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Gazetteer and Business Directory

Of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875

Compiled and published by Hamilton Child

typed by Vivian Karen Bush

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Explanations to Directory:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post office address in parenthesis.
  3. The road on which the party is located, except residents of villages.
  4. Business or occupation

Explanation -- The letter r following the P.O. address, signifies road, and the figures following it refer to the number of the road as designated on the map, in the fore part of the book. (not included on this website)  Usually where no road number is given, the party resides in the Villages.


Allen, Amasa P., (Centerville,) farmer 70.

ALLEN, MARTIN V., (Centerville,) r 7, farmer leases of Milo Allen of Oramel, 245

AMESS, THOMAS J., (Centerville,) r 15 carpenter and joiner and farmer 80.

ANDREWS, CHARELS P., (Fair view, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 38, (with Wiley D.,) farmer 75.
ANDREWS, WILEY D., (Fairview, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 38, (with Chas. P.,) farmer 75.

Austee, George B., (Centerville,) wagon maker and occupies 4 acres.

AUSTIN, LEROY D., (Centerville,) r 40, farmer 150

Babcock, Charles W., Rev., (Centerville,) pastor of First M. E. Church and agent for the Price

Baker, Eleazer, (Centerville,) r 33[?], farmer in Freedom, Catt. Co., 127

Ballard, John D., (Centerville,) r 48, farmer 361
BALLARD, LEVY, (Hume,) r 36, farmer, 125
BALLARD, MILES P., (Hume,) r 53, farmer 335

Barber, George S., (Centerville,) r 11, farmer 150

BARNUM, ALBERT S., (Centerville,) farmer 60.
Barnum, Edward E., (Centerville,)  r 20, farmer 150.
Barnum, Floyd C., (Centerville,)  r 33, farmer 100.

Bean, Eben A., (Centerville,)  r 26, farmer 109
BEAN, GILES H., (Centerville,) r 26, farmer 16.

BLANCHARD & CLARK, (Centerville,)  (Orville Blanchard and Chas. C. Clark,) r 37, props of
 cheese box factory, lumber and shingle manufs. and props of older mill.
Blanchard, Orville, (Centerville,)  r 38 1/2, farmer 38.
BLANCHARD, ORVILLE, (Centerville,) (Blanchard & Clark,)

Blodget, Samuel, (Pike, Wyoming Co.,) (with John S. Sawyer,) farmer 313.

BODDY, WM. M., (Centerville,)  allo. physician.

Buck, Daniel, (Eagle, Wyoming Co.,) r 1 farmer 89.

BURLINGAME, MARIA, (Fairview, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 24 1/2, farmer 121.

Butterfield, Edwin, (Centerville,) r 15, farmer 275.

Byington, Richard, (Fairview, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 38, farmer 3.
Byington, Roswell N., (Fairview, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 38, farmer 190.

Caner, George W., (Fairview, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 41 1/2, farmer 2 1/2.

CENTERVILLE HOTEL, (Centerville,) Nelson Merwin, prop.

Chamberlin, Joseph, (Centerville,)  r 40, farmer 120.

CHAMBERLIN, MILLARD H., (Centerville,) farmer.

Chase, Arthur, (Centerville,)  r 38, farmer 96.

Cheney, Herbert W., (Centerville,)  r 40, farmer 125.

CLARK, CHARLES C., (Centerville,)  r 37, (Blanchard & Clark,) farmer leases of Mrs. Allida
 Farmer 164.
Clark, John A., (Eagle, Wyoming Co.,) r 2, glass blower and farmer 50.

Cleasby, Jonathan, (Centerville,)  r 37, farmer 100.

Clement, Suel, (Centerville,)  r 25, farmer.

Cobb, James H., (Eagle, Wyoming Co.) r 2, shoemaker.

COLE, CHESTER K., (Centerville,)  blacksmith and carpenter.
Cole, Elihu C., (Centerville,)  retired farmer.
Cole, George L., (Hume,) r 36, farmer.

