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History of the Baptist Church in Friendship, New York

compiled by
Vivian Karen Bush

The First Baptist Church of Friendship had its inception in the early missionary meetings held in various parts of the town beginning about the year 1813. One of the many devoted workers in the new region was Rev. Jesse Braman, a Baptist, through whose earnest efforts a church organization was perfected on the 10th of July, 1822. The original members were Mr. Bramenand his wife, and the pioneers James Reed, Moses B. Sherwin, Jonathan Savage and Harry Hayden. The first baptisms were those of Mrs. Polly Baxter and Nancy McQueen. This being the first regularly organized church of the town, it received a deed of a hundred acre tract of land from the Holland Land Company. The land was sold for the benefit of the society and the avails used in the purchase of a parsonage lot. The first church edifice was erected in 1825, and although twice substantially remodeled in later years, it was sufficient for the purposes of the society for more than half a century. In 1890 it was replaced with the present church house, one of the largest and most complete church structures in the county. Indeed, this is the strongest and most religious society in the in the county. The present members number 258. In the past four new church organizations have been formed from the society.

The Church's Covenant

We promise to take heed to ourselves, to refrain from unbeliefs, pride, fleshly lust, covetousness, foolish jesting, evil speaking, anger, revenge, fretfulness, intemperance, tavern haunting and slothfulness.

We promise to keep a faithful watch over each other, to provoke one another to love and good works, to be care of each other's persons, characters, and estates; to be just in all our dealings; and to do good to all men.


Membership Dismissed to form a Church at Amity, February 11, 1832.


The New Church

Work on the new Baptist Church is progressing satisfactorily.  The seats are being put into place and the doors hung.  There will be four rows of seats on the floor of the church, nineteen seats each 8 feet in length in each row, affording a seating capacity for about 420 persons.  The frescoing of the prayer meeting room and parlors is completed.  They in the main body of the church will be completed in a few days.  The cornice is a handsome design in blue and white, relieved by red.  The panels are in French gray shaded and the dado border is a pleasing combination of blue, black, silver and gray. The entire effect will be very harmonious.  Mr. Chas. Bowkard of Bradford, an artist of great taste, skill and experience, is doing this part of the work.  ["Town Topics", Friendship Chronicle, Vol. 1, No. 23, July 14, 1880]

Singular Accident

A curious and painful accident befell Mr. George Wilbur on Monday last whilst working in the new Baptist Church.  He stepped upon a hammer left upon some stairs.  The tool flew up striking him just above the eye with such force as to tumble him backwards down eight stairs.  He fell quite heavily but broke no bones.  The brow above the eye was severely continued but happily the member itself escaped injury.  [Friendship Chronicle, Vol. 1, No. 15, May 19, 1880]

The Last Sermon

Fifty-two years ago Rev. A. Miner, now of Madison, Wisconsin, preached the first sermon in the old Baptist meeting house in this place. One week from next Sunday, December, 12th, Mr. Minerwill preach the last sermon in this edifice. This will be an occasion of much interest particularly to those who have long lived in Friendship. This, as we have said, will be the last sermon in the old church; on the following Sunday however, memorial services will be held in this edifice, particulars of which we will give hereafter. [Friendship Chronicle, Vol. 1, No. 43, Dec. 1, 1880.

The Old Baptist Meeting House

Editors of the Chronicle. I have just seen in your paper of the 1st inst., an article headed “The last sermon” in which it states that Elder Absalom Miner preached the first sermon in the old Baptist Meeting House fifty-two years ago. Here is some sort of a misunderstanding, for that edifice was erected fifty-five years ago. The latter part of August 1825, I was on my way to Caneadea where my father had moved the Spring previous. The wagon in which I was going stopped in front of the “Friendship Hotel, by T. Hill” for some time, and while we were waiting I took the opportunity to examine the frame of the building which was then just raised completely. It was completed that same year. I cannot take it upon myself to state who preached the first sermon there, but Elder James Reed was at Friendship at the time, and probably Elder Chester Coleman. I believe that Elder Absalom Miner then lived in Rushford where he married a daughter of Judge James McCall.

The old meeting house was not painted inside until 1836, as my friend John M. Makee will well recollect, as he assisted in the work.

