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Anson Tuthill

Anson Tuthill, 1792-1834; married (1) Laura Utley, daughter of William and Martha Utley of Stone, Vermont; married (2) Lois Leland, daughter of Asa and may Leland of Otto, New York.  Elder Tuthill was a Baptist minister who was connected with the beginnings of the Baptist Church in Cuba, and Friendship.

A letter written by Elder Anson Tuthill to his father Samuel Tuthill of Westminister, Vermont:

Pike, Allegany Co., N.Y. Jan. 16, 1828

Dear Parents,

I have long waited for a letter from Westminster, but have been disappointed.  I think when I last wrote you of my removal to this place (14 miles from Warsaw) and I continue to supply the people on Lord's day as usual, one half the time here and the other in Warsaw, and it is not determined which place I shall supply another year, I am wanted in both, and for several months past I have been in a scale of a balance, sometimes I think I may be most useful in Warsaw and sometimes in Pike, and I cannot tell which will preponderate. Probably it will be best for me to remain in Pike.  There is a glorious work of grace in Warsaw, I never saw the church in so good a situation as at present, difficulties are done away and additions are making. The Presbyterians and Methodists are at open war, and have declared they cannot commune together, but few of the converts have joined any where.  There is more attention to religion here than usual some instances of conversion.  We have had many solemn meetings which have been comforting to the saints.  I am teaching school have about 20 scholars, have had more but some have gone out to teach.  This is a growing place, nearly as large as Warsaw, the people are anxious I should teach a Select School, as they have a very good building.  There is at present considerable excitement in this country on account of masonry in consequence of the Morgan affair. You have no doubt heard of it, I could write particulars had I time, and paper but have not sufficient to say that those who kidnapped him have been sentenced to imprisonment, some have thought there punishment was not enough, I am not a judge.  Masons have conducted wickedly and as for myself I have in my own mind taken a decided stand against infidel masonry.  There is a great deal of disturbance among churches on this account, and I fear some will be rent in pieces.  Elder Spencer principal of Middlebury Academy and four more have left the Baptist and joined the Presbyterians, and now the Academy is in the Presbyterian hands, but there will soon be an overturn among them, but it is doubtful whether it is retained by the Baptist. All this is said to be caused by persecutions on account of Masonry.  It is truly a great day of trial revolt and persecution. I learn a number of regular Baptist at the South have revolted and call themselves reformed Baptist, there has been much difficulty at Washington, and now I expect their financial concerns are very precarious; all these movements connected with what we are passing through here makes me conclude it is a day of trial.  I have not as yet had any trouble on account of masonry neither do I apprehend any but still there may be.  Our Indian School flourishes beyond calculation but we are in want of funds, could you not raise a small sum, to let me bring on, for support, next summer?

You no doubt have learned I was married a second time last Sept. The name of the Lady was Lois Leland niece to Elder Aaron. L.  Horatio is well and much pleased with his Ma.  Moses Leland and his family live with us this winter, he teaches our district School, has $21 per month, cash.

The winter is very severe so far for this county.  I hear no complaint about hay yet. Grain is low wheat 50 cts.  Corn and Rye 27 1/2 cts. money is scarce. I have between $100 & 200 due me in cash but I cannot collect.  If I could collect my debts and pay what I owe we might possibly come to Vermont next summer if we thought we could get enough to pay our expenses.

The letter was submitted by Paul E. Tuthill, 3rd great grandson of Elder Aaron Tuthill.

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