Couch, Jonathan, (Centerville,) postmaster, supervisor, notary public and farmer 52.
COUCH WM. B., (Centerville,) r 6, constable, life and fire insurance agent and leases of 
C.A.  Weaver 100.

Cradduck, Richard, (Fairview, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 41 1/2, produce dealer and farmer 76.

Crandall, Oscar M., (Centerville,) shoemaker, cheese maker and farmer 5.

CRANE, ADELBERT A., (Centerville,) (Ory P. Crane & Sons.)
CRANE, EDWIN F., (Centerville,) (Ory P. Crane & Sons.)
Crane, Frank I., (Eagle, Wyoming Co.,) r 9, farmer 45.
CRANE, LUCIAN D., (Centerville,) (Ory P. Crane & Sons.)
CRANE, ORY P. & SONS, (Centerville,) (Lucian D. Adelbert A. and Edwin F.) props of match 
factory and own 9 acres.

Crawford, Orville J. (Eagle, Wyoming Co.) r 2, blacksmith, justice of the peace dealer in 
hides and skins and farmer 64.

Crippin, Wm., (Centerville,) r 40, owns farm 108.

Croop, Stephen D., (Rushford,) r 53, farmer 99.

Cross, George, (Centerville,) r 15, farmer 100.

Crowell, George G., (Centerville,) r 36.
CROWELL, JOHN H., (Centerville,) r 50, farmer 100.
Crowell, Joseph, (Centerville,)  r 33, farmer 190.

CUDWORTH, JOHN W., (Centerville,) r 25, highway commissioner and (with Joseph D.,) farmer 232.

CUDWORTH, JOSEPH D., (Centerville,) r 25, (with John W.,) farmer 232

Daley, Alford, (Eagle, Wyoming Co.,) r 9, farmer 140.
Daley, Ammond, (Eagle, Wyoming Co.,) r 9, farmer 44.

DAVIES, THOMAS, (Fairview, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 41 1/2, blacksmith.

Davis, A., (Centerville,)  r 29, farmer 24.
Davis, Lewis, (Centerville,) r 25, farmer 42.
Davis, Thomas J., (Eagle, Wyoming Co.,) r 9, farmer 50.
Davis, Wm. W., (Centerville,)  r 22, farmer occupies 400, owned by Wm. W. Thomas.

Dean, Power J., (Centerville,) carpenter.

DOW, EDWIN, (Centerville,) r 11, farmer 40.
DOW, ELIZA, (Centerville,) r 11, farmer 50.
DOW, JOHN D., (Centerville,) r 12, farmer 137 1/2.
DOW, MARSHALL L., (Centerville,)  r 10, farmer 90.
Dow, Orrin M., (Centerville,) r 12, farmer 135

Dunn, John, (Eagle, Wyoming Co.,) r 2, farmer occupies 73 of S. Crane.

Eddy, Almond C., (Centerville,) r 8, farmer 133.

Edmans, Edmund, (Fairfield, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 41, farmer 115.

EDWARDS, THOMAS B., (Centerville,) general merchant.

Elliott, Charles A., (Rushford,) r 43, farmer.
Elliott, Chauncey R., (Centerville,) r 49, farmer 80.

Evans, David H., (Centerville,)  r 8, farmer leases of John Matthias 140.

FARMER, ALLIDA Mrs. (Centerville,) r 37, farmer, 192.

Findley, Samuel, (Centerville,)  40, farmer 112.
Findley, Thomas, Sandusky, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 10, farmer 35, and leases of Stephen Findley,

FISH, JAMES M., (Centerville,) R 6, Farmer 163.

Fox, Chauncey J., (Centerville,) r 20, mason and owns 3 1/4 acres.
FOX, DANIEL B., (Centerville,) r 8, cheese maker and farmer 186.

Gates, Jonathan, (Centerville,) r 9, farmer 84.

Gibby, Thomas, (Rushford,) r 44, farmer 154.

GILBERT, AMY, Mrs., (Centerville,) r 11 farmer, 123.
Gilbert, Edward N., (Centerville,) r 8, dealer in stock and farmer 351.

