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Maple Grove Cemetery

by Charlie Barrett

Charlie Barrett mapped out the Maple Grove Cemetery in 1991. This list is compiled from his field notes.

The Maple Grove cemetery in friendship was started in the early 1800's It had a cemetery association in 1850 when Sidney Rigdon, once the number two man in the Morman church, buried his 15 year old daughter there. He is also buried there along with his wife and four more daughters and their families.

The cemetery was rededicated in the 1880's when more land was added from the adjacent farm. at the time it had a bandstand where people could come and listen to concerts.

Check the shorter DAR list.

AbbeyEdwin W.18651954Abbey    Minnie M.B-089   
AbbeyHarry W.12 May 190028 Jan 1981AbbeyEdwin W. Minnie M Irene E.B-089 Vet-WWI 
AbbeyIrene E.18891981    AbbeyHarry W.B-089   
AbbeyMinnie M.18701941    AbbeyEdwin W.B-089   
AdamsElizabeth  Scott     C-181/182TS  
AllenAdrain19101979Allen    True E.E-003   
AllenAlice M.18931981    AllenRay L.E-029   
AllenHarold J.19051983Allen     E-078   
AllenJames M.14 May 189414 Nov 1961Allen    Mildred B.D-West-071 Vet-WWI 
AllenMildred B. 18921981    AllenJames M.D-West-071   
AllenRay L.18921945Allen    Alice M.E-029   
AllenRose S.19081986      E-077   
AllenTrue E.1915     AllenAdrainE-003   
AlmyArthur L.18771940      E-020   
AlmyHenry C.18731954Almy     E-020   
AlmyJosephine M.1874       E-020   
AlmySue E.18751949      E-020   
AltenburgMaurice18951949Altenburg     C-226/227TS  
AlvordAmelia21 Jan 185002 Jan 1890    AlvordErnest H.C-190TS  
AlvordErnest H.18471915Alvord    AmeliaC-190TS  
AlvordF.M.18191904Alvord   PardeeRebeccaC-216TS  
AlvordFrancis Jr.19 Oct 186217 Mar 1869AlvordFrancis M. Maude Z.  C-190TS  
AlvordFrancis M.18821972AlvordErnest Amelia Maude Z.C-190TS  
AlvordMaude Z.18851964    AlvordFrancis M.C-190TS  
AlvordNellie B.18721943    AlvordOtis F.C-216TS  
AlvordOtis F.18601941AlfordErnest H.? Amelia Nellie B.C-216TS Rev
AlvordRae W. 13 Apr 1910AlvordFrancis M. Maude  C-190TS  
AlvordRebecca18231904Pardee    F. M.C-216TS  
AlvordRichard M.19161916AlvordFrancis M. Maude Z.  C-190TS  
AmadonFrank E.18511914      C-230/231TS  
AmesArthur A.1911 Ames    Frances G.C-102TS  
AmesFrances G.1915     AmesArthur A.C-102TS  
AmesRichard H.19381963AmesArthur A. Frances G.  C-102TS  
AmesRobert A.19311966AmesArthur A. Frances G.  C-102TS  
AmesTimothy E.26 May 196323 Jun 1963Ames     E-032   
AndersonLeroy18811966Anderson    Martha J.E-030   
AndersonMartha J.18841967    AndersonLeroyE-030   
AndrusEmogene19271993    AndrusDanielD-East-153   
ApplebyAllen18241907Appleby     D-East-191   
ArchibaldKathleen27 Mar 193904 Dec 1940Archibald     E-044   
AustinDawn I.11 Oct 196505 Apr 1969AustinWilliam H.    C-006TS  
AustinDuane A.13 Nov 196705 Apr 1969Austin     C-006TS  
AustinEvelyn19171964      C-004TS  
AustinFlora P.18951972      E-002   
AustinHoward L.17 Dec 192001 Oct 1986Austin    Thelma D.D-East-099 Vet-WWII 
AustinRodney G.19491994Austin     C-006TS  
AustinShirley19471947Austin     C-006TS  
AustinThelma D.20 Aug 192006 Jan 1994    AustinHoward L.D-East-099   
AustinWilliam H.03 Oct 194305 Apr 1969Austin     C-006TS  
BabcockAlice B.18651898      C-199/200TS  
BabcockAnn W. 28 Mar 1815    BabcockC.H. DeforestC-228/229TS  
BabcockBeTSey177708 Oct 1864Main?Amos?  BabcockLuke Sr.C-199/200TS  
BabcockBrayton18141887Babcock   Major C-199/200TS  
BabcockC.H. Deforest28 Aug 185018 Feb 1854BabcockHenry D. Ann W.  C-228/229TS  
BabcockCelia18191905Kellogg   Babcock C-232/233TS  
BabcockCharles H.18841931Babcock    EllaC-232/233TS  
BabcockEdmond J.18551857Babcock     C-232/233TS  
BabcockEliza C.180120 Mar 1882    BabcockLuke Jr.C-199/200TS  
BabcockElizabeth18301901    BabcockJohnC-074TS  
BabcockElla F.18601945    BabcockCharles H.C-232/233TS  
BabcockFred J.18601939BabcockJohn Elizabeth Nettie M.C-074TS  
BabcockHelen19041951      C-232/233TS  
BabcockHenry D.02 Aug 181202 Oct 1898Babcock    Ann W.C-228/229TS  
BabcockInfant Dau  BabcockCharles Ella F.  C-232/233TS  
BabcockJay Park  Babcock     C-232/233TS  
BabcockJohn18241877Babcock    ElizabethC-074TS  
BabcockJoseph18931949Babcock   NobleNoraC-232/233TS  
BabcockJoseph Jr.20 Sep 193703 Nov 1937BabcockJosephNobleNora  C-232/233TS  
BabcockJuliet1830 Major   BabcockBraytonC-199/200TS W2 Utter
BabcockLuke Jr.180122 Sep 1869BabcockLuke Sr. BeTSey Eliza C.C-199/200TS  
BabcockMarie10 Oct 189501 Jan 1992Mcdermott   BabcockSimon B.C-232/233TS  
BabcockNettie M.18621927    BabcockFred J.C-074TS  
BabcockNora18911981Noble   BabcockJosephC-232/233TS  
BabcockSimon B.25 Jul 189515 Apr 1948Babcock   McdermottMarieC-232/233TS  
BabcockSimon M.18101880Babcock     C-232/233TS  
BaileyJames A.02 Feb 191727 Feb 1984Bailey    Jennie L.D-East-161 Vet-WWII 
BaileyJennie L.19211975    BaileyJames S.D-East-161   
BakerCharles El.10 Apr 190918 Feb 1978Baker    Ella M.E-116   
BakerClara J.18991976    BakerErnest D.C-094/095TS  
BakerElla M.21 Feb 190714 Sep 1975    BakerCharles E.E-116   
BakerErnest D.18981960Baker    Clara J.C-094/095TS  
BakerRaymond J.18961954Baker    Vina S.B-066   
BakerVina S.19051992    BakerRaymond J.B-066   
BalcomWilliam G.19601982Balcom     E-118   
BarberLeta J.1918     BarberRalph I.E-002   
BarberRalph I.19141972Barber    Leta J.E-002   
BarberRuth18851961      C-046TS  
BardenBernice  BardenJesse L. Myrtle F.  C-092/093TS  
BardenInfant19141914BardenJesse L. Myrtle F.  C-092/093TS  
BardenInfant19151915BardenJesse F. Myrtle F.  C-092/093TS  
BardenJesse L.18821930Barden    Myrtle F.C-092/093TS  
BardenMyrtle F.18801964    BardenJesse L.C-092/093TS  
BarkerAdda1835     BarkerG.T.C-094/095TS  
BarkerFrank E.18561889BarkerG.T. Adda  C-094/095TS  
BarkerG.T.18281900Barker    AddaC-094/095TS  
BarkerJohn M.18591870BarkerG.T. Adda  C-094/095TS  
BarkerWalter18631863BarkerG.T. Adda  C-094/095TS  
BarnesNellie18621942    BarnesSidney C.E-037   
BarnesSidney C.18631944Barnes    NellieE-037   
BarrettFred Eben24 Jan 189508 Dec 1975Barrett    LuluE-045   
BarrettLulu13 Sep 189325 Sep 1974Markram   BarrettFloyd E.E-045   
BarronC. Richard19141957Barron     D-West-087   
BarronCharles S.18881954Barron    Frances J.D-West-087   
BarronFrances J.18831974    BarronCharles S.D-West-087   
BarronNancy L.19471950Barron     D-West-087   
BarronRobert R.19431958Barron     D-West-087   
BaxterCarl W.11 Nov 197511 Nov 1975Baxter     E-030a  Baby
BeckerCharles H.18711949Becker     C-077TS  
BeckerEssie F.18931978      C-077TS  
BeebeMary A09 Jul 182411 Nov 1899    BeebePrentice W.B-173   
BeebePrentice W.25 Mar 182227 Jan 1888Beebe    Mary A.B-173   
BellEthelyn L.18971967    BellHenry H.C-076TS  
BellHenry H.18911934Bell    Ethelyn L.C-076TS  
BenjaminAdelia M.18581914    BenjamenFrancesB-134  Check Dates
BenjaminFrancis18581914Benjamin    Adelia M.B-134  Check Dates
BennettDortha C.19121968     BennettFred R.    
BennettFred R.19041991Bennett    Dortha C.    
BentleyMerlin C.19171981Bentley    Virginia H.D-East-160   
BentleyVirginia H.1918     BentleyMerlin C.D-East-160   
BentonA.M.29 Oct 181606 Feb 1892Benton    Beaulah G.C-162/163TS  
BentonBeaulah G.28 Feb 181506 Dec 1886    BentonA.M.C-162/163TS  
BentonVolney H.26 Nov 184510 Mar 1888BentonA. M. Beaulah G.  C-162/163TS  
BermelCecile M.19131985    BermelMichael P.C-173TS  
BermelMichael P.19071981Bermel    Cecile M.C-173TxVet-WWII 
BernardAnna18571934    BernardJacob J.C-132TS  
BernardArthur J.18821973Bernard    Milla M.C-132TS  
BernardJacob J.18481923Bernard    AnnaC-132TS  
BernardMilla M.18851972    BernardArthurC-132TS  
BillingsHattie18611933    BillingsLedro W.C-098TS  
BillingsLedro W.18581932Billings    HattieC-098TS  
BledsoeHerman N18821970Bledsoe    Minnie B.D-West-071   
BledsoeMinnie B.18851996    BledsoeHerman N.D-West-071   
BlenderEd Hambley18901974Blender    Mabel L.E-061   
BlenderLillian18671943    BlenderWilliam A.C-183TS  
BlenderMabel L.18921965    BlenderEd HambleyE-061   
BlenderWilliam A.18671926Blender    LillianC-183TS  
BlissEliza A.22 Nov 18381925    BlissGeorge A.A-014   
BlissEvelyn19251964    BlissLyman C.E-032   
BlissGeorge A.08 Sep 183526 Nov 1911Bliss    Eliza A.A-014 Vet-Cw 
BlissIrwin W.18841905Bliss     A-014   
BlissLyman C.19141985Bliss    EvelynE-032   
BlouvetDavid J.18 Oct 196328 Jan 1997Blouvet     D-West-041   
BodineAnna E.12 Mar 188628 Sep 1963Porter   BodineHugh V.E-001   
BodineBarbara19151917BodineHughPorterAnna  E-001   
BodineHugh12 Feb 188608 Feb 1858Bodine   PorterAnna EE-001   
BonelierCharles18951978Bonelier    Joanne F.B-065 Vet-Wi 
BonelierJoanne F.19001985    BonelierCharlesB-065   
BoothChester L.22 Jun 193431 Jan 1986Booth     D-East-156 Vet 
BorisValvian J.05 Jun 191106 Jan 1983Boris     D-East-100 Vet-WWII 
BoslowJohn1900 Boslow    Mary E.C-056TS  
BoslowMary E.19071971    BoslowJohnC-056TS  
BowkerClara H.18871961    BowkerGordon S.E-018   
BowkerEarl D.02 Feb 192507 May 1944Bowker     E-018 Vet-WWII 
BowkerGordon S.18801965Bowker    Clara H.E-018   
BowkerHerman R.19081922Bowker     E-018   
BowkerMichale D.19521952Bowker     E-018   
BowkerRussel D.19541957Bowker     E-018   
BoyerRoss18771958Boyer     C-023TS  
BoyntonFrances G.19021997    BoyntonWinthrop B.B-156   
BoyntonWinthrop B.19011960Boynton    Frances G.B-156   
BradleyAlfred B.18381919Bradley    ElizabethC-062/063TSVet-Cw 
BradleyAlmira181011 Jun 1885Scott   BradleyWilliamC-62/63TS  
BradleyHelen A.1968       C-062/063TS  
BradleyM. Elizabeth18421915KelloggJohn D. Mary D.BradleyAlfred B.C-062/063TS  
BradleyWilliam184208 Mar 1865BradleyWilliam Almira  C-62/36TS  
BradleyWilliam180326 Jun 1864Bradley    AlmiraC-62/63TS  
BradyAlice Q.1897     BradyWilliam E.C-067TS  
BradyElizabeth G.18861915    BradyStuartC-089TS  
BradyMary E.18621949    BradyWilliam E.C-089TS  
BradyStuart H.18911956Brady    Elizabeth G.C-089TS  
BradyWilliam E.18581926Brady    Mary E.C-089TS  
BradyWilliam E.18871941BradyWilliam E. Mary E. Alice Q.C-067TS  
BrainardAlbert S.18411923Brainard    Mary L.C-157TS  
BrainardJennie L.18601940    BrainardValentine H.C-166TS  
BrainardMary L.18411919HaskinsAlmon M. LucyBrainardAlbert S.C-157TS  
BrainardValentine H.18611941Brainard    Jennie L.C-166TS  
BraleyCharles H.22 Dec 193731 Jan 1982Braley     D-West-062 Vet 
BraleyCharles S.19171989Braley    Marie I.D-West-062   
BraleyMarie I.19201991    BraleyCharles S.D-West-062   
BraleyWilliam L.29 Oct 194406 Oct 1995BraleyCharles S.Marie I.   D-West-062   
BreadonEffie E.18821976    BreadonRobert H.D-West-095   
BreadonRobert H.18791960Breadon    Effie E.D-West-095   
BroeckerEdna M.19091988    BroeckerRaymond A.E-114   
BroeckerRaymond A.19041991Broecker    Edna M.E-114   
BrondageHattie R.05 Apr 185727 Mar 1897      C-199/200TS  
BrownAlbertus L.18511935Brown    Cora W.D-West-085   
BrownCora W.186819    BrownAlburtus L.D-West-086   
BrownFrank M.23 Jan 190710 Aug 1988Brown    EvaE-110   
BrownLida L.18551940    BrownMilford F.C-065TS  
BrownMilford F.18511908Brown    Lida L.C-065TS  
BrownMortimer E.21 Jan 189318 Nov 1968Brown     C-058TSVet-WWI 
BrowningAltie18731890      C-209/210TS  
BrowningSusan V.18631883      C-209/210TS  
BrowningWilliam H.19 Oct 182602 Feb 1898Browning     C-209/210TS  
BrundageCleo I.1926 BrundageIvis W Leta L. Shirley G.D-East-123   
BrundageIvis W.18931977Brundage    Leta L.D-East-123   
BrundageLeta L.19031997    BrundageIvis W.D-East-123   
BrundageShirley G.1933     BrundageCleo ID-East-123   
BuckleyMary A.18201889      C-157TS  
BullardEarl D.18951957BullardMarion Miranda E.  E-028   
BullardEster M.19171979      E-028   
BullardEvelyn L.18461926    BullardJ.M.C-066TS  
BullardI. Geneveive19041972      E-028   
BullardJ.M.18461917Bullard    Evelyn L.C-066Tx  
BullardMamie E.18931951      E-046   
BullardMarion18611936Bullard    Miranda E.E-028   
BullardMiranda E.18611935    BullardMarionE-028   
BullardRobert18561946Bullard    Viola MaeC-046TS  
BullardViola Mae18651946    BullardRobertC-046TS  
BuntMary Ann18191900    BuntRichard J.C-224TS  
BuntRichard J.18591903Bunt    Mary AnnC-224TS  
BurchGeorge R.19071996Burch    Isabelle M.E-055   
BurchIsabelle M.      BurchGeorge R.E-055   
BurdickBarbara G.19291996     BurdickWillet F.B-065   
BurdickCharles03 May 185905 Mar 1891BurdickNorton W. Lucy  C-134/135TS  
BurdickDale R.01 May 197112 Mar 1994      D-East-128  Accident
BurdickDora M.18771950    BurdickMerrittC-150TS  
BurdickDoris L.19151997    BurdickWilliam R.D-West-060   
BurdickErma A.18991914    BurdickMark R.C-098TS  
BurdickEva M.19021985    BurdickLevi    
BurdickGertrude C.18881953    BurdickW. HarryC-047TS  
BurdickHomer C.19081985Burdick    Phyllis M.D-East-160   
BurdickJ.S.18721950Burdick     C-171/172TS  
BurdickJosephine R.19161979    BurdickRaymond A.D-East-126   
BurdickLevi15 Sep 189409 Jan 1971Burdick    Eva M.    
