alfred, New York.

Thomas Pell, a Revolutionary War veteran who is buried in Centerville Cemetery. He served as a Sergeant from East Hoosuck, Massachusetts (now Adams, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts) and in 1780 from Clarendon, Rutland Co., VT. He died in 1826 at Centerville, New York.

Abner Perkins, born 1762, Plymouth Massachusetts; Private, 1778-1779, Massachusetts Regiment; pensioner of 1815; died 1842 Allegany Co., New York.

William Powers, born 1767, Massachusetts; Private, Massachusetts Regiment; penioner of 1818; married 1791 Mary Dumbolton (b. 1773); died 1831, Cuba, New York.

Henry Sortore, born 1758, New Jersey; Private, New Jersey line, at the battle of White Plains, crossed the Delaware and was with Washington at Valley Forge; died 1823, Allegany Co., New York; widow was allowed pension in 1840, Friendship, New York.

Silas Stone, Jr., born 1757, New Braintree, Massachusetts, Private 1776, 1777, served at Dorchester Heights; married Polly White; died 1837, Wellsville, New York.

Moses Van Campen, born 1757, Hunterdon co., New Jersey; Lieutenant, Pennsylvania Rangers; married 1783, Margaret McClure (d. 1816); pensioner of 1832, Livingston co.; died Angelica, New York.

William Van Slyke, born 1759, Schoarie co., New York; Private, 2nd Regiment, Tyron county, New York Militia; married Magdalena Mareness (d. 1823); widow received pension.

Josiah Utter, born 1755, Long Island; Private, Rohode Island Regiment; married Mary Ketchum.

Ashbel Webster, born 1756 in East Hartford, Connecticut; 1755-1780, Connecticut State Troops; pensioner of 1832; married 1774 Mercy Swetland (1764-1834); died 1838 in Cuba, New York.

Joshua Wilson, born 1762, Goffstown, New Hampshire; Private in Capt. Samuel Blodgett's Co. in Col. Enoch Poor's Reg., Mustered at Goffstown 22 Mar 1777; 1775 married Rebecca (Mary) Spencer and died 1848 in Rushford, New York and buried in Podonque Cemetery.

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