GILLIS, HUGH, (Centerville,) farmer 66.

Gilman, Arthur C., (Centerville,) r 32, farmer, 74.
GILMAN, RUSSEL, (Centerville,) r 32, farmer occupies 24.

Green, Samuel H., (Centerville,) r 33, farmer occupies 81 1/2, owned by James Green.

Griffiths, Wm. M., (Centerville,) wagonmaker and farmer 3.

Hanks, David, (Centerville,) r 38, justice of the peace, stock dealer and farmer 390.

Harwick, James W., (Fairview, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 41, farmer 75.

Haskins, Thompson H., (Centerville,) r 15, farmer occupies 250, owned by Asa Heald, 250.

HEALD, ASA, (Centerville,) overseer of the poor and farmer 250.

Higgins, Laura, (Centerville,) r 29, farmer 73.
Higgins, Leland, (Centerville,) r 27, owns saw and planing mill, carpenter and farmer 43.
Higgins, Lucas E., (Centerville,) r 29, farmer 40.

Hilldrets, Samuel, (Centerville,) r 29, cooper and farmer 7.

Hill, Fayette, (Fairview, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 42, farmer 150.
Hill, J. B., (Fairview, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 42, farmer 64.

Hines, James, (Hume,) r 53, farmer 151.

Hopkins, Amos, (Rushford,) r 44, farmer 90.

Hughes, Wm., (Sandusky, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 10, farmer 107.

HUNT, BENJAMIN, (Centerville,) r 52, farmer occupies 300, owned by John Hancox.

James Thomas, (Centerville,) blacksmith.

Jones, John S., (Centerville,) r 40, mason and farmer 170.
Jones, John W., (Centerville,) ornamental painter, paper hanger and grainer.
JONES, RICHARD T., (Centerville,) r 38, mason and farmer 57.

KEELER, ENGLEBERT F., (Centerville,) dealer in stock and farmer 3.

LAMBERSON, NATHANIEL, (Centerville,) general merchant, prop. of Centerville cheese factory and
 farmer 4.

Larkham, Abraham U., (Rushford,) r 53, farmer leases of Asa Morse 300.

Latson, Charles D., (Centerville,) r 8, farmer leases of David Haucks 375.

LEACH, JOHN, (Centerville,) r 30, farmer 38.
LEWIS, EFFIE J., Mrs. (Centerville,) r 48, farmer occupies 70.
Lewis, Oliver, (Centerville,) r 35, farmer leases of S. M. Russell, 288.
LEWIS, WM., (Centerville,) r 10, farmer 120.

Marsden, Thomas, (Centerville,) r 29, farmer 16.

MARTIN, HIRAM E., (Centerville,) r 36, farmer owns in Farmersville, Catt. Co., 100 and leases
 of Charles Chapens 75.

Mathias, John, (Centerville,) r 12, farmer 333.
MATHIAS, Thomas J., (Centerville,) r 22, farmer 192.
Mathias, Wm., (Centerville,) r 8, agent for mowing machines and farmer 303.

McFarlane, Andrew, (Centerville,) r 8, farmer 75.

McKee, Lorenzo, (Centerville,) r 11, farmer 100.

McKerrow, John, (Centerville,) r 15, farmer occupies 256, owned by James Knowlton of Pike,
 Wyoming Co.

Mearns, Andrew, (Centerville,) r 30, farmer 30.

MERWIN, NELSON, (Centerville,) prop. of Centerville Hotel and farmer 40.

Metcalf, John, (Centerville,) r 33, farmer 319.
Metcalf, Walter H., (Sandusky, Cattaraugus Co.,) farmer 40.

Miller, Nathaniel, (Centerville,) r 16, farmer 108.

Moon, Wayne, (Centerville,) r 48, farmer leases of Walter Lasalle 111 1/2.

MOORE, JASON L., (Centerville,) watches, clocks and jewelry, flour, meal &c., and farmer 6.

MOORES, DENNIS, (Hume,) r 36, cheese maker.