BurdickLucy T.29 Nov 182802 Jan 1901    BurdickNorton W.C-134/135TS  
BurdickMark R.19001985Burdick    Erma A.C-098TS  
BurdickMerritt18671956Burdick    Dora M.C-150TS  
BurdickNorton W.10 Feb 182403 Feb 1902Burdick    LucyC-134/135TS  
BurdickPhyllis M.1915     BurdickHomer C.D-East-160   
BurdickRaymond A.19021990Burdick    Josephine R.D-East-126   
BurdickStella H.26 May 186407 Feb 1887PitTSJames Viola O.Burdick C-213/214TS  
BurdickW. Harry18841949Burdick    Gertrude C.C-047TS  
BurdickWillet F.1926 Burdick    Barbara G.B-065   
BurdickWilliam R.19101981Burdick    Doris L.D-West-060   
BusbySamuel S.18401870Busby     B-175   
ButtonFrank E.26 Oct 193205 Jun 1995Button     E-253 Vet 
ButTSHenry18341910ButTS     C-167/168TS  
BuzzardHarry E.18701938Buzzard    Margaret B.D-West-092   
BuzzardJohn E.27 Apr 193528 Mar 2000BuzzardJohn E. Sr.   Shirley M.D-West-091   
BuzzardJohn E. Sr.18951982BuzzardHarry E. Margaret B. Mildred I.D-West-092   
BuzzardMargaret B.18721953    BuzzardHarry E.D-West-092   
BuzzardMildred I.19011974    BuzzardJohn E. SrD-West-092   
BuzzardShirley M.01 Oct 1938 Baker   BuzzardJohn E. Jr.D-West-091   
CalhounSarah J.19271998    CalhounPaul J.E-147   
CameronCecile W.18821962    CameronWilliam S.C-139/140TS  
CameronWilliam S.18721945Cameron    Cecile W.C-139/140TS  
CampbellLloyd C.07 Mar 194625 May 1972Campbell     E-035   
CanfieldRobert H.19001950Canfield     C-125TS  
CanningInfant19511951      C-013TS  
CappellMary Ann18181907    Cappell C-055TS  
CarneyTeresa V28 May 197111 Nov 1977Carney     D-East-098   
CaroccioLouise19301976      D-East-098   
CarterJulia A.18881950Busby     B-175   
CassVivian L.19261997    CassWillard M.D-West-060   
CassWillard M.19151998Cass    Vivian L.D-West-060   
ChadwickDavid C.18411915Chadwick     B-137   
ChamberlainAbigail18521926Lesure   ChamberlainLymanE-009   
ChamberlainCharles J.18811960ChamberlainLymanLesureAbigail  E-009   
ChamberlainDevillo H.19051987Chamberlain    Lillian E.B-154   
ChamberlainFederick        E-006   
ChamberlainLillian19141989    ChamberlainDevillo A.B-154   
ChamberlainLyman18491926Chamberlain   LesureAbigailE-009   
ChamplinHelen H.08 Jul 189425 Sep 1993HydeAlonzo B.McclureLenoraChamplinLeslie L.C-211/212TS Fam  
ChamplinLeslie L.18 Oct 189609 Aug 1960ChamplinEbenezer J.HowardElsieHydeHelen H.C-211/212TS FamVet-WWI 
ChapmanEnoch18551837Chapman     B-091 Vet-Rev 
ChapmanHarrison S.18 Sep 184905 May 1948Chapman     B-091   
ChapmanPeter G.15 Jun 180526 Dec 1861ChapmanEnoch    B-091  Check Dates
ChapmanSarah26 Sep 178812 Jul 1869      B-091   
CharlesFred 21 Jun 1979      D-East-119   
ChaseFrancis19231980      D-East-183   
ChernicBernice L.19201987    ChernicStanley S.D-West-066   
ChernicStanley S.19171984Chernic    Beatrice L.D-West-066   
ChildsKathleen19141993    ChildsMerl    
ChildsMerl30 Jul 190828 Dec 1984Childs    Kathleen  Vet-WWII 
ChrimesMartha19081946Hosley     D-East-223   
ChurchMary D.24 Jul 182210 Dec 1870    ChurchSmithC-184TS  
ChurchSmith18 May 181920 Oct 1887Smith    Mary D.C-184TS  
CimbriczWilliam19091980Cimbrica    Rose H.E-140   
ClairHazel C.18811965      E-004   
ClairWilliam L.18781943Clair   ClairHazel C.E-004   
ClappAlvina L.18481880    ClappGeorge W.B-155   
ClappDavid18301893Clapp    SaraphinaB-113   
ClappFloyd18691895ClappGeorge W. Alvina  B-155   
ClappGeorge W.18411922Clapp     B-155 Vet-Cw 
ClappLewis18321903Clapp    Mary E.B-113   
ClappMary E.      ClappLewisB-113   
ClappSaraphina18371929    ClappDavidB-113   
ClarkAllynd        E-184   
ClarkAnnis05 Jul 184604 Oct 1925    ClarkGeorge J.C-136TS  
ClarkBaby 1968Clark     D-West-073   
ClarkCharles L.03 May 189531 Jan 1969Clark  Julia M. Hazel E.B-131   
ClarkDelos W18441849ClarkThomas Diana M.  C-208TS  
ClarkDiana M.18141899    ClarkThomasC-208TS  
ClarkDorothy M.19141994    ClarkWrayburn H.E-003   
ClarkElizabeth26 Jan 181012 Nov 1900    Clark C-136TS  
ClarkErnest B.18881959Clark    Rosa H.D-East-186   
ClarkGeorge J.04 Jul 184501 Jun 1907Clark  Elizabeth AnnisC-136TS  
ClarkGeorge M.18671905Clark     C-080TS  
ClarkGertrude C.18751929    ClarkPercy L.E-003   
ClarkGertrude O19291981      D-East-210   
ClarkHazel E.18901955    ClarkCharles L.B-131   
ClarkHoward L.19141991Clark     Marie E.D-East-228   
ClarkJulia M.18511936    Clark B-131   
ClarkLafayette J.18351851ClarkThomas Diana M.  C-208TS  
ClarkLettie A.18951988    ClarkRalph H.D-West-088   
ClarkMarie E.19131998    ClarkHoward L.D-East-228   
ClarkPercy L.18741921Clark    Gertrude C.E-003   
ClarkRalph H.18911958Clark    Lettie A.D-West-088   
ClarkRosa H.18921974    ClarkErnest B.D-East-186   
ClarkRuth A.19111992    ClarkAllyndE-184   
ClarkThomas18101863Clark    Diana M.C-208TS  
ClarkWrayburn H.19121970Clark    Dorothy M.E-003   
ClarkeFlorence A.18481889HughesJ. B. L. K.ClarkeI. W.B-175  B/Belfast Ny
ClugstonDonald D.15 Jun 193904 Jun 1962Clugston Mildred E.   D-East-183 Vet 
ClugstonLawrence L.19411955Clugston Mildred E.   D-East-183   
ClugstonMildred E.19021990    Clugston D-East-155   
CoaTSA. Scott03 Jun 187823 Feb 1879CoaTSElias B. Altha J.  C-186TS  
CoaTSAlta J.18391919    CoaTSElias S.C-186TS  
CoaTSElias B.27 Aug 183911 Mar 1887CoaTS    Altha J.C-186TS  
ColeAurelia18111875Stoddard     D-East-220   
ColeDonald C.19241944Cole     D-East-184   
ColeElizabeth18221902Ried   ColeStephen W.C-209/210TS  
ColeElizabeth B.19141970    ColeJoseph R.D-East-184   
ColeExperience18311924Gardner     D-East-220   
ColeFlorence E.18781965    ColeS. WelcomeD-East-184   
ColeJoseph18101879Cole     D-East-220   
ColeJoseph A.18501924Cole     D-East-220   
ColeJoseph R.19161997ColeS. Welcome Florence E. Elizabeth B.D-East-184   
ColeLynn18791958      D-East-220   
ColeMarie S.18971931      E-012   
ColeS. Welcome18791957Cole    Florence E.D-East-184   
ColeSands06 Apr 184803 Aug 1879ColeStephen W.RiedElizabeth  C-209/210TS  
ColeStephen W.26 Dec 184211 Mar 1864ColeStephen W.RiedElizabeth  C-209/210TS  
ColeStephen W.07 Dec 181401 Nov 1879Cole    ElizabethC-209/210TS  
ColliganEdward A.18591923Colligan    Hattie C.C-020TS  
ColliganHattie C.18651921    ColliganEdwardC-020TS  
CollinsCatherine18231904NiverCosper BeTSeyCollinsHarryC-052TS  
CollinsCharles18961896CollinsM. L.E.  C-052TS  
CollinsHarry18231882Collins   NiverCatherineC-052TS  
CollinsLena G.18721923    CollinsMurrayC-033TS  
CollinsMurray18621922Collins    Lena G.C-033TS  
CombsMary E.18741959Combs Crandall Unwed B-157   
ComfortJames W.18951970Comfort    LeahE-059 Vet-WWI 
ComfortLeah19071978Wells   ComfortJames W.E-059   
ComptonAlmond18491932Compton    Elnora E.C-075TS  
ComptonAndrew H.18861933Compton    Hazel E.C-148/149TS  
ComptonBetty Sue22 Oct 192221 Nov 1992    ComptonJohn S.C-148/149TS  
ComptonElnora E.18511930    ComptonAlmondC-075TS  
ComptonGaylord W.19081960ComptonAndrew H. Hazel E.BrooksRuthC-148/149TS  
ComptonHazel E.18881971    ComptonAndrew H.C-148/149TS  
ComptonJohn S.25 Jul 191924 Aug 1991ComptonAndrew H. Hazel E. Betty SueC-148/149TS  
ComptonRuth19141979Brooks   ComptonGaylord W.C-148/149TS  
ConklinMildred S.18881976      D-East-223   
CookBert19221933Cook     E-002   
CookCarrie S.18851958    CookWilson E.E-031   
CookClifford J.18971939Cook    Frances E.C-148/149TS  
CookFrances E.18981934    CookClifford JC-148/149TS  
CookLouis F.19001945Cook     E-031   
CookWilson E.18801941Cook    Carrie S.E-031   
CoonAnna M.18261905    CoonGeorgeC-156TS  
CoonBeatrice M15 Feb 190819 Nov 1999GoffJay B.HilliardLenaCoonCarl S.C-097TS Gen  
CoonCarl S.30 Aug 190205 Jan 1971CoonPelegTownsendMamieGoffBeatriceC-097TS Gen  
CoonGeorge18221872Coon    Anna M.C-156TS  
CoonJon D.1942 CoonCarl S.GoffBeatrice  C-097TS  
CoonJosephine18561892Lord   CoonPelegC-156TS  
CooperClarence18861961Cooper    Philena E.C-012TS  
CooperConnie L.19 Sep 195907 Jun 1965      E-107   
CooperGeorge P.03 Dec 189203 Mar 1962Cooper     C-012TSVet-WWI 
CooperGrover 1970Cooper     C-012TS  
CooperIra08 Dec 190608 Sep 1978Cooper     E-132   
CooperPhilena E.18861961Swain   CooperClarenceC-012TS  
CorbinElizabeth E.198028 Apr 1980Corbin     D-East-154   
CornwellElla A.186519      C-230/231Tx  
CorwinM. Louise18671944      E-043   
CostiganElinor19151930      C-119/120TS  
CostiganMary18791984      C-119/120TS  
CottonAlmira W.18141867    CottonSamuelC-064TS  
CottonDella M.18721932    CottonGeorge I.C-043TS  
CottonGeorge I.18681930Cotton    Della M.C-043TS  
CottonHazel C.18981926      C-043TS  
CottonHubbard18381910CottonSamuel Almira W. Mary A.C-064TS  
CottonIra17881865Cotton    SallyC-064TS  
CottonMary A.18361903    CottonHubbardC-064TS  
CottonMertie D.19041998    CottonSamuel G.C-043TS  
CottonSally17831860    CottonIraC-064TS  
CottonSamuel18151897CottonIra Sally Almira W.C-064TS  
CottonSamuel G.18991975Cotton    Mertie B.C-043Tx  
CottonThomas F.19011950Cotton     C-043TS  
CowellAngela A.18421911ScottAsaHughesMary  C-187TS  
CowellWilliam A.18831904Cowell   ScottAngela A.C-187TS  
CowlesA.J.18491931Cowles    AnettC-092/093TS  
CowlesAnett18481936    CowlesA.J.C-092/093TS  
CowlesCalvin A.28 Aug 192327 Apr 1992Cowles    Sophronia A.D-East-188 Vet-WWII 
CowlesClarissa P.19 Jan 182610 Feb 1901Thurber  Olive  C-092/-093TS  
CowlesEverett A.16 Jan 191827 Jul 1918Cowles     C-092/093TS  
CowlesFannie L.18851968    CowlesMaurice P.D-East-157   
CowlesLydia M.18621908Amidon   CowlesWilliam R.C-092/-093TS  
CowlesMaurice P.18811969Cowles    Fannie L.D-East-157   
CowlesSophronia A.        D-East-188   
CowlesWilliam R.18581939Cowles    Lydia M.C-092/-093TS  
CoyleHugh18191839Coyle    Louisa M.C-116TS  
CoyleJennie M.18551902      C-116TS  
CoyleJulia M.18601877CoyleHugh Louisa M.  C-116TS  
CoyleLouisa M.18221905    CoyleHughC-116TS  
CraigBeatrice19211990Fox     E-026   
CramerJennie18661959      E-014   
CramerTheodore18761955Cramer     E-014   
CrandallAnna E.18701964    CrandallStephen E.B-136   
CrandallBert18691917Crandall     B-135   
CrandallClaude B.18971977Crandall     B-136   
CrandallDee18941957      B-136   
CrandallDonna P.18951942    CrandallHarold C.C-69/70TS  
CrandallErnest E.18951942Crandall     C-69/70TS  
CrandallGus18901960Crandall    Veda B.C-098TS  
CrandallHarold C.18991921Crandall    Donna P.C-69/70TS  
CrandallHilda M.19001995    CrandallWilliam J.B-135   
CrandallMargaret E.18991982      C-69/70TS  
CrandallMay E.18711903    CrandallWillard L.C-69/70TS  
CrandallNancy18591924      B-135   
CrandallOlive18441897    CrandallWilliamB-136   
CrandallStephen E.18631947Crandall     B-136   
CrandallVeda B.18891980    CrandallBusC-098TS  
CrandallWillard L.18651952Crandall    May E.C-69/70TS  
CrandallWilliam18341901Crandall    Olive A.B-136 Vet-Cw 
CrandallWilliam J.18921958Crandall    Hilda M.B-135   
CraneDonald M.18951963Crane    Eva B.D-West-069   
CraneDora L.1927     CraneGerald B.D-West-069   
CraneDora N.18851961    CraneRussell H.C-037TS  
CraneEva B.19071989    CraneDonald M.D-West-069   
CraneGerald B.23 Feb 192806 Apr 1983CraneDonald M. Eva B. Dora L.D-West-069 Vet 
CraneLisa R.19621962Crane     D-West-069  6 Months
CraneRussell H.18881952Crane    Dora N.C-037TS  
CrawfordCarl Hughes18971926CrawfordCharles C.HughesJennie  C-114/115TS  
CrawfordCharles C.18661947Crawford   HughesJennieC-114/115TS  
CrawfordJennie18701973Hughes   CrawfordCharles C.C-114/115TS  
CronkHarriet N.18701954    CronkWilliam B.C-143TS  
CronkWilliam B.18711942Cronk    Harriet N.C-143TS  
CrossCalvin30 Jan 181219 Feb 1879Cross    EmelineC-178TS  
CrossCelia30 Dec 187911 Jan 1880Cross     C-153TS  
CrossDorothea V.19121973    CrossNeil G.E-069   
CrossElessor19911991Cross     E-069   
CrossEmeline181705 Jun 1866    CrossCalvinC-178TS  
CrossEmma L.188119      C-178TS  
CrossFrank27 Oct 187228 Jan 1875Cross     C-153TS  
CrossHannah M18431915ClevelandLuman HannahCrossTheronC-153TS  
CrossLuzina J.18451915      C-178TS  
CrossMatie E04 Jul 187611 Jul 1880Cross     C-153TS  
CrossNeil G.19021971Cross    Dorothea V.E-069   
CrossTheron18411914Cross     C-153TSVet-CwCo K 85th Ny
CummingsHerman B.13 Jun 190717 Jun 1952Cummings     C-014TS  
CummingsJoan19441955Cummings     C-014TS  
CummingsMary19441955Cummings     C-014TS  
CumminsAgnes E.19061993    CumminsLawrence D.E-070   
CumminsElizabeth18861965    CumminsHenryC-132TS  
CumminsHelen S.19221983      E-119   
CumminsHenry18801956Cummins    ElizabethC-132TS  
CumminsLawrence E.19051971Cummins    Agnes E.E-070   
DahillJessie V.19311987    DahillTimothy H.D-East-165   
DahillTimothy H.1924 Dahill    Jessie V.D-East-165   
DanielsDarius18481909Daniels   HigginsEllaB-174   
DanielsElla18501910Higgins   DanielsDariusB-174   
DavidsonAlbert W.19111990Davidson    Lois B.E-030   
DavidsonJeanette B.19321937StevensWilliam L. Maedene A.DavidsonWilliam E.D-East 230   
DavidsonWilliam E.1927 Davidson    Jeanette B.D-East-230   
DavieArdella T.18621939Thurston   DavieSamuel T.C-117/118TS  
DavieEdith18621892HoadleyMilo A. AdelaideDavieFrancisC-221/222TS  
DavieFrancis C.18901890DavieFrancisHoadleyEdith  C-221/222TS  
