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Friendship Gun Club

We are pleased to chronicle the adoption of a suggestion made by us recently viz. the formation of a Gun Club. Already a good number of shootists have signified their willingness to become members and a meeting is to be held on Friday evening next in the parlors of the Mansion House to complete the organization. All interested are desired to attend at 8 o'clock prompt. On Thrusday last a preliminary glass ball shoot gook place and the following very respectable scores were made. Ten shots each at 21 yards.

[Source: Friendship Chronicle, Vol. 1, No. 11, April 21, 1880]

Too much Talkee, Talkee! No Shootee!

A short time since a few of your marksmen discussed the feasibility of forming a Gun Club, chiefly for purposes of social amusement.  The fact duly appeared in the CHRONICLE and there promptly followed in the next issue of the Belmont Free Press a sweeping challenge from a shootist of that place. To this challenge the following reply came from E. G. Latta whose record as a rifle shot certainly entitles him to the respectful consideration of any would-be opponent however skillful a marksman the latter might be:

Friendship, May 5, 1880.

Ed. Free Press.  -- My attention has just been called to the challenge in your issue of April 28th.  There are several reasons why I will not accept as there stated, but if the gentleman will shoot for amusement only and is willing to be governed in all respects by the rules of the National Rifle Association, I will be pleased to meet him for friendly trial of skill at any distance and at whatever time and place most convenient, only specifying that the match must be shot over ground new to both parties.  A MEMBER OF THE FRIENDSHIP GUN CLUB.

To this the editor of the Free Press adds the following comment:

In reply to the above, we are authorized to say, that the match if made, must be "Go as you please." regardless of rules.  We are unable to see anything unfair about such a proposition.

The unfairness of the proposition which the editor of the Free Press was unable to see is obvious to any one versed in the conditions which are adopted in all trials of skill and accuracy in rifle shooting. The Belmont marksman would like to enter into the contest untrammeled by any such regulations and would if his terms were accepted be permitted to bring into use artificial rests, heavy weight rife, telescopic sights and other considerations which would entirely nullify the contest as a trial of judgement, skill and accuracy.  Mr. Latta makes the following offer and would like to hear from the Belmont sharp shooter in reply thereto: --

Very Respectfully, E.G. Latta.

Source: Friendship Chronicle, Vo1. 1, No. 15, May 19, 1880

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