Morgan, John H., (Sandusky, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 22, farmer 181.

Morras, A. W., (Centerville,) r 37, farmer 127.
Morras, Caleb, (Centerville,) farmer.

Morris, John, (Centerville,) (Morris & Morris,) farmer, occupies 230, owned by Thomas Morris.
Morris, John R., (Centerville,) r 17, farmer leases of John S. Sawyer 213.
Morris, Thomas, (Centerville,) (Morris & Morris.)
Morris, Thomas, (Centerville,) blacksmith and farmer 240.
Morris & Morris, (Centerville,) (John and Thomas,) wagon and sleigh makers.

Morse, Asa G., (Rushford,) r 53, farmer 300.
Morse, Carlos A., (Centerville,) leases of Samuel Aker 152 1/2.
Morse, George F., (Centerville,) r 40, farmer leases of Wm. Crippin 108.
MORSE, PHINEAS K., Hume,) r 53, farmer 350.
MORSE, SQUIRE A., (Centerville,) r 35, farmer 200.

MOULTROP, ARILA, (Hume,) r 36, farmer 75.

Mudge, Asa R., (Centerville,) r 8, farmer 317.

Murray, John H., (Sanduskey, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 22, farmer leases of John Metcalf 319.

Newcomb, Dexter, (Centerville,) r 11, farmer 100.
Newcomb, Jerome, (Centerville,) r 4, farmer leases of Wm. VanSlyke, 30.

Norton, Samuel S., (Centerville,) r 25, farmer 236.

OSBORNE, CHARLES, (Centerville,) r 49, farmer.

Osgood, Thomas, (Centerville,) r 11, farmer.

OWANS, EVAN, (Fairview, Cattaraugus Co., r 38, farmer 176.

Owens, Evan A., (Centerville,) r 42, farmer 80.

Palmer, Flavel R., (Centerville,) r 48, farmer 183.

Patten, Lucy P., (Eagle, Wyoming Co.,) r 9, farmer 81.

PHLLIPS, RALPH, (Centerville,) r 13, farmer 60.

PINNEY, HENRY A., (Centerville,) r 15, occupies 275, owned by Edwin Butterfield.

Pitts, Orrin, (Centerville,) r 38 1/2, farmer 7.

Pixley, Josiah, (Fairview, Cattaraugus Co.,)r 38, farmer 168.

Porter, Daniel C., (Rushford,) r 43, farmer 107 1/2.

POWELL, ALVA L., (Eagle, Wyoming Co.,) r 2, farmer 100.
Powell, Alonzo S., (Eagle, Wyoming Co.,) r 9, farmer 84.
POWELL, DAVID, (Centerville,) r 22, farmer 107.
POWELL, HENRY D., (Eagle, Wyoming Co.,) r 2, farmer 105.
Powell, Israel, (Eagle, Wyoming Co.,) r 9, carpenter and farmer 80.

PRATT, THOMAS B., (Hume,) r 54, lumber dealer and farmer 167.

RICH, SYLVESTER, (Centerville,) r 3, farmer 120 1/2.

ROBBINS, WILSON, (Centerville,) r 17, farmer 50.

ROBERTS, RICHARD D., (Centerville,) r 40, farmer 150.

Rogers, Joel, (Hume,) r 31, stone mason and farmer 60.

Sartor, Augustus, (Centerville,) r 52, farmer 150.
Sartor, Jacob, (Centerville,)r 25, farmer 150.

SAWYER, JOHN S., (Centerville,)r 25, agent for Dodge mower and reaper, farmer 275 and (with
 Samuel Blodget,) 213.

Scott, James, (Centerville,)blacksmith and farmer 76.

SISSON, RHODA B., Mrs., (Eagle, Wyoming Co.,) r 2, farmer 50.

Spencer, Wm. B., (Centerville,)r 38, farmer.

STICKLE, CHILON, (Centerville,)r 26, farmer 154.
Stickle, Judson, (Centerville,)r 27, farmer 108.
STICKLE, MYRON, (Centerville,)r 26, justice of the peace, town assessor and farmer 64.