DavieSamuel T.18571926Davie   ThurstonArdella T.C-117/118TS  
DavisHarold L.18971968Davis    Frances/LucilleD-West-112  Wed 2
DavisJohn A.05 Dec 190526 Dec 1972Davis    Ruby J.E-071 Vet-WWII 
DavisLucille H.19041986    DavisHarold L.D-West-112  2nd Wife
DavisM. Frances18981934    DavisHarold L.D-West-112  1st Wife
DavisMildred18861949    DavisWilliam F.E-003  Ck Dates
DavisRuby J.19061993    DavisJohn A.E-071   
DavisWilliam01 Feb 191803 Jul 1980Davis     E-003 Vet-WWII 
DavisWilliam F.18861949Davis    MildredE-003   
DavisonMalcom R. Jr.02 Jan 197004 Jan 1970DavisonMalcom R. Sr Doris Pl  E-115   
DavisonMalcom R. Sr03 May 192615 Aug 1987Davison    Doris P.E-116   
DaytonCynthia S18281899    DaytonWilliam A.C-104/105TS  
DaytonElena18531937Renwick   Dayton C-104/105TS  
DaytonFrank L18551911Dayton     C-104/105TS  
DaytonLeola  Renwick     C-104/105TS  
DaytonWilliam A.18291908Dayton    CynthiaC-104/105TS  
DeckerM Eva18911931WetherbyStephen Lillie A.Decker C-195TS  
DegolyerAlice L.07 Apr 190505 Aug 1960      D-East-150   
DelamatyrWelthy18281903      C-041TS  
DempseyJoyce M.11 Jul 194710 Dec 1997      D-East-161   
DemuthJohn J.185224 Jul 1886Demuth     C-188TS  
DerrJohn F.18591918Derr     C-086TS Rev
DerrJulia F.18991988      C-086TS  
DevoreOlin S.19141973Devore    Rose A.E-073   
DevoreRose A.19191996    DevoreOlin S.E-073   
DeyoeDorothy J.24 May 193318 Apr 1935DeyoeHugh B. Irene F.  E-038   
DeyoeGeorge H.18331945Deyoe     C-158TS  
DeyoeHugh B.07 Apr 189808 Sep 1946Deyoe    Irene F.E-038   
DeyoeIrene F.08 Apr 190123 May 1991    DeyoeHugh B.E-038   
DodsonCleo G.18971969Dodson    LedurnE-063   
DodsonLedurn18921971    DodsonCleo G.E-063   
DodsonLeroy L.13 Jul 191626 Apr 1988Dodson    Beatrice L.E-113   
DodsonTimothy 12 Dec 1946Dodson     C-045TS  
DohertyRuby A.185413 Dec 1888    DohertyA. R.B-173   
DrakeNettie L.18921917      C-092/-093TS  
DrewEmery06 Nov 182605 Jul 1898Drew     B-132   
DuffyJ. Basil19141998Duffy    Marion L.D-East-161   
DuffyMarion L.1916     DuffyJ. JasilD-East-161   
DunbarLottie E.18581938      C-069/070TS  
DuncanAgnes S.18831983    DuncanLewis W.D-West-072   
DuncanLewis W.18691959Duncan    Agnes S.D-West-072   
DunningAda18691952    DunningHarryC-037TS  
DunningBeatrice N1914     DunningFrancis F.D-East-100   
DunningFrancis F.19121999Dunning    Beatrice ND-East-100   
DunningHarry18701954Dunning    AdaC-037TS  
DyringCharles F.18901973Dyring    Tania L.E-006   
DyringTanya L.18911966    DyringCharles F.E-006   
EbelhareDorothy J.1909     EbelhareEdward H.B-109   
EbelhareEdward H.19091981Ebelhare    Dorothy J.B-109   
EllsworthCatherine S.18921956      E-035   
EllsworthEugene R.18911959Ellsworth      E-035   
EllsworthIda M.        E-035   
EllsworthLewis S.18601947Ellsworth     Ida M.E-035   
EllsworthNella F.18791936Foster ??     B-156   
EllsworthRaymond E.19021992Ellsworth      E-035   
EllsworthTheodore19051936Ellsworth      E-035   
ElmerCharles W.18791963Elmer     C-015TS  
ElmerHilda A.19181981    ElmerR. LeroyC-015TS  
ElmerNellie G.18891925VoorheisWilliam Mary A.Elmer C-169TS  
ElmerR. Leroy19111985ElmerCharles W.   Hilda C.C-015TS  
EmeryAlbert R.18851976Emery    Elizabeth A.C-124TS  
EmeryAlton C.19171996EmeryAlbert R. Elizabeth A. Vivian P.C-124TSVet-WWII 
EmeryElizabeth A.18881962    EmeryAlbert R.C-124TS  
EmeryVivian P.1920     EmeryAlton C.C-124TS  
EnosAdah18931967Kellogg   EnosGeorge H.D-West-094   
EnosGeorge H.06 Jan 189417 Dec 1971Enos KelloggAdahD-West-094 Vet-WWI 
EvansWilfred H.19191992      E-069   
FairbanksAbel18051885Fairbanks    SibbelC-051TS  
FairbanksAlmira26 Aug 186014 Nov 1957    FiarbanksRemingtonC-136TS  
FairbanksClarissa10 Aug 184402 Jun 1888PotterWilliam  FairbanksRemingtonC-136TS  
FairbanksRemington31 Dec 182701 Mar 1898Fairbanks    AlmiraC-136TS W2
FairbanksSibbel18161876    FairbanksAbelC-051TS  
FarnhamLouis18551930      C-099TS  
FarnhamWilliam H.18541929      C-099TS  
FaulknerJohn D.1904Ck DateFaulkner   DickMaryD-East-211   
FaulknerMary19051986Dick   FaulknerJohn D.D-East-211   
FaulknerRuth M.19351999     FaulknerJohn S.D-East-211   
FeasterClarence E.19041989Feaster    Edna F.E-041   
FeasterEdna F.19041981    FeasterClarence E.E-041   
FeasterGeorge E.18811965Feaster    SusanC-142TS  
FeasterPaul19161973Feaster    Mary E.E-116 Vet-WWII 
FeasterSusan18801950    FeasterGeorge E.C-142TS  
FergusonAlbert C.19101973Ferguson     D-West-070   
FergusonFrank F.18941966Ferguson     D-West-070   
FergusonGeorge C.19011960Ferguson     D-West-070   
FerrinClarence W.19251987Ferrin    Betty L.    
FerrinDouglas R.19531982Ferrin     D-West-086   
FiskClaude B.18761928Fisk     E-013   
FitzgeraldErnest19061998Fitzgerald    Helen L.E-067   
FitzgeraldHelen L.19141992    FitzgeraldErnestE-067   
FitzgeraldL. Authur19491949FitzgeraldErnest Helen L.  E-067   
FlaggCharles1917 Flagg    Ruth A.C-117/118TS  
FlaggInfant        C-117/118TS  
FlaggRuth A.19121968    FlaggCharlesC-117/118TS  
FlintElizabeth R.18611939    FlintWilliam H.C-061TS  
FlintHarold18881944FlintWilliam N. Elizabeth R.  C-061TS  
FlintHarry18191902Flint    LydiaC-061TS  
FlintLydia18261885    FlintHemryC-061TS  
FlintWilliam H.18521920Flint    Elizabeth R.C-061TS  
ForsythMona E.1916       E-120   
FosterArlie18921944Prince   FosterGlenn M.B-089   
FosterC. Milford11 Feb 191701 Jan 1981Foster   WattSylviaC-013TSVet-WWII 
FosterCharlotte J.19101986      B-065   
FosterClara 18681945Palmer   CrandallWilliam B ??B-156   
FosterGlenn M.18871974Foster   PrinceArlieB-089   
FosterHannah18511900CoonGeorge Anna M.Foster C-156TS  
FosterIrene R18991956    FosterLewis H.C-129TS  
FosterLewis H18961956Foster    Irene R.C-129TS  
FosterLida G18731938Foster ??     B-156   
FosterSylvia12 Apr 1922 Watt   FosterC. MilfordC-013TS  
FosterWilliam B.18721955Foster     B-156   
FoxEmma18861967    FoxWilliamE-026   
FoxFrances08 Nov 192928 Jun 2000FarnsworthVane L.HillEdnaFoxWilliamE-026Obit  
FoxWilliam18901960Fox    EmmaE-026   
FreemanCatherine18931943    FreemanWilliamC-028TS  
FreemanClinton M.  Freeman    Edna M.    
FreemanEdna M.19181984    FreemanClinton M.    
FreemanFelmont A.09 Aug 191114 Aug 1996Freeman     E-056 Vet-WWII 
FreemanLavera A. 06 Nov 1946FreemanMelvin B. Mary E.  C-009TS  
FreemanMary E.21 May 1917     FreemanMelvin B.C-009TS  
FreemanMelvin B.28 Apr 191302 May 1980Freeman    Mary E.C-009TSVet-WWII 
FreemanWilliam18871947Freeman    CatherineC-028TS  
FriesEliza B.10 Apr 184806 Sep 1921CrandallHenry ClintonEnnisLudindaFriesGeorge W.B-181   
FriesFredonia184422 May 1882    FriesGeorge W.B-181   
FriesGeorge W.183607 Aug 1908Fries    Fredonia/ElizaB-181  Wed 2
FryFrancis S.29 Jul 182322 Apr 1908Fry    Merinda E.C-111TS  
FryMerinda E.08 Jun 182913 Dec 1919Thurston   FryFrancis S.C-111TS  
GallmanElsie E. 1985    GallmanOtto C.    
GallmanOtto C.19041977Gallman    Elsie E.    
GardnerAntonett09 Feb 181206 Dec 1893    GardnerStephenC-072/073TS  
GardnerElizabeth1835     GardnerS. FranklinC-072/073TS  
GardnerGlenn F.16 Jun 188907 Mar 1893GardnerWilliam Byron Sara Elizabeth  C-072/073TS  
GardnerHattie18691880      D-East-220   
GardnerKathleen E.18971898GardnerWilliam Byron Sara  C-072/073TS  
GardnerS. Franklin18361919GardnerStepnen   AntoinetteC-072/073TS  
GardnerSara Elizabeth18651910    GardnerWilliam ByronC-072/073TS  
GardnerStephen05 Nov 180427 Oct 1883Bardner    AntoinettC-072/073TS  
GardnerWilliam Bryon18501944Gardner    Sara ElizabethC-072/073TS  
GaryCharles18571927Gary    Eliza M.E-002   
GaryDavid18541934Gary     E-009   
GaryEliza M.18661945    GaryCharles E-002   
GaryNorman18801953Gary     E-009   
GavittGerald19171998Gavitt     E-055   
GaylordFrances P.19111973    GaylordRichard H.C-055TS  
GaylordRichard H.19031983Gaylord    Frances P.C-055TS  
GaytonAaron D.22 Feb 184415 Apr 1916Gayton    JohanaA-014 Vet-Cw 
GaytonJohana18411907    GaytonAaron D.A-014   
GermanJohn C.18431910German    Mary C.C-116TS  
GermanMary C.18481931    GermanJohn C.C-116TS  
GiffordEster19031970Lane   GiffordRobert V.    
GiffordRobert V.19031971Gifford   LaneEster    
GilesNora J.19561995    GilesElmer L.D-East-231   
GobleEdward F.19071994Goble    Marion I.C-102TS  
GobleMarion I.1911     GobleEdward F.C-102TS  
GoffJay B.18811966Goff     C-097TS  
GonceyHelen S.1903     GonceyJamesC-226/227TS  
GonceyJames1900 Goncey    Helen S.C-226/227TS  
GoodliffBlanche K.19041995    GoodliffHomer G.E-111   
GoodliffHomer G.19021980Goodliff    Blanche K.E-111   
GoodliffJoseph A.19231992GoodliffHomer G. Blanche K. MildredE-111   
GowdyLawrence H.31 Dec 192331 Oct 1993Gowdy     E-145 Vet-WWII 
GrahamCarrie D.18631960    GrahamFrankE-015   
GrahamFrank18601930Graham    Carrie C.E-015   
GrangerLillian19071996      B-150   
GrastorfRobert L.19281928Grastorf     C-142TS  
GravesHarriett M.18961964    GravesHarry L.D-West-090   
GravesHarry L.18811947Graves    Harriett M.D-West-090   
GrayGeorge F.06 Jul 195324 Oct 1994Gray     B-044   
GrayThelma Mae25 Jun 192320 Aug 1999WyattJosephWardFlorenceGrayGeorgeC-014Obit W2/Cummins
GreenCelestine E.19091999    GreenChurchill W.D-East-241   
GreenCharles K.18991978Green    Ruth M.D-East-151   
GreenChurchill W.19041986Green    Celestine E.D-East-241   
GreenDarlene J.19521999          
GreenDavid06 May 197511 Sep 1975Green     B-180   
GreenDilia S.      GreenVictorD-East-151   
GreenHarold N19261985GreenLeon H. Helen M BerniceB-170 Vet-WWII 
GreenHelen M.19011966    GreenLeon H.B-170   
GreenHerbert L.18931993Green    Marie B.D-East-161   
GreenLeon H18971958Green    Helen M.B-170   
GreenMarie B.18941972    GreenHerbert L.D-East-161   
GreenMartha J.19001932    GreenCharles K.D-East-151   
GreenMeridith07 Sep 194430 Nov 1994    GreenWilliam C.D-East-238   
GreenPaul L.29 Sep 189508 Feb 1969Green   ElmerVenaC-015TSVet-WWI 
GreenRuth M.19031992    GreenCharles K.D-East-151   
GreenVictor  Green    Dilia S.D-East-151   
GreenVina19081998ElmerCharles W.  GreenPaul L.C-015TS  
GreenWalter C.        D-East-151   
GreeneGrant E.26 Mar 192128 Nov 1992Greene     C-047TSVet-WWII 
GreerGeorge S.18621939Greer    Minnie B.E-003   
GreerMinnie B.18651939    GreerGeorge S.E-003   
GriffithClementine18531926      E-005   
GriffithJabez   Griffity    Margaret L.E-005   
GriffithMargaret L.      GriffithJabezE-005   
GuilfordClair D.19191981Guilford     D-West-060   
GuilfordClyde F.19071973Guilford    Doris L.D-East-160   
GuilfordConley W.21 Jul 188305 Oct 1961Guilford     C-174TS  
GuilfordDoris L.1912     GuilfordClyde F.D-East-160   
GuilfordEdna C.19021982    GuilfordLawrence D.E-073   
GuilfordFrank S.18701937GuilfordWillima Mary Ida L.C-196TS  
GuilfordIda L.18761954    GuilfordFrank S.C-196TS  
GuilfordKathryn L.18821966    GuilfordLeroy T.E-022   
GuilfordLawrence D.19011987Guilford    Edna C.E-073   
GuilfordLeroy19141994GuilfordLeroy T. Kathryn L. Marion L.E-022   
GuilfordLeroy T.18811952Guilford    Kathryn L.E-022   
GuilfordMarion L.19121989    GuilfordLeroy T.E-022   
GuilfordMary18251914    GuilfordWilliamC-196TS  
GuilfordMary E.18621935    GuilfordWilliam L.C-196TS  
GuilfordWilliam18261912Guilford    MaryC-196TS  
GuilfordWilliam L.18571943GuilfordWilliam Mary Mary E.C-196TS  
HackettLawrence C.12 Mar 193524 Jul 1963Hackett     C-174TS  
HadsellSarah Edith18951979    HadselWilliam D.E-033   
HadsellWilliam D.18931981Hadsell    Sarah EdithE-033   
HalburtLillian 28 Oct 1974      D-East-119   
HaleHarry W.19031993Hale    Hazel B.E-185   
HaleHazel B.        E-185   
HaleRobert M.19251997HaleHarry W. Hazel B. EvelynE-186   
HallEffie J.19081996    HallGeorge H.E-161   
HallGeorge H.  Hall    Effie J.E-162   
HallHarriett F.04 Apr 188818 May 1977    HallWilliam T.C-035TS  
HallMary18971961    HallStanley G.B-130   
HallStanley G.18921967Hall    MaryB-130   
HallWilliam T.31 Mar 187814 May 1941Hall    Harriet F.C-035TS  
HamiltonHarry18961935      A-021   
HamiltonWilliam18431907Hamilton     B-002/003 Vet-Cw 
HampshireDavid E.18 Oct 195208 Nov 1986HampshireDavid K.    D-East-126 Vet-Viet 
HampshireDavid K.20 Jan 192707 Nov 1977Hampshire     D-East-126 Vet-WWII 
HandAbraham184303 Aug 1905Hand    AdahC-133TS  
HandAdahAug 184312 Nov 1908Palmer   HandAbrahamC-133TS  
HandCarlena B.18751942    HandWillet J.C-133TS  
HandEdgar189007 Mar 1905HandWillet J. Carlena B.  C-133TS  
HandMargaret A.1910     HandPaul BC-133TS  
HandPaul B.19031965Hand    Margaret A.C-133TS  
HandWillet J.18711931Hand    Carlena B.C-133TS  
HanksFrederick G.1907 HanksDeanGrahamEvelynPalmerLoretta P.D-East-121   
HanksLoretta P.19171997PalmerF. Wayne Rena S.HanksFrederick G.D-East-121   
HarbuckSally19091969Howard ?   HarbuckWalterD-East-120   
HarbuckWalter C.19041966Harbuck    SallyD-East-120   
HardingFrances S.18551911Fry ?     C-111TS  
HardwoodEmma A.18601936    HardwoodRufusC-150TS  
HardwoodRufus18551935Hardwood    Emma S.C-150TS  
HarmonInfant`06 Jan 198406 Jan 1984Harmon     E-034   
HarpDwight D.19531997Harp    Edith M.E-145   
HarrisNina184227 Feb 1915      C-139/140TS  
HarrisonMaryJan 183018 Sep 1841Harrison     C-042TS  
