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World War I Veterans of Allegany County

by Chris Brown

Andover native
and Grandson of
Porter W. Richardson, 307th F.A., Battery C

During WW I, troops were largely drafted by region and usually at the county level. The infantry divisions primarily comprised of boys from New York State were the 26th, 27th, 77th and 78th Divisions. Allegany County largely fed the ranks of the 78th (Lightning) Division and, more specifically, the 307th Field Artillery Regiment of the 78th Division. A Field Artillery Regiment consisted of several batteries of guns identified by the letters A - F. Allegany County is primarily seen in the ranks of “C” Battery. Aside from these gun batteries, the 307th had a headquarters company, supply company, medical detachment , veterinary detachment and ordnance detachment.

The 78th Division was credited with participation in the St. Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne operations.

By reviewing the rosters found in the History of the 307th Field Artillery 1917-1919, which was produced for members immediately after the war, I have identified the following Allegany County men as having served with this unit in France:

Battery - B

Wellington C. Hendersen Private 1st ClassBelmont NY

Battery - C

William F. ApgarSergeantBoliver, NY
Lloyd G. DowdPrivateAngelica, NY
Mortimer J. DriscollHorseshoerAndover, NY
Guy W. FitchCookAllentown, NY
Thaddeus M. HalladayCookWellsville, NY
Frederick G. HowardSergeantFillmore, NY
John C. JumpPrivate 1st ClassWellsville, NY
Daniel P. KelleherMechanicCuba, NY
Edward P. C. LinneckeCorporalScio, NY
John E. McCallPrivate 1st ClassRushford, NY
Earl V. PettitPrivate 1st ClassCuba, NY
Porter W. RichardsonSergeantAndover N.Y.
Bartholomew J. SheehanCorporalCuba, NY
James C. D’AprileCorporalGeneseo, NY
Harold A DotySergeantGeneseo, NY
Wilbur O. RinglandSergeantGeneseo, NY

Headquarters Company

Paul B. CanfieldPrivate 1st ClassFriendship, NY
Frank M. EllsworthPrivateFriendship, NY
Otto C. GallmanPostal SergeantWellsville, NY
Guy S. HamiltonCorporalFillmore, NY
Frank V. JonesBugler SergeantFriendship, NY
Marie E. WilliamsPrivateBolivar, NY>

Supply Company

William J. BurdickWagonerFriendship, NY

Killed in Action

Paul B. Canfield (HQ Co.), Killed at Brieulles, France, November 4, 1918, while on a reconnaissance with the Regimental Commander.

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