Stimson, Luther, (Centerville,)r 38 1/2, farmer 4.
STIMSON, MARVIN, (Centerville,)r 42, carpenter and farmer 53.

Stone, Calvin, (Centerville,)r 16, farmer 198.
Stone, C. L., (Centerville,)r 16, farmer 285

Symes, Samuel, (Centerville,)(Symes & Symes)
Symes & Symes, (Centerville,)(Thomas and Samuel Symes.) blacksmiths, wagon and sleigh makers
 and painters.
Symes, Thomas, (Centerville,)(Symes & Symes,) town clekr.

TANNER, LAUREN G., (Centerville,)furniture, groceries, hardware, tinware, agent for Victor
 sewing machine and notary public.

Taylor, Lewis J., (Centerville,)r 35, farmer 97.
Taylor, Randall, (Centerville,)r 50, farmer, 75.

Thomas, David, (Centerville,)farmer 214.
Thomas, Thomas F., (Centerville,)r 6, farmer 150.
Thomas, Wm. W., (Centerville,)r 23, farmer 507.

Treeman, Wm., (Centerville,)shoemaker and farmer 25.

Vallance, Alex., (Eagle, Wyoming Co.) r 2, farmer 131.

VanNacker, Amos, (Centerville,)r 10 1/2, farmer 2.
VanNACKER, MILO, (Centerville,)r 11, farmer 125.

VanName, Benjamin, (Centerville,)farmer 2.
VanNAME, RICHARD, (Centerville,)r 33, farmer 50.

Vanslyke, Dewitt, W., (Centerville,)r 6, farmer occupies 300, owned by Wm. J. Vanslyke.

VEAZEY, DANIEL W., (Centerville,)r 38, farmer 78.
Veazey, Harman, (Centerville,)cheese maker.
Veazey, Lewis O., (Centerville,)mail messenger.

VOORHEES, JAMES, (Centerville,)r 16, farmer occupies 150, owned by O. Hopkins.
VOORHEES, JOHN B., (Centerville,)r 53, farmer occupies 142, owned by E. N. Gould.

VOSBURG, LORENZO D., (Centerville,)r 44, farmer 164.

Weaver, A., (Centerville,)r 17, farmer 50.
Weaver, John N., (Centerville,)r 24, justice of the peace and farmer 92.

WHALEY, JARVIS, (Centerville,) r 8, farmer 55.

Wheat, Levi L., (Centerville,) r 13, farmer 100.

WHITFORD, CHRISTOPHER W., (Rushford,) r 43, carpenter and farmer 100.

WIGHT, BENJAMIN, (Centerville,) r 29, blacksmith and farmer 30.
WIGHT, JAMES c., (Centerville,) r 31, stone mason and farmer 3.

WILLCOX, JOHN, (Centerville,) r 23, farmer.

Williams, Angeline M., (Centerville,)farmer 1.
Williams, David J., (Sandusky, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 23, farmer 130.
Williams, David W., (Centerville,) r 22, farmer 360.
Williams, Samuel, (Fairview, Cattaraugus Co.,) r 2 1/2, farmer.
Williams, Wm. J., (Centerville,) farmer 104.
WILLIAMS, WM. J., (Centerville,)farmer 104.

WILLIS, ANSON, (Centerville,)r 48, farmer leases of Miles Ballard 150.

WILSON, ANDREW, (Fairview, Cattaraugus co.,) r 42, farmer 50.
Wilson, Andrew, (Centerville,)r 38, farmer 96.
Wilson, J. Elliott, (Hume,) r 36, farmer 75.

Witfort, Marion, (Centerville,)r 43, farmer 40.

Wood, D. A., (Centerville,)r 50, farmer 100.

Woodbury, Isaiah E., (Centerville,)farmer 160.

WOODWARD, PERKINS B., (Centerville,)farmer 5.

YOUMANS, VINCENT, (Centerville,)r 4, farmer 186.

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