HartmanJoyce18 Mar 194902 May 1949Hartman TillinghamSarah  C-121TS  
HartmanSarah22 Jul 191702 Feb 1991Tillingham   Hartman C-121TS  
HarveyMargaret G.19161994    HarveyThomas E.D-West-065   
HarveyThomas E.19081959Harvey    Margaret G.D-West-065   
HasardAlta18701945    HasardJohn J.C-137/138TS  
HasardInfant18941894HasardJohn J. Alta  C-137/138TS  
HasardJ. Wendell19031904HasardJohn J. Alta  C-137/138TS  
HasardJohn J.18681955Hasard    AltaC-137/138TS  
HaskinsAlmon M.18031890Haskins    LucyC-157TS  
HaskinsLucy18141910    HaskinsAlmon M.C-157TS  
HatchAugusta J.18471919    HatchClarence B.C-106/107TS  
HatchCharles S15 Jul 18541910HatchJeremiah JrRigdonLacy  C-106/107TS  
HatchClarence B16 Jan 18481881HatchJeremiah Jr.RigdonLacy Augusta J.C-106/107TS  
HatchEdward J.18781911Hatch     C-106/107TS  
HatchEdward W18511924HatchJeremiah Jr.RigdonLacy  C-106/107TS  
HatchFlorence W.18751959      C-106/107TS  
HatchHenry W18521918Hatch     C-106/107TS  
HatchJeremiah Jr.181921 Dec 1862HatchJeremiahHaightElizabethRigdonLacyC-106/107TSVet-Cw 
HatchLacy A.18331877RigdonSidneyBrooksPhebeHatchJeremiah Jr.C-106/107TS  
HayesCollon M.18791963Hayes     E-057   
HayesErma E.18941982      E-057   
HelmeElizabeth03 Jul 183012 Oct 1900    HelmeRobert RC-127/128TS  
HelmeFrank C29 Apr 185920 Oct 1894Helme     C-127/128TS  
HelmeLillian E.03 Nov 187502 Jan 1932    HelmeRobert HC-127/128TS  
HelmeRobert H04 May 186821 Apr 1922Helme    LillianC-127/128TS  
HelmeRobert R19 Apr 192715 Mar 1896Helme    ElizabethC-127/128TS  
HendersonFather        E-007   
HendersonMother        E-007   
HenryAnita1917       D-East-099   
HenryCurtis P.13 Aug 189926 Nov 1987Henry    MildredE-063 Vet-WWI 
HenryGeorge H.18781691Henry    Pearl M.B-111   
HenryMildred19061986    HenryCurtis P.E-063   
HenryPearl M18871937    HenryGeorge H.B-111   
HenryRobert W.  Henry     D-East-099   
HenwoodGilbert H.19231986Henwood     E-078   
HernandezFrank18581916Hernandez    IdaC-060TS  
HernandezIda B.18581966ScottWilliam H. Helen L.  C-060TS  
HernblomFern A.19101970Wakefield   HernblomHowardC-048TS  
HernblomHoward18961971HernblomFrankScottIda Fern A.C-048TS  
HernblomStuart E.19321948HernblomHoward Fern A.  C-048TS  
HerrickClifford19061974HerrickHarry Elizabeth P. Florence O.E-023   
HerrickElizabeth P.18811935    HerrickHarryE-023   
HerrickFlorence O.19111995    HerrickCliffordE-023   
HerrickFrederick H.19411995Herrick    Edith M.E-023   
HerrickHarry18761974Herrick    Elizabeth P.E-023   
HerrickHomer C.        E-023   
HerrickPauline E.        E-023   
HewittEdgar A.30 Nov 185405 Sep 1911Hewitt    Mary C.C-171/172TS  
HewittMary C.04 May 186605 Ded 1938    HewittEdgar A.C-171/172TS  
HewittRuth A.18 Aug 190608 Mar 1937     .C-171/172TS  
HickcoxEarle E.18801968Hickcox    Helen B.C-090/091TS  
HickcoxHelen B.18831971    HickcoxEarle E.C-090/091TS  
HicksMary S.08 Apr 184019 Apr 1929    HicksWilliam D.C-219/220TS  
HicksW. Carlton05 Dec 187012 Sep 1893HicksWilliam D. Mary S.  C-219/220TS  
HicksWilliam D.11 Aug 183317 Jun 1963Hicks    Mary S.C-219/220TS  
HicksWinnifred18691963HicksWilliam D. Mary S.  C-219/220TS  
HigginsAdelbert29 Oct 184318 Feb 1851Higgins     B-174   
HigginsCynthia05 Aug 184129 Nov 1894    HigginsHenry C.C-020TS  
HigginsEliza J.Dec 180026 Feb 1860     B-174   
HigginsH. R.Apr 182120 Oct 1869Higgins     B-174   
HigginsHenry C.18401917Higgins    Cynthia S.C-020TS  
HigginsJohnson10 Nov 182223 May 1892Higgins   ScottMaryB-174   
HigginsMaroras18451929    HigginsWalterE-011   
HigginsMary22 Nov 182412 Dec 1900Scott   HigginsJohnsonB-174   
HigginsWalter18441923Higgins    MarorasE-011   
HillArlie        B-067   
HillAthena F.23 Sep 191217 Dec 1950    HillArlieB-067   
HillSarah      HillTrumanRememberedTS  
HillTurman       SarahRememberedTS  
HilliardArchie J.19151978Hilliard    S. MarieD-East-126   
HilliardS. Marie19201996    HilliardArchie J.D-East-126   
HincherAlpheus A.18511936Hincher    Harriet E.B-173   
HincherHarriet E18551919    HincherAlpheus A.B-173   
HoadleyAdelaide18361918    HoadleyMilo A.C-221/222TS  
HoadleyMilo A.18261894Hoadley    AdelaideC-221/222TS  
HoaglandBenjamin18431913Hoagland     E-052   
HodgeDale L.09 Nov 195316 Jan 1999      D-East-157   
HodgePatricia L.19351978    HodgeDonald R.D-East-157   
HodgeRobert H.18851973Hodge     D-East-157   
HodgesCharles A.18731935Hodges    Ella A.E-042   
HodgesElla A.18841966    HodgesCharles A.E-042   
HodgmanMarian18861969    HodgmanStillmanC-061TS  
HodgmanPhilip19151920Hodgman     C-061TS  
HodgmanStillman18771962Hodgman    MarianC-061TS  
HoganWilliam G.05 Feb 192922 Feb 1997Hogan    Susie E.E-122   
HolidayDealton19031989Holiday    Gertrude M.E-062   
HolidayGertrude M.      HollidayDealton M.E-062   
HoodArthur T.19071995Hood    Irma R.D-West-065   
HoodIrma R.190616 Feb 2001    HoodArthur T.D-West-065   
HookerDorothy E.19101971      B-110   
HookerEmma18801957    HookerLewis S.B-110   
HookerInfant        B-110   
HookerLewis W.18701933Hooker    EmmaB-110   
HopkinsGeorge E.18951962Hopkins    Inez T.E-041   
HopkinsInez T.18991964    HopkinsGeorge E.E-041   
HortonCarol M.18921929      C-035TS  
HosleyAbel23 Jul 182215 Feb 1879Hosley    Mary E.D-East-223   
HosleyGladys H.18781961      D-East-223   
HosleyHarold L.18761876Hosley     D-East-223   
HosleyHarry18801958Hosley     D-East-223   
HosleyIda A.18571916    HosleyWilliam A.D-East-223   
HosleyLillian18611941      D-East-223   
HosleyMary E.07 Jul 182923 Aug 1910    HosleyAbelD-East-223   
HosleyWilliam A.18551922HosleyAbel Mary E. Ida A.D-East-223   
HosmerHarry R28 Jan 192808 Oct 1997Hosmer     E-186   
HowardAmos P.18861962Howard    Blanch E.D-East-124   
HowardBlanch E.18871978    HowardAmos P.D-East-124   
HowardClayton A.18841951Howard    CoraD-East-120   
HowardCora18851965    HowardClayton A.D-East-120   
HowardLloyd E.19161973HowardClayton A. Cora  D-East-120   
HowardVictor L.19161947Howard Amos P. Blanch E.  D-East-124   
HowbridgeCharles30 May 186727 Jan 1946Howbridge    Susan L.C-075TS  
HowbridgeDonald18981956Howbridge     C-076TS  
HowbridgeGeorge H.18631934Howbridge    Nettie M.C-075TS  
HowbridgeNettie M.18711932    HowbridgeCharlesC-075TS  
HowbridgeRalph E.19021983Howbridge    Rubye E.D-West-093   
HowbridgeRubye E.19061973    HowbridgeRalphe E.D-West-093   
HowbridgeSusan L.29 Jun 186709 Oct 1940    HowbridgeCharlesC-075TS  
HoweEdna C.18851943    HoweRaymond D.E-040   
HoweFrances H.19031986      E-019   
HoweJohn 18611932Howe    Mary E.E-019   
HoweMary E.18641947    HoweJohnE-019   
HoweRaymond D.18911945Howe    Edna C.E-040   
HoweThomas H.18921972HoweJohn Mary E.  E-019   
HoyerMaggie M.06 Apr 197419 Sep 1988Hoyer     E-144   
HubbardAdelia26 Aug 182613 May 1888    HubbardWilliamC-158TS  
HubbardWilliam08 Jul 181905 Aug 1887Hubbard    AdeliaC-158TS  
HughesAlice H.18481908      B-175   
HughesAnn Eliza08 Aug 184606 Jun 1920    HughesJohn S.C-114/115TS  
HughesArthur J.18451894Hughes     B-175   
HughesElon O.29 Feb 187608 Apr 1894HughesJohn S. Ann Eliza  C-114/115TS  
HughesJoab 1855      B-175   
HughesJoab H.18801882Hughes     B-175  B/Port Allegany Ny
HughesJohn04 Feb 184426 Nov 1911Hughes    Ann ElizaC-114/115TS  
HughesLucy18141888KingS. E.HughesT. B.B-175  B/Arlington Vt
HughesWilliam T.R.21 Oct 187125 Apr 1906HughesJohn S. Ann Eliza  C-114/115TS  
HunterEmma Mae23 Jul 195214 Dec 1953Hunter     C-078TS  
HurdAdin G.12 Nov 191716 Dec 1993Hurd     D-East-128 Vet-WWII 
HutchinsonRalph E.19041984Hutchinson     D-East-128   
HydeAbner18231884Hyde     C-230/231Tx  
HydeAlonzo B.18631936Hyde    Lenore M.C-211/212TS  
HydeAmanda18271914    HydeEvanderC-230/231TS  
HydeAmanda C.09 May 183214 May 1917      B-133   
HydeAnn03 Feb 179309 Feb 1871    HydeJohnB-133   
HydeCaroline18181900    HydeKendrickC-230/231TS  
HydeCharles L.18961992Hyde    Jessie P.C-211/212TSVet-WWI 
HydeElisha18281915Hyde    RosenaC-230/231TS  
HydeEvander18181909Hyde    AmandaC-230/231TS  
HydeJessie H.02 Sep 182304 Apr 1865      B-133   
HydeJessie P.18941981    HydeCharles L.C-211/212TS  
HydeJohn23 Spe 179816 Sep 1882Hyde    AnnB-133   
HydeJohn C.24 Apr 186102 Apr 1950Hyde     B-133   
HydeKendrick18131899Hyde    CarolineC-230/231TS  
HydeLenore M.18691954    HydeAlonzo B.C-211/212TS  
HydeRosena18291903    HydeElishaC-230/231TS  
HydeSally M.18 Feb 182017 Jan 1910      B-133   
IshmanByron R.19132000Ishman    Susan E.D-East-188   
IshmanSusan E.        D-East-188   
JensonEmma Mae18781962      C-078TS  
JensonGloria M.19361941Jenson     C-011TS  
JnesVanama18961969      C-144TS  
JohnsonAddie18531921    JohnsonCharlesC-197/198TS  
JohnsonAmy18061896    JohnsonSimon C.C-160/161TS  
JohnsonCharles18501903Johnson    AddieC-197/198TS  
JohnsonFrances C.19391997      C-197/198TS  
JohnsonHarold M23 Sep 189417 Jan 1966Johnson    MarianC-130TSVet-WWI 
JohnsonJenny V.18781952    JohnsonLouis A.C-197/198Tx  
JohnsonJosephine18221904      C-197/198TS  
JohnsonLeo V.18961932Johnson     C-143TS  
JohnsonLiverette18311921JohnsonSimon C. Amy  C-160/161TS  
JohnsonLouis A.18801958Johnson    Jenny V.C-197/198TS  
JohnsonMarian19201921JohnsonHarold M    C-130TS  
JohnsonMarion B.19091917      C-197/198TS  
JohnsonRebecca19511951Johnson     C-197/198TS  
JohnsonSimon C.18021885Johnson    AmyC-160/161TS  
JohnsonVirgil19111989Johnson     C-197/198TS  
JonesAlfred V.18491926Jones    Nora B.C-144TS  
JonesAndrew19031997Jones     E-071   
JonesArlene G.19251925Jones     C-144TS  
JonesDouglas W.19301931Jones     C-144TS  
JonesFlorence T.19011968 JonesRalph I. Jane I.  D-West-093   
JonesJane I.18821966    JonesRalph I.D-West-093   
JonesMarian18991979      C-144TS  
JonesNora B.18641935    JonesAlfred V.C-144Tx  
Jones Ralph I.18781957Jones    Jane I.D-West-093   
JordanDelazon A.04 May 190001 Sep 1992JordanElmer W.BurdickElla LouiseLockeRosina H.E-072   
JordanFred DuaneJan 187504 Mar 1950JordanLesterGermanHattieWilcoxViola A.E-036   
JordanGertrude L.188916 Feb 1943WheadonF.W.    C-171/172TS  
JordanHerbert Wesley15 Jan 191417 Jun 1993JordanCassius MichaelKingsburyIda LucretiaTerwilligerThelma AvisD-West-065   
JordanLuella19031999    JordanS. CyrilD-East-162   
JordanO. Wellington03 May 188612 Sep 1941JordanS. WellingtonSwickLorenaWheadonGertrude L.C-171/172TS  
JordanRonald E.19531975Jordan     D-East-162   
JordanRosena H.07 May 190807 Aug 1984LockeEarlSouthwickGraceJordanDelezon A.E-072   
JordanS. Cyril19021990Jordan    LuellaD-East-162   
JordanThelma Avis08 Nov 19162000TerwilligerJesse D.*Lewis*Elida EdnaJordanHerbert WesleyD-West-065  *correction by Ruth Thoden
JordanViola A.01 Apr 187804 Nov 1896Wilcox   JordanFred DuaneE-036   
JunkerMyra N.18971962    JunkerWilliam H.D-East-154   
JunkerWilliam H.18961983Junker    Myra N.D-East-154   
KaneA. James19291996Kane    Donna R.D-East-248   
KaneDonna R.19331993    KaneA. JamesD-East-248   
KauffmanFlorence H.18981985    KauffmanJustin R.D-East-123   
KauffmanJustin R.18991994Kauffman    Florence H.D-East-123   
KeechNina M.19041975    KeechRaymondE-066   
KeechRaymond18931983Keech    Nina M.E-066   
KellerRichard D.19601986Keller     D-East-156   
KelloggAlvan179531 Mar 1864Kellogg    SylviaC-228/229TS  
KelloggDilla04 Feb 181917 Feb 1887    KelloggEdwinC-086TS  
KelloggEdwin25 Sep 181106 Nov 1888Kellogg    DillaC-086TS  
KelloggFanny31 Mar 184123 Dec 1890      C-086TS  
KelloggFrank A.18661934Kellogg   WitterMaryD-West-094   
KelloggJames 1948KelloggHarold Jane  D-West-094  Infant
KelloggJohn D.18121853Kellogg    Mary D.C-062/063TS  
KelloggLucia E.186713 Apr 1873Kellogg     C-228/229TS  
KelloggMartha E.182509 Nov 1874    KelloggTheronC-228/229TS  
KelloggMary18661936Witter   KelloggFrank A.D-West-094   
KelloggMary D.18151892    KelloggJohn D.C-062/063TS  
KelloggSylvia179711 Dec 1865    KelloggAlvanC-228/229TS  
KelloggTheron182427 Jun 1891KelloggAlvan Sylvia Lucia E.C-228/229TS  
KendallBurton Warren18831966Kendall    MarieC-119/120TS  
KendallMarie18821964    KendallBurtonC-119/120TS  
KerseyBert F.19051975Kersey    Myrtle M.E-066   
KerseyMyrtle M.18991984    KerseyBert F.E-066   
KingAlvira C.19 Sep 182326 Nov 1872    KingWilliam H.C-176TS  
KingElizabeth178614 May 1855    KingSamuelRememberedTS  
KingElizabeth180915 Sep 1825KingSamuel Elizabeth  RememberedTS  
KingEmma C.183919      C-178TS  
KingFlorence R.18701952    KingFrank H.C-176TS  
KingFrank H.18661958King    FlorenceC-176TS  
KingHenry P.184210 Sep 1887King     C-177TS  
KingLemuelJan 181513 Feb 1857KingSamuel Elizabeth  RememberedTS  
KingNina L.182717 Oct 1872      C-177TS  
KingSamuel178321 Dec 1859King    ElizabethRememberedTS  
KingWilliam186508 Oct 1865King     C-177TS  
KingWilliam H.18 Nov 181601 Jan 1892King    Alvira C.C-176TS  
KingsburyClaud L.18941967Kingsbury    Georgia G.C-074TS  
KingsburyGeorgia G.18911980    KingsburyClaud L.C-074TS  
KingsburyJ. Rodney19161979KingsburyClaud L. Georgia G.  C-074TS  
KleeHenry F.18681932Klee    Maude B.E-017   
KleeMaude B.18701944    KleeHenry F.E-017   