Very Respectfully,
Henry Baxter.
Warren, Pa., Dec. 11th, 1880.
[Mr. Miner preached the first sermon after the hose was dedicated. Before the church was finished however services were held in the half completed edifice. This is the way it is explained to us. -- Eds.]
Friendship Chronicle, Vol. 1, No. 45, Dec. 15, 1880.


Dedication of the new Baptist church
Its History and a Brief review of its building and Completion

For several years the old church now abandoned was found insufficient in size and accommodations for the growing and prosperous Baptist society of Friendship and following out the general wish of its members a meeting was held September 29th, 1877 to discuss the matter and to decide what steps should be taken in the direction of erecting a new edifice for Divine worship.  At the meeting Professor Miller, J. W. Scott and A. J. Wellman were appointed a committee to secure plans and obtain estimates of cost.  On the 12th of October following this committee made its report which was adopted and another committee was appointed to obtain subscriptions consisting of A. W. Miner, Prof. Miller, J. W. Scott, James Stout, Downing Gould and A. J. Wellman.  This committee received abundant encouragement and at a meeting held August 14th, 1878, a building committee comprising A. W. Miner, B. Robinson, A. J. Wellman and Prof. Miller, added to the committee subsequently, was appointed.  Five days later ground was broken for the splendid structure which is now so great an adornment to our village.  The work was pushed on as rapidly as possible and the members of the building committee, particularly Col. Wellman, were indefatigable in their efforts to have the church ready for services by August of this year.  However, this was found impossible, the idea of dedicating it was postponed until the present time.

We may here recite a few facts in regard to the church and its erection.  It is built on the same lot and to the west of the building hitherto used by the Baptist Society.  This lot was formerly the property of Othello Church, who was shot in cold blood by David D. Howe in 1823, and was long known as the Public Park and burying ground.  Through Orange Church, a son of Othello Church, and other heirs the lot passed into the possession of the Baptist Society.  The foundation was laid by James Weatherall of this place in the fall of 1878.  The walls were commenced in May following by George Drehmer, of Hornellsville, who used 300,000 bricks, furnished from the yard of Prof. Miller of this place.  The wood-work which is of an unusually fine and artistic character, was manufactured by Messrs. Clark and Chrisman of Wellsville and put into place under the personal supervision of Mr. J. Chrisman who made the designs himself. The slate roof was put on by Mr. Mosher of Buffalo.  Mr. Cyrus K. Potter of the same city was the architect. The style of architecture is Gothic somewhat modernized in deference to the less severe taste of these more liberal days.  The dimensions are as follows: main building or church proper with vestibule 88 feet deep by 46 feet wide.  The tower of steeple is 146 feet high.  The chapel or prayer meeting room, on the west, is 52 feet deep by 46 feet wide.  There are spacious galleries in both church and chapel.  The organ is built in the gallery of the back and above the ministers platform at the south end of the church.  The choir is accommodated in the same gallery, in the front and on each side of the organ.  The wood-work is chiefly walnut and ash and presents a very fine appearance, particularly the under roof; which is a series of carved arches and drapery, a perfect arcade in white pine handsomely dressed and finished.  The various windows are filled with exceedingly beautiful specimens of stained glass supplied by Booth and Reister of Buffalo, a full description of which appeared in a recent number of the Chronicle.  The church is lighted for evening services by gas, made from gasoline by one of Terrell's New York machines.  It is heated by large furnaces furnishes by Graff & Co., of New York.  The very attractive gas fittings came from the great Philadelphia warehouse of Thackaray and Buck.  The carpets were supplied by J. and J. Dobson of New York, and the cushions by H. D. Ostermore of the same city.  The frescoing in all parts of the church and chapel is the artistic work of Mr. C. Bourkardt now a resident of Friendship.  The bell was cast at the foundry of C. R. Menealy of Troy and was the gift of Mr. J. C. Corwin. In hanging this bell Mr. J. Chrissman nearly lost his life, falling a distance of about 60 feet but escaping with only slight injuries.

