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St. Andrews Episcopal Church Index - Friendship, New York


Indexed by Vivian Karen Bush

This index includes only those with pre-1905 birthdates and pre-1925 marriages. Use this index to find the original record in the Parish Records on LDS Family History Library Microfilm #1420093 Item 6.


SurnameNameAgeDatePlaceResidenceParentsMarried:pg #
BlossomElizabeth May June 19 1907Friendship, NYFriendship, NY Myron Austin Palmer100
BurdickClaire Charles29Sep 10 1901Friendship, NYFriendship, NYHenry & Katherine BurdickLulu Marie Glover100
ColeElizabeth L. B.63Apr 23 1884Friendship, NY  Peter Boyd Reid100
ConoverGeorge James Oct 26 1910Friendship, NYInterlaken, NYWilliam H. Conover / --- Van HornElizabeth G. McGinnis100
GloverLulu Marie27Sep 10 1901Friendship, NYFriendship, NYGeorge & Hattie F. GloverClaire Charles Burdick100
JordanBessie241915-1916Cuba, NYFriendship, NY Les C. Strahan100
KingsburyJessie Willard22Nov 13 1907Friendship, NYFriendship, NYWilliam C. Kingsbury / Bessie R. WillardFrank Augustus Rheubottom100
McEwanLee Judson31July 21 1921Friendship, NYRochester, NYEdwin & Mary McEwanMary Frances Murphy100
McGinnisRuth M. May 7 1913Friendship, NYFriendship, NYJ. R. McGinnis / Julia Robert McGinnisRichard C. Smalley100
McGinnisElizabeth G. Oct 26 1910Friendship, NYFriendship, NYJ. R. McGinnis / Julia Robert George James Conover100
MoreyDaisy L.18Apr 21 1918St. Andrew'sWhitesvilleJerome / FloraOlon E. Mulconnery100
MulconneryOlon E.25Apr 21 1918St. Andrew'sFriendship, NYThomas & EmmaDaisy L. Morey100
MurphyMary Frances28July 21 1921Friendship, NYFriendship, NYDaniel D. & EmmaLee Judson McEwan100
PalmerMyron Austin June 19 1907Friendship, NYWellsville, NY Elizabeth May Blossom100
ReidPeter Boyd53Apr 23 1884Friendship, NYSmethport, Pa. Elizabeth L. B. Cole100
RheubottomFrank Augustus 25Nov 13 1907Friendship, NYSyracuse, NYGeo: C. Rheubottom / Addie M. CarsonJessie Willard Kingsbury100
ScottEthel 1917St. Andrew's L. C. Scott / Katherine ScottFrancis Wilson100
SmalleyRichard C. May 7 1913Friendship, NYFriendship, NYFrank Smalley / --- MootRuth M. McGinnis100
StrahanLes C.24?1915-1916Cuba, NYFriendship, NY Bessie Jordan100
WilcoxIsabella60Aug 17 1915Friendship, NYFriendship, NYWm. G. Johnson / Lucy Ann SturgisWalter C. Willis100
WillisWalter C.56Aug 17 1915Friendship, NYFriendship, NYBenjamin T. Willis / Mary T. ChampneyIsabella Wilcox100
WilsonFrancis 1917St. Andrew'sFriendship, NY Ethel Scott100

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Friendship, New York

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