KnottWilliam11 Jan 183130 Jan 1890Knott     C-181/182TS  
KnoxJessie M.18831959      C-074TS  
KolischDavid J. Ck Dates           
KrugerAugust D.19251979Kruger     D-West-060 Vet-WWII 
KrugerRuth R.18961976    KrugerWilliam H.E-065   
KrugerWilliam H.18871967Kruger    Ruth R.E-065   
KoubekWilliam C.19301983Koubek    Loretta M.D-East-163   
KuhnFred19021987Kuhn    LinaB-130   
KuhnLina19081960    KuhnFredB-130   
KuhnMargaret E.19071997          
LambAlbert W.19011984Lamb    Ella MaeD-East-119   
LambElla Mae19071982    Lamb Albert W.D-East-119   
LambMary A.19661967Lamb     B-179   
LandfieldAdrain18851937LandfieldJerome G. Harriet  C-166TS  
LandfieldHarriet18621927    LandfieldJerome G.C-166TS  
LandfieldHerbert A.18931966LandfieldJerome G. Harriet  C-166TS  
LandonRobert D.19041969Landon    Zenia C.D-West-067   
LandonZenia C.19071994    LandonRobert D.D-West-067   
LaneAdrian19061966Lane    Mildred M.C-122/123TS  
LaneBernice A.18941973      C-122/123TS  
LaneClaude J.18881905LaneSamuel S. Linnie S.  C-114/115TS  
LaneHenry18971964LaneHenry R.AlmySally Ruth S.C-122/123TS  
LaneHenry R.18601934Lane   AlmySallyC-122/123   
LaneIrene H.19071995    LaneKenneth C.C-071TS  
LaneJohn L.19061927LaneSamuel S. Linnie S.  C-114/115TS  
LaneKenneth C.19071931Lane    Irene H.C-071TS  
LaneLee William19021903LaneSamuel S. Linnie S.  C-114/115TS  
LaneLinnie S.18651903    LaneSamuel S.C-114/115TS  
LaneMildred M.19091984    LaneAdrianC-122/123TS  
LaneRuth S.1894     LaneHenryC-122/123TS  
LaneSally18671926Almy   LaneHenry R.C-122/123TS  
LaneSamual S.18621939Lane    Linnie S.C-114/115TS  
LeachWilliam24 Nov 195514 May 1988Leach       Vet 
LeclereClara H.18881965    LeclereFrank W.D-West-085   
LeclereFrank W.18831946Leclere    Clara H.D-West-085   
LeightFloyd R.14 Mar 192109 Sep 1975Leight      E-075 Vet WWII 
LeonardEarl18941982Leonard    NoraD-East-160   
LeonardNora1894     LeonardEarlD-East-160   
LesuerDella18651944    LesureGeorge P.E-025   
LesuerGeorge P.18541938Lesuer    DellaE-025   
LesuerLeslie L.18951970     Marion N.E-025   
LesuerMarion N.18931977     Leslie L.E-025   
LevernierJ. Anne      LevernierJohn M.D-East-231   
LevernierJohn M.08 Jun 191902 Jan 1997Levernier    J. AnneD-East-231   
LightnerMatthew L.18981922Lightner     C-148/149TS  
LittleAlbert C.19161959Little    Marian B.C-058TSVet-WWII 
LittleMarian B.19201959    LittleAlbert C.C-058TS  
LivergoodJohn R.19131972Livergood    Lavina M.C-028TS  
LivergoodLavina M.19151980    LivergoodJohn R.C-028TS  
LivergoodRobert H.19361938LivergoodJohn Lavina M.  C-028TS  
LockeCarole N.19151997Clark   LockeCaroll J.C-125TS  
LockeCarroll J.12 Mar 191012 Feb 1989Locke   ClarkCaroleC-125TS  
LockeEarl C.18711939Locke    Grace J.E-047   
LockeGrace J.18741957    LockeEarl C.E-047   
LoesgesBernice18861934      B-109   
LucasWil        D-West-043   
LuceUna C.1931       C-102TS  
LudlowAddie19661942    LudlowCharlesB-151   
LudlowCharles A.18611927Ludlow    AddieB-152   
LunnAlbert E.19021963Lunn    MarjoryE-030   
LunnMarjory19151975    LunnAlbert E.E-030   
LuskBelle F.18731932      C-176TS  
LyonClifford D.1890 Lyon    Maude A.E-061   
LyonMaude A.18901979    LyonClifford D.E-061   
MaloneCynthia19892000Malone     D-West-039   
MapesCharles E.18631933Mapes    Ida M.C-075C-75TS 
MapesEli20 Oct 183509 Apr 1902Mapes    MattieC-194TSW2- 
MapesElizabeth1884     MapesEthan A.D-West-095   
MapesEthan A.18821956Mapes    ElizabethD-West-095   
MapesIda M.18641937    MapesCharles E.C-075TS  
MapesMattie18731905    MapesEliC-194TS 2nd Wife
MapesSara A.29 Jan 183618 Mar 1899    MapesEliC-194TS 1st Wife
MapesVictor18911892MapesCharles Ida M.  C-075TS W/ParenTS
MarkramJessie 18901985      D-East-210   
MarksArno J.11 May 192412 Aug 1993Marks     D-East-229   
MarshCharles N.18901974Marsh    Helen R.D-East-189 Vet 
MarshHarriet L.12 Dec 183415 May 1857      C-199/200TS  
MarshHelen R.18921975    MarshCharles N.D-East-189   
MartinCharles A.26 Jul 191523 Apr 1990Martin   BarrettMadelineE-044 Vet-WWII 
MartinClare G.18961947Martin    Florence M.D-East-153   
MartinFlorence18931955    MartinClare G.D-East-153   
MartinMadeline24 Apr 191904 Dec 1994BarrettFred E.MarkramLuluMartinCharles A.E-044   
MasonAdair12 Oct 1902     MasonMalcom C.C-84/85TS  
MasonAlice M.18761934    MasonFrank S.D-West-114   
MasonClark W.18921967Mason    Marguerite L.C-016TS  
MasonFrank S.18721943Mason    Alice M.D-West-114   
MasonInfant Dau 28 Jun 1928MasonMalcom C. Adair  C-84/85TS  
MasonLelam27 Aug 186801 Jan 1941Mason   MaxsonVera R.C-167/168TS  
MasonMalcom C.05 May 190228 Dec 1958Mason    AdairC-84/84TS  
MasonMarguerite L.18951966    MasonClark W.C-016TS  
MasonVera R.03 Mar 189624 Apr 1978Maxson   MasonLelamC-167/168TS  
MatherPearl L.18891981      C-148/149TS  
MattesonVirginia R.19061997          
MaxsonLaura19081990Niver   MaxsonWard O.B-132   
MaxsonMartin19271928MaxsonWard O. Laura  B-132   
MaxsonWard O.19001991Maxson   NiverLauraB-132   
McandrewsBeatrice D.19141989    McandrewsLouis R.C-023Tx  
McandrewsLouis R.19111997Mcandrews    Beatrice D.C-023TS  
McclayAdelia18431927    McclayD. L.B-152   
McclayD. L.18391920Mcclay    AdeliaB-152   
McclayDavid18711947Mcclay    EllaB-151   
McclayElizabeth M.19131998      B-151   
McclayElla18731946    McclayDavidB-151   
McclayFranklin19061928McclayDavid Ella  B-151   
McclayLouis J.18831939Mcclay    WinifredB-152   
McclayLucille M.19471997      B-151   
McclayWinifred18881935    McclayLouis J.B-152   
McclureDon18451904Mcclure   MatherHelen M.C-211/212TS  
McclureEunice18281906Mather   McclureJamesC-211/212TS  
McclureHelen M.81041887Mather   McclureDonC-211/212TS  
McclureJames18231867Mcclure    EuniceC-211/212TS  
McconnelRuby E.18981967      E-065   
MccormickCatherine18431915    MccormickMillerC-181/182TS  
MccormickMiller18431902Mccormick    CatherineC-181/182TS  
McdonaldAngie18901964Carryer   McdonaldJospehB-180   
McdonaldJoseph P.18741964Mcdonald    AngieB-180   
McgibenyAlice A.18781948    McgibenyHenderson L.C-065TS  
McgibenyDoris I.19031983      C-022TS  
McgibenyHenderson L.18691949Mcgibeny    Alice A.C-065TS  
McginnisAlbert B.18811914McginnisJames R. Julia D.  B-112   
McginnisJames R.18541926Mcginnis    Julia E.B-112   
McginnisJulia E.18551929    McginnisJames R.B-112   
McgoughCharles M.19051954Mcgough    VeraC-071TS  
McgoughLaura19321932McgoughCharles M. Vera  C-071TS  
McgoughVera1908     McgoughCharles M.C-071TS  
McgrawAnna M.18851946    McgrawJohn J.C-119/120TS  
McgrawJohn J.18561939Mcgraw    Anna M.C-119/120TS  
McomberArthur I.18861978Mcomber    Gertrude A.B-169   
McomberGertrude A.18811958    McomberArthur I.B-169   
MeadAlonzo H.21 Jan 184607 Oct 1923Mead    EmilyC-131TSVet-CwF Co 5th Nyv
MeadEmily22 Nov 184703 Feb 1928    MeadAlonzo H.C-131TS  
MeadJohn W.18701946MeadAlonzo Emily JosephineC-131TS  
MeadJosephine18661946    MeadJohn W.C-131TS  
MerrickForest L.18861969Merrick    Sarah A.D-East-186   
MerrickSarah A.18881953    MerickForest L.D-East-186   
MerrimanFrederick P.08 May 184525 Nov 1892Merriman    Isis A.C-134/135TS  
MerrimanIsis A.20 Nov 184809 Jan 1928    MerrimanFrederick P.C-134/135TS  
MessengerLeman W.18691947Messenter    Myrtle I.C-114/114TS  
MessengerNaomi19011914MessengerLeman W. Myrtle I.  C-114/115TS  
MessenterMyrtle I.18781965    MessengerLeman W.C-114/115TS  
MetzDaisy18931944    MetzWilliamE-002   
MetzLenor19141816MetzWilliam Daisy E.  E-002   
MetzWilliam18861935Metz    Daisy E.E-002   
MiddaughKelly J.19651985      E-078   
MilesA. Frances19211983    MilesPaul R.D-East-156   
MilesBarry J.19501970      D-East-156   
MilesHenry G.28 Oct 1921 Miles    M ClairD-East-156 Vet 
MilesM. Clair15 Jul 1925 Searl   MilesHenry G.D-East-156   
MilesMartha B.18961968    MilesMerle E.D-East-156   
MilesMerle E.18921971Miles    Martha B.D-East-156   
MilesPaul R.10 Aug 191901 Oct 1980MilesMerle E. Martha B.  D-East-156 Vet-WWII 
MilesWilson P.19471966Miles     D-East-156   
MilksHelen O.1919     MilksHenry W.D-West-040   
MilksHenry W.19111990Milks    Helen O.D-West-040   
MillerHarold T.19101992Miller    Hattie B.E-108   
MillerHattie B.19101965    MillerHarold T.E-108   
MillsHenry18811966Mills    MabelC-016TS  
MillsMabel18801968    MillsHenryC-016TS  
MilneVictor J.19631982Milne     E-078   
MogaveroRichard D.09 Nov 193328 Oct 1995Mogavero    RosemarieD-East-238 Vet-Korea 
MogaveroRonald F.19621991MogaveroRichard Rosemarie  D-East-238   
MollJoseph L.18541935Moll    Mary J.C-199/200TS  
MollMary J.18591935    MollJoseph L.C-199/200TS  
MooneyGretchen18971979    MooneyJoseph T.C-036TS  
MooneyJoseph T.18951946Mooney    GretchenC-036TS  
MorehouseEdwin J.28 Oct 191505 Nov 1969MorehouseFredrick H.OdellFaith  C-010TSVet-WWII 
MorehouseFaith18861974Odell   MorehouseFrederickC-010TS  
MorehouseFredrick H.18861948Morehouse   OdellFaithC-010TS  
MorehouseFredrick W.12 Sep 191806 Jan 1986MorehouseFredrick H.OdellFaith  C-010TSVet-WWII 
MorrisLaura J.19241987    MorrisLloyd A.    
MorrisLloyd A.19201984Morris    Laura J.    
MorrisonClarence R.19081996MorrisonClayton W. Emma L. Emma L.B-088   
MorrisonClayton W.18831951Morrison    Luella M.B-088   
MorrisonEmma L.19071990    MorrisonClarence R.B-088   
MorrisonLuella M.18871975    MorrisonClayton W.B-088   
MorseEverett E.18671934Morse    Maude A.B-155   
MorseMary E.22 Nov 183501 Dec 1913    MorseSidney B.C-151TS  
MorseMaude A.18731967    MorseEverett A.B-155   
MorseSidney B.04 Dec 182210 Nov 1904Morse    Mary E.C-151TS  
MulhollanRudolph18511925Mulnollan     C-139/140TS  
MurrayJames D.19161991Murray    Rhea E.D-East-163   
MurrayL. Authur18751966Murray    Millie M.E-064   
MurrayMillie M.18881985    MurrayL. ArthurE-064   
MurrayRhea E.      MurrayJames D.D-East-163   
NephewSarah M.18461926    NewphewCharles S.C-021TS  
NessLinda 1999      E-251   
NewmanEdith H.1909     NewmanIra R.E-069   
NewmanIra R.18951969Newman    Edith H.E-069   
NewtonCharles D.14 Jul 189523 Sep 1902Newton     C-219/220TS  
NewtonEthel19011970    NewtonMaxE-036   
NewtonIrene18371899    NewtonLarus C.C-087TS  
NewtonLarus C.18261901Newton   ScottIreneC-087TS  
NewtonMary A.02 Apr 186913 Jun 1939      C-219/220TS  
NewtonMax18891969Newton    EthelE-036   
NewtonNellie S.18791958      E-049   
NewtonPhoebe M.09 Oct 182407 Apr 1894      C-219/220TS  
NicholsFlorence R.18751956    NicholsRoy D.E-043   
NicholsHazel D.19181998    NicholsLeon T.E-068   
NicholsLeon T.  Nichols     E-068   
NicholsRoy D.18781942Nichols    Florence R.E-043   
NickersonEarl E.18901968Nickerson    Hazel F.C-099TS  
NickersonHazel F.18941957    NickersonEarl L.C-099TS  
NickersonJean22 Mar 193125 Aug 1999AbbottRaymondMayoWinifredNickersonDale E.C-099Obit  
NiverBeTSey12 Dec 180212 May 1881    NiverCosperC-052TS  
NiverCaziah180427 Jun 1867    NiverWilliamD-East-222   
NiverCharles A.18761957Niver   PotterCoraB-108   
NiverCora18771929Potter   NiverCharles A.B-108   
NiverCosper179922 Jan 1862Niver    BeTSeyC-052TS  
NiverE. Henry27 Nov 183517 Jun 1854NiverCosper BeTSey  C-052TS  
NiverGlenn W.17 Mar 191003 Mar 1994NiverCharles A.PotterCora  B-108 Vet-WWII 
NiverJohn J.27 Jan 183418 Oct 1861Niver     C-186TS  
NiverTomis E.183108 Apr 1849NiverCosper BeTSey  C-052TS  
NiverWilliam179529 Apr 1875Niver    CaziahD-East-222 Vet-1812 
NortonAdell F.19131979      C-100TS  
NortonAlbert R.18941957Norton    Mary A.D-West-097   
NortonD. Elizabeth03 Jul 183609 Dec 1930Bradley   NortonDavid HC-127/128TS  
NortonDavid H23 Apr 183107 Mar 1893NortonJoseph B Prudence A. D. ElizabethC-127/128TS  
NortonEdwin18281884Norton    SophiaB-153   
NortonGeorge R.18821926NortonMartin   May L.B-021   
NortonJanet C.19191990      D-West-115   
NortonJoseph19211939NortonWilliam E. Rose M.  C-100TS  
NortonJoseph B.12 Dec 180030 Jun 1882Norton    Prudence A.C-127/128TS  
NortonL. D.21 May 191824 Nov 1886      D-West-097   
NortonMartin18481905Norton     B-021   
NortonMary A.18951991    NortonAlbert R.D-West-097   
NortonMax L.09 Jun 193324 May 1997Norton    Evelyn G.E-163 Vet 
NortonMay L.18841945    NortonGeorge R.B-021   
NortonPrudence A.22 Dec 180724 Mar 1901    NortonJoseph B.C-127/128TS  
NortonR. T.21 Jan 191918 Nov 1997      D-West-097   
NortonRobert A.15 Mar 191726 Jul 1950Norton   HauberJanet C.D-West-115 Vet-WWII 
NortonRose M.04 Mar 188921 Jun 1966    NortonWilliam E.C-100TS  
NortonSally19 Jun 183703 Jun 1858Norton     C-042TS  
NortonSophia18261916    NortonEdwinB-153   
NortonWilliam19271929NortonWilliam Rose M.  C-100TS  
NortonWilliam E.10 Jan 189229 May 1959Norton    Rose M.C-100TS  
NugentBirt C.18761953Nugent    Leona E.C-050TS  
NugentJerome B.19071933NugentBirt C. Leona E.  C-050TS  
NugentLeona E.18871956    NugentBirt C.C-050TS  
NugentMargaret L.1941     NugentReginaldC-050TS  
NugentReginald G.19251974Nugent    Margaret L.C-050TSVet-WWII 
OdellBarbara L.01 Mar 196016 Oct 1990Buzzard     D-West-091   
OlesAnna25 Dec 186422 Oct 1953    OlesGeroge W.C-053TS  
OlesGeorge W.15 May 1864 Oles    AnnaC-053TS  
OrodwayJennie      OrodwayLawrence J.    