In order to fully test the powers of the new organ built by Steer and Turner, Springfield, Mass., a concert was given on Tuesday evening in the new building under the direction of Mr. William Carmer, organist of the First Presbyterian Church of Elmira, a very fine musician. The programme of the evening was announced as follows:

  1. Organ Solo. “Overture to Semiramide.” - Mr. William Cramer. [Rosini
  2. “Rejoice in the Lord. ” Juvin. - Chorus
  3. Duett “See the Pale Moon,” F. Campana. - Misses Carrie Horner and Eloise Corbin.
  4. Organ Solo, (a) “Swedish Wedding March” [Sodermann. (b) "Hymn of Nuns, L. Wely. Mr. William Cramer
  5. Quartette, “Pleasant's Wedding March” [Sodermann; Mrs. M. Engle, Alto; Miss Bessie Willard, Soprano; Edgar A. Hewitt, Tenor; Mr. Frank Church, Bass.
  6. Piano solo, “Cacheucha-Caprice.” J. Rapp. Mr. William Cramer
  7. Stabat Mater. “Lord Most Holy,” from Rossini's Staba' Mater - By the Chorus.
  1. Organ Solo, “Offertory in E flat.” L. Wely. Mr. William Cramer.
  2. Soprano Solo, “Abide with me,” Blandner. Mrs. J. D. Lord.
  3. “How lovely are the Messengers,” from the Oratorio of St. Pal. Mendelssohn. By the Chorus
  4. “Flee as the bird,” Alto and Bass Solo and Quartette. Abt. Alto, Mrs. S. M. Norton; Soprano; Miss Fanny Corbin; bass, Mr. Frank Church; Tenor, Mr. S. S. Hamilton.
  5. Organ Solo, Grand Fugue in C. J. Zundel. Mr. William Cramer.
  6. Heavenly Father. “Sovereign Lord” from Farmer's Mass in B flat. - By the Chorus.
  7. Gloria. Mozart's Twelfth Mass. By the Chorus.

This was carried out entirely and in addition between the parts and by special request, Mrs. Felt nee Alice Horner, formerly a resident of Friendship sang very sweetly, “When the tide comes in,” and after his organ solo, “Grand Fugue in C” Mr. Cramer played “The Sweet By and Bye.” with variations.  Where so much excellence was displayed it would be invidious to select any part of the programme for special mention.  It is true that the concerted pieces there was a decided weakness among the male voices, but the ladies amply atoned for the deficiency by their precision and earnestness.  The organ is without a doubt a very fine instrument and at master hands of Mr. Cramer produced some grand and inspiring music.  The church was well filled, but not absolutely crowded as it should have been.

This morning the church was well filled in the audience being representatives from most of the towns in the county, from Olean and other points.  Rev. H. M. Barker, pastor of the church officiated as Moderator.  The choir sang “The Lord is His Holy Temple” after which he appropriate prayer was offered by Rev. W. Spicer of Almond.  The report of the building committee was then read by its chairman Col. A. J. Wellman.  This report embodied the facts we have already given besides the additional information that half the expense was to be sustained by Mr. A. W. Miner, that the cost of the building was $19, 761.92 and the furniture, gas, organ and fittings an additional $4,840 making a total of $24,601.92.  The handsome platform chairs were presented by Mrs. William Sawyer, the deacon's chairs were presented by Mrs. J. C. Corwin, the pulpit by Mr. J. C. Corwin, the Communion table by Mrs. Eliza Babcock and the Bible by Mrs. Benjimen Robinson.

The choir then sang, “Rejoice, oh ye righteous.”

Addresses of congratulation were then made by Rev's. C. G. Stevens of Friendship, Sands of Richburg, Benedict of Belmont, Spicer of Almond and Coit of Wellsville.

In the course of the remarks it was elicited from Rev. Barker that the Baptist churches of Richburg, Clarksville, Cuba and Belmont were offsprings of the Friendship church.

All the Reverend gentlemen heartily congratulated the Baptist Society and the people of Friendship on the possession of so handsome and edifice and so fine a house of worship.  A ripple of good humor and friendly feeling pravaded all that was said.

On the motion of Col. A. J. Wellman a vote of thanks was unanimously accorded to Mr. Cramer and the ladies and gentlemen of the choir who furnished such excellent music for the exercises.

