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Caneadea was formed from Angelica on March 11, 1808.  Friendship was taken off in 1815, Rushford was set off in 1816.  Orrinsburgh (now Belfast) was set off in 1824 and a part of Belfast in 1831.   Caneadea is an interior town, lying northwest of the center of the county.

The first settlement was made about 1800 by a Mr. Schoonover from Pennsylvania.  Ephraim Sanford, Jr., Zephaniah Huff, David Sanford, and Nehemiah Sears settled in 1803.  Ezra Sanford and others settled soon after.  The first children born was Moses V. Chamberlain and Betsey Sanford, both in 1806.  The first school was taught near the center by Asa Harris in 1811.  The first inn was kept by Widow Bradley, from Pennsylvania, at the center, in 1810.  The first store at the same place by Mr. Hunt, in 1812.  John Hoyt erected the first sawmill at the mouth of Caneadea Creek, in 1816.   David Hitchcock put the first carding machine in operation in 1810 on Caneadea Creek.  The first religious meeting (Baptist) was held by Elder Ephraim Sanford in his own house at Oramel Village in 1804.

Hamilton Childs 1875 Gazetteer - Caneadea

Cities, Villages and Hamlets

Oramel - hamlet, located south of hamlet of Caneada in south part of town

Caneadea - hamlet in the western part of town on the Genesee River

Houghton - hamlet home of Houghton College.

Town Historian

Gertrude Hall
8935 Rte 19
Caneadea, NY 1417
Telephone # 585-365-8838
Email Gert Hall
Town Clerk

Dorothy Lendel, Town Clerk
PO Box 596
8911 Route 19
Caneadea, NY 14717
Phone: 716-365-2928


  • Baptist



Note: All cemeteries, except #23-7 have been recorded by the Rushford Town Clerk.
  • Mt. Pleasant Cemetery - code #12-1; (Town 5, Range 1HC, lot 8) Off Rte. 19
  • East Caneadea - code #12-2; (lot 8), Shongo Road
  • Caneadea Cemetery - code #12-3; Caneadea Village
  • Oramel Cemetery - code #12-4; Oramel Village
  • Ingersol Cemetery - code #12-5; (lot 6), N.Y. Rte. 19
  • Copperhead-Shongo Cemetery - code #12-6; Houghton Campus
  • Shongo Road Cemetery - code #12-7; (lot 77), Shongo Road; 1 grave
  • Oramel Church Cemetery - code #12-8; Oramel Church
  • cemetery - code #12-9
  • Burrville Cemetery - code #12-10; Rte. 19

*code #s refer to the Allegany County Cemetery Index card file at the Allegany County Historical Society and LDS Family History Library microfilm. See Western New York Genealogical Society Journal, Vol. II, No. 1

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