OrodwayLawrence J.19061992Orodway    Jennie    
OsborneB.I.18221865Osborne    ClarineC-228/229TS  
OsborneClarine18271911    OsborneB.I.C-228/229TS  
OsiakowskiWalter M.14 Dec 191001 Mar 1994Osiakowski     D-East-163 Vet-WWII 
OsminMindy L.19821982Osmin     E-066   
OsminPaul I.19211976Osman    Yvonne O.E-066   
OsminYvonne O.19411984    OsminPaul I.E-066   
PadisonIrene19031946    PadisonStanleyC-026TS  
PadisonStanley18951980Padison    IreneC-026TSVet-WWI 
PalmerF. Wayne18911957Palmer    Rena S.D-East-121   
PalmerLloyd M.19141959PalmerF. Wayne Rena S. AudreyD-East-121   
PalmerMable A.18831966      C-001TS  
PalmerRena S.18921964    PalmerF. WayneD-East-121   
PaquinHarriet1887     PaquinWilliamD-East-122   
PaquinWilliam18841956Paquin    HarrietD-East-122   
ParksUnknown 30 Apr 1974      D-East-119   
PartfidgeFred18651947Partridge    MinnieE-048   
PartfidgeMinnie18641952    PartfidgeFredE-048   
PartfidgePaul18951978PartridgeFred Minnie  E-048   
PattersonJames F.19161992Patterson     D-West-090   
PeacockWilliam J.07 Apr 187218 Nov 1921Peacock     C-173TS  
PearseAdelia A.18461928    PearseMilton W.B-020   
PearseJane D. 18 Sep 1818    PearseJ. B.B-172   
PearseMilton W.04 Jul 184122 Apr 1884Pearse    AdeliaB-020 Vet-Cw 
PearsonEdward C.13 Mar 190811 Jul 1943Pearson     C-049TS  
PeasleySarah Evelyn02 Jun 186911 Apr 1941VoorheisWilliam B. Mary A.Peasley C-170Fam "Eva" Twin
PerkinsDenzil G18971958Perkins    Louise A.D-East-118   
PerkinsLouise A.18971991    PerkinsDenzil G.D-East-118   
PerryAlice19141939      E-026  Keidel/Fox
PerryEugene G.08 Feb 192019 Nov 1996Perry     E-209 Vet 
PetersonEsther 08 Feb      A-014   
PetersonJohn S.18281864Peterson     A-021 Vet-Cw 
PetersonWilliam S.18551920PetersonJohn S.    A-021   
PickardJohn W.18651899Pickard     C-217/218TS  
PierceBorside C.18751953Pierce    Della C.E-039   
PierceDella C.18731937    PierceBorside C.E-039   
PinneyGeorge 2006Pinney   CumminsLorettaE-097   
PinneyLoretta  Cummins   PinneyGeorgeE-097   
PitkinJ.P.18511916Pitkin    Sophia S.C-066TS  
PitkinSophia S.18521932    PitkinJ.P.C-066TS  
PitTSCarola A.18651956    PitTSHomer G.C-213/214TS  
PitTSFlorence18971952    PitTSJames T.C-213/214St (Clark)?
PitTSHomer G.18721950PitTS    Carola A.C-213/214TS  
PitTSJames09 May 182803 Aug 1892PitTS    Viola O.C-213/214TS  
PitTSJames18931933PitTSHomer G.TownsendCarola FlorenceC-213/214TSVet-WWI 
PitTSJohn18961896PitTSHomer G.TownsendCarola  C-213/214TS Infant
PitTSLina A.09 Jun 185310 Mar 1862PitTSJames Viola O.  C-213/214TS  
PitTSM. Eva06 Jun 185301 Sep 1890PitTSJames Viola O.  C-213/214TS  
PitTSViola O.07 May 183214 Mar 1873    PitTSJamesC-213/214TS  
PizzaGino19251995Pizza    NormaE-065   
PlummerGrace18881961    PlummerJohnE-050   
PlummerHoward R.19211980PlummerJohn Grace  E-050 Vet-WWII 
PlummerHoward R.20 Jan 192104 Jul 1980PlummerJohn Grace  E-050 Vet-WWII 
PlummerJohn18851962Plummer    GraceE-050   
PlummerRalph M.19 Feb 191618 May 1984Plummer     E-115 Vet-WWII 
PooleBurdett  Poole     B-111   
PooleCharles  Poole     B-111   
PooleFrank  Poole     B-111   
PooleGus  Poole     B-111   
PooleMary        B-111   
PoolePansey        B-111   
PostNettie J.26 Mar 185009 Apr 1911      C-134/135TS  
PotterAlmon D.18591881PotterWilliam  VanhornLeonaC-160/161TS  
PotterElla18571915Thompson   PotterMortimer W.C-160/161TS  
PotterFlora B.18611942      E-033   
PotterFrank H.18991961Potter     E-033  Vet-WWI 
PotterLeona18681922Vanhorn   PotterAlmon D.C-160/161TS  
PotterMortimer W.18491930Potter   ThompsonEllaC-160/161TS  
PotterRobella A.18651894      C-160/161TS  
PotterSemantha P.18241911JohnsonSimon C.  PotterWilliamC-160/161TS  
PotterWilliam18201869Potter   JohnsonSemanthaC-160/161TS  
PowellDorothea M.18991985    PowellErnest W.C-057TS  
PowellErnest W.18881958Powell    Dorothea M.C-057TS  
PriceElvira27 Nov 183408 Aug 1866    PriceJacob O.B-178   
PriceJacob O.18291915Price    Elvira/LauraB-178  Wed 2
PriceLaura18291887    PriceJacob O.B-178   
PringleC. Jean19291997JunkerWilliam H.  Prindle D-East-154   
ProsserMaud18891935      B-135   
PruittAlice T.18941953      B-150   
PutnamElson J.18 May 186026 Jul 1943Putnam    Hattie E.E-040   
PutnamHattie E.12 Feb 186202 Dec 1940    PutnamElson J.E-040   
QuilfordEarl18981901GuilfordFrank S. Ida L.  C-196TS  
RamsellJames L.13 Jan 189622 Apr 1975Ramsell     E-075   
RamsellKathryn19001985    RamsellRobertE-075   
RamsellRobert19 Jan 192208 Jun 1986RamsellJames L.   KathrynE-075 Vet-WWII 
RayDeloris E.13 Dec 191416 Oct 1969      B-169   
ReedClyde18961970Reed    Etta M.E-035   
ReedEtta M.19111996    ReedClydeE-035   
ReedHannah08 Apr 180813 Dec 1893    ReedMiltonC-191/192TS  
ReedJ. Calvin08 Apr 182717 Jul 1900Reed    PertheniaC-191/192TS  
ReedMilton08 Jan 179915 May 1893Reed    HannahC-191/192TS  
ReedPerthenia26 Mar 183429 Mar 1894    ReedJ. CalvinC-191/192TS  
ReidPeter B.18 Feb 189421 Sep 1894Reid     C-209/210TS  
ReigleGeorge J.30 Mar 189606 Jun 1976Reigle     E-075 Vet-WWI 
ReigleJennie E.14 Oct 190109 Jun 1986      E-075   
ReigleKenneth E.04 May 192301 Nov 1983Reigle     E-075 Vet-WWII 
RenwickAbigail G14 May 182922 Dec 1909    RenwickWalter DC-129TS  
RenwickAlta H.08 Mar 187505 Jul 1956    RenwickClari J.C-154TS  
RenwickC. Howard26 Oct 187911 Apr 1882Renwick     C-154TS  
RenwickClari J.31 Dec 187023 Mar 1936Renwick    Alta H.C-154TS  
RenwickFloyd H.07 Sep 186911 Sep 1870Renwick     C-154TS  
RenwickJennie H.27 Apr 184528 Jul 1913    RenwickJohn S.C-154TS  
RenwickJohn S.26 May 184426 Nov 1907Renwick    Jennie H.C-154TS  
RenwickNed M18701919Renwick   NewtonRuthC-129TS  
RenwickRuth18701954Newton   RenwickNed MC-129TS  
RenwickSarah W24 Sep 186801 Dec 1967    RenwickWalter NC-129TS  
RenwickWalter D18 Apr 182510 Jun 1907Renwick    AbigailC-129TS  
RenwickWalter N19021978Renwick     C-129TSVet-WWI 
RenwickWalter N20 Dec 186525 Apr 1951Renwick    Sarah WC-129TS  
RewClarence E.28 Mar 184625 Apr 1847RewOry Mary A.  C-177TS  
RewFrances A.18521920    RewHorace L.D-East-220   
RewGeorganna18511932    RewWalter L.B-131   
RewHorace L.18531930Rew    Frances A.D-East-220   
RewInez04 Aug 184622 Dec 1878      C-228/229TS  
RewMary A.08 Jun 182128 Aug 1897King   RewOryC-177TS  
RewOry05 Mar 181718 May 1905RewJoseph Laura Mary A.C-177TS  
RewWalter L.18521942Rew    GeorgannaB-131   
RewWarren L.24 Nov 183317 Mar 1851Rew     B-131   
RibbleMyrtle L.18861953    RibbleSamuel J.D-East-155   
RibbleSamuel J.18841964Ribble    Myrtle L.D-East-155   
RiceBelle B.14 Oct 186628 Oct 1939Bradley   RiceJosephC-179/180TS  
RiceBenjamin J.18721954RiceWard Harriett  C-084/085TS  
RiceCharles07 Jun 187001 Jun 1954Rich    MinnieC-179/180TS  
RiceFloyd18761966RiceWard Harriett  C-084/085TS  
RiceFred W.18671956RiceWard Harriet  C-084/085TS  
RiceHarriett18431917    RiceWardC-084/085TS  
RiceHerman28 Jun 183728 May 1894Rice    StellaC-179/180TS  
RiceHerman B.15 Apr 189314 Nov 1903Rice     C-179/180TS  
RiceJoseph E.17 Mar 186528 Nov 1933Rice    Belle B.C-179/180TS  
RiceMinnie21 Apr 187206 Feb 1969    RiceCharlesC-179/180TS  
RiceStella03 Aug 184304 Mar 1940    RiceHermanC-179/180TS  
RiceWard18421891Rice    HarriettC-084/085TSVet-Cw 
RichardsonFrancis18401920    RichardsonHenry J.B-156   
RichardsonHenry J.18361897Richardson    FrancisB-156 Vet-Cw 
RichmondAnn B.19451986      E-077   
RichmondDenzele C.19161944Richmond     E-103   
RichmondJennifer04 Mar 197209 Nov 1992      E-077   
RicklesAlfred 1965Rickles     D-West-073   
RigdonAntoinette183806 Sep 1853RigdonSidneyBrooksPhebe  C-108TS  
RigdonPhebe03 May 180027 Feb 1886Brooks   RidgonSidneyC-108TS  
RigdonSidney19 Feb 179814 Jul 1876RigdonWilliamBriantNancyBrooksPhebeC-108TS Reverand
RigdonSophia18421917ColeJoseph  RigdonJohnD-East-220   
RileyGeorge Warren03 Aug 189110 Dec 1945Riley     C-199/200TS  
RileyJeffry M 31 Dec 1962Riley     E-043   
RileyJohn 12 Dec 1892      C-054TS  
RileyMary 09 Nov 1914      C-054TS  
RinkerRichard J.19391984Rinker     D-West-066   
RippeAlice M.19191993      D-East-229   
RitterKathy09 Jul 195014 Sep 1990Strahan   Ritter E-159   
RobertBertha M.18831933    RobertLynn J.E-034   
RobertLynn J.18801955Robert    Bertha M.E-034   
RoberTSInfant Son01 Jun 190504 Jun 1905RoberTSG.A. Sibyl  C-051TS  
RobinsonAthelia R.18211906RigdonSidneyBrooksPhebeRoginsonGeorge W.B-021   
RobinsonFanny C.18611938    RobinsonJohn I.E-014   
RobinsonGeorge W.14 May 181402 Oct 1878Roginson     B-021   
RobinsonJohn I.18601929Robinson    Fanny C.E-014   
RockerfellerEthel G.19061989    RockerfellerRobert R.D-West-042   
RockerfellerRobert R.19031968Rockerfeller    Ethel G.D-West-042   
RogersAmy184411 Oct 1906      C-230/231TS  
RogersKarl19171987Rogers    WanetaD-West-090   
RogersWaneta1917     RogersKarlD-West-090   
RoseNellie18561944PriceJacob O. ElviraRoseTheodoreB-178   
RoseTheodore18511930Rose   PriceNellieB-178   
RossMarion B.19221946BakerErnest D. Clara J.  C-094/095TS  
RouseClara M.18591923    RouseWilliam T.C-057TS  
RouseWilliam T.18601938Rouse    Clara M.C-057TS  
RoweGeorge E.18941970Rowe   CaryMyrtleE-054   
RoweMyrtle18971992Cary   RoweGeorge E.E-054   
RowleyLena 18631956Coleman   RowleyRalph D.E-013   
RowleyMinnie H.18661933      E-013   
RowleyRalph D.18601926Rowley   ColemanLenaE-013   
RoyceHelen E.19151996    RoyceWendell A.C-143TS  
RoyceJohn E.03 Sep 182722 Jan 1882Royce    Lucy M.B-172   
RoyceLucy M.28 Sep 182928 Feb 1885    RoyceJohn E.B-172   
RoyceTeresa23 Mar 184530 Mar 1907      B-172   
RoyceWendell A.18851925Royce    Helen E.C-143TS  
RuckleClifton R.18671946Ruckle    Nettie N.D-East-187   
RuckleDoris04 Jul 191808 Feb 2000DresherFrankAustenGraceRuckleRodneyD-East-187Obit  
RuckleEdgar J.18701939      D-East-187   
RuckleEthel C.18841973    RuckleEdgar J.D-East-187   
RuckleNettie N.18651951    RuckleClifton R.D-East-187   
RuckleRonald E.191017 Aug 1997RuckleEdgar J. Ethel C.DresherDorisD-East-187   
RumseyLouise P.18911977    RumseyWalter H.C-160/161TS  
RumseyWalter H.18971961Rumsey    Louise P.C-160/161TS  
RumseyWalter H.Jr19211944RumseyWalter H. Louise P.  RememberedTSVet-WWII 
RussellEda18641951Doerner     E-021   
RussellHelen A.19021977      E-021   
RussellLouis T.18981934      E-021   
RussellUlysses B.18641934      E-021   
RutherfordMae B.02 May 186605 Oct 1947Helme   Rutherford C-127/128TS  
SabinAnna B.18651937    SabinMerlin O.E-045   
SabinMerlin O.18521938Sabin    Anna B.E-045   
SandbornAlice A.03 Mar 185423 Oct 1884      B-114   
SaundersGrace19141985Brehm   SaundersR. DonaldB-044   
SaundersJoseph L.19141983      E-120   
SaundersR. Donald19081983Saunders   BrehmGraceB-044   
SaundersRichard G.18741949Saunders    Bertha J.C-001TS  
SawyerFlorence H.18881968      C-152TS W2? White?