The choir sang “Gloria in Exceleis.”

Rev. F. M. Alvord made the closing prayer and pronounced the Benediction.

In the afternoon every seat was occupied long before the services commenced and although seats were placed in the aisles and very many ladies as well as gentlemen stood up during the whole of the exercises, many were unable to get in and turned away disappointed.

Mr. Cramer played an organ solo entitled "Dedication Hymn," after which Rev. Wood invoked Divine blessing on the services.

The choir sang “With Thankful Heart”.  Rev. Varnum of Franklinville read the 121st and 122d Psalms.

Rev. L. A. Stevens P. E. of the M. E. church of this district made an impressive prayer.

The choir sang “How lovely are the messengers.”

Rev. Dr. MacArthur of New York then preached the "Dedication Sermon" and held the large audience fairly enthralled for more than an hour.  He selected his text from Nehemiah x chap. part verse xxxix. “We will not forsake the House of our God.” The sermon was a gospel discourse of the noblest order and filled with grand argument in favor of the truth of God's word.  The eloquence of the preacher seemed to reach every heart and he was listened to the most fixed attention to the end.

Rev. Absalom Miner, who preached the last sermon in the old edifice last Sunday and also the first fifty years ago, made the Dedication prayer asking the favor of God on the new temple devoted to His worship.  The choir sang, “O, Holy Jesus” after which the congregation was dismissed.

In the evening Rev. D. D. Brown of Olean preached an able discourse upon the text from Revelations, chapter v, verse ix “and they sang a new Song.”  There was a large attendance.

In concluding this article it would be unfair to a gentleman who has been perhaps above all others, the instrument whereby this splendid church has been so satisfactory completed did we not refer to services rendered by Col. A. J. Wellman, who in addition to donating the fine organ has been indefatigable through fair and four weather in supervising the very many interests which naturally surround on enterprise of this kind.  For an immense amount of careful thought and right down hard work the Baptist Society is deeply indebted to Col. Wellman. [Friendship Chronicle, Vol. 1, No. 45, Dec. 22, 1880]

