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WW I Soldiers from Allegany County

These names were taken from a newspaper clipping dated Feb 1918


We trust the relatives and friends of soldiers from this vicinity will see that this list iskept complete and up to date, so that persons who wish to write to the boys may be sure of reaching them.

Beebe, Sergeant Clark A.Company H, 309th Infantry, Camp Dix, NJ
Bissell, ClarenceCompany C, 502d Engineers Service Battalion, A.E.F., Care New York postmaster
Bond, Lieut. T.B.Medical Reserve Corps, W.S. Army, Rochester, Minn.
Brown, Raymond J.354th Aero Squadron, Kelley Field, San Antonio, Tex.
Brown, StanleyCompany K, Thirty-fifth U.S. Infantry, stationed at Yuma, Arizona
Campbell, Sergeant John H.Regimental Supply Company, 307th Field Artillery, Camp Dix, NJ
Carter, T. FredAviation Mm. 2 Place d'Iena, Paris, France
Chamberlian, Joseph S.Naval Signal Service, U.S.S. Chester Sun, Care Postmaster, New York City
Councilman, Corporal John G.Provisional Motor Truck Company No. 2, Camp Joseph E. Johnston, Jacksonville, Fla.
Congdon, MarcusSixteenth Company, Fourth Training Battalion, Depot Brigade 157, Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga.
Dwyer, WilliamTwenty-third Engineers, Camp Mead, Admiral, MD
Dye, Sergeant George LeighCamp Ordnance depot, Camp Dix, NJ
Ellsworth, FrankBattery C, 307th Field Artillery, Camp Dix, NJ
Folwell, Gerard W.Battery C, 307th field Artillery, Camp Dix, NJ
Foster, Frank L.Forty-fifth Company, U.S. Marine Corps; now at the front in France
Foster, LewisAviation Section, Signal Corps
German, Corporal Glenn C.Company M, Thirty-eighth U.S. Infantry, Camp Greene, Charlotte, NC
Grosscup, Earl E.Fort Porter, General Hospital No. 4, Buffalo, NY
Guild, Charles W.Master-Engineer in Second Engineer Train, Camp Baker, El Paso, Texas
Halstead, Lawrence C. Battery C, Fifth U.S. Field Artillery, American Expeditionary Forces, France, via New York.
McLaughlin, CorneliusFiftieth company, U.S. Marines, Paris Island, S.C.
McLaughlin, VictorFifteenth Company, L.C.S., Fort Terry, NY
Menzie, Sergeant H.E.U.S.M.C., U.S.S. Arkansas, Box 10, Care Postmaster, New York City
Miller, Edward L.Supply Company No. 108, Twenty-seventh Division, U.S. Infantry, Camp Wadsworth, Sparansburg, S.C.
Miller, StewartU.S. Heavy Artillery, Fort De Russey, Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
Moses, EllsworthBattery D, Fifteenth Field Artillery, A.E.F., via New York
Murphy, William T.First Company, E.N.Y.; Fort Totten, Long Island, NY
O'Brien, Bugler Donald JamesHeadquarters Company, Twelfth Field Artillery, A.E.F., france, via New York
Peasley, Paul R.Battery F, Eighth U.S. Field Artillery; Camp Wheeler, Macon, Ga.
Pettit, Earl V.Battery C, 307th Field Artillery, Camp Dix, NJ
Platte, Rutherford E.Ambulance Company, No. 108, Twenty-seventh Division, U.S.A., Camp Wadsworth, Spartansburg, S.C.
Robinson, EarniePelham Bay Training Station, Barrack 2-A, New York
Rogers, Leslie E.Evacuation Hospital No. 3, American Expeditionary forces, France, via New York
Rogers, Le Verne StephenHeadquarters Company, First Battalion, Fifteenth Field Artillery, American Expeditionary Forces, via New York.
Rose, MyrtalCompany D, 104th Machine Gun Battalion, Camp Wadsworth, Spartansburg, SC
Sheehan, BartholomewBattery C, 307th Field Artillery, Camp Dix, NJ
Sindlinger, L.E.Eightieth Company, U.S. Marines training Camp, Paris Island, S.C.
Sloat, Charles ArthurCompany I, Third Infantry, Camp Wadsworth, Spartansburg, S.C.

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