SchlottMarie V.18881975      C-119/120TS  
ScottAbigail26 Mar 181318 Oct 1910    ScottMartinC-181/182TS  
ScottAlbert E.18581903Scott    Lena A.D-East-185   
ScottAlbert W.1905 ScottEllis E.WardEsther AliceC-056TS  
ScottAlice I.1907     ScottAlbert W.C-056TS  
ScottAnna E.19 Jul 184918 Apr 1884    ScottRobertC-181/182TS  
ScottAnnis26 May 179209 Jul 1878    ScottJustonC-155TS  
ScottAsa23 Nov 181206 Jan 1892Scott   HughesMaryC-187TS  
ScottBessie R.18971959    ScottElmer W.B-168   
ScottChester18301910Scott    Eliza A.C-039TSVet-Cw 
ScottCinthia18081855    ScottJeffersonC-040TS  
ScottClarence18841909ScottAlbert E. Lena A.  D-East-185   
ScottDon C.18691916ScottWilliam H. Helen L.  C-060TS  
ScottEliza A.18321883    ScottChesterC-039TS  
ScottEllis E.18811940Scott   WardEstherC-056TS  
ScottElmer W.1896 Scott    Bessie R.B-168   
ScottEsther18861919Ward   ScottEllis E.C-056TS  
ScottEunice14 Mar 184014 Feb 1921WhitmanNathaniel    C-184TS  
ScottFloyd H.19011952Scott   VailMarie ?E-107   
ScottHelen L.18361914    ScottWilliam H.C-060TS  
ScottHelen T.18861901Scott     C-060TS  
ScottHenrietta11 May 186921 Aug 1871ScottAlfred Ann  C-087TS  
ScottJabe27 Feb 181701 Jan 1892Scott     C-183TS  
ScottJefferson18031858Scott    CinthiaC-040TS  
ScottJerome D.184611 Oct 1878Scott     C-183TS  
ScottJuston07 Jan 179111 Jan 1875Scott    AnnisC-155TS  
ScottKate S.18691946    ScottLlewellynC-039TS  
ScottLena A.18581947    ScottAlbert E.D-East-185   
ScottLlewellyn18661932Scott    Kate S.C-039TS  
ScottMalvinaAug 182911 Jan 1852ScottAlfred Ann  C-087TS  
ScottMarie24 May 190602 Feb 1993VailCash T. ?  ScottFloyd H. ?E-107   
ScottMartha18401904    ScottRussel H.C-109TS  
ScottMartin29 Sep 180923 Jan 1893Soctt    AbigailC-181/182TS  
ScottMary10 Jun 181905 Feb 1905Hughes   ScottAsaC-187TS  
ScottRobert18471918Scott    Anna E.C-181/182TS  
ScottRobert F.22 Feb 192210 Apr 2000ScottWilliam R.SmithVivian JTompsonLucille E. ObitVet-WWII 
ScottRussel H.1840 Scott    MarthaC-109TS  
ScottSarah18631937      C-181/182TS  
ScottVivian J.19011993    ScottWilliam R.D-West-086   
ScottWilliam H.18331908Scott    Helen L.C-060TS  
ScottWilliam R.18881959Scott    Vivan J.D-West-086   
SeberryRuth R.18991933RuckleClifton R Nettiel N.  D-East-187   
ShedrickHenry14 Apr 189213 Feb 1976Shefrick    LenaC-017TSVet-WWI 
ShedrickLena18911962    ShedrickHenryC-017TS  
ShellyRobert T.19321998Shelly    ShirleyB-042 Vet 
ShermanBeverly A.20 Jul 1951 Garmong   ShermanWilliam A.D-West-065   
ShermanCarlene19221998    ShermanWilburn N.E-064   
ShermanJerry 1999Sherman     E-207   
ShermanMelville A.11 Apr 184511 Jun 1904Sherman     B-091   
ShermanWilburn N.15 Sep 191501 Jan 1998Sherman    CarleneE-064 Vet-WWII 
ShermanWilliam A.30 Sep 194622 Dec 1992Sherman   GarmongBeverly A.D-West-065   
SherwoodJess H.18991974Sherwood    Myrtle M.C-011TS  
SherwoodLayton18901954SherwoodJess H. Myrtle M.  C-031TS  
SherwoodMyrtle M.19081941    SherwoodJess H.C-011TS  
ShipmanMildred Rose09 Nov 191523 May 1931NortonWilliam E. Rose M.  C-100TS  
ShoffRamona15 Dec 195315 Dec 1953Shoff     B-067   
SimonsEstella1907     SimonsGeorgeE-121   
SimonsGeorge19041988Simons    EstellaE-121   
SimonsMichael1922       E-121   
SimpsonLevi D.18731926Simpson    SadahlC-146TS  
SimpsonMarlene1908       C-146TS  
SimpsonOlive A.1916     SimpsonPaulC-146TS  
SimpsonPaul J.19101976SimpsonLevi Sadahl Olive A.C-146TS  
SimpsonSadahl18781953    SimpsonLevi D.C-146TS  
SissonBeatrice D.18891967    SissonFloyd D.C-122/123TS  
SissonBertha A. 14 May 1882Sisson     B-181  Infant
SissonBertha A.18661929    SissonBerton G.D-East-223   
SissonBerton G.18651923Sisson    Bertha A.D-East-223   
SissonDavid M.19221998Sisson     D-East-223   
SissonEdith18841947      D-East-223   
SissonFloyd D.18881961Sisson    BeatriceC-122/123TS  
SissonGideon18201904Sisson    Mary E.C-217/218TS  
SissonHiram18071881Sisson    RebeccaB-181   
SissonJames A.19131988SissonFloyd D. Beatrice D.  C-122/123TS  
SissonLawrence B.18691940Sisson     D-East-223   
SissonMary E.18241906    SissonGideonC-217/218TS  
SissonRebecca18061880    SissonHiramB-181   
SissonSophronia B.18481905    SissonGideonC-217/218TS  
SissonSusan E.18481925      C-217/218TS  
SissonW.18451880Sisson    Sophronia B.C-217/218TS Rev
SixbeyCarlton B.19091987Sixbey    BerniceE-099   
SkinnerBertha M.10 Sep 192416 Oct 1989Weaver   SkinnerLawrenceD-West-038   
SkinnerCharles H.18881941Skinner    Ruth M.C-067TS  
SkinnerGerald O.10 Mar 1916 26 May 1997Skinner    Eva M.D-West-036   
SkinnerGrace C.18761961    SkinnerPorter C.C-044TS  
SkinnerLawrence02 Sep 191704 Oct 2000Skinner   WeaverBertha M.D-West-038 Vet-WWII 
SkinnerLeo R.1911 Skinner    Trudy N.C-046TS  
SkinnerPorter C.18781950Skinner    Grace C.C-044TS  
SkinnerRuth M.18921979    SkinnerCharles H.C-067TS  
SkinnerTrudy19091941    SkinnerLeo R.C-046TS  
SkinnerTwila R.18 Sep 193519 Apr 1999    SkinnerWayne A.E-166   
SlocumClarence A.18771945Slocum     B-107   
SmalleyAbner18251910Smalley    Martha E.C-226/227TS  
SmalleyAndrew J.18331903Smalley    HarrietC-224TS W2
SmalleyBlanche V.18851935    SmalleyNed A.E-024   
SmalleyCharles W.18381894Smalley    Emma V.C-217/218TS  
SmalleyEmma V.18501924    SmalleyCharles W.C-217/218TS  
SmalleyFrank18521941SmalleyFrank Martha E. Mary A.C-226/227TS  
SmalleyHarriet18401928    SmalleyAndrew J.C-224TS 2nd Wife
SmalleyMartha E.18271904    SmalleyAbnerC-199/200TS  
SmalleyMary A.18661944    SmalleyFrankC-226/227TS  
SmalleyMatilda L.18551886      C-226/227TS  
SmalleyNed A.18851972Smalley    Blanche V.E-024   
SmalleyRalph E.24 Mar 191503 Apr 1945SmalleyRichard C. Ruth M.  C-226/227TS  
SmalleyRichard C.18891983Smalley    Ruth M.C-226/227TS  
SmalleyRoy D.18791903SmalleyFrank Mary A.  C-226/227TS  
SmalleyRoy D.19081965SmalleyNed A. Blanche V.  E-024   
SmalleyRuth M.18911982    SmalleyRichard C.C-226/227TS  
SmalleySarah18261876Vanallen   SmalleyAndrew J.C-234TS 1st Wife
SmithAlonzo24 Jan 182609 Sep 1887Smith    HannahC-164/165TS  
SmithAudrey19111991    Palmer/SmithLloyd M.D-East-121  Wed 2
SmithCharles02 Feb 186309 Feb 1943Smith    DellaC-164/165TS  
SmithDella12 Feb 186214 Dec 1939    SmithCharlesC-164/165TS  
SmithDoris H.19091984    SmithErnestD-East-124   
SmithDorothy L.1938       D-East-124   
SmithErnest19031967Smith     Doris H.D-East-124   
SmithEsther M.18971977    SmithFrank L.D-West-090   
SmithFrank L.18901980Smith    Esther M.D-West-090   
SmithHannah18271939    SmithAlonzoC-164/165TS  
SmithHelen1923     SmithMarshallD-West-090   
SmithHenry A.18541933Smith     E-033   
SmithLucy J.18881920    SmithCharlesC-086TS  
SmithMarshall19111980Smith    HelenD-West-090   
SmithPauline J19161999    SmithFrank W.    
SmithRuth01 Sep 189918 May 1996      C-164/165TS  
SnyderDavid18321908Snyder    Sophia J.C-065TS  
SnyderMaude B.19001969    SnyderRayE-032   
SnyderRay19011968Snyder    MaudeE-032   
SnyderSophia S.18421912    SnyderDavidC-065TS  
SoanesDolly I.        D-East-229   
SortoreMary A18921944    SortoreV. AlbertB-173   
SortoreV. Albert18881950Sortore    Mary A.B-173   
SouthwickEthel M.19191926Southwick     C-145TS  
SpauldingEarl E.18871964Spaulding    Ida E.C-007TS  
SpauldingIda E.18841952    SpauldingEarl E.C-007TS  
SpencerEarl L.        B-132   
SpencerLaura S.28 Jun 182621 Jun 1907Hyde     B-132   
SpencerMarian A.18961961      C-143TS  
Spencer Amanda L.18681950      B-132   
SpetaAnthony J.19091987Speta     D-West-040 Vet-WWII 
SpetaCharles Louis19411942SpetaLouis A.LewisViolet E.  C-027TS  
SpetaHenry J.22 Sep 192106 Oct 1953Speta     B-107 Vet-WWII 
SpetaJose F.18731938Speta    JosephineB-107   
SpetaJosephine18801962    SpetaJose F.B-107   
SpetaLouis A.23 Jan 191210 Jan 1999SpetaJosephDraxlerJosephineLewisViolet E.C-027TS,ObitVet-WWII 
SpetaViolet E.21 Mar 1917 Lewis   SpetaLouis A.C-027TS  
StandishAlice M.18781962    StandishJohn D.B-168   
StandishJohn D.18821957Standish    Alice M.B-168   
StapelRhoda20 Oct 181717 Jul 1894    StapleJohnB-137   
StapleJohn30 Nov 181609 Mar 1896Staple    RhodaB-137   
StclairRosemary21 Jul 192922 Feb 1930      C-069/070TS  
StearnsAgnes D.19071990    StearnsEarl M.C-078TS  
StearnsAletha  Shelley   StearnsJames G.D-East-163   
StearnsEarl M.19011970StearnsOtis M. Ella S. Agnes D.C-078TS  
StearnsEdward18641926StearnsHorace Joanna  C-040TS  
StearnsElla S.18681942    StearnsOtis M.C-057TS  
StearnsGeorge W.18861975Stearns     D-East-189   
StearnsGlenn H.19081975Stearns    Margaret E.D-East-161   
StearnsHorace18241896Stearns    JoannaC-040TS  
StearnsJames G.  Stearns    AlethaD-East-163   
StearnsJoanna18241896    StearnsHoraceC-040TS  
StearnsMargaret E.19121997    StearnsGlenn H.D-East-161   
StearnsOtis M.18611925Stearns    Ella S.C-057TS  
SteenrodClara18571929    SteenrodFrank P.C-159TS  
SteenrodEben08 Jun 181116 Jun 1891Steenrod    PhilindaC-159TS  
SteenrodEliza19 Feb 182104 Mar 1908Scott   Steenrod C-183TS  
SteenrodFrank I.18721947Steenrod    MariettaE-005   
SteenrodFrank P.18521907SteenrodEben Philinda ClaraC-159TS  
SteenrodHarry18861932SteenrodFrank Clara  C-159TS  
SteenrodLydia M.18201892    SteenrodWilliamC-065TS  
SteenrodMarietta18751965    SteenrodFrank I.E-005   
SteenrodPhilinda07 May 181504 Mar 1891    SteenrodEbenC-159TS  
SteenrodWilliam18171899Steenrod    Lydia M.C-065TS  
SteeterAlice W.18651953    StreeterAdelbertC-193TS  
StephensBessie18831974    StephensWilliam H.C-077TS  
StephensBlanche E.19091993    StephensR.O. JamesC-049TS  
StephensR.O. James19051976Stephens    Blanche E.C-049TS  
StephensTheadore A.24 Jun 191822 Dec 1950Stephens     C-049TS  
StephensWilliam H.18821976Stephens    BessieC-077TS  
StevensAlbert L.18721946Stevens    Gladdice M.C-101TS  
StevensArthur W.18371878Stevens    Nan L.C-051TS  
StevensArthur W.Jr.18691932StevensArthur W. Nan L.StockingKateC-051TS  
StevensGladdice M.18731965    SevensAlbert L.C-101TS  
StevensKate18661904Stocking   StevensArthur W.JrC-051TS  
StevensMaedene A.19131992    StevensWilliam L.D-East-230   
StevensNan L.18401919    StevensArthur W.C-051TS  
StevensVina C.18651956      C-033TS In Walkway
StevensWilliam L.19141994Stevens    MaedeneD-East-230   
StewartSarah A.18331902      C-166TS  
StewartSarah E.19091990    StewartJohn R.    
StillmanEdna W.18931989    StillmanLeon E.E-133   
StillmanEugene I.17 Dec 192106 Dec 1992Stillman Leon E. Edna W.  E-133 Vet 
StillmanG. Raymond18901948Stillman    Lois R.C-088TS  
StillmanLeon E.18911976Stillman     Edna W.E-133   
StillmanLois R.18951969    StillmanG. RaymondC-088TS  
StillmanMary E.18611947    StillmanOwen R.E-012   
StillmanOwen R.18601950Stillman    Mary E.E-012   
StiversJeffery S.19701995Stivers     E-251   
StockmanMaybelle F.18941902    StockmanRichard B.E-027   
StockmanRichard B.18901971Stockman    Maybelle F.E-027   
StockmanToby J.20 Nov 194807 Aug 1976Stockman     E-027 Vet 
StockmanVera L.19 Sep 192411 Jan 1999    StockmanRichard F.E-027   
StonageMary19251979Sisson     D-East-223   
StrahanE.B.18461932    StrahanE.N.C-119/120TS  
StrahanE.N.18601932Strahan    S.B.C-119/120TS  
StrahanJulia A.18901963      C-119/120TS  
StrahanLinda 1954      E-109   
StrahanRalph O.18891953Strahan     C-119/120TS  
StrahanRaymond J.18921955      C-119/120TS  
StrahanThomas K.18861956StrahanE.N. S.B.  C-119/120TS  
StraightCrystal S.18921989    StraightNelson M.B-090   
StraightEdna M.18781957     B-171   
StraightLee M18891980Straight     B-171 Vet-WWI 
StraightMorris C.19161964Straight    Ruby M.D-West-040   
StraightNelson M.18911979Straight    CrystalB-090   
StraightRuby M.1919     StraightMorris C.D-West-040   
StrattonFred 1973Stratton     D-West-044   
StrauseMaria A. N.19101977      B-130   
StreeterAdelbert18581893Streeter    Alice W.C-193TS  
StreeterEthel18891973      C-193TS  
StrousClayton1901`1985Strous     B-180 Vet 
StuckAlice L.19101987    StuckElba R.E-058   
StuckAmes R.19391986Stuck     D-West-042   
StuckArthur E.18991974Stuck    Gladys E.D-West-042   
StuckElba R.19061985Stuck    Alice L.E-058   
StuckGary E.19851988Stuck     D-West-044   
StuckGladys E.19061976    StuckArthur A.D-West-042   
StuckThomas J.23 Aug 194326 Jan 1964StuckElba R. Alice L.  E-057 Vet-Vietnam 
StuckeyIsaac T.16 Apr 194609 Oct 1990Stuckey     E-160 Vet 
SturdevantHarrison M.18881969Sturdevant    MariettaC-030TS  
SturdevantMarietta18961985    SturdevantHarrisonC-030TS  
SwainFlora I.19371947SwainJesse A. Gladys E.  C-008TS  
SwainGladys E.1910     SwainJesse A.C-008TS  
SwainJesse A.18951975Swain    Gladys E.C-008TS  
SwiftCora E.18571933    SwiftFrank E.B-138   
SwiftFrank E.1855 Swift    Cora E.B-138   
SyllaJames18331865Sylla     C-041TS  
TalbettFreda J.19181996     D-East-157   
TalbettHalcyon W.18951958Talbett     D-East-157   
TalbettThomas19101996Talbett    Winnifred H.E-074   
TalbettWinnifred H.19041976    TalbettThomasE-074   
TaylorEva18701922RiceWard Harriett  C-084/085TS  
TaylorEzra S.26 Oct 186014 Mar 1907Taylor     C-155TS  
TaylorPhillip A.20 Apr 198812 Jul 1988TaylorLeroy H. Josaphine  E-143   
TellerDale Lynn14 Aug 196107 Dec 1992Teller     E-151   
ThiermanFredrick1895 Thierman    Nancy E.C-025TS  
ThiermanNancy E.18811948    TheirmanFredrick M.C-025TS  
ThomasIda M.18691933    ThomasWilliamE-011   
ThomasWilliam18611936Thomas    Ida M.E-011   
ThompsonBeatrice F.19041976    ThompsonRoy E.D-East-190   
ThompsonEdith M.1885     ThompsonGeorge M.D-East-155   
ThompsonGeorge M.18751952Thompson    Edith M.D-East-155   
ThompsonRoy E.19011982Thompson    Beatrice F.D-East-190   
ThurberOlive18061897    Thurber C-092/-093TS  
ThurstonAdeline18841964      C-90/91TS  
ThurstonAlbert N.18741955Thurston    Lula J.C-112/113TS  
ThurstonAnna B.18701871ThurstonJohn T. Clarissa L.  C-137/138TS  
ThurstonClair18801922Thurston    EvaC-90/91TS  
ThurstonClarissa L.18431916    ThurstonJohn T.C-137/138TS  
ThurstonCosanus18341919Thurston    Ruth A.C-068TS  