Membership List

Abbott, Joseph and wife1827Baptised1829-
Abbott, Anthony M.1831Baptised--
Adams, Mrs.1831Baptised--
Almy, Polly1826Baptised1828dismissed to Bolivar
Andrews, Isaac L. and wife1840Letter1841-
Anson, Charlotte, Job1824Letter--
Anson, Leonard, Asa, Harriet1831Baptised1833 (Leonard)-
Anson, Lydia1831Letter--
Atherton, Experience1830Letter--
Axtill, Mrs.1822Baptised--
Ayres, James and wife1831Baptised--
Babcock, Clarinda1842Baptised--
Balch, Lucy1826Baptised1827-
Barrows, David1829Baptised--
Barton, Stephen1842Baptised--
Baldwin, Mrs.1842Baptised--
Baxter, Mrs. Polly----
Baxter, J. and wife1838---
Baxter, Rachel1841---
Baxter, Benjamin, Jemima1830Baptised--
Benton, Harry and wife1840Baptised--
Berbee, Lovina1828Baptised--
Berry, Eunice1825Letter--
Bills, Elijah, wife Hannah and daughter, Dorcas1842Letter--
Bradley, Currance1824Letter--
Bradley, Almyra1833Baptised--
Brady, Currance1843Letter--
Braman, David and wife Polly--1822-
Braman, Elder Jesse1823---
Brant, Jeremiah and Nancy1824Letter--
Briggs, Rufus and wife, Lydia1837Letter--
Briggs, Perry and Pamelia1838Letter--
Britton, William and Mary1842Baptised--
Bronson, Isaac1837Baptised1841-
Bronson, Sister S.1841Letter--
Brown, Calista1831Baptised--
Brown, William F.1838Letter--
Brown, Maria and Zephania1843Letter--
Bruce, Roswell and Phebe1823Baptised1828-
Bruce, Roswell and Phebe1823Baptised1828-
Buck, Ralph1839-1839-
Buckley, Azel----
Bunnell, John
and son, William, John
Bunnell, Pomroy and Nacny1840-1840-
Bunnell, Benajah1841---
Burt, Jane1842Baptised--
Bush, Rhoda1828Baptised1828-
Buskrik, Diantha1840Baptised--
Buskirk, Andrew1840Letter--
Butterfield, Solomon and Clarissa1842Letter--
Campbell, Micah and Eunice1831Letter--
Canfield, Lucy1832Letter--
Carhan, Jane1840Baptised--
Carnihan, Mr. and Mrs. and Asenath1829Baptised1832-
Carpenter, Justin and wife1825Letter-from Scio
Carr, Ann Lull1828Letter1830-
Carter, Samuel L.
and Lydia
Carter, Henry1829Baptised--
Carter, Electa1829Baptised--
Carter, John and Rebecca1837---
Carter, Lydia1840Letter--
Carter, Caroline, Erastus, Nancy and William1842---
Case, Almy1824Letter--
Case, Sophia1825Letter--
Case, Isaac1826Letter1829to Bolivar
Chapman, Peter G. and Sally----
Chapman, Adaline1829Baptised--
Chapman, Mariette1831Baptised--
cheesebro, Eliza Ann1831Baptised1831-
Church, Almyra, Clarinda, Laura, Lydia, Mandany1824Baptised--
Church, Damon1831Baptised--
Church, Orange and Ruth M.1837-1837returend 1841
Church, Smith1840Letter--
Clark, Charity1831Letter--
Clark, Electra1837Baptised--
Coats, Sarah1823Letter--
Coats, Almyra, Benjamin, Henrietta, Rhoda1823Baptised--
Coats, Sally1840Letter--
Coborn, Elder Chester1826---
Coborn, Emeline1829Baptised--
Coburn, Luman1831Baptised--
Coburn, Phebe1840Letter--
Coburn, Mary1842Letter--
Cole, John and Lucy1833Letter--
Cole, Eli and wife, Malina1839Letter1841-
Cole, Abner S. and David1840Letter1841-
Colton, Chauncey and Anna----
Conant, Lucy1839Letter--
Cone, Irsula1824Letter--
Cone, Brother1829Baptised--
Congdon, Anson and Olive1838Baptised--
Coon, Albon and Phillip1840Baptised--
Coon, Abner and Besey Ann1843Letter--
Corbin, Daniel and wife Betsey1840Letter--
Corbin, Milo H., and Martin1842Letter--
Crabtree, Thomas Heath and Polly----
Crabtree, Permely and Polly1831Baptised--
Crabtree, Elias, Newman, Permela1833Baptised--
Crandal, Luke and Hannah1826Letter-from Scio
