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Willing was formed from Independence and Scio on Nov. 19, 1851.   Alma was taken off in 1854, and part of Wellsville in 1855.  Willing lies on the south border of the county, east of the center.

Elijah Robinson, from Brookfield, Madison county, settled on the Genesee adjoining the State line in 1825.  He built a sawmill and made other improvements for four or five years when he became deranged and left the town.  The first death was a child of Austin Butler in 1837.  The first school was taught near Beanville in 1836 by Betsey Lovell.  Allen Gifford kept the first inn in 1838 in Beanville and James R. Wood the first store at the same place in 1839.  Elijah Robinson erected the first sawmill near the Pennsylvania line on the Genesee.   The first religious meeting (Protestant Methodist) was held at the house of Daniel Baker by Rev. Seneca Fish. [Source: J.H.French, Gazetteer of State of New York, 1860, p.168]

Child's 1875 Gazetteer for Willing

Cities, Villages and Hamlets

Hallsport - hamlet in northeast corner of town by Chenunda Creek

Beanville - north of Shongo

Paynesville - southeast corner of the town

Stannards - hamlet on the north town line

Shongo - Read about a cyclone that hit Shongo.

Stone Dam - southwest corner of the town

York Corners - hamlet south of Stannards

Town Historian
Christina Case Wightman
3052 Palmer Road
Wellsville, NY 14895
Telphone: 585-593-6145
Town Clerk

Deborah Buchholz
2776 Palmer Road
Wellsville, NY 14707

Telephone: 585-593-3210

Historical Vital Records


  • Yorks Corners - code #28-1; (Town 1, Range 1MR, Lot 11), County Rd. 29
  • Hallsport - code #28-2; (lot 221), Hallsport hamlet
  • Shongo - code #28-3; lot 29, McCurdy Road; 1 grave, listed by Judy Cwiklinski
  • Stannards - code #28-4; (lot 126), N.Y. Rte. 19
  • Benjamin Jones - code #28-5; (lot 43), East of River Rd.
  • Beech Hill - code #28-6; (lot 172), Beech Hill Rd.
  • Stevens - code #28-7; (lot 21), N.Y. Rte. 19
  • Walden - code #28-8; (lot 21), N.Y. Rte. 19
  • Graves - code #28-9; (lot 32), Graves Rd.
  • Stillman - code #28-10; (lot 10) York Corners hamlet
  • Straight - code #28-11; Near County Rds. 29 & 38
  • no name - code #28-12

*code #s refer to the Allegany County Cemetery Index card file at the Allegany County Historical Society and LDS Family History Library microfilm. See Western New York Genealogical Society Journal, Vol. II, No. 1


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