ThurstonEva18881910      C-90/91TS  
ThurstonEva18881910ThurstonWaTSon N.BurrillMinnie E.  C-90/91TS  
ThurstonHenrietta183430 Jul 1869      C-112/113TS  
ThurstonIna L.18761965      C-112/113TS  
ThurstonIncrease V.05 Jul 183503 Jul 1887ThurstonNathan Matilda MarandaC-112/113TSVet-Cw 
ThurstonJohn T.18371913Thurston    Clarissa L.C-137/138TS  
ThurstonKatieAug 187713 May 1879ThurstonIncrease Maranda  C-112/113TS  
ThurstonLela B.21 Oct 191005 May 1992      C-112/113TS  
ThurstonLula J.18741944    ThurstonAlbert N.C-112/113TS  
ThurstonLydia18411925Parish   ThurstonThomas A.C-112/113TS  
ThurstonMamie18791881ThurstonJohn T. Clarissa L.  C-137/138TS  
ThurstonMaranda10 Apr 184110 May 1920    ThurstonIncreaseC-112/113TS  
ThurstonMary F.18831947    ThurstonWilliam L.C-068TS  
ThurstonMatildaApr 180811 Nov 1870    ThurstonNathanC-112/113TS  
ThurstonMinnie E.18601936    ThurstonWaTSon N.C-90/91TS  
ThurstonMinnie E.18601936Burrill   ThurstonWaTSon N.C-90/91TS  
ThurstonNellieAug 187309 May 1879ThurstonIncrease Maranda  C-112/113TS  
ThurstonRoger W.19141984Thurston     C-068TS  
ThurstonRose19081920ThurstonAlbert N. Lula J.  C-112/113TS  
ThurstonRuth A.18441942    ThurstonCosanusC-068TS  
ThurstonSusan18771878ThurstonJohn T. Clarissa L.  C-137/138TS  
ThurstonThomas A.18411905Thurston   ParishLydiaC-112/113TS  
ThurstonUna18751959      C-068TS  
ThurstonWaTSon N.18571925Thurston    Minnie E.C-90/91TS  
ThurstonWaTSon N.18571925Thurston   BurrillMinnie E.C-90/91TS  
ThurstonWilliam L.18821954Thurston    Mary F.C-068TS  
ToddVictor W.18741961Todd     B-020   
TurnerMarion F.25 Apr 19231`7 Feb 1987      E-002   
TuttleBertha18821958    TuttleHowardC-117/118TS  
TuttleGlen D.30 Oct 191815 Nov 1982Tuttle    Ida M.C-137/138TS  
TuttleHoward18831975Tuttle    BerthaC-117/118TS  
TuttleIda M.19241990    TuttleGlen D.C-137/138TS  
TuttleJames D.19471952TuttleGlen D.   Ida M.C-137/138TS  
TuttleJanet Louise18411949Tuttle     C-117/118TS  
TuttleNorma J.19491952TuttleGlen D.   Ida M.C-137/138TS  
TuttlePaul Thurston19151982TuttleHoward Bertha  C-117/118TS  
TuttleRichard D.19481952TuttleGlen D.   Ida M.C-137/138TS  
TuttleShirley A.19501952TuttleGlen D.   Ida M.C-137/138TS  
TwichellLawrencea.22 Oct 191011 Jan 1997Twichell     B-129 Vet-WWII 
UrvanCharles L. Jr.06 May 192306 May 1991UrvanCharles L. Sr Christine P. Patrica G.E-060 Vet-WWII 
UrvanCharles L. Sr.22 Mar 189026 Feb 1968Urvan    Christine P.E-060 Vet-WWI 
UrvanChristine P.18971964    UrvanCharles L. Sr.E-060   
UrvanPatricia G.19301982    UrvanCharles L. Jr.E-060   
VaccaroCharles J.19222000Vaccaro     B-128 Vet-WWII 
VailCash T.18641923      E-107   
VandevenderAlice W.1911     VandevenderFrancisC-072/073TS  
VandevenderFrancis1907 Vandevender    Alice W.C-072/073TS  
VandevenderRuth Elaine19331934VandevenderFrancis Alice W.  C-072/073TS  
VandruffFlora20 Oct 191409 Jan 1999WrightCharlesKnightMaryVandruffLeroyC-058TS Wed 3 Times
VandykeGerald W. Sr.19141977Vandyke    Lavera L.D-East-189   
VandykeLavera L.19061989    VandykeGerald W. Sr.D-East-189   
VanhornRobert E.19521994Vanhorn     E-230   
VanskoikElizabeth18801974      C-167/168TS  
VanskoikHarold19001930Vanskoik     C-167/168TS  
VanskoikJane C.1924       C-167/168TS  
VanvelzorMary E.18471921    VanvelzorOscar B.C-109TS  
VanvelzorOscar B.18431921Vanvelzor    Mary E.C-109TS  
VanvelzorViven18771939      C-109TS  
VanvleckAlfred B.187104 Jan 1881Vanvleck  Emma K.  C-178TS  
VanvleckEmme K.185118 Oct 1882    Vanvleck C-178TS  
VanvleckPrice187621 Dec 1880Vanvleck  Emma K.  C-178TS  
VoorheesCharles R.18471922Voorhees    Mary A.E-008   
VoorheesMary A.18511926    VoorheesCharles R.E-008   
VoorheisElizabeth18501924    VoorhiesFrank M.E-052   
VoorheisElmer J.S.09 Oct 187512 Apr 1941VoorheisWilliam B. Mary A.Unwed C-169Fam  
VoorheisFrank M.18151915Voorheis    ElizabethE-052   
VoorheisMary A.18421903    VoorhiesWilliam B.C-169TS  
VoorheisWilliam B.18431922Voorheis    Mary A.C-169TS  
VoorhiesEthel E.18971973    VoorhiesVern R.D-East 159   
VoorhiesFrank A.18711961VoorhiesCharlesGravesMaryFarleyJennieD-East-159   
VoorhiesJennie F.18761957FarleySeymourePearsallTheresaVoorhiesFrank A.D-East-159   
VoorhiesVern R.18961961VoorhiesFrank AdelbertFarleyJennie Ethel E.D-East-159   
VorpahMary E.05 Mar 193125 Dec 1990      E-251   
VosslerFlorence R.Reserved     VosslerWalter K.D-East-125   
VosslerPaul W.02 Oct 196521 Sep 1993VosslerWalter K. Florence R.  D-East-125   
VosslerWalter K.Reserved Vossler    Florence R.D-East-125   
WainmanArvida07 Jan 190420 Nov 1996VoorhiesFrank AdelbertFarleyJennieWainmanLlewelynD-East-158  Teacher
WainmanLlewelyn H.25 Jun 19061983Wainman    ArvidaD-East-158   
WaitBeTSey D.18101899    WaitJohn JC-221/222TS  
WaitGuy L.18801922WaitLorenzo M. Nellie I.  C-221/222TS  
WaitJohn J.25 Feb 180515 May 1887Wait    BeTSey D.C-221/222TS  
WaitLorenzo M.18501933Wait    Nellie I.C-221/222TS  
WaitNellie I.18531921    WaitLorenzo M.C-221/222TS  
WaitVera M.18821945      C-221/222TS  
WaldronW.W.18481906      C-171/172TS  
WalesAmelia L.18491911    WalesCharles B.C-167/168TS  
WalesCharles B.18451900Wales    Amelia L.C-167/168TS  
WalesMary E.18771878WalesCharles B. Amelia L.  C-167/168TS  
WalesWalter B.18751877WalesCharles B. Amelia L.  C-167/168TS  
WalkerAlida M.18991958    WalkerRobert B.D-East-186   
WalkerFloyd D.18811962Walker    Lena B.C-090/091TS  
WalkerLena B.18851960    WalkerFloyd D.C-090/091TS  
WalkerRobert B.18931973Walker    Alida M.D-East-186   
WallDeanie186328 Nov 1893    WallGeorgeC-139/140TS  
WallElizabeth18731958      C-139/140TS  
WallGeorge186121 Nov 1947Wall    DeanieC-139/140TS  
WallJess Marie188908 Dec 1975      C-139/140TS  
WallaceLeona J.19301989    WallaceLew J.E-146   
WallaceLew J.03 Cot 192124 Apr 1993Wallace    Leona J.E-146 Vet-WWII 
WardAlice M.        C-230/231TS  
WardEmma R.18561941Cappell  Mary AnnWardWilliamC-055TS  
WardFrederick09 May 188001 Sep 1895WardWilliamCappellEmma K.  C-55TS  
WardGraceDec 188002 Apr 1885Ward     C-230/231TS  
WardSephrenus184407 Oct 1880      C-230/231TS  
WardWilliam18541913Ward    Emma K.C-055TS  
WarnerArchie E.18901949Warner    Edith M.C-101TS  
WarnerDeana25 Cot 196627 Oct 1966Warner     B-179   
WarnerEdith M.18981988    WarnerArchie E.C-101TS  
WarnerEvelyn B.1928     WarnerEverett R.C-102TS  
WarnerHoarold L.19161985Warner    Leola M.D-East-165   
WarnerJames J.26 Dec 189308 Jan 1970Warner     B-169   
WarnerJesse L.11 Feb 191520 Dec 1991Warner   BaxterJosephine M.E-144   
WarnerLeola M.19211998    WarnerHarold L.D-East-165   
WarnerRuth A.114 Apr 191313 Sep 1994      B-169   
WarnerScott J.19671981WarnerEverett R. Evelyn B.  C-102TS  
WashburnAdelbert F.18801939Washburn     C-047TS  
WashburnGilbert A.19071934Washburn     C-047TS  
WassonJehiel18201898Wasson   StrongLucinaB-115   
WassonLucina18201902Strong   WassonJehielB-115   
WaTSonClair L.19011988WaTSon    Harriet C.E-064   
WaTSonHarriet C.19011992    WaTSonClair L.E-064   
WeatherellClifford W.19001976Weatherell    ElsilD-East-163   
WeatherellElsil      WestherellClifford W.D-East-163   
WebsterE. Stanley18951964Webster    HelenD-East-152   
WebsterElizabeth C.18381910    WebsterNormanC-110TS  
WebsterHelen19001991PitTS   WebsterE. StanleyD-East-152   
WebsterNorman1834 Webster    Elizabeth C.C-110TS  
WeirichDorothy E.19161994    WeirighPerry A.D-East-126   
WeirichPerry A.19121979Weirich    DorothyD-East-126   
WellmanCora18751955    WellmanHarold R.B-020   
WellmanHarold R.18751906Wellman     B-020   
WellmanWillard18981918Wellman     B-020   
WellsDorothy B.18881969    WellsMansel A.C-034TS  
WellsMansel A.18771963Wells    Dorothy B.C-034TS  
WentworthClair1916 Wentworth    MarjorieD-West-066   
WentworthDana P.19021964Wentworth    Lillian M.E-059   
WentworthMarjorie1918     WentworthClairD-West-066   
WestEugene E.08 Mar 191512 Mar 1988West    Jennie A.D-East-240 Vet-WWII 
WestJennie A.      WestEugene E.D-East-240   
WetherbyCarrie18741961Traver   WetherbyWellingtonC-139/140TS  
WetherbyClyde18851965WetherbyStephen Lilie A.  C-195TS  
WetherbyDella M.18711940      C-139/140TS  
WetherbyEdith H.187819 Sep 1949      C-139/140TS  
WetherbyInfant19091909WetherbyStephen D. Lilie A.  C-195TS  
WetherbyLilie A.18651950    WetherbyStephen D.C-195TS  
WetherbyLoren E.18651944      C-139/140TS  
WetherbyLydia184213 Dec 1931    WetherbyNicholasC-139/140TS  
WetherbyMary J.19581904    WetherbyWilliamC-082/083TS  
WetherbyMother        C-082/083TS  
WetherbyNicholas183323 May 1901Wetherby    LydiaC-139/140TS  
WetherbyStephen D.18491914WetherbyJohnMaybeeLucinda Lilie A.C-195TS  
WetherbyVera I.18991900WetherbyStephen Lilie A.Decker C-195TS  
WetherbyWellington J.18741952WetherbyNicholas LydiaTraverCarrieC-139/140TS  
WetherbyWilliam18531935Wetherby    Mary J.C-082/083TS  
WheadonF. L.18441926Wheadon    W.W.C-171/172TS  
WheadonF.W.18621952WheadonF.L. W.W.  C-171/172TS  
WheadonW.W.18481906    WheadonF.L.C-171/172TS  
WhitakerEsther A.18751950      B-134   
WhiteCary L.18851942      C-152TS  
WhiteF. Lloyd19081979White     C-152TS  
WhiteGeorge18891948White    MaudeE-032   
WhiteHarley E.19271944WhiteGeorge Maude  E-032 Vet-WWII 
WhiteInman13 Aug 182520 Jan 1921White    Martha A.C-053TS  
WhiteLucy C.18341874NiverWilliam CaziahWhiteG. E.D-East-222   
WhiteMarian19101997Krause   WhiteF. LloydC-152TS  
WhiteMartha A.27 Jan 182816 Dec 1894    WhiteInmanC-053TS  
WhiteMaude18921975    WhiteGeorgeE-032   
WhiteStanley19281929White     E-032   
WhitingJohn F.18951967Whiting    Julia M.D-West-070   
WhitingJulia F.18971979    WhitingJohn F.D-West-070   
WhitmanNathanielDec 181213 Apr 1885Whitman     C-184TS  
WhitwoodArthur R.19091967Whitwood    E. MaxineE-034   
WhitwoodBaby30 Oct 195830 Oct 1958Whitwood     E-032   
WhitwoodBenjamin13 Mar 194727 Mar 1967WhitwoodArthur R. E. Maxine  E-034 Vet-Vietnam 
WhitwoodE. Maxine19131967    WhitwoodArthur R.E-034   
WicksAlonzo L. 1891WicksWilson Ruth A. LenaC-185TSVet-CwW2
WicksLena18511909    WicksAlonzo L.C-185TS 2nd Wife
WicksRosa02 Jul 184002 Mar 1873    WicksAlonzo L.C-185TS 1st Wife
WicksRuth A.10 Apr 181220 Dec 1885    WicksWilsonC-185TS  
WicksWilson09 Jul 181822 Feb 1892Wicks    RuthC-185TS  
WickwireDonald19291947WichwireRalph Florence A.  E-051   
WickwireFlorance A.19031995    WickwireRalphE-051   
WickwireRalph18981972Wichwire    Florence A.E-051   
WierLoren19411979Wier     E-117   
WilberLeroy C.19121914Wilber     E-002   
WilberPauline M.14 Mar 190717 Oct 1977      E-107   
WilburElsie D.19001984    WilburFrank F.E-074   
WilburFrank F.18971974Wilbur    Elsie D.E-074   
WilburPauline M.19071997      E-107   
WilcoxBertha18841978    WilcoxFred F.C-167/168TS  
WilcoxFred F.18791937Wilcox    BerthaC-167/168TS  
WillardAmbros R.18431924WillardErastus H.   Marley S.C-189TS  
WillardByron F.18681940WillardAmbros R. Marley S. Florence A.C-189TS  
WillardCora E.19001988    Willard R. EdwardE-034  Ck Dates
WillardErastus H.18081886Willard     C-189TS  
WillardFlorence A.18731938    WillardByron F.C-189TS  
WillardMarley S.18431896    WillardAmbros R.C-189TS  
WillardR. Edward19001988Willard    Cora E.E-034   
WilletteAlice A.184917 Dec 1872WilletteGeorge Mary  C-188TS  
WilletteGeorge18241908Willette    Mary A.C-188TS  
WilletteMary A.182811 Mar 1886    WilletteGeorgeC-188TS  
WilletTSDonald R.19341974WilletTS    MarcellaE-051a   
WilletTSRussell D.19601979WilletTSDonald R. Marcella  E-051a   
WilliamsAdelbert A.18901972Williams    Lena L.D-West-039   
WilliamsCatherine      WilliamsRhudo G.C-197/198TS  
WilliamsEliasDec 180716 Sep 1879Williams     C-207TS  
WilliamsLena L.18891973    WilliamsAdelbert A.D-West-039   
WilliamsRhudo G.  Williams    CatherineC-197/198TS  
WilliamsSebra19031924CrawfordCharlesHughesJennie  C-114/115TS  
WillisAda16 Apr 186117 May 1904Morse   MorseWalter C.C-151TS  
WillisMary L.04 Feb 188605 Jan 1887WillisWalter C.MorseAda  C-151TS  
WillisWalter C.30 Mar 185927 Jan 1936Willis   MorseAdaC-151TS  
WillmanHarold A.19031999Willman    Louise A.E-072   
WillmanLouise A.      WillmanHarold A.E-072   
WilnerCarrie A.185812 Feb 1874WilnerM. G. M.W.  B-043   
WilsonCecelia L.18831922    WilsonRobert B.E-010   
WilsonIda A. 1995      E-252   
WilsonRobert B.18801967Wilson    Cecelia L.E-010   
WinchellAugusta A.1842     WinchellAveryC-170TS  
WinchellAvery18411908Winchell    Augusta A.C-170TSVet-CwNy Cav Co M
WinchellFrances S.19161937Winchell     E-045   
WinchellNancy A.19431990    WinchellLeland A.E-183   
WingateEdward B.18201887Wingate   RigdonSarahC-108TS  
WingateSarah18241877RigdonSidneyBrooksSarahWingateEdward B.C-108TS  
WinnNorma S.19641996      D-East-098   
WitterJoshua B.30 Aug 183105 Oct 1880Witter    Maria H.B-138   
WitterMaria H.27 Feb 183617 Mar 1904    WitterJoshua E.B-138   
WolfAlice18821888Wolf     B-181   
WoodardDoris W.1927     WoodardJohn A.C-148/149TS  
WoodardJacqueline K.19431967      C-030TS  
WoodardJerry D. 2 DaysWoodard     C-030TS  
WoodardJohn A.23 Jun 193629 Jun 1995Woodard    Doris W.C-148/149TS  
WraeburnEmma18651907      B-181   
WyattFlorence12 Feb 189722 Dec 1992Ward   WyattJosephC-014TS  
WyattJoseph30 Oct 188923 Apr 1969Wyatt    FlorenceC-014TS  
WyattLeo E.20 Jan 193522 Mar 1996WyattWard O.    B-067 Vet  
WyattWard O.16 Nov 191611 Dec 1956Wyatt     B-067 Vet-WWI 
YatesAlann ?22 Mar 192114 Apr 1996Yates    Betty J.    
YostEdwin A.19211988Yost    MaryD-East-196   
YostKenneth19701999Yost     D-East-196   
YostMary1921     YostEdwin A.D-East-196   
YoumansVianna19201975      D-East-153   
YoungCharles B.27 Jun 192530 Apr 1989Young    Betty A.E-148   
ZacherCarol Ann19441965ZacherChester R. Genevieve S.  C-003TS  
ZacherChester R.19021959Zacher    Genevieve S.C-003TS  
ZacherGenevieve S.1910     ZacherChester R.C-003TS  
ZieglerHilda E.18941985      E-078   

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