Crandal, Willima and Jane1832--from Scio
Cunningham, Leonara1843Baptised--
Dany, Dr.----
Danforth, Mary1838---
Darby, Sephania1837Baptised1837-
Davis, Harry1825Letter--
Davis, Mary1826Letter-from Scio
Davis, Wells1827Baptised1828to Bolivar; returned 1831
Davis, Charles1832Baptised--
Dayton, Maria1825Letter--
Dedrick, Peter1837Baptised--
Dedrick, Julia Ann1842Letter--
Dennis, Miss1842Letter--
Dickerman, Nancy1831Baptised--
Drake, Adna1842Baptised1843-
Drake, William and Theda1840Letter--
Eggleston, Sophronia1838---
Eldridge, Betsey1838Letter--
Eliot, Sally1829Baptised--
Elison, Samuel and wife1836Baptised1826-
Elmer, Mary Ann1840Baptised--
Elsworth, Leonard1829Baptised--
Enfield, Larissa Marsaker1833---
Everts, Abner1823Letter--
Everts, Emeline1825Baptised--
Everts, Galand, Susan1829Baptised--
Flint, Cynthia1827Letter--
Foster, Austin and Sally1839Baptised--
french, Joel1828/Baptised--
Frost, Samuel1825Letter1828to Bolivar
Fuller, Elder Timothy1827---
Gardner, Horace1827Baptised--
Gardner, Amanda1827Letter--
Gardner, Caroline1840Letter--
Gillett, David1829Baptised--
Gillett, Helen1837Baptised--
Gillett, Anson and wife Olive, Abigail, Eliza, Jack and Sophronia1838Letter--
Gillett, Harrison1843Letter--
Ginking, Nancy1842Letter--
Gleason, Chester1832Baptised--
Gleason, Alva and wife Laura1842Letter--
Gorton, Catherine1829Baptised--
Gorton, Orpha, Phebe Ann1842Letter--
Gould, Lydia E.1840Letter--
Green, Rufus and wife Mahala1828Letter--
Green, Alfreda1839Letter--
Green, Malvira and Lydia1842Letter--
Grout, William Jr. and wife Minerva1828Letter1829-
Guilford, Orter1833Baptised--
Guilford, Elizabeth1838Baptised--
Guilford, Frederick1842Letter--
Hammond, Asa Alonzo1843-1843-
Hand, Moses B.1842Baptised--
Hanks, Josiah1831Baptised--
Harrison, Polly1827Baptised--
Harrison, Zilphia1840Letter--
Hart, Andrew S. and wife Florina1838Letter--
Hayden, Harry1822---
Hayden, Joanna1824Letter1825-
Hazard, Parley1840Baptised--
Heacock, Limon, Lois, Lucretia1842Baptised--
Heaath, Simeon1824Baptised1831-
Heighton, Nancy1824Baptised--
Hewit, Asa and Laura1824Letter1828to Bolivar
Hill, Truman
Hill, Mrs.
Hill, Amanda1831Baptised--
Hill, Arnold1832--from Scio
Hill, B.1842Baptised--
Hocan, John and wife1841Letter--
Hogaboom, Lovina, Mrs., Miss.1842Baptised--
Holiday, Caroline, Eunice and Norman1838---
Holmes, Samuel1831Baptised--
Holmes, Jedidiah, John, desire, and Mary1832Baptised--
Holton, Mrs.1825Baptised--
Holton, Nancy1827Baptised1829to Bolivar
Hood, Margaret1829--from Scio
Hood, Mary Ann1829Baptised--
Hood, Martha1830Baptised--
Horner, Timothy and Lydia1843Baptised--
Hosley, Lucretia1842Baptised--
Howard, Syphron W. and wife Sally1841Letter1841-
Hubbard, Rhoda1839Letter--
Hucker, Major1842Baptised--
Hudson, Lucinda18Letter--
Hudson, Peleg and Tersey1826Letter--
Hudson, Jane1831Baptised--
Hudson, Jane1831Baptised--
Hudson, Loisa1831Baptised--
Humes, Susan Ann1839Letter1842-
Hungerford, Delilah1837Letter1840-
Ingraham, Eliza1829Letter--
Jackson, Stephen and Statira1829Baptised--
Jenkins, Orvill1842Baptised--
Jerman, William1831Baptised--
Johnson, Sister1827Letter-from Scio
Jones, Betsey1841-1841-
Jordon, John and Cornelia, Polly1824Letter1829to Bolivar
Jordon, Isaiah1828-1829to Bolivar
King, Samuel1823Letter1828to Bolivar
King, Laura1824Baptised1824-
King, Sarah1831Baptised1839-
King, Mary1840Baptised--
King, Samuel and wife Eliza1839-1839-
Knapp, Benjamin and wife Sally Ann1832Letter1841-
Knapp, Benjamin and wife Sally Ann1832Letter1841-
Knapp, James1837Baptised--
Knapp, John1840Letter--
Lansing, Abram Rude and Anna Rude1833---
Laribee, Calvin H.1828Baptised--
Lawrence, Albert1829Baptised1829-
Lawrenace, Austin S. and Elizabeth1838Letter--
Lawrence, Spencer and wife1842-1842-
Lawton, J. W. and wife Mary1833Letter--
Leeland, Abigail
   and Achsah
1831Baptised1832returned 1842
Lewis, Nehemiah and Betsey1827Letter1830-
Lewis, Prentiss1838---
Lewis, Sarah1839Baptised1841-
Lewis, C.1840Letter--
Lord, Sister Hepsibah1826Baptised1828to Bolivar
Lord, Betsey and Mary1829Baptised--
Lord, Robert and wife Eliza1840Letter1841-
Lounsberry, Samuel1825Letter--
Luerry, Alvira1839Letter--
Luerry, Benjamin1838Baptised--
Lyon, Mathias
Lyon, Beulah1828-1829-
Lyon, Sarah1838Baptised1838-
Lyon, Joel1831Baptised--
Lyon, Orra1840-1840-
McDougall, Hannah1830Baptised--
McKee, John1842Letter--
McQueen, Alexander adn wife Rebecca1840Baptised--
McTuchman, Axenia1827Letter--
Mabie, William and wife and Henry1841---
Main, Henry and Miranda1838Letter--
Main, Erastus and wife Dorcas1839Letter--
Martin, Diantha L.1829Letter1829-
Maxwell, Sally1837Letter1838-
Millard, H. H. and wife1831Baptised1832-
Mills, Sally1824Baptised1825returned and dismissed 1837
Mills, Harriet1840Letter--
Miner, Absalom, wife Mary, son Absalom Jr.1829Letter--
Miner, John and wife Mary1829Letter1831-
Miner, Simon G.--1830-
Miner, Isaac N. and wife Sophia, Asher, John M. Nancy1838Letter--
Mitchell, Sally1841-1841-
Mix, Ethan1832Baptised--
Mudge, Betsey1827Letter--
Mulkin, Hannah S.1840Letter--
Mulkin, Rufus1842Baptised--
Mulkin, Minerva1841-1841-
Nichols, Eunice1838Letter--
North, Abiah Jr., Isaac, Peter, Newcom1829Baptised--
North, Sally1831Baptised--
Obert, L. H., Nancy Helen1842Baptised--
Ogden, Brazella, and Miss M.1842Letter--
Oles, Robert1827Letter1828-
Orsman, Polly1824Letter1828-
Oviate, Sally1827Letter--
Oviate, Elder Benjamin, Elisha, Mary1829Letter--
Parcel, Moses and wife, and Lewis1831Baptised--
Peckham, Cyrus and wife Mary1838Letter--
Peckham, William1838Baptised--
Pendose, Lovina1842Baptised--
Perry, Valentine and wife Electa1826Letter1828-
Philow, Elijah and Mercy, 1827Baptised-Died 1828 [note: ?... may be dismissed]
Pierce, Rhoda1828Baptised--
Pierce, Mrs. Levi1842Baptised--
Postle, Francis and Olive1831Letter--
Postle, Sirenas1841Baptised--
Potter, William and Betsey1828Baptised--
Pratt, Mrs.1824Baptised1829-
Prine, Mr.1843Baptised--
Rast, Silas G. and wife Olive1842Baptised1842-
Redway, Joel and Laura1827Letter--
Redway, Mr. and Mrs.1833-1833-
Reed, James1822---
Reed, Sally1829Baptised--
Reed, Annanias A.1830Letter--
Rew, Lydia Emily1837Letter--
Rew, Enos; Noel and wife1840Baptised1842-
Rice, Nancy1838-1838-
Robinson, Benjamin1840Baptised--
Robinson, Susan1840Letter--
Rogers, Henry1841Baptised--
Rose, Esther1837Letter1841-
Savage, Jonathan1823---
Savage, Jonathan1828Baptised--
Scott, Hollis1826Baptised--
Scott, Lucy1832Letter--
Scott, Phebe Chaple1838---
Scott, Solomon1839Baptised--
Scott, Henrietta1840Letter--
Scott, John1842-1842-
Scott, Martin and Almira1842Baptised--
Seely, Huldah1830Baptised--
Shafer, John and wife Laura18Letter1842-
Shaw, Angela1842Letter1843-
Sherwin, Lucy1823Letter--
Sherwin, Moses B.1823---
Sherwin, Oris, Moses B., Jr.1824Baptised--
Sherwin, Adaline1840---
Sherwin, L. and E.1842Baptised--
Sherwin, Arminda1843Baptised--
Shipman, Timothy B. and wife Rebecca1827Letter1828-
Silsbee, Mehitable1840Letter--
Silsbee, Solomon1841Baptised--
Silsbee, Mary1842Baptised--
Simons, Levi1825Letter1826-
Simons, Lucy1829Letter--
Sisson, Sister1824Baptised--
Sisson, Sarah1839Letter--
Sisson, Sally1841Letter--
Sisson, Lorena1842Baptised--
Smawley, Rachel1824Baptised--
Smith, Betsey1831Baptised1833-
Smith, Melina and Rosetta1840Letter1840-
Snider, Peter and wife1828Baptised--
Sparling, Eliza1841Letter--
Sparling, Mary E.1842-1842-
Spear, Betsey1840Baptised--
Starkey, H.1841Letter--
Starkey, H.1841Baptised--
Starkey, Esther1842Baptised--
Starkey, Daniel and Harriet1843Baptised--
Stebbins, John1827Baptised--
Stebbins, Electa1839-1839-
Stephens, Minerva1827Baptised--
Stevens, Nancy1830Baptised--
Strong, Moses D. and wife1833Baptised1842-
Strong, Elisha and Dency1837Baptised--
Strong, J. and wife1838---
Strong, Elisha and Sally1839---
Strong, Elijah1842Baptised1842-
Strong, John and Lucina18Baptised--
Stout, Petre and wife, Luther, Angelon1839---
Stout, Cornelia1840-1840-
Sumner, Cooley1823Baptised--
Swarthout, Jesse and wife1831Letter1833-
Swarthout, Mary, Polly Nancy Ann1833Baptised1834-
Swarthout, Henry and wife Sally1834Letter1834-
Swarthout, Jesse1838Baptised--
Swarthout, Alexander, William, Elizabeth, Lydia Ann1842Baptised--
Swarthout, George and wife Adaline1843Letter--
Swick, John1842Baptised--
Taylor, Sister1823Baptised--
Thomas, Betsey1822Baptised--
Thomas, Sister1823Baptised--
Thomas, Samuel and Patty1824Baptised1828-
Thomas, Hannah1828Baptised--
Thomas, Levi and Dorcas1833Baptised--
Thomas, Catherine1834-1834-
Thomas, Benjamin and wife Catharine1840---
Todd, William1829Baptised--
Todd, Azuba1829Letter--
Todd, Lucevia and Jane1839---
Townsend, C. P.1837-1837-
Tubbs, Margaret1842Letter--
Tuthill, Elder Anson and wife Lois1831Letter1831-
Twist, Nancy1829---
Van Blake, Lawrence1842Baptised--
Van Campen, William and Harriet1829--from Scio
Van Campen, Carolin1829Baptised--
Van Horn, Charlotte1843Baptised--
Vanvelzer, Jefferson1839---
Van Vliet, Electa1827Letter1829-
Wain, Mary Emerson1833---
Wakefield, Joel and Ziphia1824Letter--
Walker, Simon and Laura1842Baptised--
Washburn, Phebe1826Letter1828to Bolivar
Weaver, Mr.1840Baptised--
Weaver, Harriet1840Letter1842-
Wellman, Eaziah, Keziah, Jonas1829Baptised--
Wellman, Jonas1833Baptised--
Wellman, Mary Ann1840Letter1842-
Wellman, Betsey1840Letter--
Wellman, Arba and wife Esther1841Letter--
Wellman, Minerva, Irwin and wife1842Baptised--
Wells, John1840Baptised--
Wetherly, John M.1840Baptised1842-
Wetherbee, Esther and Olive1842Baptised--
Wilber, Jemima1828Letter--
Wilcox, Joseph D.1823Letter1828to Bolivar
Wilcox, Rhoda1823---
Wilcox, William and wife1831Baptised1831-
Wight, Polly1838-1838-
Wight, Sabin1840Baptised--
Wightman, Simon and Arunah1824Letter1828to Bolivar
Wightman, Edward, Rhoda, Deborah, Catherine and Catherine II.1825Letter1828to Bolivar
Wilson, Asenath1838---
Wilson, Jesse and wife Annis1842Baptised--
Withey, Henry1824Letter--
Witter, Nancy Ann, Hannah1837Baptised--
Witter, Elizabeth1840Baptised--


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John S. Minard, Allegany County and its People. A Centennial Memorial History of Allegany County, New York, Alfred, N.Y., W. A. Fergusson & Co., 1896, pp 718-719

Friendship, New York

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